hiberno saxon

so here is another college au idea i had:

ross and barry are in the same major, so they’ve had plenty of classes together, would consider each other friends, and now they have this one upper general ed art history professor that is just ridiculous and merciless when it comes to their grading.

wanting to maintain a passing grade ross is like “i’m trying to organize a study group that is also a prayer circle to save my grade, you in?”

and barry’s like “i feel like yhwh is the only one who can help me at this point, so yes.”

and they get together with a few other people in the library, but that breaks down into barry admitting that he doesn’t know any-fucking-thing about the edict of milan or worms or some shit and ross being like “oh dude! i know about that shit, it’s hiberno-saxon fuckery i don’t know shit about.”

and barry’s like “i’ll cover your bases if you cover mine.”

(insert “all your base,” joke here)

BUT LIKE they start hanging out more one on one for studying and like one night ross forgets his wallet and barry’s like “i got you, man. just pay me back later.”

but that turns into a weird bartering thing where ross is like “i’ll buy you this instead because i never carry cash on me,” and barry turns around like “that’s too much, now i owe you taco bell.” OR WHATEVER

the exchanging thing continues and they’re in this coffee shop arguing about who paid last time and the person behind them interrupts them like “can you and your boyfriend stop this weird foreplay and just fucking order? i have class in fifteen minutes.”

and ross is telling this to dan like “hahahah oh my god can you believe that someone thought me and barry are dating?”

and dan’s like “…….. are you guys not????”

and ross is like “what?”

and dan’s like “you and barry went on a double date with arin and suzy last week, tho?”

and ross is like “we were just hanging out, we saw a movie and went to a diner, that’s not a date.”

and dan’s like “you paid for barry’s dinner.”

and ross is like “bECAUSE HE PAID FOR MY TICKET.”

and dan’s like “whatever dude. that seems way more romantic than platonic, but you do you.”

and basically this is just a “i didn’t know we’re kind of dating, but are we kind of dating? because if we are i would have kissed you at least one time.” thing


High Cross of Muiredach of Monasterboice and South Cross of Ahenny 

- 2 of the largest, finest early medieval crosses
-Monasterboice cross is larger and more unusual bc of its extensive narrative relief decor
-Mureidach= inscription on the bottom of the west face asks for a prayer for him; influential Irish cleric probably
-4 arcs form a circle which loops the concave arms
-arms expand into squared terminals  
-circle intersecting the cross identifies the type as Celtic 
-center of west side of cross=depiction of crucified Christ
-east side=Christ risen stands as judge of the world, the hope of the dead. 
-below Christ- depiction of souls being weighed on scales 

The Book of Durrow: Symbol of Saint Matthew

Folio 21 verso of the Book of Durrow, possibly from Iona, Scotland, ca. 660–680

The early Hiberno-Saxon Book of Durrow includes four pages devoted to the symbols of the Four Evangelists. The cloak of Saint Matthew’s man resembles a cloisonné brooch filled with abstract ornament.

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