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Humans are weird

Ok, getting on the humans are weird bandwagon….

It surprises me that we haven’t talked about the most obvious thing: humans imagine things. Humans outright make shit up. (Like these posts?) Human stories often aren’t retellings of things that actually happened. Art often isn’t a depiction of true events. Humans - for want of a better word - humans sublimate. They transform their experiences into outlandish non-reality for each others’ amusement.

It takes forever for first contact to start because the aliens planning it keep getting confused by first radio, then television. Some of these depictions can’t be possible - but which ones? The first time War of the Worlds reaches the Kuiper belt, someone panics and has to double check that a more aggressive group hasn’t actually invaded.

After humans are finally integrated into galactic culture, some issues crop up.

“Did you clean the waste facility?” the Janitorial Supervisor asks.

“Well, I would have,” the human starts, then proceeds to tell an outrageous story about a cleaning bot with a knife strapped to its back which has the entire crew searching the ship for hours. The entire crew except for the humans.

The Captain finds the humans “searching” the self-poisoning cabinet in one of the crew quarters.

“Oh my god,” the First Officer says, on seeing the Captain’s dust-speckled upper ears. “Oh my god, I can’t believe you really fell for that. Stabby is a cryptid, Harold!”

The Captain’s name is not Harold, but that is another, even longer story.

The Captain exhales. “What is a cryptid?”

The assistant medical officer sits up straighter, his drink sloshing dangerously. The Captain has learned what “a gleam in his eye” means and how to detect it. They sit, resigned. There’s no escaping now.

An hour later, the Captain explains the concept of cryptids in considerably less detail to the embarrassed and confused Supervisor. Along with the concept of lying.

“But how do you know the difference?” the Supervisor asks, wringing their tentacles in mixed embarrassment and worry.

“Find another human,” the Captain advises. “Check for signs of mirth.”

This turns out to be prescient, because on their next planetary stop, two of the human field officers come running back into the base camp, out of breath and without the rest of their scouting team.

“Nasty buggers with teeth!” one gasps. Though the other officers appear skeptical, the Captain glances at the First Officer, who is already setting down her meal and grabbing her favorite flamethrower. The assistant medical officer yanks his kit straps over his shoulders, face grim.

“Arm yourselves,” the Captain tells the rest.

It takes about four hours, but they get everyone back more or less intact. The humans change the sign in the rec room on the ship to read: “Us: 6, Them: 0″. There is a ritual raising of liquor-filled glasses, even by the injured who are forbidden self-poisoning. The Captain begins temporary hibernation very relieved that humans are so willing to count other species as “us”.

When they ask the First Officer about it two cycles later, the First Officer looks confused, then knowing.

“My great grandmother remembers when you first showed up. They picked your people for first contact for a reason, didn’t they?”

“We look the most like you.”

“Yeah, well, that was a bad call. Gran says humans debated for months whether or not you were just other humans with good prosthetic makeup.”

The Captain blinks at this. “Most peoples are shocked and upset to learn the rest of the sentient universe does not share their appearance. Wait.” They pause. “Is that why we had so many applicants for the Janitorial position?”

The First Officer ignores that, as she usually does when the Captain doesn’t really want to know the answer.

“Do you know why cryptids exist? Why horror and violence and monsters exist in our stories?” she asks instead.

The Captain twitches both sets of ears ‘no’. “It seems unnecessary to frighten yourselves over things that don’t exist.”

“But nasty buggers with teeth do exist, even if we haven’t met them yet,” she says grimly. “And we were ready, weren’t we?”

It’s true. The humans on board have been terrifyingly adaptable, even in their violence.

The Captain feels their way carefully. “You think about things that don’t exist… sometimes even things that distress and terrify you… so that you can be ready when you face real things that distress and terrify you?”

“See, this is why you’re the Captain, Harold.” The First Officer slaps their shoulder hump cheerfully, careful to avoid the spines. “And better yet, we share the things we imagine with each other. It’s like a mental vaccine.”

“And it works?”

“Eh, sometimes. It’s not perfect. Sometimes we don’t mark our vaccines properly, or don’t realize we’re adding things we didn’t mean to. Some of them have a bad effect on some people, for various reasons. But we joined the galactic community in less than a generation. Has any other species ever done that?”

“You imagined us before you met us.”

“Now you’re getting it.”

🐣🌺🍃 Beltane 🍃🌺🐣

At the beginning of summer there is a Sabbat. This Sabbat is called Beltane. It celebrates the Sun God Bel’s coronation feast and new life. It marks the time when trees, grass, and flowers are coming out of their long, winter hibernation and beginning to grow again. It marks the beginning of summer. Beltane means “Fire of Bel”. Beltane is celebrated the night of April 30 and May 1.

It is a time to celebrate the fertility of Mother Earth. It is about new life, fire, passion, and rebirth. Beltane starts on the night of April 30 with a huge bonfire. Having a bonfire or any type of fire is an important symbol of Beltane because it is one of the four fire festivals. At the bonfire there is a lot of music, dancing, and magic. The fire burns until morning.

In the morning you go out and gather flowers and sticks to decorate your house with. Females also braid flowers in their hair. Men and women decorate their bodies with Beltane symbols. In the morning there is also a maypole ritual where there is more dancing, music, and magic. The maypole is a giant pole placed in the ground with brightly colored ribbons attached. People would each grab a ribbon and dance around the pole. Men going one direction and women going the other. Once the pole has all the ribbons weaved together it symbolizes Mother Earths womb. Then people would go their own ways to build their own altar in honor of the god Bel, the Goddess, the Faes, and Mother Earth.

Later everyone comes back to feast. Types of food that are at the feast are dairy foods, oatmeal cakes/cookies with a little bit of honey for an added sweetness, cereal, fruits, and breads.

Lots of love, Myhiddenworldblog 🦋🐚
Fixed Signs

In the Northern Hemisphere, the astrological year matches to the seasons. Especially the fixed signs. Taurus, ruled by Venus, brings the cultivation of gardens and beautiful flowers in the spring. The hot Leo sun in the middle of summer festivals. The Mars and Pluto intense harvest season of Scorpio in the autumn, karma for what we have reaped. Saturn and Uranus of Aquarius for the dreadful and unpredictable winter.

Venus is beauty, and and Taurus is an earth sign. When you make the connection, during Taurus season, we see the beauty of the earth. Listening to music by the well and butterflies are happily flying. Ceres is also a modern ruler of Taurus, in this time we are sowing seeds into the earth for the opposite months to come.

The sun is shinning ever so gracefully onto us during this time, Leo is making the show. Everyone is at the beach having fun and going to festivals with friends. Musicians are performing. Everyone is showing off their beach body, dancing through the sand.

Mars and Pluto take their role in harvest season. Leaves are transforming in color, and shedding off to later be reborn. Karmic times are upon us, what we sowed in Taurus season is soon to be reaped. Intense winds and weather start to formulate for winter, animals go into hibernation. The sun begins to set earlier for darker days to come.

The wind of Saturn and Uranus blow on with the frozen water of Aquarius. The sun barely shines. The fun is all gone and it’s time to work. The electricity of Uranus is here to stay, chaotic accidents on the roads, and random blizzards. Time to reflect on our surrounding, and wisely use the remaining resources.

Astrology & The Seasons

The Signs are associated with the Season in which they occur. The entire Tropical (Western) Astrology system is constructed around the seasons. Aries begins when the Sun crosses the Vernal Equinox Line and Spring begins.

The Summer Solstice marks the beginning of Cancer, the Winter Solstice marks the start of Capricorn, and the Autumnal Equinox signifies the beginning of Libra. It is from those Cardinal points that the 30° divisions are drawn.

The Cardinal Signs are the signs of initiation - and they mark the beginning of a Season. The Fixed Signs are the signs of sustainability - and they occur when a Season is at its most stable, 30° after the beginning of the Cardinal Sign that preceded them. The Mutable Signs are the signs of adaptability - and they take up the time period when Seasons are changing, 30° after the beginning of the Fixed Sign that preceded them, and 30° before the Cardinal Sign that succeeds them.

Aries is the beginning of Spring, Taurus is full-fledged Spring, Gemini is the transition from Spring to Summer, Cancer is the beginning of Summer, Leo is Summer at its hottest, Virgo is the transition from Summer to Fall, Libra is the beginning of Fall, Scorpio is full-fledged Fall, Sagittarius is the transition from Fall to Winter, Capricorn is the beginning of Winter, Aquarius is Winter at its coldest, and Pisces is the transition from Winter to Spring.

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  • aries: jumps in a pile of leaves only to realize it wasn't worth all the raking
  • taurus: covers their pumpkin pie entirely with whipped cream
  • gemini: takes too many pictures of the colorful leaves
  • cancer: begins hibernation
  • leo: buys too many flannels
  • virgo: honestly fall fashion just makes them happy
  • libra: drinks pumpkin spice latte like it's their only life source
  • scorpio: halloween becomes their religion
  • sagittarius: watches scary movies and relates to them on a spiritual level
  • capricorn: goes outside for the first time all year
  • aquarius: gets lost in a corn maze and is never found
  • pisces: takes extra long to get places because they want to step on every crunchy leaf they see along the way
They Are Autumn

Part ¼ of my Season Snowbaz series! I hope y’all like it!

Simon and Baz are autumn.

The coffeeshop across from their flat always advertises for pumpkin spice lattes on the autumnal equinox. Simon is always excited and Baz always complains, because he’s convinced pumpkin mocha breves are far superior.

Secretly, the coffeeshop owner looks forward to the autumnal equinox purely for the couple who live in the building across the street, because they get so excited. It pains her to make Baz’s drink as sugary as he likes it, though. No one man should be able to consume that much sugar in liquid form.

But he’s got a sweet tooth that is only rivaled by his boyfriend’s. In fact, Simon and Baz are shameless candy corn addicts.

The day the candy appears on the shelves, Baz comes home with his arms filled and his steps light with excitement. Bags of candy corn trail behind him like he’s reenacting Hansel and Gretel. Come October 31st, of course they give out candy to the trick-o-treaters, but the candy corn is strictly for themselves.

Simon once stuck candy corns in his mouth like fangs and told Baz they matched, with laughter in his eyes and cinnamon in his hair. Baz fell in love with him all over again.

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how was your day?:)

i feel rlly weird today ngl like im in a good mood but also?? idk i just have knots in my stomach for some reason idk what it is and it just makes me wanna take a nap :/ 

but!!! im meeting a friend today (if he wakes up from his 8347603476 hour slumber in time smh) so i have to stay awake and not begin hibernation :( 

otherwise its been pretty uneventful i literally just spent maybe four hours?? trying on 7349867 different outfits and figuring out my makeup and for what reason……i have no idea…….and then ive also had too many thoughts today…..like unnecessary amt……….and ive been watching the confed cup all day but rlly ive only just been outlining this story idea ive had in my head for like the past year yikes

idk its been a :/ day so far but hopefully thatll change 

also thank u for asking?? i appreciate it v much 💕💕💕💕

Life is made of small moments like these:

Watching the flicker of flames in the fireplace. The cozy smell of wood and winter. The way you lose yourself as the embers burn down.

The way your blood rushes after a hard workout. The burn in your muscles that reminds you of your strength. The endorphin rush, the runner’s high, the confidence that stems from a task well done.

That first deep breath of spring air. The delicious idea of coming change, of cherry blossoms and dandelions and new life everywhere. The gentle heat of sunlight on your upturned face.

Looking into a lover’s eyes and forgetting everything else. Feeling their heart beat in their chest, relaxing into the space between their arms. Finally learning the meaning of the word “home.”

The soothing sound of a trickling stream. The delight of kicking off your shoes and walking barefoot through the water. Skipping rocks and sunbathing and watching the sun paint the summer sky.

The pulse of energy in the middle of a concert. The feeling of frozen time as everyone sways to their favorite verse. Making eye contact with the lead singer and for a second, feeling infinite.

The crunch of fallen leaves beneath your boots. The smells, the colors, the cool autumn breeze. Laying on your roof, getting lost amid the stars, while around you the world begins to hibernate. The thought that everything is about to begin again.

—  You know what they say about the little things // J.S.

Dziady / kolędnicy in remote villages of Poland.

The custom is rooted in pre-Christian rites of evoking the nature after winter solstice (after ‘New Sun’ when the days start growing longer), and is still practiced in Poland throughout January and beginning of February each year - during the whole carnival season. 

In these rites groups of people dressed in symbolic costumes with musicians are wandering from house to house in a joyful parade, creating noise (e.g. ringing bells and singing loudly) and pulling harmless pranks, all in order to put the community in a festive mood. The popular costumes included on the pictures are for example ‘bears’ (which symbolize waking up from the winter hibernation), ‘death’ (beginning of something new), ‘devils’ (winter darkness and evil forces in nature) and the most important ‘dziady’ (symbolic ‘ancestors’ - souls of the deceased wandering on the Earth).

It’s observed under many different local names in Poland, and the term of the general custom - kolędowanie - comes from the word kolęda, which is associated with Christmas carols nowadays but originally meant simply a joyful New Year’s song in old-Polish.

Images © Robert Wierzbicki via GOK Milówka.

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so louis is 23.

we’ve known this kid and watched him grow since he was 18 years old and now he's twenty three. so. I have some sappy things to say. louis is really really important to me like, y'all know how important. but on a much wider, much important scale, he’s so so important to so many people all over the world. he’s got such a big impact and so many people who care about him. he can make us happy and laugh when we’re feeling low. his voice is so unique and its one of our favorite part of a 1d track. his smile is so gorgeous, like, I don’t need to tell you all that louis tomlinson is the LITERAL sun and when he’s happy and his eyes are crinkly and he’s radiating. snow melts, woodland creatures come out of hibernations and flowers begin to bloom.

louis is so damn important, he brings so much to the band and i’m so damn glad that he knows it now. he’s built up so much confidence since the beginning, since the times where he didn’t feel he deserved to be apart of one direction and now he fucking KNOWS and I am so proud of him. he writes so much and his voice is stronger and he’s more comfortable overall and i’m just so damn proud.

i’ll probably wrap this up by just talking about the things I love most about louis. I love the crinkles by his eyes when he smiles, I love how expressive he is and how you can read his lips so easily because he shapes his accent, and I love every single one of his tattoos and I love how deeply he loves his mom and his siblings and his boys and how he would kill for every one of them, and I love how strong he is, as a person, and I love his hair when it looks soft and falls across his forehead and I love his clothes so much, his little vans ands his joggers and his leggings and his vintage jackets and his dumb little tshirts and I love his voice is general, I light up whenever I hear him speak, and I love how much charity work he does whenever he has spare time and I love that he’s loud and brash and annoying and I hate-love that stupid ass fucking face, ya’ll know the one. 

louis is wonderful, louis is the sun, louis doesn’t deserve to ever be forgotten. louis SHINES.

so happy birthday, bub. hope it’s a perfect one, and I hope there’s many more to come. I love you. WE love you.


This past weekend was the most incredible weekend we’ve had in a while.

On Saturday, Severus’ school put on their very first fall festival/fundraiser, we went and loved it. We were stopped repeatedly, not only to comment on the youngest three, but also to tell me how wonderful Severus was to know. Not that it was news to me, he lives here and I experience the gift of his kindheartedness every day, it was still so nice to know he’s doing well in school, as a person, as well as a student.

There was an authentic Mexican food truck, which set Antonio’s entire world on fire because I refuse to make tacos the real way at home. The DJ played all the music the kids and I dance to at home. They exchanged their tickets for prizes, Thaddeus found a dollar and I tried to eat an Italian ice in secret. It didn’t work.

On Sunday we went down the street to watch the least Columbus-y Columbus Day parade I’ve ever witnessed. Antonio was BUMMED because he expected to see something more culturally significant, I personally didn’t care of course, but he was like “What if you went to a Puerto Rican day parade, and there was NOTHING significantly Puerto Rican?” It’s Christopher Columbus, who was a murderous, llama loving dingus, but I suppose I saw his point. 

It was such a gorgeous day that we stayed outside, Antonio mowed and took care of the backyard because he’d mostly neglected it over the summer. Thaddeus played in his sandbox, Severus helped Antonio with the yard work and played too. The babies love being outside, I took the opportunity to take some pictures of them. 

The weather is supposed to go back up into the high 70′s-low 80′s this week, so it’s great to have the backyard done since Antonio put the big air conditioner back into the basement and we’ll die in the house. Plus, it gives us a chance to savor more time outside before the cold weather hibernation really begins. We have big {gargantuan, possibly life changing, currently top secret} plans this upcoming weekend, so I’m sure we’ll revel in this week’s {hopeful} calm. 

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Exedo was beginning to hibernate, finding a nice cave as he went to it. Quies was going with him, also about to hibernate.

*mr cuddles went to hibernate as well, due to being the reptile, fluffy went to the tribes to helped out the food sources, donating some food for them to keep up on the winter but the rest are doing their regular schedule but with some winter clothes on them.* 

“wow winter have come.” *karma spoke, she was in her winter form, fully light blue with her white chest fur, she was outside of the human world looking up at the sky.*

Day 5: Reindeer (Daryl Dixon imagine)

hello it’s gabby again with another Daryl x Reader imagine and today the christmas association is ‘reindeer’. i hope you’re enjoying these christmassy imagines and are having a great festive period! (1,581 words)

I didn’t really notice change at first, not when it was me that was changing. The world collapsed so quickly that I didn’t really have time to think about adapting or changing, it just happened. One moment I was living an overly ordinary life, convincing myself that I was happy with my dull office job - the next I was killing already dead people and living inside a prison, surviving on canned food and fresh animal meat.

That’s another way the world changed me: before the apocalypse I was a proud vegetarian, repulsed by the mere thought of eating an animal. Now, I was one of the group’s most successful hunters, second to Daryl Dixon of course. Spending numerous hunting trips and runs together meant that Daryl and I had become pretty good friends, and we worked well together. At first it had taken a lot of effort for him to initially speak to me, but after months of each other’s company we now seemed to do more chatting than hunting anyway.

It was the coldest day I could recall for a while, the kind of cold that made your bones ache and your face sting. There was a light frost on the ground that Daryl and I were carefully tracking along, and I had to bite my chapped lip to stop my teeth from chattering. My fingertips were slowly numbing and my back was seizing up; thankfully my head was warm as Beth had lent me her white beanie, but as I pulled my fraying sleeves over my fists I wished for nothing more than some gloves. We concluded that the forest animals were beginning to hibernate, as after a couple of hours all we had found were a few of squirrels. I was starting to wish that I could hibernate, too. 

“It looks like it could snow,” I said quietly. “The clouds are suggesting so, anyway.”

“How’d you know anythin’ ‘bout clouds,” Daryl scoffed under his breath, squinting as he glanced momentarily at the sky above. “Besides, we ain’t had snow in Georgia for years.”

“I used to work for the National Weather Service, actually,” I returned matter-of-factly, noticing Daryl raising an eyebrow. “Pretty boring job, though. What’d you do?”

“Don’t matter,” he brushed my question off almost too quickly and was relieved of my interrogation by a lone walker who emerged from the bushes behind us. Daryl took care of the walker with a fast release of an arrow from his crossbow before continuing to make his way through the forest, not without retrieving the arrow. “Come on, it’ll be gettin’ dark soon.”

Another hour passed and darkness was indeed creeping up on us, yet we still hadn’t caught anything more. We’d seen a huge slow worm slither across the ground, but after briefly looking at each other in slight disgust, Daryl and I decided we weren’t yet desperate enough to take it back with us. The four squirrels hanging from Daryl’s belt were skinny and seemed to have double the amount of fur than meat; at a stretch they’d feed four or five people. He hadn’t said anything, but I knew that Daryl would feel just as ashamed as I would if we were to return to the prison with such a dismal haul, so we carried on through the woods in silent determination.

My focus was decreasing by the second, and as I stared at my moving feet, fascinated by the way they seemed to move even when I wasn’t consciously telling them to, I must have failed to hear Daryl telling me to slow down. I realised this as I bumped into his back, confused by a blur of angel’s wings and leather before I heard him curse at my clumsiness.

“Shh, there’s a deer up ahead,” he whispered, nodding towards the clearing in front, his movements especially careful. He’d cautiously raised his crossbow before I’d even had the time to look, but as I peered over his shoulder I gasped in awe at the beautiful creature. It had huge, impressive antlers and the most gorgeous patterns across its back; to watch it move so gracefully across the frosty ground felt magical. Tears began to form in my eyes as I realised we were about to kill the poor thing.

“Daryl, lower your crossbow!” I insisted, using all my power to push his muscular arms down but lacking the strength and the energy. He glared at me in fury out of the corner of his concentrated eyes. “Lower your fucking crossbow!”

“What the hell, Y/N?” Daryl hissed, agitated by the volume of my voice.

“It’s Rudolph, he’s got lost and is trying to get back to the North Pole!” I whisper-shouted, and as Daryl frowned at me like I was insane I registered that the cold and the long hours of hunting were definitely taking their toll on me.

“You alright?” Daryl queried, finally lowering his crossbow and fully averting his attention away from the deer and towards me.

“I don’t know,” I laughed nervously, trying to ignore the flash of disappointment on Daryl’s face as the deer ran out of our sight. “It’s Christmas tomorrow.”


“It’s Christmas tomorrow.”

“Yeah, I got that,” Daryl chuckled, swinging his crossbow over his shoulder. “But how d’you know?”

“I’ve been keeping track of the date since it all started,” I admitted, nibbling on the tattered skin around my fingernails. For some reason, I was embarrassed to confess this to Daryl though there was no reason to be. It just felt silly to keep track of something as insignificant as the date when there were more important things to focus on now, like trying to stay alive.

“So it’s like, Christmas Eve?” He asked, scratching the back of his neck. He seemed like he was trying not to show any hint of enthusiasm. As I remembered he had never celebrated Christmas before I contemplated ways in which I could make the holiday special for him.

“Yeah,” I replied, stifling a yawn. “So poor Rudolph only has one night to get back to Santa.”

“You’re crazy,” Daryl laughed, and he must have recognised that I was tired and perhaps a little delirious, as he made the decision for us to turn around and head back to the prison. Just as I’d predicted, a very light snow started to fall from above, and being Southerners who had only experienced snow once or twice before, Daryl and I cherished the bizarre weather by tilting our heads back and letting the snowflakes fall onto our outstretched tongues. He was significantly more reluctant to do so than I, but I had a knack for convincing people, especially Daryl Dixon.

Although we’d found a rabbit on our journey back, it was safe to say that our hunting trip was unsuccessful. We were sheepish as we presented the dead animals, and although a fleeting look of alarm appeared on Rick’s face, he let us get to work on skinning and cooking them in the courtyard without further questions.

“It’s Y/N’s fault,” Daryl called out with a devilish grin as Rick made to leave. “I was ‘bout to kill a deer but… Y/N do you wanna tell the story?”

My silence and reddening face answered Daryl’s question, so he continued.

“Y/N stopped me ‘cause she thought it was Rudolph,” Daryl teased, and I hid my face in my hands as Rick’s light chuckle rang out in the still air.

“He looked like Rudolph,” I protested, pushing Daryl in playful irritation and grinning as he almost toppled over. 

“I didn’t see no red nose,” Daryl opposed smugly, and I rolled my eyes in defeat. Once Rick had said his goodbyes and headed inside, I sliced off one of the squirrels heads and threw it at Daryl in annoyance. I giggled hysterically and clutched at my stomach before I realised he’d caught the head and dropped it down the back of my t-shirt. My squeals were blaring in the quiet courtyard, and so were Daryl’s laughs as he watched me flail about in disgust and panic.

After everyone had eaten their unsatisfying meals, Daryl and I stayed in the courtyard while everyone went to sleep. The fire we’d cooked our food on was still blazing, and we enjoyed the sound of the crackling wood as we warmed our hands.

“I wonder if Rudolph found his way home,” I pondered sarcastically, smirking at Daryl through the flickering orange fire. He failed to suppress a smile as he glanced back at me, pulling his poncho closer around his shivering body.

“Who cares,” he replied amusedly, shuffling round the fire to sit beside me. In the spur of the moment, I let my head rest on his shoulder and I smiled to myself as I felt his shoulder stiffen nervously beneath me. I caught sight of the watch on my wrist, an old present from my parents. Although I was certain that the time wasn’t correct as the sun had only just set, it read 00:13.

“Merry Christmas, Daryl,” I whispered, and he timidly wrapped an arm around my shoulder, his muscles tense and rigid as he patted me awkwardly.

“Merry Christmas, you weirdo,” he returned, and I felt a warmth flush over me at his attempt of affection. His hand rested awkwardly on his lap, and as I slipped my icy hand into his and gave it a squeeze, he tightened his grip around me and squeezed my hand back.