It’s one of those times, when every muscle and sinew in my body screams to be stretched and my soul yearns for a little bit of rest.

The need to hibernate, and rejuvenate, till the storm calms down.

Every blurry move I make, every weary step that I take, all create the sights and sounds of thunder and lightning, slashing the clouds apart.

Sleep creeps in over me, like an unwanted lover.

Where was it all those nights, when I yearned for its touch to help me slumber?

The time of perseverance is upon me. I have to, need to, struggle harder now than ever before.

But the power with which my body is shutting down, is tempting me to give in to the sin - of sleep so peaceful and profound.

I fight with my soul to stay awake.

To go through the groove of each elongated day.

Oh! How I wish I could go through the rituals of a Wake ‘N’ Bake.

Free myself from this world of fakes.

I yearn for the freedom in my life, when I can shut my self away in a darkened room and dream of dreams yet to be true.

Of nightmares that dissipate into intoxicating smoke, of prayers and lies melting away in a drunken hue.

And then I shall lay my head on a soft fluffy bed and drift off into the arms of my (unwanted) lover, and sleep in peace forever and ever.