the signs' current moods
  • Aries: tryin to swim through choppy waves
  • Taurus: ant petrified in amber
  • Gemini: too many things in one bag
  • Cancer: forgetting to turn off the faucet and then realizing the sink is overflowing an hour later
  • Leo: smol bird w/ loud voice at 6 a.m.
  • Virgo: nails on chalkboard
  • Libra: a particularly smooth pebble on the beach
  • Scorpio: the inevitable collapse of the universe
  • Sagittarius: walking straight into a glass door
  • Capricorn: pen running out of ink
  • Aquarius: spontaneous rainstorms when u don't have an umbrella
  • Pisces: accidentally going into hiberation
Mercury Soul Evaluation

Mercury Goes Retrograde Today, Be gentle to yourself. 

I will be honest, i’m like a kid getting ready for christmas break. I am in absolute chill mode and i’m happy with that. It’s so cold here, we’re hiberating lol.  I’ve been remembering the spirit of play, I’ve been doing a ton of work on the site but i forgot the simple things like letting go and PLAY. Take a moment and think about how you can bring the spirit of play into your world right now? 

Mercury is going to bring a lot to surface but remember that is just the past trying to say hi. Wave at it and let it go. Remember it’s like timetraveling. We’re revisiting the past but we’re not a part of it. Surrender to the changes and let go of the resistance the more it comes. 

Don’t be afraid to slow down, Mercury likes to get us out of our comfort zone in order to see what we’ve been hiding from. Learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable and expect the unexpected. Have patience and don’t resist as much as you can! 

Mercury is feisty but it’s because it’s trying to show you what needs to change. If you resist the change, you’re going to get dragged. Surrender to the change and you’ll rise above it.

Watch the themes that are coming up, this will help you see what needs soul evaluating and what needs to be let go of internally or even physically. 

It’s like hitting replay but then discovering “hey I need to do this, this and this, to move forward” That’s really what retrograde is about, purging the old and building the new foundation to create the new :D

Happy Sailing! Try to find the good <3



<David Attenbrough voice> “Here, we see a wild bisexual using, their skin-based spore pods, to disperse their spores into the air, where the wind will carry them, far and wide. The spores feed on any organic material they can find, and then, after hiberating for 15 months, a cute little baby bisexual is born. Nature, truely, is amazing.”


It’s one of those times, when every muscle and sinew in my body screams to be stretched and my soul yearns for a little bit of rest.

The need to hibernate, and rejuvenate, till the storm calms down.

Every blurry move I make, every weary step that I take, all create the sights and sounds of thunder and lightning, slashing the clouds apart.

Sleep creeps in over me, like an unwanted lover.

Where was it all those nights, when I yearned for its touch to help me slumber?

The time of perseverance is upon me. I have to, need to, struggle harder now than ever before.

But the power with which my body is shutting down, is tempting me to give in to the sin - of sleep so peaceful and profound.

I fight with my soul to stay awake.

To go through the groove of each elongated day.

Oh! How I wish I could go through the rituals of a Wake ‘N’ Bake.

Free myself from this world of fakes.

I yearn for the freedom in my life, when I can shut my self away in a darkened room and dream of dreams yet to be true.

Of nightmares that dissipate into intoxicating smoke, of prayers and lies melting away in a drunken hue.

And then I shall lay my head on a soft fluffy bed and drift off into the arms of my (unwanted) lover, and sleep in peace forever and ever.