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whew! finally caught the ASK BOX!!!!!!! alaude + hibari + xanxus with rebellios tomboy s.o please??


~I have my own ideas of being a tomboy so if this is not what you had in mind, Anon, I’m sorry. Special thanks to Admins Enma and Chrome for helping me out with this ask. XD~

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Alaude’s eyes narrowed as soon as he entered the house. It felt empty despite the servants meeting him at the door. He turned to one and asked immediately.

“Where is she?”

The servant bowed. “The mistress is out in the field, master. It seems one of the fences has broken and the cows have gotten loose.”

Alaude needed no more explanation. He ignored the disapproval he caught in his staff’s tone because he really didn’t care. He married you because you were like this. Despite knowing that you will cause him eternal aggravation.

Rushing out into the field via the back door of the mansion he immediately spotted you. His breath caught at the sight you made. Hair in a tight braid wearing a tight set of pants and a dress shirt he recognized as his. You were atop a rocking, bucking horse that you were using to physically force the hordes of cattle back into their pen with the help of four other male hands. He ignored the lump in his stomach that feared for your safety. How those beasts could have easily crushed you if you fell from your horse.

The crisis was fixed in no time and he leaned back against the mansion wall as he watched you order the men to fix the fence as soon as possible. You were about to take your horse back to the stables when you noticed him staring back at you. Your bright, open smile almost made Alaude return it. It has always fascinated him how unafraid you are with expressing your emotions.

His eyes wandered over every exposed curve your clothes were revealing and just like that his worry melted into a fiery desire and he shot glares at the nearby males who had long known better than to ogle the master’s wife when she dressed the way she did. Besides they respected her too much. She had never acted inappropriately with them.

“Don’t tell me you’re mad.” You began as you came closer to him. “They would have destroyed the other fences if we left them like that.”

“I know.”

You eyed him knowingly though. “I’m sorry I worried you.”

“I know.” He frowned at you thoughtfully for a little bit before gathering you into his arms. “It was you, wasn’t it?”

You blink in confusion even as you relished in the warmth of his embrace. “I don’t think I understand what you mean. You’ll have to elaborate, my love.”

Alaude held you tighter. “You know what I mean. You were the one who shot that commander while he was meeting with that don and made it look like he was killed by the don’s Famiglia three days ago.”

“Oh?” you still feigned innocence. “Now why would I do that?”

“You’ve noticed how that Famiglia was gaining power through the military just as much as I had. You knew what was going to happen if they had the government at their back.” Alaude replied, squeezing you tighter against him and burying his face in the crook of your neck.

You push back and held your chin up high in defiance daring him to scold you. “Are you telling me this to reprimand me, my love? I didn’t think I had to explain my motives for wanting our Family safe.”

“Of course not. I’m here to give you Giotto’s thanks, to tell you that he worries so please tell him before you do something reckless again next time,” Alaude snorted. As if he would have married you if he could have controlled you so easily. He pulled your hips close and ground his arousal against your belly, enjoying the way your lips parted and your eyes darkened in desire as he did so. “And to make love to my wife…”


He had just turned the corner when he saw you knock a man unconscious with a steel chair. His blood ran cold, however, when another one crept up on you from behind with a large knife getting ready to disembowel you.

He moved without even thinking about it.

In one swift strike he drove his tonfa right into the man’s temple breaking the man’s skull in.

Your face brightened when you saw him. “Kyouya!”

He swallowed hard and dragged you towards him in an embrace that was borderline suffocating.

It felt as though he had wandered the Land of the Dead looking for you among the scattered corpses in the hospital. You told him you were going to visit a friend in this hospital today so when he found out about the massacre being planned just for the sake of getting rid of another mobster from another Famiglia to stop him from testifying Hibari rushed over, half dreading the sight of your mangled body decorating the ceiling.

“Kyouya?” You held onto him tightly, worried at how hard he was shivering. “Are you alright?”

Instead of answering your question he held you at arm’s length and furiously looked you in the eye. “What were you thinking, woman?! Did you know what kind of people these were just now?! You should have hidden yourself!”

You scowled right back at him, trying to ignore the fact that his grip was going to leave bruises in the morning. “I can take care of myself, Kyouya. Besides I was protecting my friends. I couldn’t just leave them behind like that!”

“Why didn’t you call me?!”

“My phone broke when I drove it into someone’s skull!”

Dammit! he brought you close to hug you tight again and screamed at you mentally through gritted teeth. Goddammit it stop this! Stop worrying me to death! I love you! Do you have any idea what would happen to me if I lost you?! Can’t you think about me just once for one damned second?!

But of course he didn’t say that. Not to you. He had known how you were when he fell in love with you. Your fire and your strong heart and the fact that you didn’t cling to him every goddamn time were one of the reasons he held you precious to him. He just wished he could bring himself to be just as strong as you and tell you just how much you meant to him. But he had no words. All he could do was hope you understood him.

“Fine. I’m sorry. I’ll be more cautious next time.” You whispered in his ear as you hugged him back.

Kyouya sighed in relief. It seemed as though you did understand, after all.


Everyone in the courtyard watched you take down a man twice your own size in the blink of an eye and look down at him as though he were a bug under your heel.

“Say that again, asshole,” you dared the man currently writhing in pain at your feet. “Tell me again how I have the Boss wrapped around my cunt?”

But the man couldn’t speak. After you drove your fist into his throat, everyone who saw doubted he’d be able to speak again.

“Another one?” Squalo sighed as you turned on your heel to head back into the mansion.

“Ushishishi~ This one actually had the balls to tell her to suck it.” Belphegor replied for you from the balcony above where he was watching. It was always fun to watch you lose your patience.

“Mou, these idiots~” Lussuria shook his head in exasperation as he retreated back to the mansion alongside you.

“Pay up,” Mammon told Levi who was shaking his head in annoyance. “I knew it was going to be the big guy.”

The usual protocol for having offended their Cloud usually came with a twenty four hour stay in the med wing. Without pain meds or any kind of treatment. If they were lucky that is.

You were in too bad of a mood to really care if anyone was staring or not. And now you were filthy too. You made your way back to your rooms, anxious for a shower. As you were taking your bra off you sensed more than heard a presence coming up behind you.

In one flowing motion you throw a dagger hidden in your waistband right at the trespasser. Only for him to catch it right before it took his eye out.

“That a way to greet me?” Xanxus asked, eyeing your topless form with more than a little interest.

You couldn’t stop the smile spreading across your lips, your eyes softening at the sight of him. “Hey.”

He smirked at you and carefully placed the weapon on your dresser as he approached you. “Heard about what happened in the courtyard.”

“Just a waste of time, don’t worry about it.” You told him, giving him a peck on the lips as your arms circled around his neck. “More importantly, we weren’t expecting you back till later tonight. Did the meeting go well?”

“Hn. As well as can be expected.” He replied staring at your face, his brow furrowed, his rough hands enjoying the satiny feel of the skin on your back. “Want me to shoot his face in?”

You snorted. “And how is that going to help me? It’ll just make things worse. Besides they were just new recruits who don’t know any better.”

“You’re going soft.”

“Am not. I just beat the idiot half into the afterlife, how is that soft? Besides, Squalo’s the one who gets to decide if he’s capable enough for the Family to hold onto or dispose of, not me.”

“You’re an officer, you get a say.”

“Not with these kinds of people I don’t. It’ll only give the recruits wrong ideas. Killing people is easy, killing ideas is a whole different shit fest altogether and I’d rather not deal with that.”

Xanxus scowled at that in displeasure because you were right. It was just that it was getting harder and harder to ignore how the new recruits keep on testing their dominance over you every single damn year. It’s beginning to get to him.

“What did this one say this time?” he couldn’t help but ask. There was always a different version every year. Mammon was probably keeping a list.

You chuckled. “That I’ve got you whipped because you can’t control me and keep me where I belong instead of ordering around my betters.”

“Ahhh… Sexist pig, huh?”

“Uh hm.” And then you gave him a mischievous grin, grabbed his arm and threw him over your shoulder making him land on the bed hard.

“The FUCK?!”

But then you straddled his legs and began pulling his pants down eagerly. Soothing the dark skinned Italian’s temper as you lovingly stroked his sex with both hands, already eyeing it hungrily. “Do you mind if I get dessert before dinner…?”

Xanxus threw back his head in a lustful laugh even as your head bent between his legs. If only those fuckers knew how much you liked going down on him despite your tough attitude outside they’d be jealous as all hell. It made him smirk in pride.

And then the room filled up with nothing but his groans, cursing for more.

meeting with the boss

The Foundation Boss, that is.

In my head, Hibari likes to make people fetch him from his office if they need him. Of course, to get inside his office one must wear a yukata!

Being the Vongola Boss is no exception.

(this headcanon is also known as my pathetic excuse to draw them wearing yukata)


This one is also known as my excuse for fanservice Hibari.

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Scenario where Tyl! Hibari is married and finds out his wife is pregnant.

//It’s just his reaction, I hope that’s okay!//

Hibari sat quietly on the tatami mat watching Hibird as he played with Roll. It was just an average day and he was enjoying some quiet time off from the Foundation and the Vongola. It was nice and silent without the annoying bickering of the two Storm and Sun guardians blasting his ears with unfiltered noise. Even the weather was merciful today, the sun partially covered by the clouds and the air crisp and clean. Yep, a beautiful day for a man who enjoys solitude.

That is until his cell phone rang.

He glared at his phone for disturbing his peace but nevertheless picked up. On the other side was a man with a scratchy, baritone voice.

“Is this Mister…Kyoya Hibari?”

Hibari pondered who could have called him on his personal phone. Usually the only numbers he had were yours and Kusakabe’s (and the Vongola albeit it was forced on him by a very passionate Ryohei). Besides no one was foolish enough to try and wiretap the strongest guardian in Vongola.

“I am. Who is this?” Though it sounded more like a statement then a question.

“Well, this is (Name) Hibari’s obstetrician. We just finished conducting the tests and the results are positive.”

Hibari nearly dropped his phone as his eyes went wide. The two of you were trying for a baby for nearly three months now with no success. Well, until now of course.

He smirked.

The thought of you bearing his child made him immensely happy. Having raised traditionally, he always wanted a child of his own to raise and build the next generation with.

(Of course that meant his protective side was going to get even more dominate now.)

He listened carefully to the doctor but hung up early when he started to tell him what to do. It didn’t matter if he was the doctor or not no one told Hibari Kyoya what to do. Besides if he needed information he could conduct the research himself or have Kusakabe do it. The poor man.

He got up one hand in his yukata, as Roll and Hibird daintily hopped on over to him. No matter how hard he tried, the brooding cloud had parted. He couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear.

He walked out and headed for your room, only one thought in mind.

“What will we call our little carnivore?”

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Hi ! Can we get a continuation of the Vongola using the 10 yr bazooka and breaking up with their s/o but Intsead of acknowledging it and sadly moving on they try and win their s/o back ? For Tsuna , Hibari & Mukuro please ? ? Ps I would just like to say thank you to all admins running this blog. The query you held a little while ago was amazing and I took delight in reading all of it !


~I would like to thank the asker- a-court-of-nightmares- for this opportunity. Just so everybody knows I am absolutely honored to be taking this up where it left off. Admin Reborn is hella talented. Just for that I am breaking my rule of headcanons only. I can only wish that my writing this will do the ask justice. I hope you enjoy.

P.S.: In case you guys don’t know about the submission we are referring to then you can find it here:  http://mafiabosstsuna.tumblr.com/post/150134511107/can-we-have-vongola-10th-generations-reaction~

admin Adelheid


Somehow Tsuna made it to the meeting place. He waved off the negligent attendant’s apologies distractedly and took a seat in the chair that had been reserved for him. Recklessly he ordered a bottle of brandy and a glass filled with ice hoping he could distract himself with enough drink to unsee what he had seen just a few minutes ago.

He wanted nothing more than to curl up in his chair back in the mansion with a bottle of better brandy than this shit he was being currently served and wallow in his defeat. He wanted time. Time to get over you again. Time to pick up the shattered pieces of the broken heart he now thinks he may have brought upon himself.

“Sir, the client has arrived.”

Tsuna looked up, his expression sour. His eyes widened however when he recognized the man who was now looking at him with hat in hand, shoulders and head bent in humility.

It was the man you were with out on the street earlier!

“Sir,” the escort still by your side began introducing the man. “He is the one asking for the loan extension.”

Tsuna kept his face composed and flicked his fingers imperiously, signaling for the man’s file and flipping through it half listening to the man’s pleas even as he fought the trembling in his body at being this close to the man that had been the cause of his doubt. Of his rage. Of his poor judgment.

He stopped flipping through the man’s file when he came across a photo of you. You were just sitting there at an outdoor café drinking your favorite iced latté exhibiting all the mannerisms possible on one still moment that Tsuna had remembered all too well. And again he felt like breaking down.

“I see you have a beautiful… fiancé?” he had to say the word through gritted teeth. It felt wrong, so wrong to refer to you as anyone else’s fiancé.

“Ah! Yes!” the man before Tsuna nodded eagerly. “She’s a beauty, isn’t she? Took me some time to get her but you know how women are. Give them enough time and they’ll eat right out of your hand if you tame them well enough, know what I mean?”

The insinuation made Tsuna sick and it was all he could do not to smash his fist into the douchebag himself however… another thought came to his mind.

“If I asked for her as collateral,” Tsuna began. “Will you sign her over?”

The attendant in the room stared at his Boss in barely concealed shock but it transformed into full blown disbelief when their client almost immediately nodded in agreement in a most eager fashion.

“Of course! No problem! I can get the money back in less than a month!”

The cold smirk Tsuna gave him should have warned him of his doom.

Tsuna had surveillance on you; detailing your whereabouts and habits. Making sure that your faithful fiancé did not pawn you off as collateral to anyone else which the man had tried to do several times trying to secure more money much to Tsuna’s disgust. It was only a matter of time before the month is up and not even a farthing showed up to save you from getting sold to him. He’ll take care to have the fool put in prison for embezzling later.

That night your fiancé surprised you by dressing you up and taking you out to dinner to a very fancy restaurant. It had been a while since he took you out claiming he had been busy with work. He had then driven you off to a five star hotel and you assumed he wanted to spend time with you there. You felt that nagging guilt in your heart that you were being unfaithful again. Unfaithful to the memory of the man who had thrown you away but you quashed that thought immediately. This was your life now. It did not belong to anyone else but you any longer.

The moment you entered the penthouse suite, however you were in for the surprise of your life. Because there, standing in front of the wide windows framing the city’s nightscape was the same man who had haunted your every wish every night since he broke up with you. Looking so much more mature, so much more tired and jaded and oh so handsome your heart couldn’t stop clenching painfully.

But your will was stronger now. He made you stronger by breaking up with you. So with a flaming gaze you stared right back at him with narrowed eyes.

“What’s the meaning of this?” you asked, still looking into those gold burnished caramel eyes you have missed so much. The fact that they shone with recognition of you made it hard for you to swallow the lump down your throat and keep a straight face.

“I’m sorry, my dear,” you turned just in time to see your fiancé backing out of the room looking guilty but much more anxious to get away than anything else. “But he owns you now.”

“Wha­―?” your words were cut off when the door closed behind him.

You ran and tried to open the door, wanting to demand an explanation but knowing deep inside your soul that you had been betrayed. However the door was locked from the outside. You have had your suspicions and you knew he had been having money problems. You just assumed he was over them when he took you out to dinner tonight. You never even suspected it was going to be your version of the ‘Last Supper’.

“It won’t open,” Tsuna’s voice behind you made your shoulders stiffen. He sounded so near. In your dreams it always seemed as though his voice sounded so far away from you. Like there was a chasm in between yourselves that you can never cross. “I have the only key card that will open that door from this side.”

You leaned your forehead against the door and took a few deep breaths to give you strength. Control, you needed control. You needed strength not to break down like a loser and keep at least a smidgen of dignity in this horrible, horrible mess.

“I am a person.” You finally say, straightening your shoulders but not yet turning to face him. She needed a little bit more time for that. “I’m not something you can own.”

“Really?” What happened to his voice? How could it be so low and yet still be so… Tsuna? It made every carnal part of you shiver in desire. How can he still do that after all these years? After all he’d done? “Your fiancé didn’t seem to think so. He was quite eager when I suggested he make you his collateral for the loan I lent him.”

You pursed your lips but finally managed to renege enough righteous indignation to turn around and finally face him. Your eyes defiant and stubborn, glinting in the candle light scattered across the room. “You tricked him, didn’t you? What did you do?”

Tsuna couldn’t stand being the object of your accusations. He had always been on the receiving end of your loving scrutiny. He was so shaken by your hate that his hand shook slightly as he reached for the bottle of champagne he had set on a nearby table along with a bowl of your favorite ripe strawberries. He drank an entire flute trying to avoid your gaze.

“What do you want?” you continued to question him, your voice beginning to shake with anxiety. “What are you going to do to me? Are you going to sell me into prostitution now? Are you going to make me pay you for every cent he owes you?”

“Don’t be ridiculous―”

“Then let me go―”

“I can’t do that―”

“Then what the hell do you want?!”

“I WANT YOU TO LOVE ME, DAMN IT!” he yelled as he threw the champagne flute on the floor, meeting your eyes with his burning ones, the brown disappearing in a fiery sort of gold that reflected his anger, his frustration, his unadulterated passion. “I WANT YOU TO LOVE ME!”

“I DID LOVE YOU!” you yelled back, the tears hanging on your lashes now as all the pain, all the confusion, all the betrayal gushed from your chest. “I LOVED YOU AND YOU THREW ME AWAY LIKE SO MUCH GARBAGE, TSUNA! YOU BROKE ME IN PIECES WHEN YOU LEFT ME! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW LONG IT TOOK FOR ME TO PIECE MYSELF BACK TOGETHER?! DO YOU?!”


EIGHT YEARS!” you shouted back, cutting him off as you finally lose the battle with your tears, taking a step back when he took a step towards you. “EIGHT YEARS I WISHED EVERY NIGHT YOU’D COME BACK! EIGHT YEARS OF ALMOST GOING INSANE WANTING YOU! EIGHT YEARS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT I DID WRONG!”

Tsuna pursed his lips in determination as he strode towards you. Teeth gritted, will resolved and heart hurting because it always hurt him when you cried. Always. Always.

“No! No no!” you tried to run away from his approach but he pinned you against the wall he caught you in front of and caught you in a kiss so filled with longing and want and need it made you lose strength in your limbs. By the time he released you all you could do was stare back at him in hopeless surrender, your tears trailing down your cheeks. Still angry, still scared to death, but still so hopelessly in love with him you could barely stand it. “What do you want from me, Tsuna? Please, I’m begging you… I won’t be able to survive this a second time. Don’t do this to me…!”

“Fuck destiny,” he muttered against your lips, breathing hard, pressing his body against you hungrily as he did so. “From now on, I’m making my own damn future.”

Tsuna then whisked you to the bedroom and took you on the bed with the urgency of a man who finally had what he wanted after a long, long time of being denied. He ignored your protests until they dwindled into moans and gasps and kisses and caresses.

To him whatever he said now was useless; he had already hurt you with words. From now on he will show you he wanted to keep you forever using his actions.


But even as he turned to walk away the images of that stranger wrapped around you so lovingly, your lips fused with someone else’s that was not him played like a mocking song over and over in his mind. It felt a lot like listening to that damn pineapple’s laughter.

It just wasn’t acceptable!

And he couldn’t help but realize he was being such a herbivore for running away when he could just get his revenge on the man who ruined his life by sending him flying off right in front of you before walking out of your life forever and end this undying regret!

This wasn’t him. This was not Hibari Kyouya.

He turned around, intending to put his thoughts into actions but the sight that played before him made Hibari’s whole being deflate.

“You son of a bitch!” Hibari heard you screech in that way that had always annoyed him back when you were together. You used it on him whenever he was ‘being particularly overbearing’ or so you might say. “What the hell did you think you were doing?! What part of “I am not interested in you that way” did you not understand?!”

“Come on! You’ve been single for as long as I’ve known you!” the man whined in frustration. “Give me a chance, damn it! Whoever it is you’re holding out for it’s obvious he’s never coming back!”

“That is none of your goddamn business!” you yelled back, voice even higher pitched than the last one before turning and preparing to walk away.

But apparently the infatuated pup was not ready to give up just yet and made another attempt to grab at you and before Hibari knew what he was doing, he had his fist dislocating the man’s jaw.

Hibari stared down at the man he had just knocked down cold, his mind a mess of jumbled thoughts of truths and facts that rendered him speechless and still now mocking him with even more malice than the sight of you wrapped up in another man’s embrace.

The truth that he made a mistake oh so long ago.

The fact that he had broken up with you for nothing.

He wanted to throw up.


He looked up at your whisper and you couldn’t help but gasp at the utter devastation you could see in his face. It was an expression you had never thought you would ever see on the visage of the Cerberus of Namimori. Your breath caught at your throat before reality caught up with you and you scowled right back at him, pursing your lips to keep them from trembling.

You didn’t want to remember anything anymore. It hurt too much.

“I’m calling an ambulance, I’ll tell the police someone mugged him. Get out of here.” You told him quietly as you took your phone out.

But he caught your wrist in his one large hand and then suddenly, his face was buried in the crook of your neck and your eyes widened at how cold his skin felt. At how much he’s trembling. His free arm wrapped around you so tight you just knew it would be impossible to free yourself from his hold.

He took your phone from your hand and dialed blindly. He then put it in his ear and waited for a familiar voice to pick up.



And this time it was your turn to shiver.  He was talking right against your skin; you could feel his lips softly brushing your neck like a new paintbrush and your tears sprang from your eyes as the memories started flooding in at how you owned them once. It was all you could do not to melt against him. It was all you could do not to surrender yourself to the feel of him so close to you once more.

Lord it’s been so long…


“Send a medical team over to the park. Someone’s probably in a coma.”

“Yes, at once.”

He dropped the phone on the ground without even bothering to end the call and wrapped his other arm around you. Just as tight. Just as desperately. And all you wanted was to revel in the feel of him, the scent of him against you and surrender everything that you worked so hard on to survive after he sent you away.

But you can’t. Because even though you were you, you will never be strong enough for this. For him.

“I think you better let go now.” You cursed at the lump caught in your throat that made it difficult for you to speak. You swallowed hard and steeled yourself up. Donning the invisible armor you had honed throughout these years. “Let go, Kyouya.”

He didn’t respond. All he did was hold you tighter and nuzzle his face against your skin like a puppy desperate for some form of affection. Wanting you to take him and give him a home.

And you understood that. You had always understood him despite his lack of words. It was the reason why you knew you loved him. Just one glance, one touch, one gesture and you knew what he wanted. What he needed.

There was once a time when you would have moved heaven and earth to make sure he got what he longed for. There was once a time when you would have offered a pinkie just to make him happy.

But it was different this time.

You understood but the wounds he left you ran far too deep; far too painful for you to risk yourself to the pain one more time. He had left you weak and wanting. He had managed to tear you apart.

“Please,” you begged him in a broken whisper even as you try to step out of his embrace, your tears already falling. “I don’t have another heart left to break.”

He clung to you and you bit your lip when he started trailing kisses against your neck in a desperate attempt to make you stay.


“I made a mistake. I doubted you,” you trembled at how hoarse his usually smooth voice sounded. It was as though he had been gargling glass all of a sudden and you felt your knees weaken at the raw emotion in his words. “But I need you. I never stopped wanting you. I never stopped loving you. I can’t let you go.”

He then pushed back a little to look you in the eye and the tortured expression on his face coupled by the grim resolution on his lips and the sheer longing in his eyes did you in. But the next words that came out of his mouth shattered you in a million little pieces and it was then and there that you knew― just knew― that you were already beyond saving from the influence of this man.

“I’m sorry.”


He made it as far as the restrooms before he felt his legs give out. Never before had he been so overwhelmed with such loss and longing that it rendered him almost incapacitated. Oh how the Skylark would have sneered at him if he could see him now.

But he couldn’t help it. He missed you.

Always, constantly, like a well worn song that was always on replay. These past ten years were a series of alternate contrasting feelings of him trying to crush your memory and clinging to it with every strength he had left.

Mukuro leaned his forehead against the mirror in front of the sink and allowed himself to wallow in the memories.

He could still remember everything clearly.

The sight of you, the feel of you, the scent of you…

Even after all these years― even after all the other lovers― he still wore your memory like a warm blanket against the cold loneliness he made for himself.

He punched the wall in an attempt to bury the emotional pain with the physical one. He failed miserably.

His contemplation was interrupted when the door to the restroom opened and the man you were with came in and went straight for a urinal. Mukuro observed him from his reflection in the mirror.

He looked like a decent sort. Not devastatingly rich but confident enough in his finances to wear branded clothing. He looked like every ordinary person Mukuro had ever seen on the street and he wondered what you saw in him. He wondered how you treated him.

The man finished and stepped beside Mukuro to wash his hands. He nodded politely at the illusionist as he ran his hands under the faucet and suddenly a furious jealousy rose like a tempest in the Mist user’s heart. Perhaps he can indulge one more time? What was one more sin on top of all the others he had already committed? Surely the universe could look away just this once?

Before he knew it he took over the man’s mind and rendered him insensate and took all his identification and keys. He sent Chikusa a text to tell his minion to pick up the man and take it to their hotel and have him stay there until further orders. Mukuro then gave the man a mental prompt to hide in a bathroom stall and lock it before conjuring up an illusion of the man to cover over his own appearance. Chikusa should be able to open the stall without any problems.

Mukuro then stepped out of the restroom and approached your patient self and his heart pounded in excitement when he saw you direct that tender smile at him again after all these years. The pleasure was so raw and aching it almost sent him on his knees. You allowed him to take your hand and Mukuro almost moaned when he felt your thumb circle the back of his hand as you both walked out of the library. He couldn’t take his eyes off you. He kept bringing your hand to his lips for lingering kisses. They still smelled so heavenly…

You both arrive in the apartment you were sharing with this man who’s skin Mukuro was wearing and again jealousy stabbed at his heart as he saw the photographs and all the little things that declared this place your love nest with that accursed stranger.

Mukuro wanted to destroy it all. He wanted to pour gasoline over every single available space and burn it to the ground.

“Darling?” Mukuro looked up at you with his eyes still in a blind rage at your call. You took a step back in fright at the murderous look in his eyes. He thought you were going to run but instead you stepped forward the way you have done with him all those years ago. And like all those years ago you held his face in your hands and caressed his cheeks soothingly. “Darling, is everything okay?”

Mukuro couldn’t help it. He looked into your tender, loving eyes and shivered like a man finally given warmth after being stranded out in the cold for too long. Your touch felt too good. Your voice made him bite his lip to stop himself from moaning out your name and letting go of his tears.

“Sorry.” He finally managed, kissing the palm of a hand still caressing his face. Taking a good long whiff of the scent that had haunted his deepest, darkest dreams all these long, long years. “I was just… Thinking.”

You pulled his head towards yours until your foreheads touched and you placed a tender kiss on his lips even as your eyes glowed with sad understanding. “Are you still thinking about my first love? The one I told you about last night?”

Mukuro’s breath caught. Were you talking about him?

“It’s alright. I made you a promise didn’t I? I’ll love you. I’ll love you as much as I can. And when we’re married I’ll forget about him. I promise.”

The words made the madness explode in his mind. Mukuro couldn’t take it anymore. With a dry sob he caught your lips in a kiss so hungry, so needy it almost tore you apart. His whole body shivered as you responded generously. Gracefully. Instinctively giving him the comfort you felt he desperately needed. He pushed you on the carpeted floor and tore at your clothes in his desperate need to devour you. To have you. To hold you. And you responded with gentle, calming caresses that drove him mad with want.

It made him insane. Insane that you would give all this to anyone else but him. Insane that he was not a good person who deserved someone as kind as you. Insane that being with you defied his law of karma.

Forget him? Forget him?

Fuck that!

“Darling…” you panted underneath him as he roughly pulled your skirt up. The straps of your dress already torn and fallen around your now exposed chest currently bruising from his kisses. “What’s going on? You’re acting strange…”

Mukuro responded by catching your lips in another bruising kiss and you arch your body underneath him, unable to control your responses to these familiar caresses… These familiar kisses… This familiar scent…


“Say my name…!” he begged against your lips as he began to slip your underwear down your thighs.

Suddenly you push him away from yourself and your eyes, no longer hazy with desire but now filling up with horrified realization, stared right back up at him. Your lips forming the only name that made sense in your mind.


Mukuro allowed the illusion over his body to melt off and showed you the need and fury on the face of the man who had never gotten over sending you away. He ripped your underwear off and pulled your legs apart before practically proceeding to tear his fly open.

He was beyond sanity, beyond reason. Before the only person he had ever wanted logic had no place in his mind any more.

“No!” you protested as you try to move away. “No, you can’t do this! Where is he?! Where’s my fiancé?!”

“He’s safe, my love, don’t worry. For now at least.” Mukuro replied, catching your thighs and dragging you back to him. The touch of insanity glinting in his eyes as he eyed your naked skin. “I should kill him for daring to even touch you.”

His smooth voice seduced you, called to you. Even after all these years of telling yourself you were over him that silky, breathy baritone still made you hot and wet and you felt shame at yourself. Because all of a sudden you now realize that no matter how much you loved the man you were about to marry you had never felt this much passion for him. He had never made you feel this insatiable fever. Never made you ache with both longing and need all at the same time in such an intense way that it felt like a descent to lunacy.

“No…!” you try to push away one last time. Attempting to salvage what dignity you have left. Attempting to save what was left of the broken pieces of yourself that you had managed to pick up after he left you, you close your eyes and try to blot out the image of him above you. Trying to deny he was here. Telling yourself you were dreaming. “He’s been kind to me! Patient with me! Don’t do this! You’ve already ruined my life once, don’t do it again! Please!”

Suddenly you stop struggling when you feel a few drops of wetness fall on your cheeks. Despite yourself you open your eyes and your gaze widened at the sight of the dreaded Rokudo Mukuro allowing his tears to fall as he stared down at you with angry passion.

“Did you think it was easy for me to make you leave?! I didn’t make you leave because I hated you. I saw a glimpse of a future and saw you’d be happier with a man who was a total opposite of me,” he hissed at you, eyes unblinking, expression tragic and breathing labored as he leaned above you. His eyes looking back at you clear and containing a raw, naked truth that pierced through you like a bullet. “I thought I was strong enough to let you go. I thought I could bear the loneliness as long as you were happy! But when I saw you earlier with him I almost died again. I’m not strong enough to forget you. I’m not strong enough to let anyone else have you. Why do you think I’m here?!

You couldn’t stop your tears from falling as another realization dawned on you.

You had always known he was a liar. You loved him despite all that. So when he broke up with you you were thrown into uncertainty. You didn’t know if he was lying about ever loving you or lying about tiring of you. Both sides of those lies hurt. Both thoughts almost brutally killed you. Now you know the answer…

But you are too scared to risk having your heart broken again.

“Please…” you beg even as you felt yourself crumble at the raw, aching emotions in his eyes, his lips, his very touch as he parted your legs even wider. “Please… If you have any mercy left… Let me go…”

“My love,” he whispered hoarsely even as he thrust himself inside you so deep he was buried to the hilt. You bit your lip as you try to hold back the pleasure threatening to overwhelm you. Your back arching off the floor like a puppet caught in this man’s strings. “You― more than anyone― should know that I am not a merciful man…”

anonymous asked:

Can I ask for a fluffy scenario where the Vongola Guardian's tries to confess to their crush?

Sorry for this taking so long, anon!! I finally had time to write this now that I’m on break. I hope you like it! c:

Sawada Tsunayoshi

             “I can do this… I can do this… I can do this…”

            The words continuously slipped past Tsuna’s lips, and he found that even though they were supposed to be comforting him, they somehow had the reverse effect.

            He felt even more stressed out than before.

            Wringing his hands, Tsuna paced around the empty classroom and continued to murmur encouragement to himself even though it wasn’t helping very much. Tsuna wasn’t sure how he was going to be able to do it. He needed to confess to you today, but he was concerned about making a total fool of himself and completely crushing his chances with you.

            It wasn’t as if you were the most amazing person in Tsuna’s opinion—not at all—that made his cheeks flare with red and his spine tingle when he was around you. After Kyoko had denied his affections and he had made peace with the idea of just remaining friends with her, Tsuna had thought that he wouldn’t fall in love again so soon, or possibly at all anymore. Unfortunately for him, (or fortunately? If you returned his feelings?) you had completely shattered that conclusion he had made, with your personality and willingness to accept Tsuna for who he was. Your openminded take on life made Tsuna enamored by you, and he was really hoping that everything would work out once he told you how much you meant to him.

             Just as he picked up the broom at the back of the room and began to anxiously pass it back and forth from hand to hand, Tsuna heard the door slide and then snap open. He raised his head immediately and turned to the room’s entrance, and he was immobilized when he saw you standing at the doorway.

             “Oh, hi, Tsuna. I was just getting some things from my locker before cleaning duty,” you announced with a small smile as you placed your backpack on the ground near one of the front desks. “Do you want to sweep and I’ll clean the chalkboard?”

             “Sure,” agreed the nervous brunette as he clutched the handle of the broom in his hands tightly, almost feeling as if he would snap it in half accidentally. He began brushing some stray shreds of paper towards the back wall, but he was still out of it. Trying to focus all of his energy into sweeping and not staring at you, Tsuna managed to somehow avoid looking in your direction for the most of the time.

             By the end of cleaning duty, when he had replaced the broom at the back of the room again and helped straighten out the desks with you, his palms felt a little sweaty. Scratch that, they were pretty sweaty, and he wiped his hands against his pants so that you wouldn’t notice. Every single thing that he thought flawed his appearance seemed to be more apparent to him, and Tsuna swallowed fretfully. As he tried to build his courage, he was sure of one thing, though.

             He was not going to confess to someone as he had done to Kyoko that one time Reborn had shot him with the Dying Will Bullet… That had been embarrassing. This time, he wouldn’t mess up.

             “[Name]-chan/kun…” Tsuna wasn’t even aware that he had actually spoken your name out loud, and when you turned to face him, he supposed it really was now or never.

             Now that your attention was on him, and your eyes were focused on him, Tsuna felt even more unsettled than before, and he stuttered, “U-uh…” Oh no, he sounded like an absolute dork! He resisted the urge to slap a hand against his forehead and give up.

             Patiently, you waited for him to finish his thought, your hands neatly tucked behind your back, a smile on your face. “Don’t worry. Take your time.”

             Tsuna felt his cheeks blossom with red; you were so kind to him and willing to wait for him to recompose himself… He wondered if he ever could recompose himself with you in front of him. “I, um…”

             Closing his eyes, he forced the words from his lips, “I really like you, [Name]-chan/kun! Please go out with me!”

             He’d been so sure that you would reject him that he couldn’t believe that you had said yes.

             “A-are you sure?” Tsuna asked, his eyes slowly opening as he stared at you.

             With the smile on your face only growing, you nodded your head. “I’m sure. Yes. I like you too.”

             Tsuna felt his quivering lips pull upwards for the first time that day. He’d been so sure that you would reject him…

             Perhaps this love would work out for him.

Gokudera Hayato

             Really, this was unbelievable.

             All right, maybe it wasn’t completely outlandish, but Gokudera wondered how he had gotten this far into this pit of disastrous—in his opinion—emotions that he shouldn’t be feeling. There was a sense of elation that overcame him when he saw you, much like when he came across Tsuna, but he also felt warm and comforted by your presence. Gokudera always had to curse at himself in his mind to maintain his nonchalant look around you, because he was sure that if he didn’t focus on controlling his emotions, he would make a fool of himself in front of you.

             That’s why it was so ridiculous, Gokudera thought. You made him feel weak inside, vulnerable to something, and Gokudera didn’t like being vulnerable. You were that something, and Gokudera wasn’t quite sure how to go about fixing his problem.

             Somehow, his sister had noticed his behavior, and she’d commented that it wasn’t a “problem,” and that he was merely in love.

             Gokudera had responded to her observation with a snort. He wasn’t going to admit to Bianchi that he was in love. Somehow, she knew, and Gokudera felt emotionally exposed in front of his sister.

             Before he’d walked away from her, she had told him that the only way for him to feel better was to let you know how he felt about you, and that it was inevitable that you would find out.

             Dismayed, the silver-haired bomber really hoped that she wasn’t about to go and tell you that he actually loved liked you or anything if he didn’t mention it to you first.

             His concentration wasn’t the same ever since he’d realized that he actually did have a crush on you, and that there was a number of your characteristics that made him really fall headfirst for you. As much as he didn’t want to accept his feelings, Gokudera had to come to terms with the fact that he was in love with you. Frankly, he wasn’t sure how it had started—how he started really taking notice of you and finding different aspects of you to admire.

             All he knew now was that he felt a tad jealous when other people were around you… Especially if someone decided to flirt with you. Gokudera wasn’t oblivious to that burning sense of jealousy in his chest, and he knew that he wouldn’t be feeling that way about anyone else.

             He’d made the decision the night before to confess to you, somehow, as outrageous that seemed to him… Gokudera figured that he would be practical when he would tell you: He’d stay calm, just say that he liked you, and then wait for an answer.

             Shouldn’t be too hard.


             It was hard.

             When he’d pulled you aside after school as you left the campus and were heading home, he found that just looking at you threw off his calculated approach to confessing. What was he going to tell you again? His throat tightened, and Gokudera chewed on the end of his cigarette as he tried to form his thoughts into a coherent statement.

             “Something the matter, Gokudera?” you asked, tilting your head and readjusting your grip on the book in your hands.

             He suddenly glared at you with his olive green eyes, and you were taken aback for a moment. Then, he glanced away, and then he scoffed, “Tch.”

             If this was anyone else but Gokudera, you would have said that there was a tinge of pink on his face, for some reason.

             “I like you.”

             Blinking rapidly, you looked at Gokudera, whose hands were haphazardly tucked into his pockets, in disbelief. He didn’t just confess to you, did he?

             Your silence seemed to have unnerved him, for as you stood frozen in place, Gokudera’s gaze was averted from your figure, and he muttered under his breath, “I’m going.”

             You suddenly snapped our of your stupor and shook your head before blurting out in a rush of your thoughts, “Wait! I lo—like—I like you very much!”

             Aware that your cheeks were alight with color, you looked down at your sneakers and cursed yourself for having rather horrid tact.

             There was no response from Gokudera, and you feared peering up at him, but then you heard that light scoff of his again.

             “Tch. Th-that’s… fine.”

             A smile instantly bloomed on your face, and you didn’t have to look up to know that Gokudera was relieved, a somewhat senseless grin on his lips as well.

Yamamoto Takeshi

             Yamamoto supposed that a lot people—at first glance—believed he was rather clueless and airheaded. Perhaps they were right, perhaps they were wrong; however, Yamamoto didn’t really give their opinions much thought. Maybe he was unaware of some things, but the talented baseball player was sure that he wasn’t lost on one thing—that he really, really liked you.

             He’d seen you at mostly every single baseball game he’d played at Namimori Middle so far since your brother—the first baseman—was on the team. You were always dedicated in coming to all of his games, and Yamamoto admired that about you. On top of that, you were also very dedicated in your studies and didn’t mind helping out other students, within reason, when they needed assistance with school work. Yamamoto found you were an excellent peer tutor, as he’d even asked you a couple questions and realized that you had a very different teaching method than Gokudera’s. Your generosity was much appreciated by the Rain Guardian, and it was complemented by a variety of other traits Yamamoto liked about you.

             As he sat down at his seat ten minutes before the morning bell rang, Yamamoto saw you walk into class as well. You waved at him and made your way to his desk as the baseball player smiled at you. It wasn’t as if you two weren’t friends; in fact, you’d been friends for a long while now, and Yamamoto was planning to tell you about his feelings today.

             He’d be casual about it, and hopefully you’d accept. Otherwise, he’d understand.

             “Hey, Yamamoto! What’s up?” You were grinning as you tossed your bag onto the chair next to him.

             “Yo, [Name]!” Yamamoto returned your two-fingered greeting and then looked up thoughtfully. Should he tell you now or some other time? Nah, he wasn’t really the type to make a big deal about things… He’d just play it cool. “I was wondering if I could talk to you about something?”

             You leaned back against your desk and shrugged. “Yeah, sure, go ahead.”

             Yamamoto’s signature grin stretched across his face, and he found one of his hands resting on the back of his neck when he said, “I really like you, [Name]!”

             “Eh?” You were almost completely thrown off-balance by his statement, and you could only stare at the baseball player in confusion. “I mean… I like you too? Unless you meant that in um… In the ‘like-like’ way…”

             Your cheeks became rose-colored, and you began absently tugging at the bottom of your vest.

             The soothing chuckle from Yamamoto’s lips made the awkwardness drift away from between you, and he reaffirmed his confession, “I really like-like you.”

             You weren’t sure what to say in response since you had been harboring romantic feelings towards him for a while, but you pushed your anxiety aside and pronounced, “I like you too, more than a friend… Yamamoto.”

             “Takeshi,” the baseball player corrected with a short laugh as he reached out to hold one of your hands.

             “Right.” A smile was on your face.

             The two of you laughed as Yamamoto pulled you forward for a hug.

Sasagawa Ryohei

             Sasagawa Ryohei was intensely passionate about many things—boxing, making sure his sister was all right, defending his family…

             He so happened to be extremely stricken with you.

             His love for you was something else he was seriously dedicated to, even though he’d never properly admitted his affections for you. Kyoko was well-aware of her brother’s fondness of you, and she advised that maybe it would be better for him to approach you without yelling that he loved you at the top of his lungs. Not that she disapproved, but she thought there might be a better way for him to confess to you without startling you.

             Finding wisdom in his younger sibling’s advice, Ryohei had decided to buy you one of your favorite snacks and give it to you when he conveyed his feelings to you. He’d like it if someone brought him food too.

             There were several reasons why Ryohei had fallen for you. Your accepting attitude and humor were two of the things he really liked about you, and sometimes the boxer wondered how you had even become his friend.

             “Oh, hey, [Last Name]!” Ryohei called out to you in order to catch your attention.

             Turning to the person who had said your name, you spotted the white-haired boxer running towards you. You waved to him and greeted, “Oh, hey, Sasagawa! How’s it going?”

             “I have something extremely important to tell you!” announced Ryohei confidently, one of his fists raised as he stopped in front of you.

             “Let’s hear it.” You nodded your head and waited for your friend to speak.

             “I extremely like you, [Last Name]!” The way the boy’s eyes lit up and his smile grew on his face made your heart beat a little faster.

             You let out a chuckle at Ryohei’s enthusiastic demeanor, and taking his confession in stride, you closed the space between you two and wrapped your arms around his waist. “Hey. That’s a good thing. I like you too, Sasagawa.”

             Ryohei seemed still as you hugged him, but then he laughed loudly and returned the embrace. He figured that he liked the warmth your body gave him, and he smiled and couldn’t help asking, “Will you hug me more like this?”

             “Of course,” you answered, finding the question very Ryohei-like. “We can cuddle later too.”

             The cheer your boyfriend gave made you laugh as you wound your arms around him more snugly.

Hibari Kyouya

             “Oh, hello, Hibird,” you murmured quietly at the familiar yellow avian that descended from the sky towards you. Extending one of your hands forward, you allowed the little bird to perch on your index finger before bringing him close to your face. “How are you?”

             Hibird tapped his beak against your nose once and let out a small coo of contentment which you took to mean that he was happy.

             “That’s good to know.” You stopped in the middle of the path out of the school when Hibird trilled and then flapped his wings to hover beside you instead. “Hm?”

             Since the campus was rather deserted by this time (you had stuck around to finish some papers for your club as you were a leading officer), you noticed the figure leaning against the stone wall next to Namimori’s gate. There was a dark piece of clothing draped over the person’s shoulders, and you realized, upon taking a few steps forward, that it was a school uniform gakuran. Only one student wore his gakuran like that, you remembered, and it hit you that you were looking at Hibari Kyouya.

             It made sense, as Hibird was still fluttering about you, and you didn’t dare move closer to the exit.

             Hibird had been familiar with you for a long while; sometimes the bird would follow you home or find you when you were outside playing a sport during physical education. You had only known his name was Hibird thanks to Sawada Tsunayoshi’s rather terrified remark about the avian’s presence near you. He’d said that the bird was Hibari’s. However, even though you knew Hibird, you never really knew that much about his owner. Hibari seemed to be in the same places you were more times than not, like when you were walking to the school’s library or making your way to the bread vending machines.

             Although you were conscious of his violent behavior, you thought that if you just stayed out of his way and abided by the school rules, then you wouldn’t have any ill-fated encounters with him. You never sought him out, so you would be all right.

             However, you were a bit confused as to why he would be seeking you, it seemed, whenever he appeared in the same location you were. Maybe it was just coincidence, but you still were curious about him.

             Though, that didn’t mean you wanted to have any confrontations with him; you were fine with observing from afar. He intrigued you a bit too, though; you were interested in getting to know him better. You just weren’t sure how you should go about that since you knew he wasn’t fond of interacting with other people, for the most part. From what you did see of him, you admired his dedication to discipline, although his methods for enforcing the rules might need a little work. You did find that his relatively quiet and—usually—unobtrusive presence was preferable over other people’s loud company.

             As you figured that you might as well get home because it was getting late—never mind if Hibari was at the gates or not—you began walking forward again. Just as you rounded the corner of the wall and out of school, you heard a cool voice ring out in the silence.

             “You interest me.”

             Those were the first words that Hibari had ever spoken to you, and you turned back to look at him. You found yourself not missing a beat when you replied evenly, the same kind of amusement in your voice that was in his, “So do you.”

             “Hn.” You heard the heels of Hibari’s shoes clicking against the pavement as he began walking after you. He wasn’t sure how to tell you that he kind of, maybe, sort of, possibly liked you, and he wanted to get to know you more than what people would consider as “just friends.”

             For sure, Hibari was not going to tell you that he liked you, in all those ridiculous ways that other males had shown their affections towards their “crushes.”

             “How do I interest you?” you questioned, looking to your side where Hibari was now walking. “I don’t think we’ve really met before.”

             As Hibird rested in his hair, Hibari remained quiet in response to your inquiry, and he wondered what a proper answer would be. He’d assessed you from afar, just as he could tell you did him when he was in your vicinity. You fit what he was looking for in someone, even though you might not be aware of it yourself. Just as the two of you halted at an intersection, a thought came to him, and he smirked slightly.

             “You’re the only one suitable for me.”

             There was a certain tone in his voice, the way his inflection dropped that made your cheeks flush with a bright wash of pink. Was he implying that he was actually interested in having a significant other? And that you were the one he wanted?

              “O-oh.” You let your eyes focus on the cars whirring past before you glanced at Hibari. He seemed pretty confident about his statement, and your thoughts wandered for a moment. Maybe you’d give him a chance, and you’d find out more about him, just as you wanted.

             You nodded your head and then answered him calmly, “Then, I guess, I’ll have to see if you’re the only one who’s suitable for me.”

             Hibari’s gaze found yours—a glint in his eyes—and you swore that your heart rate rocketed for a second when he replied without hesitation, “Hm. I am the only one.”


             Lambo wasn’t sure how he was going to do it, but he was going to confess to you today.

             He had debated writing you a love letter like he’d seen his classmates do when they’d wanted their crushes to know about their affections for them, but he felt like he wouldn’t see genuine enough. He could tough it out and talk to you in person. Yeah, he was Lambo Bovino, he could do it.

             Tsuna had even encouraged him, telling him that he’d told his crush in person about his feelings, and that it had all worked out for him.

             Lambo was sure he could do it too, then, when he had learned of his “big brother’s” success in starting his relationship which was going strong for around ten years and counting.

             Now that he was hesitantly pacing outside of the fencing club’s facilities, however, Lambo wasn’t so sure anymore. His typical confidence had been diminished, and the teen was really wishing that some of his childhood haughtiness would return to him right now. He needed the morale boost pretty desperately.

             Nervously, Lambo held the box of sweets he wanted to give to you when he confessed in front of him and then tucked it behind his back. It was a few minutes until he realized that he was suddenly tossing the package up and down, and he quickly stopped himself. He was really distracted, and he knew that he was anxious.

             Trying to calm his nerves, Lambo thought about anything that would cheer him up. His friends, his family, the grape candy he really liked…

             And then his mind went back to the container of candies in his hands, and then he thought who they were going to—not him, but you—and then he was apprehensive all over again. He stared and stared at the box, and then thought about what he’d do with them if you didn’t accept him.

If you didn’t reciprocate his feelings, then he’d just go eat all of the candies he had bought for you and wallow in his despair.

             Lambo nodded. Yeah, that sounded like a fine back-up plan. After all, he got some candies he liked. That would help him forget about you, hopefully.


             Eyes widening, the aforementioned teen straightened up immediately, and subconsciously, his hands snapped to behind his back, the box still settled between them. He knew that voice, and sure enough, it was you, standing in the doorway, your bag of kendo gear slung over your shoulder and your shinai in one of your hands.

             “A-ah. Hi, [Name],” greeted Lambo tensely, a timid smile stretched across his face.

             “What’s up?” You moved out of the space in front of the door and stood beside him. “Got something for me?”

             Without looking at you, Lambo shoved the sweets into your hands and stated rather loudly, “Um, yeah! I got you some of your favorite candies, and I just wanted to say that I like you a lot and um!”

             This was not going the way that Lambo had thought it would, and he didn’t even want to look up at you when you took the box from his hands.

             “Oh, Lambo, thank you!” You nudged him with you elbow and then patted the top of his head. “Hey, look up.”

             Following your instruction, Lambo slowly raised his head and waited for your response.

             “Don’t make that face,” you laughed lightly. “I like you too.”

             Lambo tackled you for a hug. “Yahoooo!”

             You rolled your eyes as you held your childhood friend in your arms, but a smile was on your face.

Rokudo Mukuro

             Checking the expiration date on some of the pocky on one of the shelves in front of you, you hummed a quiet tune and then scribbled down some notes on your clipboard’s paper. Working a part-time job at a convenience store wasn’t too bad, but there were some moments when the shop got hectic during the evening hours you had after school. Usually you worked by yourself, like you were today, so that was why. Since you wanted to pay for your own expenses—things you really wanted—without asking your parents, you had taken up the job. It felt nice to be a little independent.

             As you continued to take inventory, you walked down other aisles of snacks in the store before spotting a familiar pineapple-styled haircut poking up from behind one of the other shelves.

             You smiled.

             That was another upside of working at this convenience store. You’d made some interesting friends, including a blond with the sharpest teeth you’d ever seen, a teen perpetually wearing a white beanie, and two people with hairstyles resembling pineapples.

             They’d all come and go at their own leisure, but they’d always buy a load of snacks—pocky, crackers, seaweed, and candies. You wondered what they would do with so much, but you didn’t pry. It wasn’t your business.

             “Oi, pineapple,” you called out, knowing who was standing behind the shelf across from you. Chrome was shorter than the shelf, so that left only one person with that haircut whom you knew.

             You weren’t surprised to hear a familiar laugh resounding from behind you, and you were even less surprised to see Mukuro not standing where he had been, but behind you, now. Having been friends with Mukuro for a while, you were used to his illusions. At first, you were unconvinced that he could create illusions or even that he had “Mist Flames” as he said. However, when—out of anger—you had conjured up your own illusions one day, when Mukuro’s gang had made a mess in the store, you believed him. In fact, the two of you had fun creating illusions sometimes to prank customers, but you never went too far that they left and never came back again. Just the occasional bag of chips falling on someone’s head when no one was near them, nothing too drastic.

             “Kufufufu. How rude, [Last Name].” There was a slightly indignant edge to Mukuro’s tone, and you had to hold back a laugh at his annoyance of your nickname for him.

             “Good to see you’re here,” you replied, ignoring his comment. “Is there something you need?”

             “Yes, I have my eye on it every time I come here,” answered the illusionist, with what you thought was a hint of smugness in his voice.

             Looking back at your clipboard, you absently addressed him, “Oh, yeah? What is it? That chocolate you really like? Isn’t it your favorite food or something? What do you feel like this time, dark or milk? Lemme check if we have some in stock still…”

             You were flipping through the sheets on your clipboard when it was plucked from your hands. “Wha—!”

             Rounding on Mukuro, you were about to snatch it back from him when you realized how close he was to you. “H-hey, why’re you—”

             “Silly [Last Name]. I always have my eye on you whenever I come here.”

             You sputtered for a second and then tried to form a coherent response, but failed when you understood what he was saying. You were stuck looking at Mukuro, who was leaning over you, one of his hands beside your head and the other holding your clipboard.

             “Kufufu.” Mukuro enjoyed seeing you a bit disconcerted for a moment, not at all because he wanted to get you back for referring to him as such a despicable, spiny fruit. “And if you were curious, [Last Name], that means I quite like you.”

Dokuro Chrome

             Chrome had told you that she’d be out at the park for a while, and you knew that she needed some time to herself, perhaps just to think. You understood where she was coming from, but that had been hours ago, and now you were wondering where she might have possibly gone and if she was even at the park still. The thought of Chrome being in danger did occur to you, but you knew that she had grown much stronger and could take care of herself, without your help.

             You just wanted to know where she had gone.

             Pulling on your jacket, you left Tsuna’s house—there had been a homework gathering and afterwards just time to hang out—and started for the park. It didn’t take you long to get there, and when you arrived, you found Chrome sitting on a swing and slowly rocking back and forth.


             She turned to look at you and then glanced away. You barely heard her soft greeting in return, and you knew that something was off about her instantly.

             “Hey, you okay?” you questioned, claiming the swing next to her and gently resting a hand on her shoulder. “Need to talk about anything?”

             You saw Chrome’s lips pinch together, and then she shook her head, almost as if she was trying to convince herself as well as you that she didn’t need to speak to you about anything.

             Instead of calling her out, you let her be, and you kicked your feet into the air as you swung. Chrome seemed to be thinking deeply as she had stopped moving the swing and let her legs go limp, her shoes pressing into the dirt.

             It was only a couple minutes before Chrome suddenly stood up from her seat, and you hastily stopped your own swing as you knew that she was going to say something. You hopped off and walked to her side, but this time you didn’t prompt her to tell you what she was thinking.

             “[Name]…” She looked at you, her arms folded behind her back as she dug the toe of her shoe into dirt a bit uneasily.

             “Yes?” Your brows furrowed as you wondered what might be wrong.

             She seemed to be debating one last thing before she opened her mouth to speak again. “[Name], I like you. I think—a lot more than just… as a friend.”

             With her cheeks a shade of pink, Chrome ducked away from you and started to hurry off, but you caught her arm. “Wait!”

             Immediately, she looked back at you, and you smiled reassuringly at her. “Come here. I like you too—more than just a friend.”

             Chrome was hesitant for a second, and then she let you pull her into your arms, a gentle and welcoming embrace that she enjoyed.

             “Ah… I’m glad, then.”


“ TYL!Hibari and TYL!Xaxnus fluff please? Ehehe cx ” - Anonymous

First fluff for Hibari and Xanxus~! cx 

I hope you enjoy, Cuddle Cakes~ :D

TYL!Hibari: It was the middle of the night, and you were sitting up on the roof of the Foundation base with the one and only Hibari Kyoya. You covered your face with your elbow and sneezed, trying your hardest to keep quiet while the man slept with Hibird nestled in his hair. As soon as you made that sound though, HIbird fluttered up and started chirping; Kyoya opened one eye to look at you sitting criss cross next to him, humming slightly to let you know that he was now awake. “You woke me up,” he told you, sitting up and turning to look directly at you. “Are you getting sick?” he asked you as you reached into your bag to pull out a tissue and wipe your nose. “No, I think someone’s just talking about me,” you told him, although your sinuses had been bothering you quite a lot today.

Just as you said that, another sneeze came on. You covered your mouth with the tissue and sneezed, this one a little more quieter than the last one. “It’s just allergies. I’ll take some benadryl, I’ll be fine. Just go back to sleep-,” you sneezed again, slightly louder now as your body jerked forward because of the sneeze. Your nose was slightly red and runny now. You pulled another tissue out and blew your nose, wadding the tissue up and looking around for a place to toss it away. You stood and walked over to the first one you saw, tossing the used tissue away, only to sneeze once again. “Damn it,” you cursed as you went back to your bag and got another one. 

“Are you sure you’re not getting sick?” Kyoya asked you, slightly worried for your health now as you sneezed once more. You nodded your head when you returned to his side. “I’m fine, I promise,” you told him, sitting back down and lifting your hand for Hibird to land on your index finger. Another sneeze caused him to fly off. Kyoya sighed and stood up, pulled you up to your feet and picked up your bag, wrapping his arm around your waist a moment later. “Let’s get you home. Those don’t sound like allergies to me,” he told you as he made his way towards the door that lead to the stairwell. “K-Kyoya, I’m fine. Really,” you told him, but he just hummed as a response. 

You puffed out your cheeks as you walked with him down the stairs, knowing that he wasn’t going to believe you no matter how many times you told him you were fine. With a sigh, you followed Kyoya out the front door, huddling a little closer to him as you walked back to your home. “… It is a little chilly out, though,” you told him, a shiver running down your spine and through your body. Kyoya let out a sigh and let go of you for a moment, pulled his blazer off, and wrapped it around your shoulders. “Why didn’t you say something sooner? That’s probably why you’re sick now, herbivore,” he told you, kissing your forehead as he held you close and rubbed his hand up and down on your upper arm to warm you up a little bit. You just shrugged it off, choosing to respond to the last part instead. 

“I may be a herbivore, but I’m your herbivore,” you told him, earning a slight scoff from the taller male.

TYL!Xanxus: “Here,” Xanxus said as he walked into the room with a heart shaped box of chocolates. “A Valentine’s Day gift?” you asked him, and he nodded his head. During the past ten years you had been with Xanxus, he had never gotten a gift for you that wasn’t a piece of jewelry or very expensive designer clothes. It was strange for him to be getting you gifts like this since the only time he ever did was when he did something wrong and was trying to apologize to you. Raising an eyebrow at him, you stared at hmi for a long time before he shook the box, quickly becoming irritated with you for not taking the damn gift right away. 

With a sigh, you decided to let it go just this once and not ask him if he had done anything wrong. Xanxus held the box out to you and waited for you to take it, then laid down on the bed next to you. “Thank you, Xanxus,” you told him with a smile, pulling the box open and popping one of the chocolates in your mouth. “Want one?” you offered him, but he simply shook his head as ‘no’ and closed his eyes, his hands behind his head and one knee bent upward. “Not a big fan of chocolate,” he told you in that gruff, gritty voice of his that you had come to love so much over the past ten years. 

You shrugged your shoulders and ate another piece of chocolate, reveling in the sweet taste of it. “More for me then,” you said happily. You set the box of chocolates on the bedside table on your side of the bed, and turned to look at Xanxus with a smile on your face. “So, how did the mission go?” you asked him, and he shrugged his shoulders as a response. “Boring. Nothing exciting happened; it was just another piece of trash to get rid of, as usual,” he told you, rubbing at his eyes with his palms. “I didn’t even have to enter the premises. I used a sniper rifle, got him with one bullet right between the eyes,” Xanxus said, earning a nod from you.

You set aside the phone you had been using to watch a movie on and laid down next to him, lying your head on his chest and drawing small circles on his right pectoral. The sound of his heart beating soothed you as you simply laid there with your partner of ten years. “You wanna go out tonight?” you asked him after a few minutes of silence, but he just shook his head. “No. I’m tired,” he said, and you nodded. “Okay, we’ll stay in tonight. What do you want to do?” you asked him. “Sleep,” Xanxus said and you chortled at his response. You didn’t really want to go out tonight anyway. 

Whenever Xanxus had a job to do, instead of having Squalo do it, he had you take over for him at the Varia mansion and do all the paperwork and organizing while he was gone. So you were just as exhausted as he was. “We’ll do something tomorrow, then,” you told him but he was already snoring softly. Smiling, you leaned down and kissed him gently on the cheek. 

“G'night, il mio amore.

Il mio amore = my love, in Italian.

anonymous asked:

Reactions to an attempt assasination on the s/o with Tsuna, Hibari, Xanxus and Yamamoto?

Tsuna -

“Who the fuck would try this, on my wife?!” Tsuna growled at his spies in other families and cops. He saw you being escorted into a hospital room by his guardians. You were going for shock because someone tried to shoot you. “Find them.” he snarled and stalked off.

 Joining you in the room, he’d pull you close and hold you so you’d feel comforted. His informants would bring him his target and he’d wait until you were asleep before he took the piece of shit down to his final resting place.

Hibari -

 Someone tried to poison you. He’s glad he got those special silver forks and spoons. He saw the metal starting to turn colors when he stopped you. He threw the food to the floor and went straight into the kitchen. His chef had been killed and replaced with an assassin. The assassin didn’t make it out of the kitchen either.

 He went out and got you fast food after he explained everything. He even let you curl up to him and hug him for comfort. He’d wrap an arm around your shoulders when thinks you won’t notice.

Xanxus -

 You were on the wrong end of a gun during a robbery. You’d given up all the stuff they wanted and still the raised their gun to shoot you between the eyes. They didn’t count on you being out with your boyfriend who saw this and blew his brains out from across the empty street.

 You shrieked, being covered in blood and Xanxus had to jog over.

“Collect your stuff and let’s go inside. It’s getting late and there could be more.” He growled, keeping an eye out. He was in battle mode and your safety was his first priority.

Yamamoto -

“Now I just can’t have you touching my ___.” He smiled, beating the assassin with his bat a couple of more times. The man lay still when he was done, completely dead.

 This all started when Yamamoto’s victim snuck in while you two were asleep and tried to suffocate you. Yama woke up to your struggles and tackled the guy off you, grabbing his bat and started swinging. When he was done, he took out the disgusting mess and washed up before rejoining you in bed and holding you close.