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May I ask for Ryohei and Koyo falling for the same girl and fighting over her? Thank you <3

“You are too reckless and will only get *name* hurt with all of your nonsense,” Hibari said, glaring at the boxer.

“What are you talking about?  Of course I won’t let *name* get hurt,” Ryohei shot back, throwing his arm over your shoulder.  

You nodded your head at their antics, burying your face in your hand.  “Do you two have to do this now?”

“You are already getting on *names* nerves with loud voice and unruly behavior,” Hibari said, removing Ryohei’s arm from your shoulder with his tonfa.

“What was that?  At least I don’t have stick up my ass and the need to be an ass toward everyone!” Ryohei shot back, throwing his fists up.

Hibari drew his other tonfa and you walked away.  You had a test to study for so the two of them could beat each other senseless for all you cared at the moment.  


this time a khr x mm crossover!!

I chose Reborn as Rika so I can keep the “RFA” lololol

Anyway… I realize there might be better matches? Like Saeran would probably suit Enma more, Saeyoung could be teenage Reborn etc… but I just went this so most main characters are the Vongola Guardians

Instead of worrying about Hibird (Elly) and Hibird Projects, Assistant Dokuro is more concerned about Mr. Hibari’s tendecy to take out his tonfas during his meetings.

Some more stuff:

Ryohei is Tom lmao

I thought Hana would suit Vanderwood… she can keep kicking Takeshi’s ass


Happy birthday, Sen! @victornikiforovs ˉ̞̭(′͈∨‵͈♡)˄̻ ̊