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The vongola being switched into the future where they meet their very pregnant s/o

This was so cute.  I love the idea.

Tsuna:  Tsuna fainted.  When he showed up in the future, it was after they had stopped Byakuran so he figured that it would be pretty routine stuff.  When the poof of pink smoke cleared however, he was in Dr. Shamal’s examining room while you were having a routine ultrasound done, holding your hand.  Your swollen abdomen was the last thing he saw before waking up back in his present time, facing his worried guardians and refusing to meet your face.

Gokudera:  Even before the smoke cleared, Gokudera could hear the yelling.  He immediately recognized your voice and wondered what he had done wrong.  Upon the smoke clearing, he could only stand frozen, staring at your stomach.  He blinked a few times before staring up at your face and than back down at your swollen abdomen.  “Is-Is that mine,” he said, all bluster gone, pointing a slightly trembling finger towards your middle.  Your glare intensified, “Of course it is, dumbass.”  With your scowl directed at him, he took a cautious step back.  “I’m sure that my future self is very sorry for whatever he did to cause you distress,” he said, trying to keep you from murdering either now or when his older self returns.  “You’d better be, you -“  The poof of pink enveloped him and the rest of your lecture was cut off, while he wasn’t sure if he made it better for himself in the future, he couldn’t find himself to be too worried because hey, better him than me.

Yamamoto:  Yamamoto comes back grinning so widely from the future that most of the other guardians are worried that he’s gone mental.  He doesn’t tell them, of course, about the sight that greeted him.  When he had poofed into the future, he had been immediately tackled by two identical twin boys who were about 4/5. You were a step behind them, trying to grab at least one of them, your stomach just starting to show.  The boys on top of him, once realizing that he wasn’t their father, not really, clamored off of him, and retreated to their mother’s side, more cautious than shy, grinning widely at the new comer.  “Takashi,” you greeted, the younger version of your husband.  “Surprise.”  “Maa, maa,” Yamamoto laughed at his family 10 years in the future.  “I always knew that I’d spend my life with you.”  The last thing he saw before he returned to his current time, was your boys grinning up at you as you blushed prettily.

Ryohei:  After the poof of pink smoke alerted you to what happened, you worried for a moment when the younger version of your partner just stared at your stomach, completely silent.  “EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEEEME!!!!!!”  For a moment, you thought that you had gone deaf as you glared at your partner.  The brief feeling of annoyance was gone though, as suddenly as it had come when the teenager picked you up and spun you around, as if you weren’t quite a bit heavier.  You were both laughing as you slumped against him as he lowered to the floor.  When he came back to the present, he immediately ran to find you, he had to plan to the EXTREME.  After all, he only had ten years to convince you to marry him now.

TYL!Lambo:  Lambo spends about half the time staring at your tummy before breaking into sobs.  While you couldn’t exactly tell if the teenager’s cries were of terror or happiness - honestly with that cow, either was entirely possible.  You decided it was the second one when he fell to his knees in front of you and wrapped his arms around you.  Your amusement disappeared a moment later when you heard him whispering to the baby inside of you, “You’ll be daddy’s subordinate, won’t you.”  Feeling a scorching heat on his head, he gulped as he looked up and was met with a ferocious glare. 

Hibari:  The other guardians didn’t realize why the older Hibari was so anxious when he appeared - not that anyone beyond the Vongola could tell that it was nerves, anyone else would have just thought that he had become twice as violent as he aged.  When their Hibari returned, there was still a faint stain of pink across his pale cheeks and he looked the most shocked any of them had ever seen, they worried about what the future held that could cause the strongest of the Guardians, the aloof Cloud Guardian, the former demon prefect, to become so unsettled.  Hibari would never tell them that he had switched with himself at the exact moment his partner was in labor.  At your hands, he had experienced a strange mix of amusement and rage.  He made up his mind as you struggled through the five minutes of labor that he had spent with you, that you and most women actually deserved the title of “carnivore” for the pain that you had to go through.  He also made up his mind that making you angry would be a very bad plan after the seeing the glare that you leveled at him, and hearing the threat you leveled at Lambo and his ten-year bazooka. 
Meanwhile, ten years in the future, Hibari actually ended up apologizing to you, as he let you grip his hand as hard as you need and whispered words of encouragement which he would deny later

Mukuro:   After spending most of his life after the experiments believing himself to be sterile, seeing your 6 month pregnant abdomen nearly caused Mukuro to break down.  Even as a teenager, the look of utter joy that crossed his face upon realizing that he was going to be a father, matched his older self’s expression when he had found out.  The fear and doubt of his own abilities that crossed only a second later also matched the older man’s expression.  ”You’re already a wonderful father now, Mukuro,” the older version of you said, squeezing the teenager’s hand.  “Don’t worry.”  Though he tried to cover up his nervousness with one of his laugh’s, he knew that you saw through it.  And while he never told the others what he had seen when he had traveled to the future, they all noticed that he was changed a little bit, he became calmer, and maybe, dare they say, less violence.  What they didn’t know was that Mukuro swore to himself that in 10 years, he would a man that any child would look up to and be proud of.  (And while you didn’t mind his change in personality too much, you didn’t let him do a complete 180 because, c’mon, you did fall in love with that creepy jerk.)

So while Mukuro managed to not end up a jerk, his price for that was that he got a larger one than the rest.  And of course, Hibari refused to let that pineapple herbivore get away with that, so he demanded he get a long one as well or else he would bite me to death.  True story.

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Deeear here i am again! :D i'm sorry if i request too much... i just love your blog soo much q.q ♡ could i request a scenario with mukuro alaude and kyoya where their s.o is crying soo hard how would they react? //some cookies for you again ♡♡♡

Anonymous said:Alaude and byakuran dealing with their gf who has had the shittiest day ever and is so done with life?? *00*

No, no, don’t apologize…especially if you’re bringing me cookies ;)  I hope you enjoy.

So I hope that you don’t mind that I combined the two of these.  If either of you do, you can send me in another request for Alaude, since he’s the only one that was really combined.  Also, Byakuran’s s/o is going to be the only explicitly female one.   

Hibari:  Hibari stared at your shaking body as he entered the Reception Room, “What’s the matter, omnivore?” When you looked up, Hibari saw that you had tears running down your face.  Taking a shaky breath, you tried to tell him what was the matter, but you ended up just breaking into sobs again.  He stared at you, for a minute, confused as to what to do with the sobbing teenager on his couch - one that he was planning on taking a nap on at that.  Seeing no other way around the problem, he sat down next to you sighing.  Pulling you onto his lap, he laid down on the couch now that you were out of his way.  “Stay still, omnivore,” he whispered to you, who was currently frozen in shock.  As his breathing evened out, you smiled through the tears on your face, knowing that this was his way of comforting you and picking up on the fact that there was not one death threat at the noise you were making.

Mukuro:  Kufufu, who do I have to kill,” was the illusionist’s first comment when he saw your tear-stained face.  When all you did was throw yourself in his arms and continue to sob harder, he stood for a moment, unused to having to deal with something like this - normally crying people avoided him since he was the one that was normally the cause not throw themselves at him.  You buried your face in his chest as you cried even harder.  Easily supporting you in his arms, Mukuro hesitatingly started to stroke the back of your head.  Humming a little and trying to say soft words that would calm you down.  As your breathing calmed and you slowly fell asleep, Mukuro sat down so that he could support you for longer.  Looking down at your tear stained face, though, he swore that once he found out who had made you cry like this, he would destroy them - regardless of who they were.

Alaude:  After coming back from a long day of dealing with the Vongola Primo family, he was not expected to see you in the middle of a breakdown.  He warily kept his distance for a moment, trying to assess the situation and figure out whatever made you cry was still around.  After slowly approaching you, much as he would a wounded animal, and asking what was the matter, his eyes widen in surprised as you told him that you had just had the worst day ever.  As you explained everything that had gone wrong, through your tears, pausing every now and then to take a shaky breath, he got close enough that he could put his hand your upper arm, not quite sure about how to go about the whole comforting thing.  He realized his mistake at encouraging you to be stronger when you gave him a baleful glare and than broke down in tears again.  Realizing his mistake, Alaude quickly apologized and told you that he was wrong, before retreating to make you tea, hoping that by the time he got back, you would be a little less teary.  (He may or may not have seriously contemplated sending a signal to Giotto for help, since he was sure that Giotto had at least a little more experience with crying women than he did.)

Byakuran:  "C’mon, y/n, don’t be sad," Byakuran tried to encourage his girlfriend as she kept alternating between scowling at her way too cheerful boyfriend and breaking down in frustrated sobs at how badly her day had gone.  “Why don’t you have a marshmallow, that always makes me better,” the offending bag of marshmallows was thrown back at him.  “So, no to the marshmallows.  Okay, let’s see… hmmm… uhh… we could… no, that won’t work.”  As Byakuran racked his brain, trying to figure out what he could do make you feel better, the faces he made started to make you giggle a little through your tears.  Once the white-haired man realized this, he started to pull even more ridiculous faces at you, all the while coming up with the most ridiculous ideas.  And while, in the end, none of his ideas were what anyone could call practical, they did succeed in bringing back your beautiful smile.  It was when you offered a soft suggestion that Byakuran went, “Eureka, I’ve got it,” and than proceeded to loudly exclaim the exact same thing while making the most ridiculous face.  As he ran around getting the stuff needed, you wiped your face.  Sure, you had the worst day ever, but with a boyfriend like Byakyuran, no day could stay horrible for long.