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Oh! I love the format of your date thing馃挌 Umm... I know it's sudden. But in that same format who would go out with Hibari; their first date and etc?

Of course you can!!!

The kind of girl that Hibari goes out with will have to be traditional.  A backbone is necessary, but there can be no doubt that he’s the one who “wears the pants” so to speak.  Someone who can take care of herself but is willing to let him do it for her.  

He doesn’t date casually.  He basically has a list of important life events that are mapped out on a loose timeline.  When the time for him to get married approaches, he’s going to start dating, not a second before then though.  So, he’s fully expecting that whoever he dates will end up being his lifemate.  It’d need to be a girl he thinks has the confidence and poise to carry off being married to him, but is also willing to take the more traditional role, and will most importantly make a good mother to his children.  

He would treat her as an equal.  He’ll talk to her about what’s going on, and is willing to take advice from her.  He’ll train - to a certain extent - with her, and will always be honest.  If there’s danger to her, she’ll know and will be given a weapon to protect herself with (though she shouldn’t have to use it, but he’ll be prepared for everything).  She will stand beside him as the mate of the carnivore of Nanimori.  

The first date wouldn’t necessarily be romantic.  It will be a very traditional, formal meal, and he’s going to be straight-forward about his expectations.  Of course, as he’s unlikely to pick a random stranger, and there’s a high probability of it being someone he knows, someone who’s earned his respect, he’ll try to make sure she’ll enjoy it as well.  

He’ll have it be her favorite traditional meal, making sure to incorporate flowers/colors/etc that she likes in the surroundings.  It will be a private affair though there will be some Foundation members standing guard, he wants nothing to interrupt the night.  

There probably won’t be any form of kissing, hugging, not even hand shaking at the end of the date.  There’ll be a formal nod and an escort home for her - not him though, because he won’t allow her to be the subject of any…rumors.  

However, within the week, there’ll be a note in perfect calligraphy from him, saying that he enjoyed the dinner and looks forward to the next one.  

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Do you read KHR D/18? rangiku by iluxia is an amazing fem!Hibari/Dino fic (and there's also The Land of Might Have Been by jusrecht, another D/fem!18 which is just so badass). And speaking of iluxia, have you read their FMA fic Catalysis by aventria, ilux, (Roy/Ed but starting out when Ed's a kid and Roy becomes something like his mentor).

Not really. I don’t mind it but I don’t read it. Someone else might be interested. I haven’t read the FMA one yet either, although I’ve seen it around. I’ve been undecided about reading it because I always prefer either time travel FMA fics or ones where Edward’s on at least equal footing with Mustang.

rangiku by iluxia

The Land of Might Have Been by jusrecht

Catalysis by aventria, iluxia


Hibari is the leader of the Namimori Middle Disciplinary Committee. He cannot stand being restrained and absolutely refuses to allow himself to be controlled. Hibari is considered the strongest guardian of the 10th generation. 

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