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In the newest Haikyuu episode Lev and Hinata stand next to each other at a full body view, and so I thought  “Hey!  I had to learn Trigonometry for no reason in school!  I should practice it here!”  So I did!  I decided to discern at what angle Lev has to look down at Hinata to make eye contact, and visa versa.

Using the heights given to us by the Wiki, I was able to discern the height difference of 12.2″.  I had to estimate the distance between them, however when I was measuring it, it appeared to be around half the height of Hinata, so I went with that, 32″.  Using the pythagorean theorem I found the Hypotenuse of the triangle.  Then using inverse sin I calculated both of the other two inside angles.  

Lev looks to Hinata at a 69.13087 degree angle

and Hinata in turn looks to Lev using a 20.8693 degree angle.

The more you know

izumiiori  asked:

hey! i saw on your description that you cosplayed some khr characters o: would you mind showing me one? i'm thinking of cosplaying but i honestly have no idea what to do.


I’m working on improving some of these cosplays but I’d be more than happy to show some of them to you~

First time I ever wore Basil actually…

Dino because he mafia life chose me

And finally for your viewing pleasure my 3rd Gokudera outfit from the 2013 calendar art.

I’ve also done season 1 Goku, Choice arc Goku, Irie (though it needs to be reworked, Nagi, G., Yamamoto and I’ve started working on Enma, TYL!Chrome, and Squalo. :3


Hi everyone~ recently I’ve reached 1k on this pretty lame blog and so I wanted to make a follow forever to show my appreciation to all these wonderful blogs/people. You make my dash so beautiful *.* This is my first one btw I don’t really know what I’m doing. orz

Btw I have hella non-existant photoshopping skills sorry you guys deserve so much better ._.

I still can’t believe that I tricked so many people into thinking I’m cool heheh >:) Anyways I’m pretty sure you’re sick of me talking so I’ll shut up now.

To everyone on this follow forever: you’re freaking awesome ok stay awesome forever~

To everyone else: you’re all freaking awesome I love you all okok.


Ok and that concludes my rambles.

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