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okay okay okay L I S T E N: post-the martian au with professor mark watney and astronaut candidate chris beck. chris' mind is 50% on the lesson, 50% on about how fucking hot and brave and smart professor watney is.

A million and one years later, but I’m totally listening. Feel free to tell me more anytime.

The thing is… It’s hard, ok? This becoming an astronaut business. Chris will concede this is sort of a stupid tautology. Interplanetary space travel is hard. Manned interplanetary space is really very hard, and a fleeting fancy for extraterrestrial adventures won’t be enough to get you sent to Mars.

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Ok, now I’m feeling better and my workload has gone down I’m going to get posting again. I’m going to make a masterlist so that I know who I owe otherwise I’m going to drown in posting chaos. I’m really sorry to everyone I’ve kept waiting, I feel absolutely terrible and I hope you all forgive me T.T

People I owe (in random order):

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(OMG I’m going to die)

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Starters I owe (I’d forgotten some, *dies of shame*):

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People who owe me:

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Message me if I’ve accidentally left you out! *Has awful memory*