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okay okay okay L I S T E N: post-the martian au with professor mark watney and astronaut candidate chris beck. chris' mind is 50% on the lesson, 50% on about how fucking hot and brave and smart professor watney is.

A million and one years later, but I’m totally listening. Feel free to tell me more anytime.

The thing is… It’s hard, ok? This becoming an astronaut business. Chris will concede this is sort of a stupid tautology. Interplanetary space travel is hard. Manned interplanetary space is really very hard, and a fleeting fancy for extraterrestrial adventures won’t be enough to get you sent to Mars.

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Ok, now I’m feeling better and my workload has gone down I’m going to get posting again. I’m going to make a masterlist so that I know who I owe otherwise I’m going to drown in posting chaos. I’m really sorry to everyone I’ve kept waiting, I feel absolutely terrible and I hope you all forgive me T.T

People I owe (in random order):

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(OMG I’m going to die)

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Starters I owe (I’d forgotten some, *dies of shame*):

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People who owe me:

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Message me if I’ve accidentally left you out! *Has awful memory*

…. hi….. I Hit 10,000 followers in 1 and a half years, idk about you but that’s really quite a big deal for me, so this is my 2nd thank you post to all the blogs without whom i wouldnt really have the outstanding content on my blog to display. 

Im really grateful to everyone who put up with my excessive whining and complaining, and im really grateful to everyone who appreciated, supported and took care of me and my mediocre blog, despite my constant hiatuses and bad edit uploads. honestly, i really dont understand why I reached this self-actualising peak point….but it flutters my heart. so thank you :’) I know this is a horrible 10k present but im a broke college student, so giveaways are out of question;; if you read through all of this really lame message please tag ‘lame haru’ and i will send you some hearts and love^^ im a blabber-mouth yoohoo~

[people on italics: i wont say why they are on italics]

@dohdoro - Erika, i learned alot from you and im so glad you exist^^

@syuub - (๑′ᴗ‵๑)I Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ♥ you are perfect^^

favourite fan-artists: even though I dont follow most of you, i envy your talent and you guys are overall so outstanding~

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 (๑′ᴗ‵๑)have a good day^^