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Just a RL theory and Rant about CN

I might get angry messages over this later but it is what it is:

I just read a little bit on Christina Miller (the President and General Manager of Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and Boomerang since 2014), and I’m wondering if the reason Cartoon Network has been avoiding good shows that appeal to kids 12+ (especially shows that appeal to older teens and young adults), is because they are trying to transition back to when kids watched kid channels and adults watched adult channels. I read through some reviews of Cartoon Network and what I noticed were a ton of disgruntled parents claiming that the shows on CN were targeting too old of an audience, and that the lessons and humor were not appropriate for kids under 12. Some of these reviews were absolutely ridiculous, one person actually went on a rant and there first point was that while the shows claim to have good moral lessons for kids, they focus “too much on greed”. Insinuating, in the process, there were too many lessons that were adult themed (like a first kiss, gay characters, black Jesus (?!), and beating up evil bad guys).
Once upon a time I was very concerned with the future of my favorite cartoons with their up and coming relevance, diversity, and the visibility they were attempting to introduce in ways other cartoons hadn’t. During this time mike pence had just become Trumps VP candidate and I saw a quick rise in sexist and anti-lgbt rhetoric. Basic bigoted white Christian bullshit, right? Granted it had already existed , but suddenly these people were getting on social media and causing a ruckus- coming into spaces that were previously safe places for the disabled, the queer, and other minorities to just enjoy and critic these shows- pushing their ideals and bigotry.
It was at this time I noticed what others were noticed, our shows being neglected by CN in small ways. Hiatuses and news silence, bad marketing, and pushing the crappier brain draining shows in their sted (less air time), all examples we identified early on.
I started believe that maybe their were CN employees who agreed with these disgruntled anti-inclusive individuals. Maybe there was pressure on CN or the shows creators to limit or pull these important themes.
No body in CN was talking about it, the shows creators and artists and writers and actors… no one was talking about it but a few fans.
So what did I do? I took to my phone and I talked about it, but I talked about it in the way you do when your making accusations, I was angry, and I was convinced that angry anti-lgbt Christian trolls were responsible for what was happening.
Next thing I know, it blew up.
All the sudden the fandom was pissed, they were fighting, attacking others on twitter and Tumblr. They were a decent handful of people convinced it was true too.
It was too late to point out it was just something I thought. That I wanted to make a conversation out of because if it WERE true, we’d need to make a plan. We’d need to figure out what we could do so that once again, minorities weren’t silenced by [Christian] haters. I didn’t mean to have a hand in creating a discourse. I was new to the fandoms, and I didn’t realize it would go the way it did when I made this post. The only thing I could do was delete it and try not to bring it up- so not to feed the fire.
Now, I wish to bring your attention back to the issue, how CN has been handling these shoes and the behavior the company has been showing in the last few years.
I do think there was an element of pressure, I’ve found severest articles online, from Christian sites or individuals, upset with the themes of our favorite show. I’ve found actual reviews saying similar things. So I think the pressure there has been very real. It’s silly to think that with everything that’s been going on in this country, these people WOULDNT attack inclusive shows that don’t push sexist heteronormative themes onto kids.
So while even if CN hope is to be inclusive (obviously they approved the shows in the first place), and while the fandoms and positive responses probably outnumber the negative when it comes to these shows specifically, they rely on the parents approval because they are a children’s network. And if all the reviews they get from parents are: the themes are too mature for our children under 12- then they will try to appeal to those parents by giving them what they want. Revivals of classic shows, shows other then the ones they complain about (they don’t praise other shows currently running, just say all the ones they don’t like: regular show, adventure time, Steven universe, Clarence, etc.) this is what CN is looking at.
What further supports my theory, is that while CN exc. is trying to appeal to younger kids and rob the older ones of their good-ass cartoon fix, and people of all ages are deprived of the diversity they crave… Adult swim has been doing exceptionally well appealing to that same fan base. Both Rick and Morty and the Samurai Jack revival, for example, seem to be popular to SU, RS, and AT fans.
So what if this is an attempt to lure older fans back to a channel that is meant to appeal to them, so that the children’s channel can play things that appeal to the parents of kids younger than 12 (or simply that are anti-inclusive and terrible) without backlash?
I’m hoping this doesn’t cause aggressive discourse- I mean part of their fuel is the toxicity the fandom can show (like threatening others, pushing suicide, and harassment) so let’s do this right.
Let’s talk about it like we want to fix the problem, not have an excuse to fight and be assholes.
(*edit: Below my rant starts)
We need to talk about why these themes aren’t inappropriate, and compromise on what might be (meat beat mania maybe? Lol). Maybe we should point out that 8+ is appropriate and if kids younger than that watch it is the PARENTS responsibility, not the channel. You don’t like that hero boy and brother dog beat up evil? Put your kids in front of Strawberry Shortcake and Barney. You don’t like alien moms, not because it’s about aliens and “fringe” science and magic themes, but because they come from a planet that’s strictly female passing so on the off chance their human-like hearts lead them to love it most likely with me another female passing alien AND THATS AGAINST YOUR RELIGION (?!?!) maybe you should discourage your kid from books and creativity and being themselves and be a shit parent who will never put them in front of a TV.
Idk, I feel like this is a problem.
Parents placing blame on others when it comes to their kids is nothing new. And the hypocrisy is real- “Loony toons had the best cartoons ever but adventure time has too much unexplained and unnecessary violence”- fucking really Bob?
“I miss when cartoons had good character development, with deep and complex personalities… remember *insert show were all the characters fed into stereotypes and the hero was always a white boy who was actually kind of a dick but everyone always forgave him because he was the main character, despite him and no one else ever learning anything ever*?”
“I miss the representation of the all American family, what happened to that? Where’s the visibility for my white Christian kids (whom I assume are heterosexuals because if they weren’t if either send them to church therapy or kick them out), how will they know how to act if the cartoon shows don’t reflect my personal fucked up narrative?” At least your honest Karen.
I know RL theories aren’t popular, but- I can’t stop thinking about it. Let’s talk about it. Do research. Campaign. Protest. Ask questions. Let’s figure this out.
Let’s stop canceling and the hiatuses of shows CN, if your concerned with your audience- get a new one. You’ve got plenty to chose from. Be brave, come out and say it “we are inclusive and we will continue to be inclusive”. Don’t try to back away quietly, we won’t let you. Do the right thing, call out the bigoted parents, let them explain to their kids that they can’t watch the same shows as their friends because they are haters. It’s not your job to cater to a single rhetoric. You do what makes your watchers happy and MOST of your audience want these shows to air. I repeat: Do not cave to disgruntled bigots. If you want to transition shows with heavier themes (while it would be a mistake) you have two other options! Move them to another channel! Let the series finish, air reruns if they are in demand.
If it’s about money, you will lose far more money by appealing to regressive ideals, and taking steps backwards in terms of modern relevancy. Backing out of this pattern of representation in your shows would be a mistake. These are the things the fandom needs to be saying on review pages. This is the kind of feedback they need I. Order to hear our voices. Unofficially calling them out without hashtags on social media, it’s not drowning out the voices of those who use the “proper channels” to give heir feedback. Yes, CN can see it. But I mean I’ve seen someone give the address to write letters to Joe Swaney, a CN employee, so that people can complete the target audience is too high on the network!
They are really trying to be heard, so we just have to be louder. The only reason these shows lasted as long as they did or are still running is because they are ACTUALLY amazing shows, and have such large fan bases that give them a lot of attention. Theorists, those who fan art, and even those who just have themed blogs- you keep it alive and relevant. But now we have to be louder. We don’t just love the show. We aren’t just older fans taking over a children network. We are human beings desperate for representation, visibility, good storytelling, and purposeful entertainment… not only for ourselves but for kids we care about. Our siblings, nieces and nephews, and kids are still learning things that shunning and hurting others is okay if it’s for your “beliefs”… it’s important for them to have shows that teach them how to handle their anger, how to deal with grief, how to respond to something new or someone difference, acceptance, tolerance, and selflessness, and not only how to love others and how to accept love, but how to love yourself. It’s important kids who aren’t taught these skills by their parents have a show they can relate to, something to resonate with them, teach them how to see their own worth.
The truth is there for all to see, thousands of kids have talked about how the show has helped them. Pre- teens or not, kids shouldn’t have to be depressed and self loathing and 12+ before it’s appropriate for them to love themselves.
That’s why I think it’s important we keep pushing how important these kinds of shows are.
Not just at people who agree, but those who disagree, to the parents and the network itself. The neglect CN is showing these shows feels like a reflection of themselves and it they want to prove they aren’t riding that line afraid to make a step, showing cowardice and trying to pass it off as bravery, then they need to make a move now. Either it’s an inclusive network, or it’s not. Either it cares about it’s audience and exhibiting excellent lessons to kids and adults alikeC or it doesn’t. If the age appropriateness is the actual issue, consider moving to boomerang or adult swim or another time of day OR change the age recommendation for the network from 8 to 12. Actually acknowledge the shows, show some respect to the creators of the shows, listen to the audience as a whole, and do the right thing. Be brave and bold CN- we know you want to be or you wouldn’t have signed these shows on in the first place.
The silence behind this shit is getting crazy sad and the network needs to handle it better.

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okay okay okay L I S T E N: post-the martian au with professor mark watney and astronaut candidate chris beck. chris' mind is 50% on the lesson, 50% on about how fucking hot and brave and smart professor watney is.

A million and one years later, but I’m totally listening. Feel free to tell me more anytime.

The thing is… It’s hard, ok? This becoming an astronaut business. Chris will concede this is sort of a stupid tautology. Interplanetary space travel is hard. Manned interplanetary space is really very hard, and a fleeting fancy for extraterrestrial adventures won’t be enough to get you sent to Mars.

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Out of all of SU’s infamous Hiatuses, this one is the only one that’s started to get to me.  Like if we could just get a date for the new eps (preferably in non Steven Bomb format) that would be appreciated.  Since I feel like with weekly episodes the hiatuses wouldn’t feel as bad.

But of course, CN would just prefer to air 100 eps of T//TG every day and forget about their other, non reboot programs.

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