After a brief hiatus, the Music Art Set series continues! This piece features Enoch and Phoebe from our upcoming comic Fables of Verum. They’re enjoying a restful afternoon with some music and dancing! As traveling entertainers, music plays a huge role in their lives and is very personal to them both. :]

A larger, uncropped version of this art piece is available on our Patreon Page.


Makka at Prom?

((I apologize for never posting anything up here anymore… This blog has been my first ever ask blog and Makkachin was a hastily made character to try out the waters. I don’t even know if I’d comeback to this later on. This post is just to inform you guys that this. blog may or may not continue on. It may not be the same, either, if it does continue. And as a reminder, I just dress up Makkachin in anyway I like. ._. I also thought of changing their hair color to browns since it was kinda dumb to let their hair be purple… ))