This is an important announcement, please don’t scroll pass without reading first.

So… lately I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed, everything just toppling over me and my mind and heart and it’s not making me feel any better.

  • Late Patreon stuff (I am still waiting on one person to give me what they want so I can get to work on them.)
  • LEFT OVER MERCHANDISE (Which… not many bought and I felt so depressed that the only thing that sold were commissions…)
  • Looking for work and still unemployed (That just adds to my emotion train)
  • Comic Blogs needing to be updated (Even though one person offered to help, I still have so much to do)
  • LIFE IN GENERAL (Like, wow anxiety, can you be any shittier right now?)

And I guess when I hope to have my friends on, IT’S HARD TO ME TO SAY ‘Hey, I’m feeling a certain way, could you hang with me some so I don’t feel that way.’ but then my brain becomes a douche and makes me think, ‘Whoa, don’t ask them that, they don’t know you/Are too far away/They have plans tonight. They don’t want to waste that on you.’

So, it all just boils down to this… I need a BREAK.


Just from Tumblr. I didn’t let myself relax after the CON and how it ended up, so I am letting you all know that I need AT LEAST A FEW WEEKS to collect myself and have all the art work done without adding more shit pilled onto what’s happening right now.

I hope when I come back, you will all be here to continue all 4, 3 of the comic blog’s adventures.

Guys. GUYS. Hussiestuck. Hussiefuckingstuck. I know the hiatus is hard on all of us but this may be overstepping the bounds of acceptable art. Now ALL of the characters will have an obsession with killing characters that are already dead

Here’s the link to the original: http://caroleannford.tumblr.com/post/45593151106/hussiestuck

Sorry about that, I didn’t realize it was a repost!! xoxo