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🌷 Brave Girls - Individual - Simple 🌷

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↬ Requested by @xuchanmi

really rough sketch of my precious child happy BIRTHDAY HUNK BBY <3333


uhh…are these questions for dem or for the mun…? (in the latter case the muns answers are in the tags)


countdown to season 12B: day 49 of 49

12x08 “Lotus” + moments 

it’s official:  the hellatus is over! 


based off the song Cigarette by offonoff, Tablo and Miso

Genre: Fluff, angst (if you squint), mentions of smut 

Word count: 6.5k

Pairing: Meanie (Wonwoo x Mingyu from Seventeen) 

Summary: The smell of your pastel breathing makes me love you even more. 

A/N: hiatus OVER but I do have exams coming up very soon so I won’t be posting regularly :( thanks and kudos to @jungkxmh for helping me write the smut-ish part (it’s way better than i could ever do) and i hope you guys like it :) ps should i put this on ao3?

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I interrupt your usual dash scrolling with human kankri/signless, results I ended up with after messing about manga studio