hiatus survivors

So, my brother translated anime tastes to alcohol tastes

He’s a manager at a specs, so I provided the description of various anime fans and he compared them to the different types of alcohol drinkers. See if you can find yourself!

Hiatus Survivors. The kind of people who stick with a show or manga through years of hiatuses, or back-to-back breaks, like Hunter x Hunter or Fairy Tail

= The people who come in twice every day, usually before and after work, buy a pint (often cheap rum or vodka), pay and leave. Very friendly, keep to themselves. Probably seen some shit.

Entry Level Anime. Naruto, Bleach, Fma. We all start somewhere.

= Bud light. I feel this one is self explanatory XD Those people who come to parties and make a beeline for the beer cooler while their friends get totally plastered on heavier drinks.

Ghibli Movies. May not have a whole lot of knowledge about anime, but mention Howl’s Moving Castle and their eyes light up. Or long-time fans who started with Ghibli, and always hold a special place for it in their hearts.

= Sweet liquor. Think Bailey’s Irish Cream.The sweetness reflects the interactions you’ll have with these kindly souls.

Sports Anime. Heavily emotionally invested in their fictional team, will absolutely refer to every single member as their son. They can survive for years in a desert on nothing but a single look between their ship.

= Boxed Vodka. Need their fix, will settle on just about anything to get it. They have transcended social boundaries. Probably also drinking to forget.

Popular Anime Junkies. For example Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, etc. The hordes of people who show up at the convention that year dressed as Kirito. 

= Bourbon drinkers. They’re following the Bourbon Boom. The name alone sells it for them, and they can get very elitist despite having little actual knowledge.

Mechas. We’re talking Gundam, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Aldnoah.zero, etc. Love the intense emotional development that comes with these shows, as well as the extremely awesome fight scenes involving two giant robots hitting eachother.

= Sweet Whiskey. You don’t really like the taste of alcohol, but you want to get pumped up.

Romance Novelers. The people who love anything with a romantic plot. Usually heavily invested in school-life shoujos. Play dating games.

= Dessert wines. The people who like sweet drinks. “Where’s the wine that’s basically chocolate?” to quote one woman. Not to be underestimated. Although they act like easygoing suburban moms, they can drink a lesser person into a coma.

Bodyhorror and Psychological Anime. Fans who like a little gore and mental trauma to go with their existential crises. 

= Everclear. Scotch whiskey. They need the strong stuff. Drink like they’re trying to die, but in a classy kind of way. Love to get fucked up.

Anime Elitists. If isn’t subs, you better watch out. Or better yet, REAL fans watch it in the original Japanese. They also think that manga only/ anime only is the way to go. Will probably shame you for liking certain genres, or for being a fan of entry level animes.

= Wine Snobs. You know the ones. Like to feel superior about their extensive knowledge of where the grapes were grown, what year its from, the ability to sense an “oaky undertaste”. Avoid at all costs.

The Classics. Sailor Moon, Astro Boy, Akira. The animation may be aged, but it will always hold beauty in your eyes. An absolute sucker for those old color palettes. Atrocious voice acting does not phase you.

= Gin and tonic. A straightforward alcohol classic, no frills needed. You just can’t go wrong.

Spaceship Anime. Cowboy Bebop, Space Dandy, Outlaw Star. They just love a good romp through space in a beat up but awesome spacecraft. A side order of emotional trauma and philosophical debate is always welcome.

= Rum. They probably first tried it because it sounded cool. It’s the alcohol of pirates, right?? Good luck out drinking them.

Casual Viewers. They like an anime or two, but you’ll never catch them mixed up in fandom drama. They’re pretty chill. Probably a fan of the classics.

= The suburban couple who only came in because they’re entertaining guests. Will joke and laugh with the associate helping them. Don’t know anything about alcohol.

Creepy Dudes With Hygiene Issues. Get way to close to girls at conventions and make them uncomfortable. Probably also an anime elitist. Usually found talking very loudly at an unwilling victim. Can not or will not read body language. Likely to have body odor and a fedora. At every convention.

= Mojito flavored energy drinks. Yes, they exist. They are exactly as gross as they sound.

Special Mention: Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure. You guys get your own listing.

= The tequila with the worm in it. I don’t understand your tastes, but I respect and am slightly intimidated by you.