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Rose Scent Breeze - Theme :// Code + Preview

Im back from my coding-hiatus with a completely new theme! This one is a very cute and compact contained theme. It’s inspired by Red Velvet’s upcoming comeback “The Red”!


  • 300px posts only
  • 150 x 150px sidebar pic
  • 8 custom links in total
  • Almost every color is customizable
  • Normal pagination

Please note:

  • Optimized for google chrome on 1366 x 768px resolution ; it should work fine on other sizes and browsers too
  • Please like/reblog if using/considering
    Do not imitate or steal parts of it
    Do not redistribute or claim as yours
    Do not remove my credits

Any questions or troubles?

Put them here!

Baechu-Theme // code + preview

I’m kinda back from my coding-hiatus and heres a theme i used for a while but had sitting around in my drafts for quite a while!

It’s optimized for Google Chrome on 1366 x 768px resolution, but it should work on other sizes and browsers aswell!

  • Please like/reblog if using/considering
  • do not imitate or steal parts of it
APH America and Nyo!America

Designs for America and nyo!America free to use!
designs by yami

Suggested clothing to complete the look:


  • Star hairpin - 144 Bells*
  • Hero’s Boots - fortune cookies; 2 Play Coins*
  • or Snow Boots - 800 Bells
  • Silver frames - 240 Bells (optional)*

Regular America

  • Pilot’s Cap - 720 Bells (optional)*
  • Black-denim Pants - 480 Bells (or like equivalent)*
  • Hero’s Boots - fortune cookies; 2 Play Coins*
  • or Snow Boots - 800 Bells
  • or Steel-toed Boots - 620 Bells
  • Silver frames - 240 Bells*

Items marked with a * indicate what is seen in the pictures

Action shots: coming soon!

Other designs by Yami:

Canada and Nyo!Canada (coming soon!)
FMA (Ed’s Coat, Ed’s Jacket, and the Amestris Military uniform)
Bleach captains (1 through 13 + Ichigo) (coming soon!)

Requests may potentially be opened! (If you want something, send a message and I’ll see what I can do!)

We are being toyed with! In the very best way.

Finally, notice when Anderson says, “Look at the map, though. He’s getting closer. It’s like he’s coming back.” We do look at the map, and the cities are joined with a red dotted line. But Anderson didn’t make that line—it happens as we watch. Just like the white letters that tell us Sherlock’s deductions, this is a bit of truth drawn on the screen for us.

And Lestrade looks thoughtful for just a moment, and he nods at Anderson, as if he might just be seeing the dots connecting.

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