So for the last two months  I’ve been working on getting a pair of budgies.

And here they are <3  Say hello  to Archemedes and  Sacha~

Finally brought  them home friday evening. They are still kinda shy, but they are already eating no problem. I’m looking forward to them warming up  a bit more when they get more comfortable with their new surroundings in a couple of weeks.

Either way, they are adorable little balls of feathers so far  <3

anonymous asked:

i was thinking of ship names for you and maryne and some of them could be just layne or maryne and that's funny. idk about the pronunciation. layryne would be cool pronunciation wise, but the spelling is just weird. this is random i know. i'm just loving this "going crazy about gays and trees" friendship

This is hiarlious @toodrunktofindaurl