hiam abbas


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 ↳ Eleanor of Aquitaine

Eleanor of Aquitaine (b.1122) , is most noted for being the most wealthiest woman of Europe during the High Middle Ages. By marrying King Louis VII of France, she became Queen Consort of France, and Louis was reportedly in love with her. Unfortunately, after bearing him two daughters, the marriage was annulled due to marital issues. She then married Henry II of England, and bore him eight children, including Richard I and John of England. She had outlived her her husband Henry, and all her children except for John of England and Eleanor, Queen of Castile. She lived well into John’s reign, passing at the age of 81/82 (d.1204). 

Eleanor was also noted for “courtly love” and, known for her tremendous beauty. Not much is known of how she looked, the effigy on her tomb shows a tall and large-boned woman with brown skin, however this may not be an accurate representation. 

 Aiysha Hart as young Eleanor // Hiam Abbas as older Eleanor