Had a KICK ass day today.

Today was fantastic. I had the day off for the first time in weeks, and used it to my full advantage. I made myself breakfast, cleaned out my room (and the rat cage, finally), and prepped myself for a solo adventure.

I headed to my favorite spot in the whole world, right in my hometown. It’s a quarry that was dug out 50 years back and has since filled with water. I’ve jumped in so many times from every peak, there’s no greater feeling. We were at this quarry the day my friend died, but he didn’t pass at these quarries. Just being there makes everything seem like it’s going to be okay. I truly enjoyed laying out in the sun all alone.

After, I decided to take the long way out, and rode a dirtbike path for about two miles until I reached civilization. The moped did SO good on the trails, I was really surprised. After I get my motorcycle I definitely want to invest in a dirtbike or an atv. When I got to paved roads, I raced another moped rider and absolutely smoked him. I was laughing my ass off and beeping the whole time. My moped is a serious BEAST!

I took the main roads to the parking lot for the bike path, and set up my longboard to ride the trail. I had to take my helmet with me, but luckily that $200 backpack became useful again. I found a way to strap my board in tightly, and riding the moped with it caused zero problems, I was PUMPED. The helmet fit in just fine, and I was on the board immediately.

I rode straight to the entrace for the second quarries, and prepped myself to revisit the spot. I remembered sprinting down that long, never-ending path to greet the authorities when we called 911 that day. At the end of the path, and the beginning of the quarry, was my friend’s cross, still standing after 8 years. The names washed off, but it still stood tall. Gone but not forgotten.

I took the time here to take my shirt off and soak up the sun. It was surreal hanging out there. Ever since that day I’ve never even thought about hanging there again. There was one time I went alone and jumped off the spot where he hit his head, but even though I survived it was stupid and I have no intentions of jumping from there ever again.

When I was 2 hours from sundown, I made use of my time to skate the whole bike path. It was good to be back on the board. I am a lot more confident on it than I have ever been.

I needed today. It was a breath of fresh air. I cleared my head, got my shit together, and truly enjoyed myself. It’s wild how this day is so important to me, and nothing to anyone else. Soon his story will become an urban legend, the lake will dry up, and the memories will only lie with me.

Stay safe guys.