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Success in the Music Industry

People say that nobody buys music anymore and the whole industry is running around in a panic trying to figure out how to make money in the age of streaming, pirates and free downloads. I think what these people really are trying to say is:

How do we make as much money as we were making before? Because we were making shit loads of money before.

We here at Hi-Five for Lo-Fi Records were never making shit loads of money, so I think we’ll be alright. Our world hasn’t crashed down.

Everybody here started making music because it was something inside them that needed to get out and they’ll continue to do so until it is all out. We are music makers. But we are also normal people that have families and friends and jobs and hobbies and fears and dreams just like everybody else.

We don’t have any crazy record sales to announce, or first quarter profits to brag about, but I think this little tidbit is much more inspiring and rooftop shouting worthy:

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Tiny Ruins lives in New Zealand. A Singer of Songs lives in Spain.

This spring / summer Tiny Ruins is flying over to Europe and doing a small tour with A Singer of Songs.

There are no PR people or tour managers or roadies involved. There are no first class tickets or 5 star hotels. It is not in support of a #1 single or a Top 40 album. 

It is just two great musicians from other ends of the world, playing music together. Because it is something inside them that needs to get out.