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RFA + minor trio being protective of MC?

I hope you like this anon! btw as much as I like vanderwood, I have no idea how to write him and feel like I won’t do justice if I did so i’ll have to leave him out for this one, sorry. If I do learn how to write him i’ll include him in my future scenarios btw I feel like I went to far from what’s supposed to be yikes, i tried to show different kinds of protectiveness though!


  • Yoosung was ecstastic because MC would be visiting his university to write a report about 
  • “I’m confused MC what’s this for again?”
  • “I’m telling you Yoosung, I need a survey from universities nearby. Why? You don’t want me to visit?”
  • “Of course I want! It’s just I can’t believe you’d pick my school when there’s one much closer to yours”
  • “Silly, it’s scary going to an unknown university alone. Knowing you’d be there puts me to ease” 
  • She kissed his cheek as he sighed in content
  • The following day, Yoosung waited for MC, giddy but anxious
  • But she didn’t really come on the time she said she would be going
  • So he looked for her
  • And he found her talking to some of his friends 
  • They were all crowding her as she happily talked to them
  • He felt himself go itchy seeing the scene but willed it away
  • But when one of his friends grabbed a hold of her hand muttering a “You’re beautiful”, he quickly got to her side and placed his arm around her shoulder
  • “I see you’ve met my girlfriend”
  • He made sure to emphasize on the word as his friends stared at him in bewilderment
  • “She’s your girlfriend? Oh sorry bro I didn’t mean to-”
  • “Yeah yeah it’s totally cool I just wanted you guys to know”
  • They put their hands up as they snickered at how jealous he’s becoming
  • Yoosung turned her around as they started walking the other direction, waving his hand 
  • Once they got to a deserted hallway he pinned her to the wall
  • Grasping his hands on her hips he started making out with her
  • You’re mine” He growled
  • “Yoosung” she said breathless against him as he started attacking her neck with kisses
  • “Yoosung what are you doing”
  • “Showing them who you belong to”
  • He gave her one last hard kiss as he pulled on her hand 
  • “Cmon, you still have a report to make”
  • “You can’t just do that!”


  • Zen wanted to take MC as his plus one in the party celebrating the success of the musical he was in
  • She was dressed in a slightly revealing dress and when she came out Zen had his mouth hung low
  • Placing butterfly kisses along her collarbone he said
  • “Don’t tempt me tonight, Babe”
  • Booping on his nose she slightly pushed him away
  • “Whoa there control yourself”
  • Zen pouted as they drove to their destination
  • There were many people, the crew included
  • Zen was actually mingling alot with the people around so he kind of left MC
  • She was slightly mad but she knows he means no harm
  • But she was quite bored 
  • So she took a few drinks and was starting to have fun with the company of other people
  • Zen was still nowhere to be found
  • One guy found his way to her and started talking to her
  • He was alright and didn’t look like he would do something bad so they talked nearly all night
  • With each passing minute MC kept drinking and before she knew it she was buzzed
  • She was faltering in her steps as the guy steadied her
  • “You know what you’re a cute little drunk lady. Do you want to come home with me?” He smirked
  • MC felt disgusted and pushed him off 
  • She then felt strong arms around her as she was pulled towards Zen’s body
  • “This cute little drunk lady is with me” The intensity of his glare made MC shrink back a bit
  • “If you so ever lay another hand on her I will ruin you, do you understand?”
  • The guy gulped as he left
  • “Now cmon little lady, you made me worry tonight”


  • MC was in his office again
  • I mean what can she say? It was quite boring to be in the penthouse all day
  • She was acually roaming around the building and was greeting people wherever she goes
  • They all adore her
  • They all adore her to the point where MC starts receiving these mysterious flowers
  • She doesn’t know where it comes from but it always appears in her desk in her own little personal office Jumin made especially for her
  • She thought it was Jumin who sent them but when she asked if he went to a florist that day he was only confused
  • These flowers even had notes in them like
  • ‘You are beautiful’
  • ‘The brightness of the sun cannot compare to you’
  • ‘You capture the hearts of many, and I am enraptured by you’
  • She thought it was pretty sweet but it felt awkward coming from another person
  • So she was trying to find out who this was, going around trying to find possible clues
  • Jumin noticed her odd actions thought and confronted her about it
  • She was slightly embarassed to be honest
  • “Um.. its just i’ve been trying to find out who keeps giving me these flowers”
  • Jumin stared at her blankly
  • Someone was… giving her flowers?
  • A sudden possesiveness came over him
  • Someone was sending his love flowers. Only he can do something as intimate
  • So when he told MC to check the CCTV she slapped a hand to her face for not thinking about it earlier
  • So they were rewinding tapes and Jumin would not go back to his duties until the culprit was found
  • This guy doesn’t give flowers to someone’s beloved and get away from it, no
  • So they caught this guy and Jumin confronted him telling him to stay away from MC and that she was his and his only
  • Everyday after that, Jumin would send her the most extravagant of bouquets 


  • Jaehee and MC were working in their coffee shop when a bunch of rowdy customers came in
  • They were really causing a ruckus and everyone was getting annoyed
  • But MC still had to accomodate them
  • They starting snickering at her when she came over
  • “She’s so ugly” one said
  • MC was suddenly aware of how she looked and how she acted
  • She was feeling really insecure as she clenched her fist, willing her tears away
  • But still she put a brave smile on
  • “What would you guys want to have?” She asked
  • “Hm, we’ll have the other waitress please” 
  • The group laughed and high fived each other as MC looked down
  • Soon arms wrapped around her shoulders as Jaehee stood menacingly towards them
  • They slightly cowarded at the look she was giving them as Jaehee spoke in a firm, commanding voice
  • “If you want to speak like that to the people working here then you will never be welcome back to this place. MC is the owner of this cafe and I would not tolerate your harsh words towards her, now pick your bags up and leave this instance” 
  • MC could tell Jaehee was holding back and when the group scurried over to the door, one gave them a look before sticking their tongue out and walking away
  • Jaehee’s glasses broke as she strated marching, wanting to judo them into oblivion
  • MC grabbed her wrist to stop her and kissed her cheek
  • “Thank you for saving me”
  • “Of course, MC. I would never let them do anything to you”
  • The next following days, Jaehee had been watching each and every customer MC served like a hawk
  • And everytime there was someone remotely rude to her she was sure to come and give them a piece of their mind


  • They were at at disneyland celebrating their anniversary
  • MC loved the fact that Seven really does go out of his way when he really wants to
  • He was supposed to be working on something important but told her he would come on a condition that she would let him work sometime of the day while they were there
  • MC agreed because she understood the weight of his task 
  • So here they are, hand in hand struting along
  • They were having fun, playing games and riding different kinds of rides
  • MC loved taking pictures with the mascots
  • She especially loved taking pictures with mickey
  • He was actually very… clingy
  • But MC being oblivious paid no mind
  • He would link his arm around hers and they would walk together
  • Seven could almost feel the smirk behind the mask
  • They both kind of fought for MC
  • Mickey stayed with them for a duration of time and he would actually hold her hand
  • MC thought it was super cute 
  • Seven then decided to grab her other hand and kiss it, making her laugh by cracking some jokes
  • Then mickey bent down a bit and pointed at his cheek
  • MC kissed it
  • “That damn mouse, what is he doing with my girlfriend”
  • Seven then tried to drag her along to come to  another place but mickey came along with them, often dancing and getting cheek kisses from MC
  • Seven was fuming
  • He gave mickey the harshest glare he could muster and dragged MC away from him for good this time
  • Mickey created sad gestures as he skipped away
  • Seven breathed in relief
  • They spent a good amount of time after that until Seven told her he needed to work with the guilt on his face
  • MC gave his hand a little squeeze “It’s completely fine, I’m just going to play with the arcades here”
  • So Seven found a secluded place to stay and work but can’t help but feel something wrong at the back of his mind
  • After enconding some things, he got up to look for her
  • And lo and behold again it was mickey standing by her
  • This time with his mask off so he could see the man behind it
  • They were laughing as Seven came up to them and gripped her waist
  • Spinning her around he gave her a deep kiss
  • They were practicically were making out in front of mickey
  • He got so embarassed and apologized as he walked away
  • That’s right you mouse, get away from me my love 
  • “Seven! what are you doing!” MC asked in shock with her cheeks tinted red
  • He gave her a little peck on the lips 
  • “Just needed to show him who you belong to, I’ve always like goofy more than him anyways”


  • They were strolling by the bay, a little getaway for them
  • Saeyoung suggested an outing with just the three of them
  • Saeran was reluctant but the fact that MC would be there coaxed him into it
  • I mean he probably wouldn’t allow MC and Saeyoung to be alone
  • So here they are at a secluded bay Saeyoung found
  • Seyoung was back in their little campsite to give them some privacy because cmon he only wanted to have this outing to play cupid
  • So MC and Saeran walked, fingers brushing against the other
  • His cheeks were tinted a light pink because of their proximity
  • But when MC moved away Saeran slightly grumbled
  • She only stood atop of the mini wall that seperates the ground from the sea
  • Easy to fall over to the other side 
  • Saeran’s eyes widened a fraction 
  • “You idiot, get down”
  • MC pouted
  • “Aw why are you such a meanie, Saeran. Killing the fun”
  • “I”m not killing the fun, i’m serious get down from there”
  • “Get down from where? I can’t hear you”
  • She made faces and giggled 
  • As she was laughing, her footing stumbled and she shrieked as she was wobbling to get her balance
  • Saeran’s face darkened as he quickly got to her and yanked on her arm, pulling her and crashing unto him, making them both fall down
  • Saeran was hugging MC close to him, his heart racing at what could have been
  • MC was still in a state of shock and thought Saeran was mad at her
  • But when she found the gentle caress of his hands trembling, that’s when she knew he was terrified
  • “G-God MC you” His voice was laced with worry
  • MC bashfully faced him and looked down where she was fiddling with his shirt
  • “I’m sorry”
  • “You better be sorry. Look what could have happened if I didn’t!- You could have- Ugh” 
  • Saeran tightly held her in his arms again
  • “I don’t want to lose you”
  • MC held him tighter
  • “You won’t, I promise”

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Are you... by any chance... attracted to Akechi's wicked and evil grin? I mean... even if they would put that face on pancakes... I would probably still eat them too??? And even looking like that...n-nevermind!!! (Though his sad puppy eyes are definitely the cutest! It's also interesting watching at which kind of dialogue he has that kind of expression on a second playthrough.) I also loved your Fem!Akira dating haedcanons. Though the ones with Akechi got really depressing later one... ;_;

D-don’t be ridiculous…

✨ H.A.T.E  ✨

Peter Pan Imagine

Author: Joi A. Wade

Tagged: @tmrhollandkay

Requested: Yes,  Hi, can I get one where Pan & the reader are in HS and they don’t really get along but Pan always trys ti seduce her. Pan and the lost boys have a costume party and the reader dresses up as a sexy maid and Pan takes her to go to his room and smut.

Warnings: Swearing | smut | long | greaser!Pan | soc!reader

Summary: H.A.T.E = Having All These Emotions.

The word hate is a very well known word in the English language. Some say it’s rather strong, some say it’s something unnecessary to express. It’s avoidable; it’s easy to spread like a disease, it’s also just another four letter word that is shared among people. For this situation, it’s mainly between two.

Y/n L/n was one of the richest girls in town. 17 year old honors student, with a 4.0 average, and killer good looks next to her fabulous brain. Almost every girl wanted to be her friend, and for those who didn’t just bathed in their pool of, you guessed it, hatred.

Peter Pan was one of the baddest greasers in town. 18 going on 19, still a junior in high school, holding on to his 3.0 average for deal life (not really) and also killer good looks that could get any girl below his grade to swoon over him. 

The senior girls that he was supposed to be in the same grade with, didn’t want anything to do with him or his gang.

Including Y/n. 

But, that didn’t stop this greaser from flirting with her any chance he got. Every guy wanted nothing to do with him, thanks to his reputation, and for those who did? Good luck to them.

Y/n and Peter never got along since the day they met. The first day of high school, an awkward year for the both of them all started off with their orientation in the school’s gym. 

It was going fine, until a certain someone who was still on his childish side, decided to pull another certain someone’s skirt down right in front of everyone after the ceremony. Showing off her white, virgin panties. In front of every freshman. 

Just think about it.

Picture it in your head.

Prepubescent boys. E V E R Y W H E R E.  All witnessing the vulnerability of young Y/n in the start of the year.

“Why can’t you just grow up, you dumb hood!” 

“Maybe, I don’t want to grow up! Why can’t you just take a joke!”

“I hate you, Peter Pan! Till the day I die, you’re nothing but gum underneath my shoe!” 

“Right back atcha, princess.” 

And thus, the hatred grew from that day on to three years today. 

Now coming back to the present, on a Friday evening in October, we find our main characters to be sitting on opposite sides of their study hall classroom, waiting for the day to finally end and be free for the weekend. The class room was already divided into their own cliques, from Socs, to Greasers, to Middle class, you name it. Everyone was where they belonged. But, of course, this wasn’t just any day. It happened to be October 31, Halloween night. And guess who just so happens to be planing a stellar party, for all to those willing to come? I’ll give you one guess.

“So, as you all may know, tonight is the night where the dead roam the streets.” Peter starts, rubbing his hands together, as he scanned the classroom. “And I’m also sure you know I am cautious of your safety, so everyone is welcome to crash and have shelter at my place this Halloween night.”

Snickers are heard from the greaser side, partly of what Peter said, and the other being because of their passed out study hall teacher, drooling all over his desk and papers. With a roll of her eyes, Y/n responds.

“Why would anyone wanna go to your dump of a house? If I wanted to spend my Friday night with trash, I’d spend my hours standing in Wendy’s closet.”

Said girl starts to laugh at the insult, only to then realize she was just insulted. “Hey!”

Peter chuckles at the witty tongue he hates so much. Every time she opens her mouth, it’s an endless cycle of sarcasm and bitchiness. Leaning on a desk, he places his hands in his leather jacket, resting them just below his armpits.

“No one said you had to come, princess. I’m sure mommy and daddy don’t want you out past eight anyways. Wouldn’t want you damaging that pretty grade of yours, right next to that pretty face.”  Now the whole greaser side howled with laughter and ‘oohs’. Y/n scowls in anger, rolling her eyes yet again, ignoring his comment. “Aw, what’s the matter? Run out of things to say?”

“No. Just thought I’d give your brain a break, I mean, this is probably the most words I’ve ever heard you speak without stuttering like an idiot, or shrinking your vocabulary to one of a kindergartner’s. Tell me, grease, can you spell ‘damaging’?” Getting no response this time, Y/n only smirks, this time her side of the room laughing at his. “Just to humor you, because I guarantee no Socs are going if I’m not, I’ll come to your little party tonight.”

With a raise of his eyebrow, Peter licks his lips slowly, relaxing his hands and walking over to their side of the room. Two Socs that sat next to Y/n were quick to stand, blocking him from getting any closer. Having a silent stare down, Y/n places hands on their shoulders, smiling sweetly as she told them she could handle herself. Oh, the curve of her lips only made his blood boil. Not to mention how easily she could coax any man with just one curl of them, as they sat back down without protest.

“You sure a pretty little thing like you, can handle a party like mine? There are no rules, no limitations.”

“Ooh, big word, Pan,” He rolls his eyes at her comment, already bored with the conversation. “But, you’d be surprised what a ‘pretty little thing’, like me, can handle.”

“Care to give me an example, princess?” He asks, taking only a small step closer to her, his eyelids falling slightly as well as his voice. This sent chills through her body, but she’d rather die than let him see that it did. Never breaking eye contact, everyone around them waited for someone to make the next move. 

Until the bell rang. 

Everyone got up from their seats, the teacher practically falling out of his chair at the sudden wake up call, as the school day was finally over.

Inhaling sharply, Y/n drops eye contact first, taking her bag that Wendy held out for her, looking up at the tall boy one last time. “In your dreams, grease.”

“Rich girl.”



“Oh, real mature.” She glares, turning with her chin high in the air as if she won that fight. With a slight shake of his head, he signals his gang that it was time to leave, heading out to maybe steal some beers and cigs on the way back to his house. While walking, the youngest of the group spoke up to his leader.

“Why’re you and her always fighting,” Henry asks. “She’s a real nice girl, why you gotta pick at her all the time, man?”

“Simple. We hate each other.” Peter shrugs, adjusting the collar of his jacket.

“Now y’all don’t, it’s obvious you wanna fuck each other. Just both of your prides are too big for one of you to go for it. It’s cliche, Pan. The rich girl wanting to be with the bad boy because her parents are against it. She wants you, she’s just making you work for it.” Tiger Lily nudges him with her elbow, while twirling her switch blade in the other hand.

“And what makes you so sure?”

“Tiger’s middle class, Pan, and yet she hangs with us all the time instead of them. Because…” Felix drew out, inquiring for Pan to finish his sentence for him.

“I ain’t stupid, I know what you mean. But, you’re different, Tiger Lily. You’re like one of the guys, it’s easy for you to adapt and be like us. But, Y/n? A whole different story.”

“Hm. Well, plus I’m a girl. I can see the signs of want from a mile away, and she is dripping for you.”

“Okay, now you’re just being weird.” Peter shoves her playfully, Henry shaking his head, not satisfied with his answer. “Look, tonight if she drops her attitude with me, then so will I. But, until then, I hate her fucking guts.” 

Meanwhile, on the richer side of town, Y/n wandered around the costume store, in a dilemma with ‘which outfit would be perfect’ for this said occasion. Not just any Halloween costume will do, she needed something that will really catch…a certain someone’s attention.

“No. No. No. God, this is a definite no. This is so stupid, how hard could it be to find a decent costume?” Y/n groans loudly, Wendy only giggling at her frustration.

“Well, you are looking on the day of Halloween. You’re a little late on getting decent, let alone anything at all. I’m just going as a cat; drawing whiskers on my face and buying this tail and cat ears. See? Simple and I don’t have to spend a lot.”

“Uh, you’re so cheap.”

Wendy glares at her head, grumbling to herself while her arms were crossed like a child would do. “At least I’m not trying to impress a greaser.”

“Excuse me? Who says I’m trying to impress that delinquent?”

“It’s so obvious! The sexual tension between you two is so suffocating, I can barely stand it any longer! One day I’m gonna get you drunk off your ass and lock you in a room with him-”

“[Gasp] This is perfect!” She exclaims, finally finding an outfit she likes in the very back of a rack. “Sexy maid! It’s ironic because his place will most likely be filthy. Now what were you saying about a room and ass or something?”

Sighing heavily, Wendy just grabs Y/n’s arm, dragging her to the register. 

“You’re so oblivious, it hurts.”

The sun was finally setting, and the street lights had finally cut on. Halloween night was something the troublemakers all over the town looked forward to, that and Pan’s parties. Halloween and end of the year parties were his specialties, filled with one night stands, hangovers, and wild memories to tell your grand-babies someday. Once the clock hit 10, everyone was piling into Peter’s place, for those who don’t get to be inside due to space, had most of the party outside, the backyard or on his neighbors lawn instead. Luckily where he lived, everyone was cool with everyone on the block, so there were no worries on horny teenagers grinding on each other on their front lawn. As long as it stopped by 2 AM.

Y/n and her large group of Socs make there way inside, all dressed up in their costumes, ready to have a good time. Readjusting the tight costume that felt like it was covering not a damn thing, Y/n took a look around. The music was blasting, the room already reeking of alcohol, and bodies upon bodies were pressed up against one another. Wendy tugs on her arm, pointing to the dance floor.

“Let’s go dance, this is my song!”

“I am not dancing up on greaser trash!” She shouts over the music, “You go ahead, find a guy, hook up, I don’t care! I’m going to get a drink!”

Giving her a thumbs up in response, Wendy disappears into the crowd. Y/n finally makes her way over to the drink table, filling her red cup with what she suspected to be just beer. Taking a huge gulp of the liquid, the burning in her throat confirmed her suspicion. It went down horribly the first time, but after her third cup, she was starting to loosen up and bob to the beat of the song.

Swaying her hips from side to side, she barely noticed a mixed group of middle class and greaser boys staring in her direction. One being bold enough to approach her came up from behind her, pressing his front to her back, helping her sway to the motion a little better. Turning her head to see who it was, she sneered.

“Get your hands off me.” 

“Aw come on, baby, let’s just have a little fun~”

“I’ll give you to the count of three. Last warning.” 

The stranger leans in to whisper in her ear, only getting half of his sentence out until he was dragged away by a couple of Peter’s friends. Not too long, Peter replaced his spot, his hands gripping her waist tightly, keeping her pressed against him, holding her still.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Y/n growls slightly, the sound sending a pleasant feeling straight down to his manhood, but the anger of seeing another guy touch her was clouding over that feeling. Turning herself around, she was quick to push him off. 

“Fuck off, Pan. I’m here to have a good time, not waste it fighting with you.”

“Well then stop the search, because the ‘good time’ is right in front of you. What’s more fun then spending the night with the host of this sick party?”

“Avoiding him.” 

Y/n was about to walk away, only for her arm to be tugged right back. Groaning inwardly, she was about to give him another snarky comeback, only for the look on his face to wipe that idea completely. He looked troubled, almost uncertain of something. 

“Follow me.” 

“What part of ‘avoiding him’ did you not understand-”

“Please, love.” 

Now this caught her off guard. Him, Peter Pan, the ruthless greaser that didn’t ask nicely, and took what he wanted, was begging her? Oh, she was definitely about to use this against him later. But, for now. 


Accidents happen

Words: 3355
Joe Sugg x reader
warning: SMUT 

“That was such a good night” Caspar grins. 
“shall we keep it going for a while?” I ask holding two bottles of vodka, the boys grin. The boys being the buttercream squad- Joe, Casper, Oli, Josh, Conor, Jack and Mikey. I hung out with them a lot and tonight was no difference, we had been to a club. I think they only kept me around for when they wanted to escape a girl they’d signal me and I’d pretend to be their girlfriend and vice versa, it was a good deal. Nobody had brought a girl home tonight, a few kisses in the club but that’s all. 

“what’re you thinking?” Conor says wrapping his arm around my shoulder. 
“Never have I ever” I grin and they all smirk already making their way to the living room, we had all ended up back at the Maynard’s/Pieters. We all sit-down and I grab 8 shot glasses. I join them, sitting in between Mikey and Josh. “who’s first?” I ask, filling all the shot glasses and handing them out. Oli holds up his hand and we all wait for his question. 

“Never have I ever… had sex in a public place” he says. Jack, Joe and Conor take their shot. 
“wait, define ‘public’” I say
“where somebody could have seen you” I nod and then sheepishly take the shot making the boys all ‘ooh’ 

“okay, never have I ever done anal” Josh says taking his shot followed by Mikey, Jack and Caspar. They look at me and I shake my head. 

“never have I ever had a threesome” I say looking at the boys. Jack and Conor each take a shot and we all smirk. 
“it wasn’t with each other” Conor says, disgusted by our insinuation.

“never have I ever fucked against a washing machine” Jack says smirking at me. I blush as we both take a shot. They boys eyes widen and look at us waiting for us to tell them. 
“it was when we first met, we were drunk, fucked against his washing machine and we’ve never spoke about it since” I glare at Jack and they boys all holler patting Jack on the back who smirks and nudges my foot. 

“never have I ever fell in love” Caspar says circling the rim of his shot glass. Conor takes a shot and I think for a moment, taking a glance at Joe for a second before downing my shot. They all furrow their eyebrows at me, for the time I’ve hung out with them I haven’t had a steady boyfriend. 

“can we play truth or dare?” Oli whines. We all nod, thinking its a good idea, most of us completely drunk. “okay I’ll start, Caspar truth or dare?” 
“truth” he says starting off slow. 
“how many people have you slept with?” he says and Caspar’s face pales. 
“I actually don’t know” he mumbles and we cheer. 
“y/n, truth or dare” he huffs deflecting the attention. 
“truth” I say and they all get really sad. 
“who out of us, in this room, would you most like to fuck?” he smirks and they all lean closer, I blush and look around at them all then turning my attention to my skirt. 
“Joe” I mutter and they all scream and pat Joe. I blush harder and turn away. Mikey, sensing I don’t want to talk, takes over asking Joe a question. 
“joe, truth or dare” he asks louder over the boys laughter. 
“dare” he challenges. 
“I dare you to give let y/n give you a lap dance” he laughs clearly intoxicated. Joe looks at me for a second and I huff and nod standing up. Joe sits back on the couch and the boys look on with wide eyes. I go to straddle Joe but can’t. 
“I have a tight skirt on, I can’t” I sigh. 
“then take it off” Josh says and my eyes widen but after a quick shot of vodka I’m game, I remove the skirt leaving me in a very revealing crop top and my lacy knickers that barely leave anything to the imagination. Conor turns on a sexy song and I straddle Joe who bites his lip in anticipation. I grab his neck and start grinding on him, moving my hips to the beat. He gulps when I get off of him and turn around. He grabs my waist as I move my ass against him, I wink at the others who are gawping at the sight. I can feel Joe start to get quite hard underneath me and come to a halt when the song stops. Joe’s breathing is heavy and he rests his head against my shoulder as I continue straddling him. 

“wow” Jack sighs, the first to speak. I just giggle in response and climb off Joe, his hands dragging down my body. 
“I think that puts an end to the night” Josh smirks looking at Joe who hasn’t taken his eyes off of me. I blush and reach for my skirt but I’m picked up by Joe, my legs around his waist. He starts carrying me towards the guest bedroom and I squeal. 
“at least someones getting laid tonight” I hear Conor huff. Joe shuts the door with his foot and collapses on the bed on top of me. He makes quick work of removing our clothes and guiding himself into me. I moan.

“fuck Joe” I whimper. He grunts as he pounds into me, the sounds of our sweaty skin slapping together only turning me on more. 
“oh my god” I screech. “Joe Fuuuuck” I yell.
“come on baby, let the boys know you’re mine” he growls. I moan louder. 
“fuck Joe, fuck me. You’re so big, harder - oh fuuuuuuck” I scream as I cum. He cums too and drops to the side of me. He’s breathing heavily and pulls me closer. We get our breathing in tact and stay cuddling as our breathing starts to even out. I think Joe is asleep so I start talking. 

“i hope you don’t regret this in the morning, because in the game, it’s you who I’m in love with. I wish I could tell you when we’re awake and sober but I’d fuck everything up” I sigh tracing Joe’s abs. “night Joe” I whisper snuggling closer to his body and eventually falling asleep. 

I wake up in the morning to an empty bed and frown. I hear the boys laughing and joking in the kitchen, the faint smell of pancakes and I grin. I stand up but immediately fall to the floor. I squeal and hear footsteps running towards the room. 
“y/n, you okay?” I hear someone shout. 
“Jack?” I ask. 
“yeah” he shouts back. 
“are you alone?” I shout a little quieter. 
“yeah” he confirms. 
“come in and close the door” I say gathering the blanket from the bed to wrap around myself. He slips through the door and closes the door. 
“why are you on the floor?” he asks confused. I blush furiously. 
“I can’t walk” I grit and he bursts out laughing. I huff and cross my arms. “help me” I cry. He stops laughing and crouches down next to me grabbing my waist. He helps to redress me and hands me a pair of joggers as I’d left my skirt out in the living room. 

“can you carry me to the kitchen please?” I pout and he snorts turning around so I can jump on his back. 
“Joe really gave you a run for your money huh? was it that good when I fucked you?” he asks. I peck his cheek. 
“of course it was” I tease. 
“hey I could leave you right here and make you crawl, letting the boys know you’re practically paralyzed” he stops walking and in response I wrap my legs tighter around him. He rolls his eyes and takes me to the kitchen, setting me on a chair. I eat in silence while the boys laugh and joke about the events of last night.  

“you were a nice surprise y/n” Caspar says with a grin and I grin sarcastically eating more cereal. I glance at Joe to see him eating his breakfast in silence, completely ignoring me. I frown and look away. I decide its time I leave so I try and stand up but fall, Josh being there to catch me. 
“woah, you okay?” he asks concerned. I look at Jack and he smirks, holding his hand over his mouth to muffle his laughter. I nod with an awkward smile and shuffle away to grab my phone, skirt and jacket. I hear the boys whispering behind me. 

“why is she walking like that is she ok?” Mikey asks. I hear Jack laugh and close my eyes, preparing for him to tell them and for their laughter. 
“Joe fucked her so hard she can’t walk” he whispers. They all laugh and congratulate Joe. I quickly grab my stuff and take one last glance at Joe, wiping away my tears before leaving. 

It had been about a month since then and I was throwing up into the toilet for the second time that day. I huff and grab my phone ringing zoe. 
“hello” she answers. 
“Hi Zoe, is it still alright for me to come over tonight, I know I said I was busy but I really need to see you girls” I whimper. I hear her shuffle, probably sitting up. 
“yeah, are you ok?” she asks concerned. I sniffle. 
“I’ll tell you when I get there” I say and she sighs. 
“see you later” 
“bye Zo” I mutter hanging up the phone. I grab a bag and pack my pj’s and clothes for tomorrow along with other random things- toothbrush, charger, hairbrush etc. I book a train down to Brighton and also an uber. It arrives in no time and I head to the train station. The train ride isn’t very long, only an hour. I get a taxi to Zoe’s house and in no time I’m knocking on the door. 

“hey” Zoe squeals wrapping me in a hug. She ushers me inside and into the living room where Tan and Nim’s are laying down. They jump up and hug me, I hug them back tightly. 
“what’s up, you didn’t sound too good on the phone” Zoe asks sitting me down on the couch. I got to start talking but I can’t speak, I just start sobbing, the girls looking at each other panicked. 
“Babe just breathe, take your time” Tan soothes trying to get me to calm down. It works and my breathing returns to normal, the occasional hiccup interrupting my speech. 
“now what’s up?” Nim asks. 
“I think I’m pregnant” I mutter but they all hear me. 
“what? why? how? with who?”Tan exclaims. I sigh. 
“yeah, I had a one night stand about a month ago, I’ve been throwing up for the past week and I’m late on my period” I cry. 
“who was he?” Nim’s asks. 
“uhm you know him, he left right before I woke up, after I told him I loved him the night before” I sob. Zoe looks at me sternly wiping my tears away. 
“who is it?” she asks. 
“Joe” I whimper and they gasp. “I know, it’s bad, I don’t know what I was thinking” I sigh. 
“he left you?” Zoe fumes. 
“I mean technically, we were drunk and we were in Jack’s, I got dared to give him a lap dance and then he took me into the guest room, he left me in the bed and we haven’t spoken properly since” I murmur. They are too shocked to speak. 

“when you say you told him you loved hm what to you mean?” Naomi questions. 
“we we’re cuddling… afterward” I make hand gestures and they nod trying not to laugh ”and I thought he was asleep, so I started talking but I guess he wasn’t asleep” I huff. Zoe rubs my arm. 

“come on” Tan exclaims standing up.
“where are we going” I sigh. 
“to get a pregnancy test” she says. I huff and stand up following them into Zoe’s car, Naomi and I go into the shop while the other two wait in the car. We awkwardly purchase the pregnancy test, nearly making it out of the shop without running into fans, but as we’re leaving we hear squeals and turn around, I drop the test and my eyes widen as the fans, who have their cameras out, look at what I drop and scream excitedly. We ignore all questions about the test, taking pictures with them and hurrying back to the car. Zoe belts it back to the house and we all scurry tp the bathroom. They leave me while I do my business but then all sit around it waiting for it to change. After 3 minutes the alarm on Zoe’s phone go off and we all reach for the test. I grab it and look at it, my hand flying to my mouth and tears rushing to the surface. Zoe grabs it out of my hands and squeals. 

“I’m going to have a niece or nephew” she jumps up cheering. I choke back and sob shaking my head. 
“no, Zoe this isn’t good” I cry and she stops jumping around bending down to my height. “he doesn’t want me Zo, he’s not going to want this kid! and if he does he’ll force himself to be with me for the baby because he’s a good guy, I’m going to ruin his life, Zoe this isn’t good. He’ll hate me” I sob falling to my knees on the floor. The girls crowd around me giving me a group hug. 
“he’ll never hate you and he won’t force himself, he’ll be with you because he wants to” Tan ensures me. They continue to soothe me as we cuddle on the couch with lots of food and movies. I don’t know about the girls but I end u falling asleep on the couch. 

I’m woken up by Alfie who gives me a sad smile. 
“hey butternut” he says, saying my nickname. 
“hey, you heard huh?” I sigh. He nods. 
“Zoe told me, I found the test on the table, don’t be mad at her.” he explains. 
“I’m not mad” I giggle. “relieved I don’t have to tell you myself actually” I snort. He looks at me seriously. 
“he loves you, whatever you think you’re wrong. He loves you and he’ll love this baby” he grabs my cheeks and I bite my lip trying not to cry. He sighs pulling me into a hug. We stand up. 
“thanks Alfie” I mutter and he pecks my forehead. We head into the kitchen where the girls are cooking breakfast. They smile when they see me. 
“you want some bacon?” Zoe chirps. 
“ohh yeah-” I start but then catch a whiff of it and run to the bathroom, throwing up everything in my stomach. I feel Nim’s hands rubbing my back and when I’m finished she hands me my toothbrush. I smile appreciatively and brush my teeth before joining the others. 

“uh, I actually need to get home. I have a meeting later, that I’ll probably cancel anyway but…” I giggle and they smile. I get dressed and join them at the door. I say bye to Alfie and the girls jump in the car driving me to the train station. We all step out and they even walk me to the gate, they wait until the train is about to pull up to give me hugs and comforting words. I get on the train and wave to them. Being alone for an entire hour isnt ideal but here I am. About 15 minutes before we get back to London I get a call from Jack. 

“Hey” I chirp trying to sound hapy. 
“Hi where are you?” he asks. 
“uh on a train?” I reply. confused. 
“where have you been?” 
“Brighton with the girls, Jack why are you asking so many questions?” I sigh knowing something was up and that I’ll have to deal with it. 
“we’re in your apartment and your not so we got a bit worried” he huffs. 
“we?” I cringe. 
“buttercream” he mumbles, as that’s what they fans called them. I exhale loudly. 
“okay, I’m just pulling up to the station, I’ll get a taxi and be there in ten?” I mutter. I hear him hum on the other end. 
“okie doke, bye” he calls. 
“byee” I murmur rolling my eyes and hanging up. 

The ride to my apartment is very long, if the buttercream squads there that includes Joe. I unlock the door to my flat and see them all lounging on my couch eating food. 
“uhm hey?” I say sarcastically. “no really make yourself right at home” I mumble putting my keys on the counter and pulling my jacket off, dropping my bag by the stairs. They are all silently staring at me and I huff having had enough of it. 
“Why are you all here?” I exclaim. 
“well, we seen this picture on twitter and wondered what was going on?” Conor sighs showing me a quad image of Nim and I in the shop, both of us very flustered and a close up of the pregnancy test. My face pales and my throat dries up. They raise their eyebrows and take my silence as a confirmation. 

“how far along?” Caspar asks. I twiddle my fingers a little. 
“uhm about a month” I reply with a nod. I see Joe’s head snap up out of the corner of my eye and gulp. 
“do you know who’s it is?” Joe asks quietly and I frown. 
“of course I do, I’m not a slut” I bite back, Joe gulps. 
“do we know him?” Josh asks. I nod again turning to face Joe. The other realize and slowly start to leave. 
“you left me” I whisper and he looks at me guiltily. 
“I didn’t want you to panic being sober and realizing what we did” he mutters. 
“You heard me, I know you did. You know I love you, why would you do that?” I spit. 
“I just thought you were drunk” he sighs. 
“and then on top of that you ignore me for a month” I cry. 
“yeah I know I did, I didn’t mean to but I’ve thought a lot this month, after not talking to you it made me realize how much I love you” he breathes stepping closer. My eyes widen and I don’t have any time to think before his body is trapping mine against the counter and his lips are moving feverishly against mine. He pulls away and puts his hands on my stomach. 
“are you really pregnant?” he whispers. I nod. 
“are you mad?” I mumble, he shakes his head. 
“I mean I’m a little disappointed, I still like going out clubbing with the boys but I could never ask for anything better, having a baby- babies- with you is all I want, accidents happen but they’re not all bad” he sighs moving his hands from my stomach to my hips 
“well you still can do them things, but you’ll have to come home to me and a little baby, are you sure that’s what you want?” I ask, nervous for his answer. 
“hooking up and that’s fun, but it can’t beat coming home to you, and anyway why look for somebody else in a club when I have you. I’m going to be the best damn dad I can be” he mutters pulling me close. He kisses me again and its I who pulls away this time. 
“Zoe’s excited to be an aunt” I giggle. 
“Zoe knew before me” he pouts. I nod and peck his lips making him smile. 

“I really do love you” he whispers. 
“I love you to” 

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Prompt: Huddling for warmth or they'll die, sexual tension results -I can never get enough

I love this trope a whole lot, anon. thanks for sending it in! hope you like it :)


Clarke lets her head fall back against the wall with a thump. It’s only been a couple of hours, and already her phone is dead, her ass is aching from the hard concrete floor, and she’s starting to shiver.

It wasn’t her fault she got locked in the lab. Really.

She’d insisted Monty go home when he offered to stay back with her, telling him she just had a few more things to finish up. She thinks better with a clean workstation, but she’s not in the habit of tidying as she goes, so every now and then she stays an extra twenty minutes after work to clean up. How could she have known the big storage room– kept at a specific, chilly temperature– locks from the outside after hours?

There was no way she could’ve anticipated it, though that doesn’t stop her from berating herself the longer she sits, cold and annoyed and bored.

She’s done everything she can think of to do. She tried to call for help, but found that she had no service. Tried banging on the doors, but that’s useless when nobody is around to hear her.

So she resigned herself to her fate– spending the night right where she sat. She played games on her phone until she realized she’d want it throughout the night to check the time. She organized the shelves, built a tower out of tissue boxes, and set out paper towels to sit on, protecting herself from the cold, cold floor. But now it’s eight thirty, far too early to go to sleep, and she’s out of ideas.

Another thump as her head falls back against the wall again. And another. It’s been two and a half hours, is she already going crazy?

All of a sudden, the door opens.

She squints against the brightness, momentarily blinded.

“Holy shit,” someone says, as she blinks furiously. “Are you okay?”

“Thank god,” she sighs, scrambling to her feet, her limbs stiff. When she looks up again, she can make out the figure of a security guard, just as he steps further in. Too far. “No, no, no–” she cries, rushing toward the door, but it’s too late. It shuts behind him with an ominous locking sound. She swears and beats on it with her palms, knowing it’s no use.

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So I work at Walmart; last night I was having one of the worst nights. My managers kept messing up my breaks so I would go 30 minutes early and I was told to take my lunch after being there for 2 and a half hours on a 9 hour shift. It was crazy busy and by the last few hours of my shift, I was tired. This woman and a girl (maybe about 4 or 5 years old) comes through my line. I do my “hi how are you guys doin’ tonight?” And she looked at me and goes “fine.” She was very short with me and didn’t really seem like she wanted to talk and I wasn’t in the mood to pry. We’re almost finished with her transaction and she goes “OH! honey! Look at her pin on her vest!” And I was like “huh? Which one?” And this woman is all excited trying to get her daughter to look at my vest. The daughter looks at me and goes “HARLEY!!!” -one of the electronics managers gave me a ‘Daddy’s little monster’ Harley Quinn pin.- the little girl is all excited and goes “SHOW HER!!! SHOW HER THE PICTURE MOMMY!!” And her mom starts playing with her phone and holds it to me and goes “she LOVES Harley Quinn! She was her on Halloween! She watched makeup tutorials for two months to learn Harley’s makeup!” And listen, you guys… that little girl was the cutest thing. Her makeup was really great too by the way. But just to see the mother come through and just seem to hate the world until she saw the button and got to show me the thing her daughter was most proud of was probably my favorite thing last night.


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Rated: Smut, Angst

Pairing: JaehyunxReaderxYuta

Summary: The story of secrets, deceit and greed. Three characters with unlikely alliances and one common goal; power. Jaehyun is stuck between his own thirst for power and his need for the one thing that could take away everything. Yuta has ambition growing from an unlikely alliance and convinces himself to do anything to protect it. Between both of them is her, ambitious but with one weakness, she does all it takes for Jaehyun, even if it’s putting herself aside. But how long can she hold up her own fragile games?

(A/N): Say hello to (Y/N) lol. I’m so indecisive don’t hate me. 

Mini Masterlist

 When (Y/N) entered her home finally she was still shaking. She replayed the moment in her head over and over, trying to wedge out any small possibility that Sullhee had not witnessed her passionately kissing her boyfriend, she wondered how much of their conversation she had overheard. Groaning she finally made her way to the kitchen, throwing open the top cupboard and urgently picking out a bottle from the back. Only to sigh in frustration when she realised it was empty. She threw the liquor bottle into the sink in frustration and it shattered immediately on impact. It was almost midnight and there were no bars around here she could walk to. She walked back to the living room, fishing for her phone from her bag. Scrolling through was even more frustrating, she had no friends. At least not ones who would come to her at 11pm to go on an urgent liquor run. She glanced at a familiar name while scrolling and stopped, looking down at the name while chewing the inside of her bottom lip, contemplating. It was dangerous and impractical but she wasn’t feeling very practical right now.

“Fuck it.” She whispered and tapped on the name. He picked up in three rings.

“It’s very late.” He said with a curious tone in his voice.

“Where are you?” She said impatiently.

“I’m just about to leave the office.” She didn’t bother asking why he was in the office so late.

“Do you have a car?”

Half an hour later they were sitting at a bar in a part of town where very young kids would usually go. She wanted to sit at the bar to minimise the time it took for the alcohol to get to her in this crowded place.

“Why did you call me?” Yuta asked as the bartender placed two beers in front of them.

“I can’t drive.” She shrugged, gulping down the beer.

“That’s not what I meant-wait, you really can’t drive?” He sounded amused. She just shrugged.

“I never really needed to learn and now I usually get driven around.” He looked baffled.

“Do you really have no one who would drink with you?” Her jaw clenched because of the first name that came into her head.

“I don’t have time for friends, or a social life for that matter.” She spoke after emptying her entire beer, “This is probably the first time I’ve gone out because I wanted to in a year.” She called the bartender for a second drink, a neat vodka this time.

“Does that make me your friend?” She didn’t have to look at his face to know he was smirking. She called for another vodka after finishing the last.

“I’ll let you be anything you want if you buy my drinks.” She knew what she was doing, but she couldn’t get herself to care.

“That’s a very risqué statement.” He was tapping on the neck of his beer bottle.

“I’m in a risqué mood tonight.” She didn’t even feel the regret she waited for after that statement.

He was in a shirt that had been through the day; the sleeves pushed back, the top two buttons open, and it crinkled in a few places. She looked up at his face, he was incredibly good looking. In a way that made your parents doubt him and your friends wary. He had a look in his eyes that screamed trouble but she knew how to read people, and Yuta Nakamoto’s looks were deceptive.

“Like what you see?” He was so confident it was annoying. It made her want to watch him beg and whine, she ordered another drink for both of them.

“So who were you fucking before coming here?” He choked a little on his final sip of the beer at her forwardness.

“Your shirt.” She pointed at the chest, “Someone fisted it, I know that sight very well.” She sipped on her drink satisfied at his reaction.

“I didn’t ask what problem you’re drowning in liquor did I?” He didn’t sound irritated or guarded at her observation. Whoever it was, he didn’t care.

“Fair enough.” She said, “Let’s play a game. Twenty questions, if you don’t want to answer a question you drink.” Yuta turned his bar stool to face her completely now.

“Haven’t you had enough to drink?” He sounded a little worried.

“I’m sure you’ll stop me from making drunk mistakes.” She said flippantly.

“But I fully intend on being the only one you make tonight.” She huffed at the way his low whisper made her stomach churn, laughing it off.

“I’ll start!” She said a little loudly and he jumped a little, “Who’s the girlfriend?” She raised her brows, wanting him to drink more.

“She’s not my girlfriend, just a colleague who thought there was something there when there wasn’t.” He shrugged and then downed his drink anyway. She turned and called for five shots each.

My turn, did you really have no one else or did you just want to call me out tonight?” His gaze was intense, she scoffed. Behind all that confidence he still desired verbal affirmation, but she wasn’t here to be his dream girl.

“Should I lie to make you feel good?” His face fell a little, he tried to hide it but (Y/N) didn’t get this far without being observant, “I didn’t have anyone else, but I could have just gone alone.” She winked and he looked like he was processing her words, she didn’t give him the chance.

“You must be real popular with the ladies,” A laugh of disbelief left his lips, “You probably were a frat boy in university as well.” Her question wasn’t even trying to be one.

“I did not know I was that easy to read, my allure is usually the flirty mysterious guy.” She laughed out loud at the ridiculous statement. “You were probably the diligent, quiet ones in university.”

“I was a slut.” She laughed loudly at her own words, “I was drunk every weekend and woke up in a different bed every monday, sometimes even in the middle of the week.” Her laugh mellowed down to a gentle giggle, “Law School changed that.”

“What’s your story then?” She added in quickly.

“That’s a very long answer.” He laughed.

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” She put her hand on her face to hide the smirk, he looked down obviously feeling a little shy.

“I wanted to be a journalist since I was a teenager. I was one of those people you know, I wanted to do good. Spread the truth and be a dignified spokesperson for it. It sounds stupid I know but-” He was blushing now, she sat up straight.

“It doesn’t.” He looked up at her confused at the sudden interruption, “It’s not stupid, there is nothing wrong in wanting to do good. That’s brave, and admirable.” She blushed at her own outpour and he looked shocked. After a moment’s silence Yuta spoke up.

“You started working for Jung’s firm fresh out of law school, and you were thriving, you would probably take on his place after he retired, but you quit. Honestly when I heard that you were going to lead the campaign I didn’t believe it.” Now it was her chance to feel taken aback, “Everyone said you were his friend from law school and you helped him here and there. But what kind of friend would let someone quit a job like that?” She sat back, her spine tense in defence.

“He didn’t know.” She said coldly.

“Are you convincing me or yourself? I’m sure the next governor is not that gullible. He knew you worked there, he clearly knows you are capable. Hell, if I could know about it, what was stopping him?” She looked down at the glass in her hand, trying to process his words. She wanted to tell him that he didn’t know Jaehyun, or her. That his claims were misguided, but she just continued staring at her glass.

“So what is it? Why are you loyal to him to the point of ruining yourself?” She downed a shot, looking at him like she had given him her answer, he raised his hands in defeat.

“I want a cigarette.” He announced, calling the bartender and taking out his card.

“Don’t be silly, I called you here, I’ll pay.” He smiled at her in response and shook his head.

“We have a deal, so i’m paying for your drinks.” He winked at her and heart skipped a little, only slightly.

Once outside Yuta leaned against the wall, she turned to him when she heard the click of a lighter. He took a long drag, leaning his head back and blowing out the smoke in his lungs with a sigh.

“You’re staring.” He said without even turning to look at her, his signature smirk played on his lips again.

“Can I have one?” She pointed at the box in his hands, he turned to her like he wanted to check if she was being serious, then he extended his hand. She pulled out one and put in between her lips, he lifted in brows like he remembered something and started fishing into his pockets, his lit cigarette still between his lips. She smirked a little at a sudden idea and stepped closer to his face, he stopped what he was doing to stare at her. She touched the cigarette on her lips to the one on his, watching his face as he watched her lips. She pulled back and blew the tiniest bit of smoke in his face and his trance was broken. She still stood in front of his face and they just silently looked at eachother for a while, blowing smoke into the air. He finished first, throwing the useless end in the bin beside. He gently placed his hand on her free one, turning it around, holding his palm against hers like he was comparing his larger hands to his. Finally he closed his fingers around hers and drew her close.

“You can throw that away now.” He took out the stub she was stubbornly holding in her hands because she was suddenly nervous. He smiled wider once he threw it away, pulling her even closer.

The kiss was slow, he was smiling against her lips, and it was so gentle she was a little surprised, she wasn’t expecting that from him. His tongue tasted bitter and she could smell the distant smoke at such proximity, but it was intoxicating, dangerously addictive and she felt herself deepen the kiss. He was still so slow, his lips were soft, he put his other hand on her cheek gingerly. It was so sensual, she whined which made him groan. She suddenly heard the door of the bar they were at open and she tried to push him away, but he groaned again and turned them around, pressing her against the glass of the front of the bar, she gripped on his chest tightly, crinkling his shirt in the same place as before. She distantly registered someone whistle and cheer, she wondered if it was for them.

Till this moment she didn’t realise how this felt, out in the open she was shamelessly making out with a man as people watched beside and from inside as her back pressed against the glass they could see from. His hand moved from her cheek to her waist and she brought up her arms to his neck, their proximity so unapologetic and casual, without grave consequences. She didn’t even notice how heated the kiss had gotten till he winced and she realised that she had bit down on his lip. She pushed back, her hands going up to cover her mouth, embarrassed at such a horrifyingly crude action. He lifted his hand and pushed her hand away from her face, leaning closer to her face, keeping his eyes on hers and holding her gaze. He gently pulled her bottom lip between his teeth nibbling on it, her breathe caught in her thought, but it wasn’t because she was in pain.

“Do it again.” He said against her lips and her knees almost gave out at how his voice sounded. She bit down on his lower lip again, gently. She saw him close his eyes and felt him let out a shaky breath.

“Is this the part where you finally take me home Mr. Nakamoto?” She whispered as he put his forehead against hers. He just gently nodded and hummed as it resonated through her.

“We can walk to my apartment from here, I can’t drive so let’s go.” He slid his hand down her arm and tangled his hands with hers, “Do you want some ice-cream on the way?” The way her eyes lip up at his words made him laugh.

“This is the last flight I promise.” He said referring to the stairs and (Y/N) let out an irritated huff. He chuckled and extended his hand which she grabbed for support.

“It’s like a tower in a forsaken castle.” She grumbled.

“Does that make you Rapunzel?” He didn’t turn around.

“I’m not dealing with those split ends. And I don’t think you’d enjoy being blind.” She laughed to herself which only grew louder when he turned around with a mixture confusion and horror on his face, “In the original dark tale, the prince falls in thorns and becomes blind and Rapunzel gets pregnant and kicked out by the evil witch.” She clarified.

“That’s,” He paused to search for the right words. “Interesting.” She hummed.

“Well she wasn’t actually a witch or anything, just a countess or something I-” They stopped in front of a door and Yuta turned to look at her.

“Stop talking.” He laughed and she bit down on her lips and nodded.

“I didn’t peg you as someone who gets nervous.” He tilted his head to a side.

“I’m not nervous, this is just new. Scary.” She admitted with difficulty. He just smiled at her knowingly and opened the door, standing aside to let her in.

“Would you like something to eat? Or drink?” Yuta offered hospitably and she refused politely. After standing quietly for a moment she turned around and inhaled like she wanted to say something important. Yuta smiled again and walked up to her kissing her gently and smiling.

“I’m not going to do anything to you, with you. Not when you’re drunk.” He said like he meant it. She looked up at his confused.

“I don’t understand. You brought me here.” She toppled on her words.

“I meant what I said, my place was closer and it was safer than putting you in a cab.” He brushed his lips against her once more before leading her to his bedroom.

“You can sleep here, I’ll give you something to wear. I’ll just have a quick shower and be out of here.” He spoke while he moved around the room, doing different things (Y/N) wasn’t paying attention to. This was new, it was unpredictable. She thought she understood the man whose bed she was currently sitting on. She reveled in the knowledge that she understood how he ticked and therefore knew what key to turn. She thought he was harmless.

By the time he got out of his shower, she was in one of his t-shirts while she left the pants he offered on a chair in the corner. When he noticed, and he did notice, he didn’t comment on it.

“I’ll just take a pillow.” He said and went to pick it up when her voice stopped his motions.

“You don’t have to do that.” He turned to her looking confused.

“Do you want all the pillows?” He asked looking lost. She smiled at his expression.

“You and I are adults, this is a perfectly well sized bed. You don’t have to sleep on your couch or on the floor, that’s very noble of you but it’s medieval. Just sleep on your bed, I’ll take the side that’s not yours.” He opened his mouth twice but shut it back like he had to rethink what he wanted to say.

“How do you make me trying to be a upstanding person sound like a bad idea?” They both laughed at his words.

“Which side is yours?” She held his hand, hoping he somehow understood her silent pleas.

“This one.” He said pointed his chin.

“Great. Then I’ll take the other side.” She said with satisfaction, rolling over. Still slightly unsure, Yuta lifted his covers and got into bed with someone that by basic definition was a stranger.

“Are you okay?” He asked. It was such a simple question, a common, mundane question that had an almost automatic response that was far from the truth. But somehow there was a long silence between the two.

“No.” The breath that came after those words were probably the best, most savoured one she had taken in a while. Even with her vision blurry and a sudden trickle falling from the corner of her right eye she smiled, “I haven’t been okay for a very long time.” He didn’t comment on her shaky laugh. After another long silence she spoke up.

“Goodnight Yuta.” She sighed with a slightly heavier voice, “I was a little closer to okay today.” Her voice was a sleepy mumble but his stomach fluttered in a way that even he thought was dramatic.

“Good night.” He breathed out and turned over.

The next morning Yuta woke up to a dull throb in his head and the sounds of someone quietly moving around his room.

“Am I being left high and dry?” His low sleepy voice was teasing her. She laughed and walked up to his side of the bed, leaning down.

“I have something important come up so I have to go.” She pushed the hair on his face back and he smiled affectionately at her touch.  “I’m not just running off I promise.”

When (Y/N) walked up to the table at the restaurant and coughed to let her presence be known. Sulhee lowered the menu she was reading and smiled at her.

“Sit. I took the liberty of ordering for you. Both of us have places to be so I didn’t want to waste time.” She spoke like she was talking to an old friend.

“What do you want Sulhee?” (Y/N) didn’t want to waste time.

“I’ve never stayed at his apartment you know?” (Y/N) was taken aback at the sudden revelation, “I’ve been with him for so long and not once. He always took me home, dropped me at the doorstep. I used to think he’s such a gentleman, I mean I knew it was an arrangement on paper but he treated me so well. You don’t get people like him anymore.” She laughed at her own words, “I was so stupid. Maybe I didn’t want to see it. Honestly I felt so betrayed. All night I thought about how you both must have sat back and laughed at little naive Sulhee who is too blind to see what’s happening right under her nose.”

“Sulhee that’s not-” (Y/N) began but Sulhee picked up her hand and made her stop.

“Let me speak. I said, I spend all night thinking that. But in the morning I realised that you probably don’t even care enough to think about me when you’re together. I realised that I have no right to feel betrayed do I? He was never mine anyway. He always looked so sad, pitiful. I thought he must really hate me. But he just liked you better.” A small smile touched her lips.

“What is the point of this?” (Y/N) asked seriously, confused about what was going on.

“Do you love him?” The question caught her off guard. Sulhee’s eyes bore into hers, demanding a response (Y/N) could not provide.

“I see,” Sulhee filled the silence herself. “I guess it’s none of my concern anyway. I was just hoping, maybe it was a situation out of both your hands. Star-crossed lovers if you will, that at least made you human. I know you were the one who picked me.” She laughed bitterly at her own words.

“Makes it sounds so industrial doesn’t it? But that’s what it was. There was probably an assembly line of photographs and you picked mine, tied me to a miserable faith of having to stop myself from loving an incredible man who by all means should be mine to cherish.” (Y/N) tried to respond again, but thought it best to just listen, sitting back and letting her speak her mind to someone, she deserved that at least.

“I’m not going to hold a grudge against you, It’s too much bitterness to bare. I’m just curious why did you pick me? There must have been at least a handful more girls, why me?”

“Because you were intelligent. I didn’t want some idealistic girl to drop in and have the naive hope that things would change for the better, none of us have a chance at a better life because we sacrifice it for something more. I needed someone to understand that.” Sulhee looked like she didn’t care for her words, but (Y/N) knew she would understand. Sulhee laughed again.

“Till now I thought I was weak, someone who had to rely on others, on men. For luxuries and for happiness, I thought Jaehyun would be my key to a different life but I was wrong, It’s you. And now I want to hold you to a promise.” (Y/N) stared at Sulhee, waiting for her to ask, when she didn’t say anything she had to ask.

“What promise?” She was cautious.

“There will come a time when I will need a favour. I just want you to promise to do whatever is in your power to help me then.”

Hold Me

Originally posted by fiendfyrx

Hey Anon, super cute prompt. I hope the below is fluffy enough.

“I don’t want you to go home yet.” She admitted to him as they were approaching her house. He had held her at the diner, they hadn’t talked much more about their revelations to each other before deciding to walk home.

“I don’t want to either.” He agreed. He didn’t want to leave her alone. After seeing those marks he wasn’t sure he ever wanted to leave her. A deep need to protect her had risen up in him.

“Maybe we could watch a movie.“ She had enjoyed spending time together just the two of them, enjoying a moment of being two normal teenagers going out to the movies, sharing popcorn and snuggling up to one another. She wanted to capture that feeling again.

“Okay, signal when the coast is clear.” They had done this so many times now him sneaking up to her room that they both knew the drill. Betty was sure that her mum was in bed by now. She seemed to have a different set of rules for Betty spending time with Jughead. There was no way on earth she would have been able to go to bed if it was Archie or Veronica that she was having a late night milkshake at Pop’s with but he seemed to have earned himself a free pass from Alice Cooper which he was very grateful for.

She pressed her lips against his a chaste kiss promising more to come. He watched as she entered through the front door. He should know better than to take the risk sneaking into Betty’s room with her mother in the house. Most of their secret rendezvous took place when Alice Cooper was working late at the newspaper. But Betty had revealed something deep and personal to him and he wanted to be there for her, plus he was not keen to re-enter the Andrews home which was sure to be a disaster zone. Archie had wanted to throw the big party he could deal with the big clean up.

He stayed hidden in the bushes waiting for the tell tale sign of her lamp flashing on and off before he grabbed the ladder from the side of the house placing it gently onto the side of the house resting just underneath the window ledge.

She was sitting on her bed, crossed legged as he entered through the window. Her laptop open in front of her. He sat on the edge of her bed, feeling the usual nervousness that came with being alone with her in her bedroom. The expectations that he would act as any other teenage boy in their girlfriend’s room alone suddenly weighing heavily on him. 

“So what will it be birthday boy.” There was a playfulness in her tone. As she moved the laptop to face him.  He carefully looked through the list of films at their disposal. 

She examined his face in the soft light of the laptop . The dark bruise around his eye and the cut on his cheek the result of his fight with Chuck. The fight he had gotten in because of her. Despite it all, despite her throwing a party that he didn’t want, and her lies here he was. She had bared to him her darkest secret, something that she had never revealed to anyone and he hadn’t recoiled from her, he had taken her scarred hands in his own and kissed them gently. Accepting all of her. 

“It looks painful.” She commented. 

“I should have done it sooner, as soon as he started I should have stopped him. I’m ashamed that I didn’t.”

“Hey not your fault.” She took his hands. “And you were there for me tonight. Plus it looks very rebellious. Almost could I say hot?” She winced as the words came out not sure how he would react. She knew that Jughead was not one to graciously accept compliments especially those that commented on his physical appearance a lifetime of being the weird kid and trying to remain invisible as possible had made him shy and unsure of himself. A blush spread across his cheeks at her comment. He pulled his beanie off and nervously ran a hand through his hair. A curl falling over his bruised eye. She pushed it back away from his eyes, and he looked up to meet hers. “Sorry I know you don’t like…” She didn’t get to finish her sentence as he pulled her onto his lap. His hands moving to her hips immediately holding her in place as his lips assaulted hers. There was a passion and ferocity in his kiss that was different to their usually chaste and gentle kisses in the privacy of her room. She moaned as his tongue swept her bottom lip begging for entrance, she gasped at the movement and he seized on the opportunity to deepen the kiss. His hands were in her hair pulling her golden locks from the restrictive hairstyle she seemed to favour. He pulled back to examine her, eyes blown wide, lips plump and a delicious shade of pink as a result of their kisses.

“Well looks like I got my birthday wish after all.” He smiled at her as she remembered the way he had looked at her when he had said those words earlier that evening. He was looking at her just like that now. He had to admire how beautiful she looked with the soft light from her laptop now cast aside on her bed highlighting her face. 

He felt a sudden pang in his chest. And thought to himself that he may be falling in love with her.

“Is it wrong that I find this hot as hell.” She let out in a breathy whisper. “You defending my honour.” She returned her lips to his, kissing him deeply, letting her hands loose in those waves he usually kept so well hidden. Her lips then trailed to his cheek gently brushing against the cut on his cheek.

“I’m glad you came back.” She whispered. She had felt the relief wash over her when he had re-entered the kitchen after the fight with Chuck. When she couldn’t find him after the punches were thrown she felt for sure that he had been repulsed by the secrets Chuck had revealed about her. That he had headed for the hills and she couldn’t really blame him. But he hadn’t he took her hand and lead her away from all the chaos to the safe haven of Pop’s and a vanilla malt milkshake to share.

“Me too.” He agreed as he felt her lips deliver a feather-light kiss to his bruised eye. Without meaning to she let out a yawn. One that he couldn’t help but imitate.

“Sorry.” She wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly. She could feel her eyes closing safe in the warmth of his body. “I was up so early this morning, and.” She paused, another blush spreading across her cheeks as she nuzzled against his neck. “Trust me I really want to continue this.” Her lips brushed gently against his neck and he tightened his arms around her.

“It’s okay, Betty. It’s late and there will be other times.” His hand in her hair directed her to look into his eyes and she could see that he was being honest with her.

“Juggie could you just hold me? Just until I fall asleep.” Those wide trusting eyes would be the death of him. He would do anything just to have her look at him like that.

“Sure.” She moved off his lap allowing him to lay down on her bed, his torso propped up by her seemingly endless supply of pillows. She followed him, laying her head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her snug against his body. He felt that need to protect her rising up again. She could hear his heart beating steadily against her ear. Its steady rhythm lulling her into a gentle sleep. 

He knew he should leave when she fell asleep, he couldn’t afford to be in Alice Cooper’s bad books. He had to admit to himself that he was enjoying coming over for early breakfasts, staying for the occasional dinner. It almost felt a little like a family should, even despite all he knew about how imperfect it really was, he couldn’t help but be drawn to it. But he stayed, rubbing his hand gently along her back until sleep eventually overtook him as well.

Tip Toe

Pairing: Hermione Granger x Draco Malfoy

AU: Modern, non-magical, high school AU

Word Count: 1,223

Written For: muclbloods + the iconic yellow BMW

Draco has loathed Hermione Granger from a safe, perfectly practical distance for about as long as he can remember.

She’d shown up on the first day of sixth grade with her powder-blue Kipling backpack stuffed with five individually labeled plastic folders—fucking color-coded, too—and she’d proceeded to beat him at everything.


If he got a 99 on an algebra test, she got a 100. If he was publicly praised by their English teacher for his astute use of simile in an essay, she was invited to participate in a district-wide writing contest. She took pristine notes on college-rule notepaper and she stole the state spelling bee trophy right out of his elegant, neatly-manicured hands after he misspelled the word ‘sanctimonious’ and she won the mock Continental Congress debate in their eighth grade history class—while playing as Alexander Hamilton.

She made him feel like the fucking coyote in those old Saturday morning cartoons; wily and arrogant and always just on the cusp of winning—until she inevitably arrived with her laminated book reports and her environmentally-safe highlighters and her ridiculous fucking ergonomically designed mechanical pencils—just in time to either push him off a cliff or directly into the path of an oncoming train.

He hated her.

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It’s just Suzy and Dan left in the office when the power goes out. It flickers once, twice, and dies. Suzy hears Dan curse from across the office and- it’s not that she’s scared of storms, or the dark, but she wanders closer because it seems like the thing to do. She follows the sound of his voice until she can make out his silhouette in the blackness, and then she clutches at his sleeve, startling him.

She laughs, apologizes, and turns on her phone’s flashlight to give them something to see by.

The storm raging outside is probably some kind of record breaker. Dan takes one look through the window, being lashed by rain, and suggests, “Let’s wait until it dies down.”

So they do. It’s the first time in a while that Suzy has spent any significant amount of time with Dan, as busy as they both are. She’d forgotten how easily he can make her laugh. They wind up on the grump couch, the only decently comfortable piece of furniture in the whole place, side by side and barely an inch apart, with the lit-up phone sitting on the coffee table and casting pale white light around the room- and they talk. Dan is a great listener, with a way of looking at you like what you’re saying is important, like he’s hanging on every word when other people would be dismissive or distracted. It’s… Comforting, to Suzy, who feels lighter and lighter as the conversation goes on, whose cheeks hurt from smiling as it grows later and later.

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Tequila Confessions

Mass Effect Relationships, Day 3: Late Night Chats

A/N : For today I decided to write a late night scene between James Vega and his best friend James Cortez. This is a scene that happens after the ending of ME3, but before my Shega fic Say Something, and is essentially a drunk James confessing that he loves Jane but thinks he’s ruined his chances. And it’s Steve playing match maker! :)

“Vega? You okay?” Steve winced as the larger man knocked back another shot and slammed the glass on the countertop, the sound ringing through the empty apartment.

James shook his head and slowly dragged his hands down his face, looking exhausted. “She hates me,” he slurred. “One look at me tonight and she ran away like I was a … vorcha.”

Steve sighed and made his way over to the bar. He and James had been friends for longer than he cared to admit. He had seen him angry, full of rage, and spoiling for a fight. He had seen him torn apart as he mourned the loss of friends and strangers alike. He had seen him mooning over the latest pretty girl he had a crush on … but he had never seen him like this; lost and broken.

And it was all Jane Shepard’s fault.

The big guy had been down in the dumps ever since he’d returned to Earth and Jane had cut herself off from him. Steve wasn’t an idiot. He’d been there when the Normandy returned, and he’d seen Jane and Vega practically run to each other’s arms. He’d watched as Vega picked her up and twirled her around and kissed her for all the world like a man in love. And Jane had been laughing and clinging to him as she kissed him back.

But … something had gone wrong.

Maybe it was the media swarming them that had spooked her, or maybe the kiss had been too much too fast, but after that one beautiful moment she’d bolted from the shuttle hanger, and apparently from James’ life.

Not that they’d even been together, but everyone knew that James loved Jane.

Steve just hadn’t realised that she had feelings for him too.

It hadn’t been until tonight at his party, when James had turned up unexpectedly and came face to face with Jane for the first timer in months, that Steve learned the truth. She’d bolted the moment she saw James, as though the sight of him scared her, and instead of enjoying the party, James spent the night drinking at the bar while Jane locked herself in his bedroom and cried.

Her tearful confession about her feelings for James and her reasons for avoiding him had made Steve’s heart ache. Jane truly loved James too, that much he knew, but she was also terrified of her feelings, and terrified that he wouldn’t want her when he realised how badly injured she’d been, and still was, from the Crucible explosion. It appeared that instead of risking her heart, she was cutting herself off and making them both miserable in the process.

Read the rest under the cut:

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Sanvers fluff written to the song Perfect by Ed Sheeran.

The night that changed their lives was not the night that they had expected.

Especially Maggie.

Around 12:30am Maggie trudged through their apartment door. She dropped everything on the floor, and stripped off her NCPD jacket. It had been one of the worst days of her career. For 10 hours she negotiated with a criminal that had taken a hostage during another bank robbery. She had done this hundreds of times before, the only difference is, the hostage didn’t make it out alive this time. Even though Maggie wasn’t the main detective on the case, she still felt this immense responsibility for the life that was lost.

After not eating all day, and still not feeling hungry but knowing she should put something in her body, she headed for the fridge. She stared vacantly into the refrigerator light and tried her hardest not to cry.

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#mattelektraweek :: day four ::  fluff (goes great with) or angst

These days, he loves it when Elektra simply lets herself in. He loves what it says: she’s not a guest in his apartment, or a guest in his life. She’s home.

Waking up to the soft fall of her footsteps on the staircase is like giving himself permission to dream in daytime. Happiness spreads through Matt like the slow sweet crawl of honey; anticipation buzzes like the wings of a bee. Anything can happen in the hours ahead of them. Nine to five rules don’t apply. Their choice, their time, his and Elektra’s.

He’s sitting up in bed by the time her footsteps reach the living room, and when he hears her turn towards the kitchen, Matt gets to his feet. He’s sleep-mussed, wearing only boxers and bandages, and entirely unconcerned about the fact. She’s wearing slim pants and a fitted cashmere sweater; when he palms her waist and whispers, “Hi,” his mind adds a silent prayer of thanks for the gift in his hands.

“Good night?” Elektra asks, tracing the square edges of the bandage high on his shoulder.

“Productive. Yeah. You?”

“Ask me tonight,” she says, a tease in her voice, and kisses him hello, soft and plush and warm. “I got you something,” she adds, and leads him by the hand over to his own table. Matt smells buttery bread, fresh strawberries, sweet, pure, cream, and the kind of coffee rich enough to drown in.

Matt dips his head toward the hollow of her throat, just above the neck of her sweater, and noses in for a kiss, followed by a dramatic sniff; “I cannot tell a lie,” he says, “it smells even better than you do.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere,” Elektra says drily, taking a seat. Matt settles beside her, dunks a berry in cream, and lets the bright, clean flavor burst on his tongue.

He got her something, too. She’s probably already noticed; details never escape her. The orchid growing near his windowsill is white, he’s been told, with red deep inside the bloom. Scent rises from its petals, layered and complex, climbing up and up, all the way to the rafters.

He doesn’t expect her to tend it - that’s for him to do. He’ll do it well, and it will be here to greet her, every time she comes home.

Day Thirty

-I told a man to have a good day. He loudly told me in kind to have a great day. I do not get paid enough to handle this blatant one-upmanship. 

-A woman informed me that she would not be using her Target card, as she would rather pay. I want to know what she thought the Target card was that did not involve payment, but more importantly, why she would ever choose to pay when presented with an option not to.

-As I made eye contact with a woman who was talking to me, she opened her eyes. It turned out that she had black eye shadow on with a strip in the middle that had been worn off, making her eyelid look like an eye of its own, and making me think I was ringing up an ancient multi-eyed deity. 

-In response to the feedback I’ve gotten that not only kids would like stickers, I put a stack on my counter with a sign inviting all guests to take one. An unanticipated but not altogether surprising amount of people took up this offer, and guests from all age groups, teenagers to the elderly, left the store with a sticker in their pocket and a smile on their face.

-As a very mean-looking woman approached my lane, I began to have a nearly-debilitating sharp pain in the center of my forehead. I do not mean to imply that this woman is the Dark Lord Voldemort, but I am most certainly not saying that she is not.

-I was informed by a team member that if I were ever to post about her, I must refer to her as “The Crazy One.” I laughed at first, but I realized that she was serious about this. 

-In conversation with a guest, I mentioned that I was having a migraine. I experience severe migraines somewhat frequently, and I had been on the verge of asking to leave early due to it. After I finished her transaction, she returned to the sales floor, seemingly having forgotten something. She returned moments later with a box of Excedrin Migraine and a Gatorade, refusing to accept my protests as she purchased them for me. This is the kindest thing a stranger has ever done for me and I began feeling better almost instantly. In case she never returns to my lane, this is my thank you.

-A guest told me to have a good day just as I told them to have a good night. We looked at each other for a moment, panicked, then looked outside to see who was in the right. I am proud to say that, for once, it was me.

-A man with snow-white hair and a urine-yellow beard came through with a chewed up, unlit cigarette hanging loosely out of his mouth. I am sure this is a metaphor for something, but for what, I do not know.

-I noticed out of the corner of my eye that a guest’s newly-purchased mirror was about to fall off of the counter. I lunged for it, knocking over items and throwing out my back, catching it just before it fell and shattered everywhere. I then realized that it was not a mirror, but a wreath that was in no danger of any damage, and my entire reaction was unwarranted. 

-A woman in her forties was accompanied by a man in his sixties. She loudly exclaimed to me, “Tonight I’m with daddy!” With all of my heart, I hope that man was her father.

-As a three year old was preparing to purchase her toys with her own money from her own wallet, a woman offered her a sticker from the counter. Seeing this as a contest of who had more items of value, the child pulled out an enormous wad of cash, the likes of which I have rarely seen and never possessed, and held it out in front of the woman’s face. I think it is clear who has won this battle and my admiration.

Summer (4)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10
Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14
Part 15

Description: Jiyoon and Jongin had been best friends since birth thanks to their families. They visit a cabin every summer, nothing changed until both of them had graduated, soon off to college. This would be their last time at the family cabin for years to come, and things begin to change for Jongin. What happens when he begins to realize everything too late?

Genre: Fluff, smut, angst (LET THE ANGST BEGIN)

Word Count: 3,034

Pairing: Kim Jongin (Kai) x OC (Park Jiyoon)

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ

Xiufairy’s Masterlist ㅅㅇㅅ

(A/N: This may include inaccurate representations of Kai’s family because I don’t know them, nor do I claim them as characters.)

Originally posted by ilovepinkandkadi

Jongin tried to forget for the remainder of the trip. It was the day before everyone was supposed to leave when the parents decided that they’d waver their ‘no underage drinking’ rule for Jongin and Jiyoon.

Jongin hadn’t ever really had alcohol before, so he barely had any, but Jiyoon seemed as if she knew what she was doing. As the night carried on, it seemed more like Jiyoon was drinking to forget than she was to have fun. Jongin knew that was a bad habit to have.

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