Entry 22

He forgot my name. 

I thought it was his idea of a bad joke, or maybe he was just having a moment. But it wan’t that. He genuinely did not know who I was.

It took about fifteen minutes of flipping through Mabel’s old scrapbook to jog his memory. He laughed it off and said it must have been tiredness and we chuckled in agreement. 

He didn’t forget her or Stan though. 

Just me


This exchange is one of my favorites that I would label proof. In the first gif you see as soon as Liam puts his arm around Zayn, Zayn’s instant reaction is to hold Liam’s hand, I have done this exact thing with my boyfriend. Zayn catches himself before he gets a good grip and throws it around Liam’s shoulders instead as more of a friend-like gesture. In the second gif you can sort of see Liam’s reaction as he shrugs it off and reassures Zayn with something like or along the lines of, “It’s alright, don’t worry about it.” Zayn then replies with what looks like, “You’re right.” and asks Liam a question about where I guess one of the boys is and Liam answers, “He’s right over there.” They, soon after, go their separate ways. These gifs are not mine.

thank you lolurnotziam for tagging me in the top ten pics/gifs of zayn, which i will now spend all my day suffering to get done, because you can’t just have ten favourite pics of zayn. so, here we go (in no particular order):

when god blessed us with zayn scrubbin’ himself in the shower. with a cute blue cap. amen.

look how soft he is. imagine him lookin’ @ u like that. his eyes. we are #blessed.

this was amazing. a life changing experience. bradford-bred zayn malik looking like a god in the back of a van. thank you @ god.

gorgeous shirtless zayn ft. his other half liam payne, which is what i was after seeing this. in pain.

what i love the most. watching zayn doing what he loves. look at the concentration. eugh.

me when zerrie is mentioned irl


he looks like a god. i just -

look how happy and goofy he is with his bf harry

is this zayn??? look how fluffy. i want ten.


ok so that was my limit but i say stuff that because we all need more zayn in our lives so 

i can’t with him. look. he is a better blonde than me and i’m natural. what am i saying. i don’t even know anymore.


fuck me up

i’m not sure how i will ever finish this post jusT LOOK

this fucked me up i was unstable for a week i swear

look at his cute face wth zayn can u stop

his face is literally perfect wtf

people say that u can see other universes through his eyes #confirmed

arty-hipster zayn from all those fics u’ve read.

zayn loves to ride liam

his back was sculpted by god 

so graceful. much beauty

his smile saves lives #confirmed

sleeping beauty


ok i’m stopping now bc this could go on forever but i’m gonna tag zaynharry zaynrocksmyworld zaynmalif zaynsxo malik-zayn malikmyvagina malikbu maliksempire malikismyhero zainthesupreme zainspank zainsmalek zaintheunparalleled zainbending niazkilamgifs niazsmaliks niazkilamik niazxmail and i apologise now for any pain i’ve caused 

anonymous asked:

as a former zarrie, the realest zarry moments: how zayn has always described harry as sexy and covered his complements by saying "girls think harry's..." , how he always looked at his lips when harry talked, his obsession with always grabbing harry's ass/pinching his nipples, when he asked harry "you ok?" while casually squeezing his ass, zayn whispering into harry's face while twirling his curls, when he tried to win harry's affections during otra by dancing and bringing him water++

++when harry ignored him, “is he my rock? yeah”. basically zayn was legit undeniably attracted to harry and his preference towards whites further proves it lmao. his face literally melted when he would look at harry he would be broody on stage and then harry looked at him and he had that dumb grin… he could not keep his hands off harry on stage it was like tunnel vision “oh here comes harry let me stick my finger in his ass” it was so… but anyway zarry is dead, harry hates him and the++ ++remaining zarries are pretentious and zayn stans so i deleted my zarry blog and now i’m into lirry fuck lmao. this was long O WELL!

this message got so wild at the end akejfaelrfjn;

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Is Perrie culture appropriating going to be modest's new MO to prove Zerrie's validity?? If that is so then its not gonna help Perrie or LM at all. First the bindi and now this. She's getting more and more problematic and unlikeable. And honestly I'd be ashamed to put the initials of a man who repeatedly cheated on me on my mehendi. What kind of sick message is she sending to her fans? And people still believe this bullshit is real? God Zerrie is the biggest mess ever.

Management think they can make people believe that she’s part of the family by having her disrespect his culture. She thought Zayn was Indian so there’s really no coming back from that goof up. They may as well not even try.

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seeing as lilo is alarmingly real, an important question: a) does liam inspire louis to let go of his resentment toward zayn or b) does louis pull liam out of zayn's ass so that he can show him tumblr posts about how zayn fucked them over?

nah i bet it’s a mix of the first one with lewith distracting liam so the “forgive and forget” conversation never happens


Liam Payne and the Condom