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I feel like actor!zayn will be like actress!cara delevigne. AMAZING WORK THATS GONNA UP HIS CAREER. but I feel like zayn would be a lil awkward in the movies. I'll support either way though

hm i don’t think he’d be awkward lol. maybe at first on set cos that’s a lot of ppl and ur face is gonna be on the big screen *whispers* forever, but he’s acted before, so it’s not like that part of it would be new for him. if he warmed up to one direction i think he can warm up to that. besides, he’s technically done a movie before already (this is us). but i love that u mentioned cara bc …. cara is doing suicide squad…. imagine zayn in a movie like that….. two dreams, one stone!!!!!!!

and as my dear friend said, “Don’t forget his revolutionary role that is Veronica”!!


Liam Payne and the Condom 


* these are my 23 favorite fics of the spring exchange, remember to leave kudos and nice comments if you like some of them <3

Of all the government agents in the world, Louis had to go and land the most charming one. 

Liam is Louis’ surf-instructor roommate and has a deep connection with his bong. Niall and Zayn are a couple that likes to get tipsy in bars.

Harry is a Uni student, selling low level love spells infused into potions. Louis is a baker who never uses magic and Harry almost mistakes him to be a commoner. Harry has been infatuated with him for more than a year and no longer knows what exactly he feels for the guy.

Louis and Harry are part of the entertainment team on board a luxury cruise liner. They hate sharing their four berth cabin with two other guys and would do anything to get a cabin of their own.
One drunken night the solution was simple. They’d just get married…

louis has only really had his flat to himself for a few weeks when liam knocks on the door and brings him a new flatmate. this one turns out to be a bit different though.

A lawyer AU, featuring reluctant case partners, hurt feelings, a footie team that can’t seem to catch a break and a misunderstanding, but ultimately a plan for love to win out, along with the help of some good friends.

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