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9.5.16 Hi to all my new snapchat followers! Love you guys so much. Floor plans was yesterday’s focus so I was working on an A1 sheet! I’m a little worried that my models going to be too small but I didn’t want it to be big to be honest. All of what I do is small nowadays, which I really love. The floor plans required a lot of maths, so this proves you definitely need trigonometry in real life! I’m on Costa coffee free day 4 now so I’ve earned the hardcover Throne of Glass! Stay fed guys xxx emily

Hi to all my non-australian followers!
This image is a spotting game that has gone viral, it’s a typical ground covering in Australia but with a twist: There is a snake.
Not seeing this snake before your next step will likely mean a hospital trip.
It’s not a trick, there absolutely is a snake.

Rather than reblogging and telling everyone where the snake is:
what pattern is on it’s back?

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Adding more pride bees later today, probably going to add some text to the post as well.

First of all hi to all my new followers and wow thank you for appreciating my last drawings! Thank you so much!! I love SU and Saint Seiya and my nickname has been Gem for years before SU, so I guess my love for SU was meant to be c’:

On a similar note I was thinking that Strawberry Quartz’s and Watermelon Tourmaline’s shoulder pads/guards look like White Diamond’s in the mural, but I designed them before the mural was shown xD SQ whose powers are related to ice is holding a big snowball (?), while WT… well, is showing my watermark the lack of abdomen… (??)


I’ve written 24,000 words in 5 days on this new story All His. For all of my new followers this is NOT NORMAL. THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME. For my old followers send help.

Times Fox Mulder Cried

So I reached my mini follower milestone. Hi to all my new followers! I’m revisiting this old series of mine to say thank you to everyone who has read or commented or reblogged my stories.

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Part Three

Big Blue was a good excuse for a nice little trip to the water. But he hadn’t banked on that snappy little furball coming along for the ride. Scully was all mock indignation at having her weekend ruined. As if she even liked her weekends. He was pretty sure her home life yawned wide open and empty on a Friday evening, just like his. After their year so far, family deaths, fake alien autopsies, black oil, Modell, god Modell… he thought she might appreciate a weekend away. And this was as close to a weekend away as he could arrange. But that yappy little shit was sitting in the back of the car dominating the conversation and dictating the pace. His jaw ached from all the tooth grinding he was doing and he was pretty sure that vein on his temple was about ready to pop open.

              “Call of nature, I’m afraid, Mulder.”

Her hair swung round in his peripheral vision and as he turned to take her in, it settled back around her face in the way he especially liked. The sun, low now in the late afternoon, framed a halo of flyaway copper hairs. He couldn’t help but smile. She quirked her eyebrow at him.

              “Scully, you’re probably going to tell me exactly how large his bladder is and how many milliliters of urine it can hold.”

She went to open her mouth but he carried on. “And you probably made some calculation about the length of time it takes to fill his bladder against the number of miles we can safely travel before a comfort break.”

Her lips opened again, with a tiny popping sound, that he committed to memory. He held up his hand.

“And you’ve no doubt been careful about his intake of water and researched the number of rest stops along the highway.”

              She frowned now, not even trying to cut in this time.

              “You are the single most organised and prepared person I have ever met and I thank you for that, given the unexpected guest that is currently chewing on the vinyl arm rest in this rental car, but if we can just press on for a little while longer, we will arrive at our destination before the heavens open and I guarantee you that our toilet stops will be far more comfortable.” He turned to her again, offering her what he hoped was his most apologetic, yet understanding smile.

“Fine, Mulder. I can wait.” She lowered her eyebrows along with her voice and he felt suitably told.

Fat drops splattered against the windshield. He watched the window-wipers with great concentration for the rest of the silent journey.

The legend of Big Blue was the stuff of his childhood dreams. When a case involved the potential discovery of a new life-form on earth, rather than the alien beings he knew were still beyond the reach of Scully’s acceptance, he always held dear to the hope that the validation of his life’s work would be so much sweeter with Scully sharing the wonderment with him.

He pulled the umbrella lower, hunching over so that it might keep the rain from causing her hair to frizz. He secretly liked the frizz. It reminded him of that night in Bellefleur, when she lay on his bed listening to him and her hair curled around her face. She always looked younger, less like she’d been to hell and back with him.

He knew he should have been more sympathetic when Queequeg went missing. Her tiny voice when she said, ‘Poor Queequeg’ did something to his nerve endings, and he replayed it over and over in his head just so he could enjoy the delicious feeling it gave him. He knew that was wrong, but he couldn’t help it. He should have hugged her. Or offered to buy her a new dog. Or something equally noble. Instead, he selfishly held on to the smallness of her tone.

As they sat on that rock, neither of them willing to admit how scared they were, but both of them willing to open up a little more than usual, he saw how much she really understood him and how much she didn’t. And he knew it was the same for him. How could two people be so close yet so far apart? How could Scully care more for that damned dog than she seemed to for his ideas? For him? How could he even think that? Was he so self-absorbed? Did he need to ask that, given the lecture she’d just dished out?

Friday night was the same lonely expanse of hours. He sunk his head back on the arm of the couch and prepared to watch Jaws again. The small rap on the door could only be Scully. She had a particular knock. He sniffed under his arms, rubbed his tee-shirt down and flicked off the crumbs from his jeans. He hoped the apartment didn’t smell too much of pepperoni.

              “Hi, not disturbing you, am I?” She slipped by him, relaxed in jeans and sneakers. “Any pizza left?”

              “Help yourself,” he said, pulling the box out of the fridge. “Beer too?”


              “Scully, any minute now you’re going to tell me what that strange looking thing is under your arm.”

              She let out a giggle that caught him off guard. He swallowed the beer, letting the bitter fizz play on his tongue. Scully, beer, pizza and giggles. Friday was suddenly four times better.

              “I got you a present.”

              His heart hammered. “Why?”

              She shrugged. “Just because.”

              He took the gift-wrapped parcel from her, relishing the brief touch of their hands. It was long, weighty. He took it to the couch, patted the seat next to him. She sat, took a dainty mouthful of pizza, smiled at him.

              “A peg-leg. Scully, you shouldn’t have.”

              She moved a little closer, so that he could smell the perfume of her shampoo, see the freckles across her nose, listen to her breathing. “I want you to look at it and understand that you are a whole and wonderful person.”

He opened his mouth but she cut him off.

“That your life is worthwhile, that you are worthy of love.”

His lips dried out but he parted them ready to speak. She held up her hand.

“That your quest is not in vain, that I am here with you. You are making something of your life.”

He sat back, defeated. She took his hands in hers.

“Mulder, you don’t need peg-legs or hooks for hands. You just need to believe.”

 He snorted.

She leaned in close, and whispered. “In yourself.”

He couldn’t sleep. The burning at the corner of his eyes made his nose twitch. He sniffed, shocked at the loudness of the sound in his living room. He turned over and reached under the couch, picking up the peg-leg. He brought it up to his chest and let the tears flow.

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