Give Me Polyamorous Power Couple Hamliza Or Give Me Death

~Eliza growing up having constant crushes on both men and women and trying to articulate what she wanted to Angelica but never being able to explain it the way she wanted

~When she’s in a relationship: “I want her” “But you’re dating Peter” “I want him too” “But you have to choose” “Why do I have to choose?” When she’s not in a relationship: “Ooh, Liza’s got a crush! Spill it!” “Well, there’s Arthur and his girlfriend, and Sally and her girlfriend, and Jason, and Mary…” “Whoa whoa whoa, slow down, how many crushes can you have?” “Shush, I’m not done”

~When she meets Alexander and quickly falls into her most serious relationship ever she expects the multiple crush thing to stop (Spoiler alert: it doesn’t)

~Eliza feels like a horrible girlfriend because she’s so happy with Alex but then Susan from work will start up a conversation with her in the break room and she’s instantly all heart eyes

~Tearfully she admits it to Alex one night and he’s thrilled because “no there’s nothing wrong with you I promise!!!! You’re just polyamorous!!!!”

~They spend the rest of the night talking about it

~Eliza needs some time to adjust since she’s spent so much time trying to push it aside that she doesn’t really know what else to do but Alex is very helpful

~The first time she tells him about Susan he’s instantly chanting ask her out over and over until she’s laughing and blushing at his antics

~Half a year later and Eliza is subtly sending Alex updates from her dates while he sends her multiple thumbs up emojis and does the same with his own

~She also sets up him and Angelica and when Angelica gets confused about it she’s like you need to stop sacrificing yourself, let yourself be happy

~They share embarrassing stories about him with each other

~He meets John and them after Eliza in this one and it’s all separately

~Hercules comes first because Eliza’s father invited them to a fancy dinner party and Alex needs a suit and since he’s not well educated on these things yet she comes along to help

~Hercules is instantly smitten with Alex and Alex is instantly 😍 because “Eliza look at him!!! He looks like a damn quarterback but he’s so sweet and gentle!!!!” “Either you ask him out or I will”

~Hercules not-so-subtly likes guiding Alex around even though he thinks he’s being smooth

~“Alex there was really no point for him to put his hands on your waist like that, he could’ve told you to just move to the side one step” “… Yeah but did you see how well they fit there he could probably lift me up so easily” “Wow you’re so easy” “Do I need to bring up that cute barista the other day” “pLEASE DO WE HAVE A DATE THIS WEEKEND”

~By the end of the time there Alex is going out to lunch with a pleased but confused Hercules and Eliza is eagerly awaiting every cute picture and text

~From then on he has to deal with both Eliza and Alex stealing his clothes but he can’t really fight since they both look so cute in his sweaters

~The rest come really quickly after that

~Lafayette meets Hercules before the others because they come in requesting a special dress to be made and Hercules is Gone

~“You… You want a dress with a full skirt… But when you pick at a stitch on it the dress falls down into a ball gown?” “Yes, exactly!” “Can I ask why?” “Why? Well, chéri, it’s because I must ensure that I always am prepared for any eventuality and at the top of that list is a need to always look beautiful but entirely unattainable. Oh, that reminds me! It needs to be floor length with my being in eight-inch heels, I have a pair with me so you can measure accurately” “Oh holy shit”

~It takes them exactly one weekend to be brought into the relationship (Alex sees them and instantly is stunned into silence, Eliza flirts and within two minutes they’re already co-conspirators)

~John is next and he struggles with his sexuality and anything that comes from it so he’s very much in the closet when they meet

~John and Alex immediately are best friends and Alex tries asking him out but John very quickly refuses him and Alex takes a step back

~The combined power of the four of them helps to bring John out of his shell even though he’s very shy about it all so they’re respectful and let him suggest everything and move their relationship forward in his own time

~The first time he asks to spend the night with all of them there’s a little fight over who gets to sleep next to him

~Eliza and Hercules win, Lafayette and Alex pout

~Aaron and Theodosia Burr AKA Theo, Eliza, and Lafayette kill and the rest of them are literally powerless against them

~Dates are really fun with them because now there’s enough people to go on group dates and everyone can have a supposed other instead of it being just the mess of them (They still do it as the whole of them, its just more fun to have the people think they’re all separate couples then watch as they get more affectionate as the night goes on)

~Don’t think I’ve forgotten about the Washingtons

~George favors Alex and Laf, Martha favors Eliza, Angelica, and Theo, George is platonic with John, Hercules, Aaron, and the girls, Martha is platonic with everyone but her girls and sometimes Alex and Lafayette (She likes showing off that she’s perfectly capable of stealing them away from him but is graciously letting them stay with him. George jokes back and tries to rally Laf and Alex to joke too but they need time to come back to that plane of existence)


~Eliza and Alex get so many kisses and cuddles since they’re the heart of it all

~Alex dragging everyone outside to look at the stars

~Lots of hot chocolate when Alex drags them outside

~Lots of spiked hot chocolate when they think Martha isn’t looking

~She totally knows since John keeps giggling but she let’s them have fun


~Eliza starts flirting with him to bug Alex

~Eventually she starts flirting with him for Alex no matter what he says

~“Look at the tension good god” “Betsey I swear…”

~Eliza has a near constant stream of frustrated texts from George

~“Eliza I’m suffering” “What is it this time, dear?” “They’re arguing again and they look two seconds away from making out” “I’m working on it. Have patience” “I can’t have patience anymore I can’t have meetings because this happens in every one”

~All the hate sex

~All the Jeffmads+Alex hate sex (I would include Aaron but the frustrations are over Washington but Aaron knows why Alex is favored by him and has worked out his own balance with George so he’s not jealous)

~Alex pulls them into the dynamic and they finally understand

~George doesn’t mind them finding out, he’s just glad the tension is gone (Though he has cut more than a few work days short because he walked in on them fucking on his desk because Alex wanted to tease him and he can’t handle that so he just walks out)

~There’s multiple incidents where they try to tease Angelica but she is Not Having It and takes great joy in showing them why

~Angelica Schuyler is my queen she wouldn’t handle any bullshit from them


~Elizabeth “If you touch one hair on my girl’s head I will personally kick your ass from here to California don’t test me” Schuyler

~Obviously she moves in with them immediately and spends every night sleeping between Alex and Eliza

~When things become too much in the city Eliza and her take a trip down to Mount Vernon for a girls-only retreat

~Maria and John never start a romantic relationship but they hit it off very quickly since they’re both abuse survivors (Her with James, him with his father) and John is more healed than she is but there’s wounds he’s still licking and sometimes its nice to just spend the day in silence with someone who understands that company is more important than conversation

~Eliza and Alex creating a crazy huge family for themselves which has confusing interconnecting romantic and platonic relationships but they love it so much they can’t describe it

~Whenever anyone asks about it Alex shows them the graph he’s made for them all

~Everyone has a specific color and one poor soul asks why he chose those colors and spends the next 45 minutes listening to him talking about why each of his signifs was given that very color choice

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do you have favourite ships from movies?

Will and Elizabeth, POTC

Their story is full of such angst and Keira and Orlando have amazing chemistry. I get that Johnny Depp essentially takes over the movie because Jack Sparrow is Jack Sparrow and people mostly talk about Johnny and Keira but Orlando and Keira, man, they fucking sell that relationship; they play longing and yearning extremely well:

Like even now in gifs, I feel that tension, that connection, that chemistry and when I watch a movie, chemistry is the first thing that’s going to get me to invest in a ship on a visceral level and movies have less time than TV shows.

Monica and Q, Love and Basketball

Well firstly I have such love for this ship and for this movie because Love and Basketball came out when I was 10 and it was one of the first young black couples I had ever seen onscreen and Monica was one of the first assertive, strong, passionate young female characters I ever saw on screen too so that alone means I have a very special place in my heart for their relationship and for the movie itself. Monica and Q was also one of the first ships I saw where they go from “hate” to love/friends to lovers and I love that they give each other so much shit but that they genuinely care about each other.

Harry and Sally, When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally is just an exceptionally well-written movie, I’ve studied that script (along with You’ve Got Mail but I will not put Kathleen and Joe as a ship because that relationship is actually fundamentally fucked up which I realized when I got older) and the relationship between Harry and Sally is witty and fun and just very real about two people who hated each other, became friends, slept together, stopped talking to each other and then realizing that they’re in love with each other, it’s just very smart.

Slevin and Lindsey, Lucky Number Slevin

I read somewhere that Lucy Liu said the most fun she ever had on set was on the set of Lucky Number Slevin and when you watch the movie, you can tell, you can see that she’s having a blast on set, that she and Josh get along really well, there’s a scene (she’s the neighbour) where she walks into Slevin’s apartment while he’s taking off a towel and Josh actually had no underwear on and he didn’t tell Lucy so her reaction is priceless anyway even before I knew any of that, Lindsey and Slevin have this incredibly quirky, cute, odd relationship that works so well and it’s just really fun.

Janie and Tea Cake, Their Eyes Were Watching God

This is purely chemistry. Tea Cake and Janie were supposed to have a wildly passionate relationship that consumed everything and Michael and Halle showed that with such intensity, I felt like leaving them alone when I saw the movie. When I found out Halle and Michael dated for a bit after this I was like well how could they not? I MEAN LOOK AT THIS.

Hildy and Walter, His Girl Friday

This is banter at its best, this is I loathe you but somehow I like you and I hate you for it, you ass at its best. This is still one of the smartest, funniest relationships I have ever watched.

June and John, Walk The Line

This was a relationship, I remember watching it and feeling both sad and happy and frustrated, their journey was kind of torturous to witness but Joaquin and Reese have really good chemistry, they just work well together and I really wanted to see them through and it’s another example of a well-written consuming love.

Arwen and Aragorn, Lord of the Rings

Because you get that sense of eternal, never-ending love between the two of them, that they’ll always be entwined no matter what and that it’s a driving force next to Aragorn’s sense of valour and honour to defeat Sauron.

Gale and Katniss, The Hunger Games

Like everything about The Hunger Games, I like the relationship in the books a lot better but I thought particularly in the first two movies that they did a decent job in showing what they meant to each other.

Latika and Jamal, Slumdog Millionaire

Because tear my fucking heart out why don’t you?

Ron and Hermione, Harry Potter

The movies took away a lot of Romione’s nuance, a lot of Ron’s development and a lot of their dynamic as the movies went on (the first movie they did it spot on) but it’s Romione, I always ship Romione.


but can we talk about how he gave him his match worn jersey from his first PL goal!!!!

let me set it up for you. this was not some publicity visit arranged by the spurs PR team. this was not some carefully crafted moment set with a boom mic and proper lighting. this was a family desperate to make their sick son’s dreams come true reaching out to dele’s family. this was doubt that the busy footballer would actually take the time to stop in on his day off between travelling back to England after a taxing cl game and other obligations already arranged for that day.

this was dele looking in his wardrobe that morning and wondering what he could possibly bring to someone so young and so sick other than his own presence (as if that wouldn’t have made it everything anyway!), and seeing something he’s cherished for over a year and probably would have for the rest of his life. something priceless to him. did he even hesitate?

2 days. 2 days between little Tony’s parents reaching Dele’s and Dele showing up next to his hospital bed and spending a few hours playing FIFA and leaving behind something of sentimental value to both of them, and not just the memories. 

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Can we have some Mama's Boy!Percy headcanons? Either Pre-Camp or Post-War. Sally deserves some love for raising him :)

  • he started his candy selling business so Sally could worry about saving up for herself  
  • he made her a card every Father’s Day 
  • he asks her if his outfit is okay before hanging to with Annabeth, “Very handsome.” with a wink 
  • Sally asks Percy how she looks before going out on a date with Paul, “You look beautiful, mom. Really.” 
  • as a kid when he would play outside he would always pick flowers and bring her a bouquet (though sometimes he would pout because there weren’t any blue ones) 
  • they would count fish together until he fell asleep 
  • every drawing he did in school was of him and his mom at the beach 
  • walks down the beach, holding hands and looking for pretty rocks to decorate their sand castles with 
  • running into her room any time there was a thunder storm 
  • he always says “Hey mama” when answering her phone calls 

I do love Shadamy…but the fanfic are just…..

You'll Be in My Heart - SallyWhite92 - Zootopia (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Gideon Grey is only twelve years old when Judy Hopps decides to take him under her wing. As they grow up together, they learn that not everyone is as accepting of their friendship–and possibly more–as they had hoped. Facing years of prejudice and awkward encounters together, there’s only one thing they know for sure–they have no intention of letting the other be alone. Written by Sally White, illustrated by baronpuddinsplace.

hello, everyone! so those of you who follow my fics know that i’ve been friends with @alandcapon/ @baronpuddinsplace and a some of the fics i’ve written have been his fault. so he and I have decided to collab together for this fic. i will be writing it and he will be illustrating it. this is an au we’ve discussed a lot-and by that i mean we’ve been screaming about it to each other for the past three days. we’re both super excited for this project and i really hope that you enjoy it as much as we are. come and join us in screaming about this au. please.

“I’m sorry about your parents.” Of course she couldn’t just let things be.

He sighed as he wrapped his arms a little tighter around his legs. “’s fine. Ain’t nothin’ you can do.”

“Have you cried yet?”

“Cryin’s fer babies. I ain’t no baby.”

“My mom said you’d probably be crying today. I told her you wouldn’t.” She looked at him, her nose twitching.

“Well ain’t you just lil miss smarty pants,” he shot back at her, his eyes narrowing and his lip curling to show her his teeth. Why was she still there??

She just kept looking at him and it was starting to piss him off. He opened his mouth to yell at her when she suddenly said, “You know, it’s okay to be upset.”

He blinked at her. “What?”

“It’s okay if you cry. Your parents are dead, that’s really awful. I’m really sorry.” She reached into the pocket of her dress—the thing even had pockets, how big was it??—and pulled out a handkerchief, holding it out to him. “It’s okay if you cry. I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

He didn’t know why this small, insignificant action got to him. It shouldn’t have. He should have laughed in her face and pushed her over, called her a dumb bunny and told her to leave him alone.

Maybe it was the look on her face, how her lips were barely turned up in a sympathetic smile. Maybe it was how her eyes shined at him, how he could see that she was starting to tear up as well. Maybe it was how her stupid big ears flopped down her back, making her look even more sad for him.

Whatever it was, it got to him. 

The pastas and rollerskating

Jeff, Ben, and LJ suck at rollerskating but they do try. And by try I mean they are holding onto the walls for dear life.

EJ is too scared to skate. He doesn’t trust the rollerskate.

Toby is a reckless skater since he can’t feel pain so he does whatever he wants without the fear of breaking something in his body

Sally can’t skate well but momma Jane helps her.

Hoodie can skate pretty well but isn’t as great as his friend Masky

MAsky IS THE bEST AT ROLLERSKATING dOn’T QUEStiON HIS ABILITIES (who ever knows why Masky is the best gets a cookie)

Percy Jackson Headcanons
  •  He actually has a very angular face - High cheekbones, narrow face, straight nose. He gets his bone structure from his mother, but where Sally had a softness to all of her features, he gets Poseidon’s natural brooding and regal sharpness. It’s another factor that makes his demeanor a bit intimidating and what makes people peg him as a trouble maker. and so so attractive
  • When he was younger, he used to be left handed. But during the sporadic period when he was rapidly getting kicked out of school and learning how to write, he was placed through many schools that had the old philosophy that being left handed was wrong and forced him to write with his right hand. In the end, it ends up helping him because he learned how to use both hands equally well, becoming ambidextrous, thus also helping his sword fighting.
  • When Sally married Gabe, Percy never told Sally of the abuse he was getting because he thought that if Gabe took out all of his frustrations on him, then there would be nothing left for his mother to receive and was afraid of what Gabe would do.
  • After the Sea of Monsters but before the Battle of the Labyrinth Percy had a mouthful of braces. Annabeth took as many pictures as she could at the time and taped them on the wall of the big house. He tore down all he could find but legend has it, you can still find one or two miraculously appearing up there.
  • His middle name is Dylann, pronounced Die-lin, which means ‘son of the sea.’ Subtlety is not Sally’s specialty and she cannot seem to give him names that are easily pronounced. Teacher’s sigh on the first day of school when they get to his name on their clipboard.
  • Percy is the best get away driver. Paul took him out on his first driving lesson and it was something that came natural to him. And when he was homeless for that period in Son of Neptune and relied on stealing cars he got really good at getting away quickly and efficiently. Especially when he stole that police cruiser.
  • Percy has scars on the insides of his elbows and forearms that almost look like a bad case of chicken pox scars. They’re actually cigarette burns from Gabe. Annabeth, Sally, Grover, are the only ones who know where they’re from.
  • Percy’s clothing is badly torn up. Some is the result of monster fighting, and some is from the constant wear and tear because he refuses to get rid of old clothing, but a lot of it is from skateboarding accidents. He’s actually pretty decent at skateboarding but he’s also pretty decent at falling off of it too.
  • Percy, Piper, and Rachel go skateboarding together sometimes.
  • Before Tartarus, Percy’s eyes were a gentle, warm green, like the middle of a lazy ocean you could get lost in. But after Tartarus they’re fiercer, darker, like a wave in a storm about to drag you to the bottom of the sea.
  • Percy’s favorite type of music is rock. He wanted to learn electric guitar but there was never money he was younger, now he’s too busy with monsters to have the time.
  • Percy is a naturally good surfer, it comes freakishly natural just like anything else that has to do with the ocean. Piper and he go surfing together.
  • When he’s fifteen he is around 5′11″ but he gets in a few more growth spurts before everything is said and done and ends up being just above 6′2″ and parallel to Jason. He loves playfully holding things out of Annabeth’s reach. She punches him when he does that of course.
  • He has a lean build with prominent definition. He has very little body fat and most of his weight comes from his muscles. He has the perfect swimmer body, lithe and agile.  cinnamony roll goodness
  • His hair is black like a raven’s wings and is always windswept and unruly as if he’s always running a hand through it  or like bed hair if you know what I mean
  • He, unlike the other two greek kids of the big three, doesn’t have any freckles or moles of any kind. His mother has very clear skin and het gets it from her just the same, except with the tanner tone of Poseidon.
  • He’s on Goode High’s swim team. He’s much faster than everyone even without his powers and he can’t tell if it’s just a son of Poseidon thing or if he’s actually good. Paul and Sally don’t mind because he knows that’s the only way Percy will get a scholarship with his grades, reputation, and attendance records.
  • Percy is known as the weird kid in school. He has weird scars, disappears for months at a time, and has an off putting demeanor. He doesn’t talk to many people and only does when they talk to him first.
  • His nervous ticks include running his hands through or tugging on his hair, and tapping or playing with Anaklumos in pen form.
  • He walks quietly on his feet, this comes from many different things - Being silent so Gabe couldn’t hear him, trying to sneak past monsters, his training from Lupa, and the period of time he spent running, hiding, and stealing in Son of Neptune.
  • He absolutely sucks at growing facial hair. It grows in in uneven patches and it disappoints him to no end. The guys make fun of him to no end during no shave November.
  • He knows that people underestimate him, he knows that people think of him as a goofball, and he knows that people dismiss him as stupid. Now he uses that to his defense. After torturing the goddess of Misery he can feel that darkness growing in him and his powers growing more, so he spends the entirety of Boo trying to convince everyone he’s fine. He jokes, he smiles, he says stupid things. And for the most part it works. Jason, Leo, and Piper believe it easily, although Hazel and Frank are harder to convince. But he hates the knowing look in Annabeth’s eyes that barely hide that smallest look of fear.
  • After Tartraus he figures out all the things he can do. That he control the blood pumping through someone’s veins. That he can stop someone’s heart stop with the clench of his fingers. That he can make someone die in an explosion of red. The idea terrifies him as much as it exhilarates him.
  • He tries to keep his rapidly growing powers a secret which fails of course, because whenever he has a particularly bad nightmare the ground shakes. That now when he holds Annabeth’s hand he can feel the blood pulsing thickly beneath her skin, gravitating towards him as if he’s a magnet.
  • He trains with Chiron to help find control for several months. 
  • He finds unexpected support from Nico di Angelo, who had gone through a similar thing after Tartarus.
  • He’s angrier often and snaps more easily. He purchases a punching bag and it helps him work through his aggression.
  • Percy and Annabeth go to Montauk for two weeks after the war is over, and he breaks down. Annabeth helps him through everything, saying how he can’t keep everything inside all the time.
  • Percy learns to control the darkness in him, and learns that while it may never go away, he will not be controlled by it.

Picking up where ‘Hamilton’ left off, President Thomas Jefferson hears of his rival’s death and gleefully anticipates easy re-election, but Sally Hemings, his slave and the mother of his children, insists that he ban the importation of slaves into the United States. 

see what I’m waiting for now is rap history feuds between rival schools of thought [x]

Ok I’m sure everyone’s tired of hearing me complain but the idea of Percy and Annabeth moving to New Rome really really really does not make sense and just

  • It’s been reinforced hundreds of times that New York is Percy’s home - His mother and step father live there. He’s going to have a younger sister soon and the idea of him moving literally all the way to the other side of the country and being apart from his family, especially Sally, just seems so unPercy-like.
  • Camp Half-Blood has been both Percy’s and Annabeth’s home for years and it honestly just seems like the ties they have to that place have been glossed over in favor of the idea for New Rome. Also, Annabeth even showed displeasure at the idea of moving away from Camp Half-Blood and her thoughts were never really resolved in canon??
  • One of Annabeth’s main goals as a character is to be a famous Architect - to build something permanent - to have her name be known across the world - and the idea of her going to some college in New Rome, one that doesn’t have any merit in the mortal world, which would consequently not help her at all to achieve her goal of being that famous architect, seems extremely unAnnabeth-like. 
  • Also I’m fairly positive that Annabeth’s still redesigning mount Olympus?? Like I’m pretty sure that job could take a life time and the fact the she would, once again, be on the other side of the country seems very inconvenient considering New York has the entrance to Olympus.

Like I guess I get the poetic justice of Percy, the greek, ending up in the Roman Camp and Jason, the roman, ending up in Greek Camp. I definitely understand Percy’s want to live a safe normal life.

But there were so so so many other solutions for the particular need. Like Annabeth could have built a place like New Rome for Camp Half-blood? That would have satisfied the canon architect aspects of Annabeth and the canon loyalty-family ties of Percy. Just there were so many other scenarios that would have flowed so much more smoothly in canon.


Day 6: Favorite Scene/Moment (4.02 - That Time Of The Month)