Top 5 The Office Ships: Dwight x Angela
Dwight: Be with me, monkey.
Angela: I can’t be your monkey, Dwight.
Dwight: I’m not talking about some frisky romp at the warehouse. We have wasted too much of our lives ignoring the fact that we belong together. 80 or 90 years left in this life, I wanna spend with you.
Angela: I made a vow, I gave my word.

Dwight: Stand by your man – it’s what I would want if you were mine.

If you’re feeling insecure right now, let me remind you that you are beautiful and special, beloved. With the intricate and delicate way that God designed and put you together— the small and big things He’d put so much thought before placing them in you— there could be galaxies inside of you.

You’re not ordinary. You are special, original, unique. And you are loved. You don’t need validation and affirmation from others to thrive. God loves you, dear one, and He is a real force in this reality. Thrive on His love instead.

—  Pam Carbungco, you are loved

rickard rakell after scoring the gwg in ot of game 3

So The Story Goes

6x11 reaction fic

“So are you all set, then?” Blaine’s mom fills her fish bowl sized wine glass halfway, then holds it above Kurt’s empty one across the table.

Kurt declines with a polite wave of his hand. “My dad is taking us to the airport in the morning, and Blaine just shipped off the last of his boxes.”

Pam hesitates for a moment, then shrugs and fills her glass up to the rim. “I would have taken you,” she pouts.

At the rate she’s going, Kurt is pretty sure she’ll be hung over, or possibly still drunk, when it’s time for their flight. He keeps this to himself.

“Burt’s schedule is more flexible,” Blaine says, scooping a square of lasagna onto his plate. “And this way you get us all to yourself tonight.”

Pam smiles, reaches across the table and holds Blaine’s hands. “I do like having you all to myself,” she tells him, and maybe it’s Kurt’s imagination, but she seems to be very pointedly looking at Blaine, and not both of them, when she says it.

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abbey road explained
  • come together: controversial bc john tops
  • maxwell's silver hammer: joahwn was quizzical, studied patiphisical,, science in the home
  • oh darling: paul nearly died, paul nearly died, 'cause john and george walked hand in hand, with eric clapton, away from the beatles
  • octopus's garden: ringo and george team up against lennon-mccartney, with the help of john and paul
  • i want you (she's so heavy): i want yoko (no i don't)
  • here comes the sun: that song from bee movie
  • because: pretty harmonies!!,!,!!!,,!,!!,that's it
  • you never give me your money: @people who pirate music
  • sun king: fine
  • mean mr. mustard: @a guy who kept a 10 bob note up his butt
  • polythene pam: @a fan who ate polythene (and @a threesome john was in)
  • she came in through the bathroom window: @a fan who came in through the bathroom window
  • golden slumbers: "i will sing a lullaby" "GOOOOOOOOOOOLLLDDEEEENN SLUUUUUUUUMMBERS FILL YOUR EEYes"
  • carry that weight: a pretty nice song, but it doesn't have a lot to say (note note note note) so it phones a friend
  • the end: ringo bangs thos drums to climax
  • her majesty: unnecessary, unappreciated, unlong