Remember my last post about Markiplier?

This is his new profile picture.

People have been pointing or how his eyes here look like the ones Asshole!Mark’s body had when we saw it in the void.

But as I pointed out in my last post, at that point, the body was possessed by a previous victim of the House… someone we know nothing about.

So, with this now and my last post in mind…

Perhaps Mark has been possessed - but not by who we thought.

A foe we’ve never faced.

But how, and why?

(Hope @rogue-of-broken-time and @fear-is-nameless don’t mind if I tag them)

EDIT: I just remembered something from Mark’s recent stream, titled “I’M BACK!”. He said something about us on tumblr “screaming into the void”, didn’t he?

Well, where did we last see this unknown spirit?

And where was the last place the District Attorney (us in Who Killed Markiplier) was still just themself?

Wait… didn’t he call us old in that stream too?

What if the idea Mark’s trying to get across is that we who obsess over Who Killed Markiplier are still stuck in the past? Is that what we did to “deserve this”, as he put it?

Democratia Aut Mors, Sed Non Imperium

Frantically posting a story I wrote a year ago (seriously, a year ago) in order to appease the people who just started following my blog (I’m alive I swear)

We were the pride of the Ytrian Imperial Fleet. Five hundred ships, more than most species had in their possession, military and civilian. Five hundred ships, tens of thousands of sailors. So we did what we do best, what empires do best, we expanded our territory.

We expanded, and our rule was benevolent. We built hypergates, expanded trade, ensured the naked were clothed and the hungry were fed. We did this for those who we conquered, and in time they came to love us. A line of emperors a hundred generations long unmarred by a succession war, a line of emperors a hundred generations long each educated from birth to know they served the people. We had perfected the rule of a monarch, we had perfected the hereditary leadership, by getting rid of the only issue it had. Unreliable monarchs.

So when we came to the edge of a Republic, we were amused. Many species that now lived and died in the borders of our great empire had experimented with democracy at one point in time, and now all had renounced such failings and were happily in servitude to our glorious leader, Emperor Ytriax'us the Forty Third of His Name, Light of the Empire, Great Servant of the People.

So when we came to the edge of a Republic, we did what we always did. We gave them a choice. Submit to us peacefully, or submit to us through war. We will give you all the boons of the empire, or grind your armies away and restructure your planets to better serve.

The first of the Republic’s planets came to us, and they accepted our benevolent offer. They were enfolded in the arms of the empire, and loved as all our people are loved. They were given boons of technology such as their planet had never seen.

Then came the second, the third, and eventually the fifteenth planet of the Republic to submit to our glorious empire. We grew ever stronger, as was our destiny, as was our duty.

The other planets of the Republic, they would not submit. So we marshaled our great fleet, our five hundred ships, and we sent them to war.

The Republic met us in combat, and the Republic fell in combat. And the Republic was absorbed into our benevolent empire as dozens of species before it had been absorbed into our empire.

That is, they were going to be. But right as our great fleet, still with four hundred and sixty six great ships of combat was about to finish off the flagship of the Republic, and bring the predictable end to this predictably tragic combat, four massive ships jumped into the system.

All four were huge ships, many times larger than any of our battleships, and all were emblazoned with similar words, hated words, words I have come to dread hearing. The Yorktown, the Waterloo, the Normandy, the Gettysburg. A pale skinned biped came onto the screen.

“You sailors, soldiers, and ships of the Ytrian Empire. You will visit no more violence upon these people. You will depart this system and all systems which did not voluntarily join your empire now, or I swear you will suffer the consequences. These ships are those of the Knights Terra, as are those that will follow, and you will visit no more war upon those peaceful stars.”

We laughed, shocked by the presumption of these four ships. What paltry force this was, to presume to issue demands to us. We were the Ytrian Empire, and we knew no master but our Emperor, may he reign forever.

So our Admiral, great Ytriax'an, cousin to the Emperor Most High, amused by their impertinence, deigned to speak to the scum.

“You who are the Knights Terra, we know not of you, but you clearly know of us. We are the ships of the Ytrian Empire, and we will not permit you to stand in the way of progress. All will come under our benevolent rule, by peace or by force the choice is yours.”

After that, after that there was violence. Sudden, immediate, overwhelming violence. We had no idea the Terrans were in range for their weapons. We had no idea their missiles were capable of destroying one of our Battleships with a single blow. We handful of survivors fled, ran for the safety of home and Empire.

As we left that system, they broadcast a single message to us.

“Democratia aut mors, sed non imperium.”

We’ve spent the last decade decrypting that message. It is in a Terran tongue that was dead a thousand years ago, but they stubbornly refuse to let go entirely. Loosely translated it means “Democracy or Death, but never Tyranny”. It is the motto of the Knights Terra, who have rained death and destruction upon our Empire.

To your battle stations now crew, the Stalingrad just warped into the system, to join her sisters the Madrid, the Bull Run and the Kursk.

Defend the Emperor, prepare to meet your ancestors with dignity, and when our Empire dies remember those who destroyed it. Remember those who shattered our rule, who would not suffer our Emperor to spread his rule throughout the galaxy.

Remember the Terrans

the first time mike lost el he closed off his family, friends and new people. he became angsty, negative and moody, only ever showing emotion when calling eleven on the static. he looked hopeful during those times.

mike looks so broken in this scene is because he knows that he won’t be able to handle losing eleven for a second time.

finn wolfhard captures the look of despair and overwhelming love for el in one frame and deserves so many more awards


Many many years ago I tried writing a classic mad scientist story, monster, deformed assistant and all.

It was simple enough. Doctor Griffin Waller was hired by a wealthy man to help him walk again which he accomplished with a combination of drugs and an exoskeleton of sorts. The drugs eventually made the man go mad and mayhem ensured.

I never really liked the story though. It annoyed me how “Hollywood” it was. The only part I really liked was the relationship between Dr. Waller and his Scottish assistant, Cailean.

Many years ago Waller wanted to invent something to help burn victims heal and asked all factory owners to send any victims they might get his way. The “lucky” patient turned out to be Cailean who was rushed to Dr. Waller who started experimenting on him (He didn’t torture Cailean though. Cailean lived in the mansion and was free to leave. He stayed because he hoped it would help). After several months of pain from having ointments smeared directly on his open wounds and the infection that followed, Cailean healed up worse than he probably would have if his body had been left to do it’s own thing. However, he had been so good at following instructions and explaining what was happening to him that Dr. Waller offered him a job as his assistant. Besides the shitty medical treatment Dr. Waller had been incredibly nice to him so Cailean took the job. He knew no one else would want to hire him now anyway.

He soon learned just how much his new looks disgusted other people and let his hair grow long to hide it and started walking a bit hunched over hoping people wouldn’t notice him. The only person who never showed any disgust was Dr. Waller who even mocked others people for being afraid of Cailean, so Cailean developed a rather strong affection for him.

Throughout the story his main concern was to protect Dr. Waller from harm. I imagined their relationship to be sorta romantic in nature but not sexual at all.

Oh well, maybe some day I will come up with a proper story for them.

I picked up 55 followers in the last day. Which is alarming to me.

Context says it’s because I hurt Tony Stark real bad

So, one, Hi, I love you, and I love your angry screaming.

And two, based on that evidence, you want me to hurt him more, yeah? 

Good, cause I don’t have a fluff setting. 

I’m having feels right now, so pls listen 2 me

imagine a world where homophobia doesn’t exist; imagine a world where:

• naruto and sasuke are happily married and ruling konoha together and finally take care of the wrong going on in the shinobi system
• there are no longer children being trained to become soldiers
• sakura grew out of her obsession with sasuke and is leading a huge clinic with ino
• hinata is the heiress of her clan and has married someone from her clan, and given birth to a beautiful son she named after her beloved cousin
• orochimaru is finally in fucking prison
• team taka stayed together and karin uses orochimaru’s knowledge to help sasuke and naruto
• she takes their genes and makes two children
• and born are boruto and sarada
• the two are twins and always bicker, always fight, just like naruto and sasuke did back then, but they’re inseparable and couldn’t without each other or their dads
• sarada is very drawn to team taka and loves spending time with them, wants to hear lots of stories about her papa
• and Boruto is always around iruka and sakura, hearing stories about his dad
• naruto puts his position as hokage aside for a few years to travel the world with his family, see new people and cities
• they meet an orphan on their way and the boy mitsuki joins their family
• there is peace, like it’s supposed to be, not some shitty retcons, there’s lots of logic and development and everything makes sense

Younger Than Me

Request: Okay, maybe this is a weird request but could you maybe write something where the reader is on her early/mid twenties and is dating Bucky? Bucky is concerned about the age difference but the reader doesn’t care. Then Peter Parker comes along, and the loveable idiot doesn’t realize the reader is dating the winter solider himself, and gets a schoolboy crush on the reader and Bucky gets jealous - anon

Triggers: peter being adorable, jealous bucky

Word Count: 1300+

A/N: yasssssssss, peter shows his face today


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‘Morning gorgeous’ Buckys eyes weren’t fully open yet. He had this sleepy face that made you melt where one eye was a little more open then the other and he had a small smile. His morning voice was also one of your favourite things. Rough and uneven from sleep.

‘Morning handsome’ you had been awake long enough to get used to the light shining in the window but when you hadn’t moved too much. Afraid you would wake your boyfriend. Who’s arm was wrapped around your body.

You leant up to kiss him softly then got up to walk to the bathroom. You found his T shirt hanging off the bed side lamp so decided to slip it on. Covering your naked body. You heard him groan, probably at the sight of you walking away. It put a little smile on your face.

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Thick Thighs Save Lives Chapter Three- Dean x Plus Size Reader

“Dean Winchester wasn’t going to win the little challenge that had thrown down between the two of you.  He might think he was winning but you had your own tricks up your sleeve.”
Thick Thighs Save Lives Chapter Three
Words: 2040
Warnings: Some sexual language.  Some body issues talk. 
Summary:  You’re a hard to handle, sometimes fragile and hold him when he hurts kind of girl.  You have thick thighs and hips that won’t quit, but you’ve never felt beautiful until a certain hunter comes your way to help you save your hometown.  Dean Winchester finds himself falling for you and is determine to make you his.  If you will let him that is. 

AN: Thank you to @dragonchica​ for proofreading this!  Thanks you girl!  Thank you to everyone for the lovely feedback!  :)   Also I just realized that I had my anonymous asks turned off!  Sorry loves. 

Tagging: Please send me an ask.  :)  I don’t want to forget you!  Please be patience as I update my list!  Thank you.  :)

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Ah, you gonna take me home tonight
Ah, down beside that red firelight
Are you gonna let it all hang out
Fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin’ world go round
Queen- Fat Bottomed Girls.


The plans you had of scoping out the werewolf compound had been postponed due to Janet Bazar.  Janet was the town busybody and had told you that Richard McMullen was actually visiting the little town of his birth, May Springs.  May Springs was even more of a one horse town then Burke and well, you didn’t understand why he thought picking off drunks in the woods was good practice for his new recutires. 

 Most people would be packing at the Christmas Day church services.  Burke was just too rural for people to depend on the law.  So they depended on each other and they most certainly depended on you.   You were the town hunter.  The only hunter and you often ventured into other little towns to help.  This was the life you had chosen to live.

Dean was looking quite pleased with the news that you would have to go tomorrow night.  He was eyeing you again and you shifted in your chair to avoid his stare.  It was getting late into the evening and you had spent most of the day telling Dean about hunting in Deep East Texas.  Most people around here kept the secrets of the supernatural to themselves, but most people in countryside towns knew.  They were more vulnerable to monsters than people that lived in the city limits.  They never spoke about it, but your name passed their lips more often than not.  

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  • Written by SAM HUMPHRIES
  • Cover by YASMINE PUTRI
  • Variant cover by CASEY JONES

“THE UNTOUCHABLE: HUNTERS!” Nightwing finally feels like he’s got his life in Blüdhaven under control. But the one thing he wasn’t expecting was for a case from his past in Gotham City to rear its head here—a murderer he never set eyes on, but whose unmistakable signature has arrived in his new city! How many people will die before he’s stopped this time? Or worse than that…what if Dick can’t stop him? Incoming creative team Sam Humphries and Bernard Chang kick off a story that will take Nightwing back to his days as Robin and force him to question his future as well!

my art for @gradencetrickortreat !

Prompt: Coffee Shop AU (maybe Credence working for Jacob? Percival healing and trying something a tad less stressful for a time?). Cutesy Halloween atmosphere. Golden leaves, oversized sweaters, carved pumpkins and all that jazz.

it kinda warped into the idea that Credence is the one still healing…still hiding his scars beneath his sloppy sweaters, but he’s getting better with his new job where people treat him kindly….he even got to make and decorate today’s cupcakes…he’s even worked up enough courage to offer one to the hot, older professor type that comes in 3 or 4 days a week and always reads quietly alone….

Keith and Shiro’s bond is stronger than we realize.

So after finishing season two not even 12 hours after it aired, and with many things becoming canon (aka Galra Keith), I had to go back to the first episode to watch it all again and actually understand every detail.

So we all know that Keith and Shiro were left stranded in a rocky planet full of lizard-like creatures that are not friendly at all. We see an injured Shiro, a distraught Keith and more importantly: both of them trying to desperately find each other. We see Shiro at his most vulnerable and Keith going through as many obstacles as needed: jumping across a void, running through geisers, almost dying…

He even has Shiro’s words in his mind all the time:

Let’s remember that Shiro BARELY remembers who Keith is, and their past together, in the Garrison or wherever it took place, is unclear. But Keith obviously remembers Shiro since the beginning, which is obvious since S01E01, when he rescues Shiro.

This conection, I’m positive, is bigger than what he has with Lance, Pidge or Hunk. I mean, sure, he has a bond with his fellow paladins, but hear me out: Shiro is his priority.

His connection and bond with Shiro comes from even before the other paladins even met.

Let’s start by one of the biggest moments: the Black Lion.

When Shiro is baldy hurt and in critical danger because of the alien lizards, the Lion, the one that was barely loyal to Shiro and even had an inclination for Zarkon, is still unactive while its paladin is near death. We all know Shiro had issues with his Lion that continue to develop, but what happens as soon as Keith tries to make contact with the Black Lion?

It recieves Keith. It lets Keith take control and safe Shiro. It let another paladin that had a totally different Lion hop in and take control.

You could say “yeah, Black did it for Shiro, it needed someone to control it to act and Keith was the only one, so it had no choice”, but let’s remember that Red could act without a pilot whenever Keith was in danger various times through the season. That either means that Keith has an outstanding connection to the Lions (which is totally possible, considering that he was the one to find the Blue Lion first), or the Black Lion recognized Shiro and Keith’s bond and trusted, I repeat, trusted Keith enough to control him, just as Shiro completely trusts Keith.

Which means that Shiro and Keith’s bond is gigantic, and perhaps one of the strongest within the paladins.

Also, the infamous quote:

There it is. It’s obvious. Shiro has all his trust placed on Keith, who he doesn’t even remember properly. And, oh, when did he say this? Right after he saw Keith and the Black Lion’s connection, and saw that Keith was able to lead the Black Lion without any issues, and now sees that Keith could lead Voltron.

And it’s not even a thing that happened once. It’s not just Shiro being delirious and wounded in a stranded planet with little to no hope of being rescued. He even says it again:

It is clear that this was no mistake. Shiro trusts Keith. He would place the huge duty of leading Voltron on him because he knows better than anyone of what Keith is capable, and makes sure that Keith knows.

That is the amount of trust they have in each other.

Second Moment: The Marmora Headquarters.

Now we get to see the bond from both sides: Shiro, worried to death as he sees Keith being beaten up over and over again, and Keith, still having Shiro as a predominant thought.

Shiro obviously doesn’t want Keith to go through the trials. He might die. Voltron would lose a paladin, and most importantly, Shiro might lose one of his most important conections to his past, Keith himself.

But then this scene comes up:

He smiles. There is relieve all over him when he sees Shiro coming to help him. And we know for a a fact that Keith Kogane does not smile often.

We are told that Keith is seeing his hopes and feares being materialized before him. I think the method they use is take the person’s biggest hope, and make that one hope throw all his fears at him. That would make anyone fall into despair, right?

And who is Keith’s biggest hope?


Takashi fucking Shirogane.

He is beaten up, has almost fainted, is losing hope, just wants the truth about his past and himself and where he comes from and who he is. But what does he want over all?

Edit: Shiro’s reaction during this moment.

So, yes, Keith is beaten up. He can barely stand up. He is weak, he is suffering, and Shiro, knowing he is in pain, intervenes without a doubt, and you know why? Because he knows how it feels to have your past torture you, to feel despair, to have your mind attack you, and he won’t let Keith go through that. So he forces his way through soldiers that could easily defeat him, as he is outnumbered, and places his own self in danger.

For Keith.

And as soon as he gets to Keith and has him with him, and he sees a soldier trying to attack Keith to take away the blade, it doesn’t even stop for a second and drops everything to go protect Keith.

To me, that’s who Shiro is: A man, broken and distraught by his past and his trauma, that will defend those he loves without doubting, even if it means that he will get hurt or die. He did the same for Matt in the Galra Prison: he placed himself in danger to save him. He did the same with Allura: he went back for her and got terribly injured in the process.

And now he does it for Keith.

Third point: Keith is growing.

This is an obvious point after he learned his Galra origins. Keith, either because of his new knowledge or because he now knows Shiro sees him as his right hand and possible future leader, becomes warmer, more open, even congratulates his teammates like Shiro does. He grows as a person and becomes more mature despite still being hotheaded:

This could be taken as him learning from Shiro, or trying to follow his advice to become a better person. Whatever it is, Keith is growing so much in a small amount of time. He is no longer a loner emo teen, but is opening to his surroundings and to new people, which we know didn’t happen before in his life since he is an orphan with almost no knowledge of his past, a loner, and a dropout.

If that is not what strong bonds do, then I don’t know what does.

More Moments:

Unlike Allura, who held a grudge against Keith for some episodes due to him having Galra blood in his veins, Shiro never attacked or was afraid of Keith. He knows his buddy is still there, that nothing has changed, and will still be there for him, Galra or not.

Keith is always checking, during battles, that Shiro is okay. He not only intervened in Zarkon’s laser at the end of season one so that he wouldn’t take the Black Lion, but he is, most of the time if not always, the first one to realize that Shiro is in trouble.

Shiro is the only one that says goodbye to him before their individual missions.

He is the first one and the most desperate to reach Shiro’s lion at the end of this season.

He is even placed as the focus of attention when they realize that Shiro is gone.

IN CONCLUSION: Shiro and Keith’s bond was extremely developed in this season and both characters, specially Keith, grew due to that bond. I hope that next season will give us more to this – specially the story of how they met – but this season did a great job developing both characters and making Keith not just a broody, emo boy with almost no time to develop.

Alien Keith theory

Hello guys @ehlihr and I cracked the code on why Keith is the way he is.

A few decades ago, I forget when, Earth sent a satellite containing a gold disc into space. The disc contained greetings in almost every language on earth, and also a few examples of popular earth culture from the time.

Now, I forget when we launched this disc exactly, but for the purpose of this theory I’m going to assume we sent it sometime in the eighties.

I hope you all see where I’m going with this.

Basically, picture this: thousands of miles from earth, Keith comes upon a satellite floating in space. Curious, he approaches it and uncovers a gold disc. He pops it into his space VCR and watches it, and instantly falls in love with Earth culture. One of the movie clips on the disc features a man wearing a mullet. Keith falls in love with the #Look, and immediately sets course for Earth so he can be with his new people.

He is very disappointed when he lands.

The RFA meeting huggable and chubby!MC for the first time


  • Bby was v ( triggered )excited to see you at the party
  • When he looked for you, he saw a cute, curvy girl in a red dress talking to Jaehee
  • All the other RFA members were busy so he couldn’t ask them if they had seen you, so despite his shyness towards new people (especially cute girls) he walked to the two of you to ask Jaehee
  • “Hey, have you seen MC? I’m not even sure what she looks like so I’m kinda having troubles here”
  • Jaehee looked at the cute girl next to her and nodded, then said “yeah, I’ve seen her”
  • “Where is she? I want to meet her!” Yoosung ily but you’re so oblivious
  • The cute girl blushed and said “you already have”
  • ??
  • Are you his MC
  • ??
  • You look so soft and pure
  • And now you are getting crushed in his arms
  • “MC I’m sorry I didn’t recognise you you’re so pretty wow I love you”
  • He didn’t care about a few extra pounds, he was already excited for all the cuddles!
  • Blushing the entire evening because he loved the way the dress fit you You can not convince me that Yoosung would not be obsessed with your boobs okay


  • Was feeling really down after the whole Echo Girl/ankle sprain thing
  • Excited about meeting you but high-key worried about you visiting him this late bc of The Beast ™
  • When you knocked on the front door and anxiously pulled at your sweater, he saw you through the peephole in the door
  • He quickly opened the door and hugged you tight, muttering how glad he was that you’re safe and with him
  • He doesn’t care too much about looks, he fell in love with your personality after all so he would think you were pretty anyways but those curves tho
  • Did you say body worshipping?
  • You better expect getting showered in compliments and hearing soft whimpers from him controlling his beast all evening from pinning you against a wall and squeezing every part of you
  • Because you forgot your pyjamas and he was not letting you sleep without clothes or in the ones you are wearing, you had to borrow one of his shirts and sweatpants
  • “But Zen you’re literally half of my size that won’t fit” “Shhh just try, a gentleman won’t let his lady go to bed without comfortable clothes”
  • The clothes fit, but really tightly, hugging your curves
  • Zen had to go outside and calm down to not ravish you right then and there


  • She was never one for physical contact
  • But when this really cute girl walked up to her at the party and revealed that she was the one who had provided her with so much support, she couldn’t help but hug her
  • Baehee secretly loves hugs! And you’re cute and huggable!
  • She was just happy that you weren’t as thin as her, that meant you took care of yourself and wasn’t so busy that you constantly skipped meals
  • Kept sneaking glances at you the entire evening bc “yes that’s my girlfriend best friend and she is so pretty”


  • Let’s be real he had shamelessly been checking you out since the moment you arrived in his penthouse
  • He wasn’t used to seeing women who weren’t stick thin and fake, so he was all for your natural curves (you had an attractive face and body in addition to your personality, what a pleasant suprise)
  • “Am I making you uncomftorable?” he asked when you caught him staring for the nth time and blushed, but smirked when you just shook your head
  • Respected your boundaries and restrained himself to a few pecks on your cheek, as he wouldn’t be able to stop if he did anything else  daddy Jumin
  • Just like Jaehee, not very big with hugs and cuddles before he met you (unless you count Elizabth the 3rd) but now! He loved it when you hugged him from behind when he had to bring work home
  • Salty af bc Elizabeth prefered cuddling with you


  • He had seen you before on the cameras and background check so he knew that you were on the heavier side, but he didn’t mind at all
  • He has probably already jacked off to you a few times, js
  • “She is still eating healthier than me, she is just unlucky and has bad metabolism so as long as she is happy, I don’t care”
  • Despite acting like he didn’t have a crush on you, he was really looking forward to seeing you in person! Defenders of Justice also need hugs ;-;
  • Tried his best to act platonic and/or ignoring you but his need for constantly touching you kind of gave it away
  • When you finally convinced him to at least bring his laptop to the living room so he could sit in the couch with you while working, you leaned your head on his shoulder
  • He gave in, wrapped his arms around you, kissed your forehead and simply held you for a few minutes before returning to work

~ jane

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