→ nudes, not flowers (pt. 1)

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☆ pairing → Hoseok x reader x Jungkook

☆ genre → fuckboi!au, smut 

warning  public sex, slight voyeurism/exhibitionism, dirty talk, dom!junghope, demeaning names during sex if you aren’t into that, jealousy

☆ word count   → 5.5k

summary   → you’re not supposed to fall for Jung Hoseok and his repertoire of awful pick-up lines – but you do. the problem is: he’s afraid of commitment, and bolts at the idea of settling down. you decide to stay far away from fuckboys, but his friend decides to test your new found resolutions

or : Jungkook wants to see how far he can push Hoseok until he snaps 

→  pt i | pt ii

a/n  → …. why tf did i do this to myself!!! (this is just smut that i had to split into two parts rip)
anyways tagging @kstopping @gxtsmxt @thotmi bc nothing says i love you like a junghope smut am i right

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“Daddy.” The 100 preferences

Bellamy Blake: 

Bellamy was pounding into you at such a hard pace that you couldn’t even think straight. Nails scratching down backs, heavy moans and groans being the only human noises. The rook reeked of sex and before you could even think about what you were saying, the words slipped between your lips. 

“Oh daddy please don’t stop.” Bellamy ceased his thrusts as he stared down at you. Your eyes widened as he looked at you with a slow spreading evil grin. 

“Daddy huh? He smirked as he snapped his hips forward. You let a needy moan out as you stared up at him with pleading eyes. 

“I like that…beg for daddy won’t you princess?” He said as he continued to thrust harshly into you.

John Murphy:

John secretly had a daddy kink and you knew it. He loved to spank and you knew that he loved to be in charge. You decided tonight was the night to confront him. You spent the whole day teasing him with brushes against his crotch and low cut shirts. You were bent over in front of him and he finally snapped. Grabbing your butt causing you to straighten up.

“Princess we need to talk.” He growled. You giggled and turned to face him. 

“Do we ever…daddy.” You whispered as you murmured hotly in his ear. He grabbed your ass with a low groan. 

“Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

“Just try to keep up daddy.” You winked as you strutted away from him leaving him hot on your heels. 

Jasper Jordan: 

Jasper wasn’t prepared at all the moment the word tumbled from your lips. You both stopped as it sunk in what happened. You looked at Jasper with a blush spread across your cheeks in embarrassment.


“Say it again…please.” 

“Daddy…” And with that he was pounding into you. Your nails raked down his back as he slowed down long enough for you to put your legs over his shoulders causing him to get a deeper angle. 

“Oh yeah baby girl…cum for daddy.” 

Monty Green: 

Monty had been wanting to have a night where the both of you could try out kinks. You both made a list and at the top of his you read ‘Daddy Kink’. You smirked as you looked at him.

“You want me to call you daddy?” He squirmed. You giggled as you crawled on top of him. “Don’t you like that daddy?” You asked innocently. He grabbed your face with a growl as you almost gasped. 

“You better be ready princess…daddy doesn’t plan on stopping.” 

femalemegane  asked:

Hello there:) I'm hoping that I could make it in time (and it's not open, no worries, I'll going to ask in other time:3) and I'm not sure if this request is already done, but... ¿Can I have some little drabbles for Soldier 76 (my bae<3), McCree, Hanzo and Reaper (separately, of course) while supporting theirs wives in labor?:') BTW, nice writing tho:3 - Greetings from México:)

(Aw, thank you! Greetings from the east coast of the US!)

Soldier: 76

“I hate you I hate you I hate you!”

The words streamed out of your lips like a prayer as another, stronger contraction hitting you in the back and side, your hand squeezing Jack’s until it turned white. You pressed your head back into the pillow of your hospital bed, toes curling and relaxing as you waited for this one to end. Jack’s other hand still continued to brush through your hair with his fingers, murmuring soft words of encouragement to you.

“You’re doing great beautiful”, he breathed softly, maintaining his composure as you crushed his hand. You had to admit, a part of you needed his calming presence here, to pull you out of your mind and the anxiousness that kept bubbling up. The other part of you, however, wanted to punch him for knocking you up and trying to act like he understood what you were going through. “Breathe, babe. You have to breathe.”

Your eyes peeped open, glaring at your husband bitterly, only receiving that trademarked relaxed smile of his. Opting to listen, rather than curse him out you took in several shuddering breaths, body going lax as your contractions started to subside.

“Good job”, Jack murmured, pressing several affectionate kisses to your temples, his blue eyes filled with love and affection. “You look so beautiful.”

Despite yourself and the fact that you had been married for years and were literally about to give birth to his child, your face burned in a blush. His words poured over you like sweet ambrosia, coaxing the stress and agitation from your mind. A small smile tugged at your lips as you looked up at him.

“Well then”, you started softly, staring him down playfully, his smile growing a bit more. “Your beautiful wife would like some ice chips please.”

“Of course.”


“I can’t do this, Jess. I can’t.”

You were slightly bent over, standing with your arms wrapped tight around Jesse’s waist with your face pressed into his shirt. If you weren’t in so much pain, you would appreciate the fact that he smelt so good; sweet yet smokey like his cigars without all the smoke. You shifted one foot to the next, your contraction waning off as tears rolled down your cheeks.

You were absolutely exhausted, eight hours of active labor and increasing contractions stealing every ounce of energy you had. The only reason you were standing is because it was the only thing that didn’t make you feel like your spine was trying to escape your body. Jesse’s hand smoothed down your back, moving in slow, methodical circles to ease a bit of the pain you were feeling away.

“Darlin”, he drawled softly, his voice soft and sweet, a quiet comfort to accompany his soothing massage.  “I know you’re hurtin’ something awful, sweetpea. If I could, I’d’ve taken all that pain away…but I know you got this, sugar. ‘Nother one starting? Ah breathe in darlin, like we practiced…there ya go.”

You whined, shaking your head against his shirt as another contraction started, your hold on him tightening up again. He had been acutely observant the entire time, picking up on each of your contractions as they began and walking you through them until they ended, something you were beyond thankful for. He talked you through your breathing, keeping his voice even and soft, your cowboy’s gentleness helping to ease some of that stress away.


“Make them go away…please.”

Your face was pressed into Hanzo’s chest, bouncing half-heartedly on the exercise ball you had requested. Hanzo sat higher than you, his arms loosely wrapped around your middle, as your hands clung to his shirt. He had his chin pressed to the top of your head, his hands moving in small circles on your sides, your head tilting from side to side as you breathed heavily through the pain. This is one of the moments you absolutely adored the fact that he was a quieter man, his strong, stoic presence grounding you without the need for words. Sadly, the nurses had not understood your need for silence.

You could hear the sound of nurses moving about the room, shifting things and preparing for the actual delivery. They weren’t speaking loudly, but they were loud enough for it to grate at your thinning nerves. Your hands curled and uncurled around the fabric of his shirt, a low whine hissing from your lips before you tilted your face up to look at your husband. You could see in his dark eyes that he was nervous, but he wouldn’t allow it to show on his face, especially when he knew you were relying on him.

“Beloved”, he said softly, brushing his hand over your face, your exhausted eyes shutting for a pregnant moment before opening up again. “If that is what you want, I will do that for you….but might it be best to wait until after the delivery?”

You groaned, a part of you hating his logical side but understanding why he said it. Rocking back and forth on the ball you sighed again before nodding your head to indicate that he was right. Hanzo placed another soft kiss on the top of your head, humming softly against your hair.



“Gabriel Alejandro Reyes for the love of god, stop phasing!”

You were kneeling on the padded floor, your arms wrapped tight around the large red birthing ball, trying not to bite your well-intentioned husband head off. Gabriel’s hand were massaging at your lower back and ass to coax away the pain there, at least when his touch was solid. He’d massage in solid circles, pressing the heel of his palm hard into the aching muscle until his touch would suddenly phase to nothing. It would throw you off, just as you began to go into a slight trance, it would stop.

You knew he couldn’t help it, his phasing while mostly controllable, reacted to his emotions. He was excited but worried, fiercely protective and anxious. He absolutely hated hospitals, they brought back nothing but negative memories and the fact his wife and arriving child had to be here…you sighed, squeezing the ball again and pressing your face into the rubber. Another contraction began to start, your breath hitching for a moment before you released a harsh exhale.

“Lo siento mi reina”, Gabriel apologized honestly, pressing a kiss between your shoulder blades and then another to the back of your neck.

You murred low in your throat at his cool kiss on your heated skin, one of your hands flying back and grabbing at his shirt, pulling so he fell against your back. Gabriel chuckled lowly, adjusting himself so you and the ball were between his legs, his chest pressed carefully into your back. You sighed in satisfaction as the cool of his body bled into your overly heated skin, turning into Gabe’s touch as his hand stroked your cheek.

“‘Sokay”, you murmured softly, content as Gabriel’s cool hand stroked your damp forehead and cheek tenderly. “Just don’t move…”

Phone Sex || Joe

Joe masterpost found here

Word count - 757

Summary - The one where Joe talks you through it.


You respected that Joe needed a lads’ holiday, you really did. You were excited for him to go to South Africa with Caspar, Josh, and Oli and come back with a million stories to tell. It was just that his absence was seriously frustrating you. You were never one to be able to get off just by reading something or watching porn. You needed Joe to be there.

Finally one night, you couldn’t handle it anymore. You had seen enough pictures of him shirtless and wet poolside in Knysna. You had to do something, and you needed him to help you through it. “Hello, love,” Joe said as soon as he picked up. “How’re you doing?”

“Are you alone?” you asked, your voice quiet.

“I’m in my room, yeah,” he said back. “What’s going on?”

“Go lock your door,” you breathed out, relieved that he was there. “I need you.”

“Fuck,” Joe breathed out. You could hear him get off the bed and walk over to his door. “You don’t have to tell me twice.”

“Tell me what to do,” you told him. “You know I can’t do this without you.”

“What are you wearing, babe?” Joe asked. You heard his belt buckle clanking.

“Your MTV shirt,” you said, laying down on the bed and tugging at the hem of your favorite shirt of Joe’s.

“Anything else?”

“That black lace pantie and bra set that you love,” you said, earning a groan from Joe’s end of the line.

“Take off the shirt,” he said, his voice low. “The shirt and the bra. Take them both off but leave the panties on.” You did as he said, your core pulsing. “Are they off?” he asked.

“Yes,” you said.

“Good. Now, just focus on those beautiful tits of yours,” he said. “Roll your nipples between your fingers, just like I do.” You let out content hums and occasional gasps at the feeling of your hands massaging your chest. “Go down to your panties, baby,” Joe said. “Rub yourself through your panties. Just through your panties, don’t you dare take them off yet.”

“Mmm,” you moaned out.

“How wet are you?”

“So wet, Joe,” you said. “Please, I need-”

“No,” he almost growled. “You do what I say, how and when I say it.” You let out a sound that was somewhat of an agreement, just so Joe would keep going. “Now take them off,” he said. You discarded them quickly. “One finger in babe.” You let out a moan and slid a finger into your soaking core. “How does it feel babe?”

“So good,” you said. “But nothing like you.”

“What do you want?” he asked. You could hear his skin slapping on the other end of the line. “Use your words, tell me what you want.”

“I want another finger, Joe,” you said. “Please, can I add another finger?”

“Baby, I want you to add two fingers,” Joe groaned. “Add two fingers and tell me how good it feels.”

You now had your ring finger, middle finger, and pointer finger all inside you, pumping in and out quickly. “Joe,” you moaned, arching your back off the bed. “It feels so good Joe.”

“How close are you princess?” he asked, his voice almost coming out like a growl.

“Close,” you breathed out.

“Good,” he said. You could almost hear the smirk in his voice. “Now use your thumb from your other hand and rub your clit. Make sure you keep pumping those fingers baby.”

“Joe,” you nearly screamed out. “I’m gonna cum Joe.”

“Cum for me baby,” Joe said. “Scream my name. I need to hear you say it.”

Your toes curls as you reached your high, calling out Joe’s name like he told you to. “Yes baby,” Joe said. He let out a loud moan. “Talk to me,” he said. “I’m so close.”

“Oh Joe,” you said. “Imagine it’s me. Imagine my pretty little mouth sucking you off.” Only a few more seconds and Joe groaned out your name, and you knew he finished. You were both breathing heavily and you smiled, picking up your phone from where you laid it on the pillow beside your head.

“That was great,” you breathed out. “Fuck, thank you.”

“I’m glad you called,” Joe said back. “I’ve needed that.”

“I miss you,” you said. “The flat’s quite lonely without you.”

Joe laughed, “I’ll be back soon.”

“Yeah, I know,” you said with a smile. You spent the rest of the night talking to Joe over the phone until you fell asleep.

Happily Ever After [Yoongi]

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 7318
Description: In which Yoongi’s a tattoo artist and you’re a rebel against society.


The characters on your wrist are so black they can’t be covered. It is not the same black as ink, or the same black as onyx, but a black that seems altogether blacker than black, deeper and darker than the darkest color on earth. 

And you hated them.

Every human was born with the same black smeared on the inside of their wrist in the form of neat, different characters that built names. Most commonly, there was only one name, on the inside of the dominant hand, but it was not unusual for people to have two names, either (though this in no way meant they were ambidextrous).

The wrists, the black, the names — soulmates. Each person had their soulmate’s name engraved on their wrist. Nobody hurried to find love anymore, because love would surely find them. They would find their ‘One’, fall in love and be happy, propose or get proposed to and be happy, and then get married, most likely have children, grow old together, and be happy. 

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cupcakes4747  asked:

Can you do a bts member and reader scenario (preferably taehyung) where you're both best friends and you're messing around and he says he likes you but you don't take him seriously because you think he's joking and then he kisses you to prove he was serious

“Take your damn ice cream and just leave if you’re going to be like that, Taehyung.”

He giggled, swiping the cream off of the tip of your nose and licking it off his finger, all saccharine smiles and fluttering eyelashes. “You can’t make me. What are you gonna do about it, huh?”

“Whoop your ass,” you growl, as he takes another large bite of your food, smearing some rainbow sprinkles across his cheek as he did so. You punch his shoulder as he collapses on your bed, laughing. “You should’ve just gotten strawberry, too! It’s not my fault you chose the wrong flavor. Even I knew you wouldn’t like mango sherbert, Tae. Idiot.”

Taehyung cupped his chin in the palm of his hand as he looked up at you, eyes sparkling- it’s just excitement, you thought, but your heart still fluttered hopelessly in your chest. His dirty blond hair was a bird’s nest on top of his head, and his low-neck white shirt revealed his sharp collarbones. You tore your gaze off his neck as you absentmindedly licked your ice-cream, fighting off a blush. Stop thinking like this. He’s your best friend.

“What’s up?”

“What?” you mutter, busying yourself with your cream-colored bedsheets, playing with a loose string.

“You look kinda out of it today.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

When you looked back up, your nose was only an inch away from touching Taehyung’s. Your breath stilled in your lungs.

“I’m not that dumb…” He searched your eyes, chocolate-brown irises wavering back and forth, a smile dancing on his pink lips. “You look shaken. Is it because you’re secretly in love with me?”

You smack his chest. “Dipshit.”

“It’s alright… I’m in love with you too. We’re equal.” When you look at him, there’s not one hint of playfulness on his handsome face. You swallow, butterflies coming alive in your stomach- he’s joking. He’s joking.

“Stop it.”

Taehyung sits up, popping the rest of his waffle cone into his mouth. “It’s true,” he mumbles through a mouthful of food. “I really do like you. I’ve just been too afraid to tell you in case you happened to punch me in the face.”

The ice cream is at once forgotten in your hand. “Stop,” you breathe, chest bubbling with nervous laughter. “Just shut up. Stop kidding around, it’s not funny anymore.” It was never funny in the first place. Just… nerve racking.

There was silence as Taehyung settled down again, an odd faraway look in his eyes- a look you had never seen on him before. You awkwardly scratched your neck and finished your ice cream, watching him out of the corner of your eye. You jumped and banged your knee against your nightstand when he let out a shout.

“What?” you scowl, rubbing your injury, “That fucking hurt, ass-” and then there was a pair of warm lips on yours, that tasted like strawberries and mango sherbert, like the sunset. You found yourself leaning in like a magnet, wanting more- it was the best thing you had ever done in your life. He was your air, and you needed him. You smiled into his kiss as he threaded his long fingers through your hair.

When you part, your lips are swollen, yet parted in a smile. Taehyung’s breathing heavily, cheeks flushed and eyes shimmering. “You believe me now?” He’s grinning, and you feel like you’ve just been swept off your feet, even though you’re sitting down. It’s beautiful. He’s beautiful.

“Yes, dumbass,” you breathe. “I believe you.”

Then you kiss him again.

anonymous asked:

Slytherin male and Gryffindor male relationship?

Best at sarcastic comments, have tried (and failed) before to polyjuice into each other and play for each other’s quidditch team, for some reason no one realises they’re dating for the longest time because of stereotypes. On more than one occasion have they worn each others robes ad tried to get into as much trouble as possible, in an attempt to lose them house points. Dates include; visiting the shrieking shack on a dare, broomstick races at midnight, who can mess with filch the most, pick nicks in the field where most of their time is spent judging other couples. The hickeys given to the Gryffindor are art, and he likes wearing his most low-cut shirts with pride after he gets some, whereas the Gryffindor gives hickeys in more… discreet areas, like a secret between the two. They play with each other’s hair nonstop and will always hold hands in class.

Just... Be Quiet

“Don’t you dare.” I warned, feeling Phil’s fingers slipping under my shirt. We were currently at a YouTube convention, in one of the backstage rooms. Several other people lingered about. I was currently on Phil’s lap, watching a live stream. Phil’s fingers darted along the skin above my belt, while I tried to push them away inconspicuously.

“You want to. I know you do.” He murmured, pressing a chaste kiss to my neck. I shivered, clutching at the tablet in my hands.

“Yeah, I do, but not now and definitely not here!” I protested quietly, well aware that we weren’t alone. Phil tugged the tablet from my fingers, setting it on the table beside us and grabbing a blanket. He tossed it over our legs and waists.

“Now we’re hidden.” I felt his hand on my stomach, too close yet too far for my tastes. I gathered up all of my self control, again pushing his hand away.

“No Phil, hands off. Not in public!” I hissed. I felt his sigh hit the back of my neck.

“Daaaaaaaan!” He groaned.

“Phiiiiiiiiil!” I returned, snickering under my breath. His glare practically burned itself into my neck, it was so intense. Then he was hitching our blanket up to cover more of us, hurriedly unbuckling my belt and undoing the button of my black jeans, pushing them down to my knees swiftly. My eyes widened, and I let out a startled squeak which earned us a couple quizzical glances.

“Ph-Phil! We can’t!” My voice was weak, barely above a whisper now. He pressed his lips to the soft skin below my ear, letting them smoulder there before responding.

“Just… be quiet.” He suggested before lightly stroking me through my boxers. Instinctively, my hips bucked up to meet the touch. If this continued, it wouldn’t matter how quiet I was as our erratic movements would give us away.

Phil wrapped his arm around my waist, holding me still as he continued to tease me. My breathing was fast, escaping my lips in rapid little puffs. Luckily for me, nobody was close enough to notice. At least not yet.

Phil dipped his fingers under the waistband of my boxers, running his thumb down my quickly growing bulge before pushing the constricting fabric down to join my jeans. His touch remained light.

“Feel nice?” He purred. I had to bite back a moan, instead twisting my head to bury it in his shoulder.

“M-m-more…” I gasped into his shirt. A low chuckle flooded from his lips as he obediently picked up his pace. I felt the arm that was holding me in place dip lower until it replaced the moving one, somehow still keeping a firm grip on my body.

I didn’t get the chance to wonder why he had switched hands before I felt fingers on my lips. I let them slip inside of my mouth, sucking on them and slicking them up with my saliva. Phil pulled them from my mouth, and before I had a chance to protest, pushed one against my hole.

My body rebelled against me. I found myself pushing back into his finger, wanting more, no, needing more. I dug my fingers into the armrests of our chair as he began to thrust, adding a second finger almost immediately.

“So good, Daniel…” Phil’s voice was husky. His lips found their way to my neck, sucking in the skin there and biting down to make a mark. I stared at him blearily, my vision smudging as he added a third finger and curled them in a way that made me see stars.

I was practically panting now, so close to release. And then Phil pushed all three of his fingers against that little ball of nerves inside of me, and it felt like I was free falling. I bit down on his shoulder, muffling the horribly loud moan that threatened to fall from my lips.

“Close… Close…” I gasped, keeping my voice muffled into Phil’s shirt. He didn’t respond, at least not verbally, but both of his hand sped up to impossible speeds, his lips trailing across the back of my neck.

As he bit down on my tender skin one last time, I trembled, biting down on the inside of my cheek so hard I drew blood as my release wracked through my body. Phil kept moving both of his hands for a few more seconds to ensure that I was finished, before pulling up both my boxers and my jeans. His swift (if not dirty) hands buckled my belt back up for me.

I blinked my eyes open, although my vision was still hazy and glazed by pleasure. “Did… Anyone notice?” I whispered shakily. Phil, who was wiping his hands on the now ruined blanket, chuckled.

“Well, I don’t think so, but there was one guy who saw you biting my shoulder. Ouch, by the way!” I felt my face flush red. I mumbled an apology as I buried my face in my hands. Phil brought his lips back to my ear, a smirk evident in his voice as he spoke. “Don’t apologize. It was hot, and I expect you to do it again tonight, after the convention, when I can ruin you properly.”

Despite my obvious blush, a smile found my lips. For once, the best part of the convention wasn’t the fans, the party, or any part of the event itself.

No, the real party started after all of that, in the hotel room.

Where My Heart Used To Be// Sherlock Holmes

Originally posted by violincameos

This prompt is super sad, and I used to be so good at angst but I’m not sure if this’ll justify my previous talents. I hope you all enjoy! Anything in Italics is the mother (which is also you) and in the flashback with the child birth, Mary and John are not married yet. 

Requested by @foureyedsiopao: Being Sherlock Holmes daughter is one of the most tragic parts of your story. You never knew what happened to your mother but be it as it were, Mary and John Watson have adopted you as their own daughter. But every night you woke up having the same dream… A dream that includes the man who left you behind. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

  “Sherlock, take a look at me and use your deduction skills. What do you see?” 

Sherlock looked up from his laptop to his wife standing in the kitchen, wearing one of his dress shirts and low hanging sweat pants. Her face was clear of makeup and her fingers were wrapped around the rim of her favorite tea cup. “I see that you’re breath taking.” He said lowly, wrapping his fingers around your hips. “And you’re not drinking your normal coffee. Your clothes are baggy and low hanging-” 

A soft smile spread across your face as you set your cup down on the table in the center of the room, cupping his cheek in your small hands. Hands that had memorized his body through the darkest hours of the night, hands that had held him as he cried over the uncertainty of his their future. “You’re getting warmer, Detective.” You whispered. “Lower your hands.” 

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just some extremely fluffy, domestic ushioi for the soul. 

A gust of steam rushes out from behind Oikawa the moment he throws the bathroom door open, floating around him like a protective cloud before dissipating into thin air. He runs a soft towel through his wet hair, pajama pants hanging low on his hips, shirt three sizes too large.

He makes his way to the living room couch where he knows Ushijima will be, probably watching a rerun of one of their older matches of the season. He’s long since learned that Ushijima loves watching him play, marveling at his brilliance and his accuracy, his killer instincts and overall skill. Oikawa agrees with him one hundred percent - he is an incredible setter - but that doesn’t make him feel any less embarrassed when Ushijima basically calls him a god with a straight face. Iwaizumi teases him relentlessly about it.

When he sees that familiar tuft of soft brown hair peeking out from above the couch, Oikawa’s face splits into a smile.

“Waka-chan,” he croons, making his way around the couch, “there you are.”

Ushijima mutes the tv- as Oikawa had predicted, it’s their match against Brazil, the fifth one they’d played this season. Difficult, intense, exhilarating.

The celebratory sex that night had been unforgettable.

Ushijima doesn’t even flinch at the now familiar nickname, answering Oikawa’s call with a small smile and the softening of his eyes. Oikawa holds the hairdryer and comb out, eyes large.

“Please? You always do it best.”

Ushijima shakes his head fondly, moving across the couch to where the nearest plug point is. “You ask as if I have a choice.”

Oikawa cackles, “I was trying to be nice.”

“Don’t,” Ushijima advises, plucking the hairdryer out of his hands. “I like you the way you are.”

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Was It All Worth It?

“Shh, Sammy. Go to sleep, Daddy’s here. I’ll always be here.”

Dean kissed his daughter’s forehead, his heart so full it could burst. His whispers lull the one year old to sleep, a lopsided smile on her round face. Her dark brown hair and big blue eyes were a constant reminder of the one he loved so much. Her soft laugh and endless questions reminded him of her namesake. Dean watched his girl stir in her sleep, whimpering low into his shirt. He rocked steady in the chair, singing the same tune that always put Sammy to sleep.

Hey Jude, don’t make it bad. Take a song song and make it better. Remember to let her into your heart. Then you can start to make it better..

Dean chuckled at the sight of his daughter sound sleep, because she never seemed to make it through the first few lines. He stood up from the rocking chair, moving to the cherry wood crib. Gently he settled her tiny body down, placing a light green blanket over her. Dean closed his eyes for a moment, hoping she would still be there when he reopened them. And when she was, a sigh of relief escaped his throat. He will never get use to the normality and happiness he had now. Always needed a constant reminder that he beat it all and now his life was simple. The daily routine of being a dotting father and husband was something the former hunter never took for granted. With a content fill sigh, he turned toward the door way.

“Alright Cas, I know you’ve been standing out there with Bobby.”

Dean smirked as Castiel walked in, a small toddler in his arms fast asleep. He was the spitting image of his father, the same dirty blond hair and if they were open, the same emerald colored eyes. Castiel grinned, holding little Bobby over his shoulder.

“He fell asleep while watching the movie.”

Dean watched as Cas laid the little boy in his toddler bed, that match Sammy’s crib. Tucking him safely under the blanket, Castiel kissed his son on the forehead.

“He sleeps just like you, Dean.” Cas mused. Dean’s eyes smiled, causing the crinkles Cas loved so much to show.

“Her eyes squint when she sleeps, just like you Cas.”

The two men beamed down at their children, thinking about how far they have come. All the fighting, sacrificing and pain over the last decade. And now, the soft breathes of their children filled the room and their hearts.

“So Cas, was it all worth it?” Dean inquired, his hands slipping around Castiel’s waist. Leaning into his husband’s chest, Cas could almost feel Dean’s heartbeat against his back. The fallen angel moved his hand over Dean’s calloused left hand. He feels for the silver ring, gently running his finger tips against it. His blue eyes move down to their hands entwined, glowing when he sees the matching ring on his own finger.

As they stood in their children’s room, in their very own house in a small town. Where no monster could reach them and where the world stopped calling for them to fight, they were finally at peace. The retired hunter and fallen angel finally had found the happiness they had deserved for so long. Castiel turned to Dean with eyes full of love. He moved his lips against Dean’s, an act of affection he could never grow tired of. Castiel chuckled thoughtfully and answered, “I would do it all over again, Dean.”

~B.A.P world tour 2017~

Alright so the concert ended (sadly) and I just got back to the hotel….
And all I can say is that it was absolutely amazing!!! It was so much fun and so lovely and each one of them were such sweethearts~ So much love and energy! Swooning~

There was so much going on like:

- a girl got to go on stage and Zelo played her boyfriend and she won a camera with videos and photos of them on it….like wow so jealous!!!

- Zelo also kept throwing his used towels into the crowd

- Yongguk killed me with his voice and freaking low shirts showing sooooo much of his chest

- Youngjae filming with a fan’s camera for a while

- WATER GUNS! (drenched Zelo)

- also they introduced themselves in German - Himchan was so good I was really surprised

- they taught us a little dance so we could do it together

- always saying “that’ll be our last song” just to come back and rock on!

…..also I might be deaf and my throat is gonna be soar from all the shrieking, screaming and singing…..

All in all my whole body hurts and I feel more than tired but it was so so so so worth it!!!

This Punk - Part One

Request: “ANNYEONG! naneun yuna! ㅋㅋㅋ so my request is a bad boy smut of jimin! can i be your friend aka #1 fan? ㅋㅋ thank you so much 💕💕” - @ayoderpo  (and yes you can <333)

Genre: Smut/Fluff/Angst

Pairing: You x Jimin

Word Count: 3029

Originally posted by ounew

Starting college is always a hassle no matter how prepared you claim to be. In fact, sometimes it’s the people who are most prepared that find it the most hassle. You for example, had prepared months in advance, so far forward that when it came to moving into your new dorm you had convinced yourself that it wasn’t real and you weren’t really moving. That was until you had your stuff packed in a moving truck and you were in your dad’s car ready to be drove miles away to where you were going to spend the next three years of your life studying.

You stuffed your ears with headphones and turned the music up to distract yourself from the drive to -your idea of hell- college. You stared out of the window, not letting your eyes focus on anything so the whole world moved by in a blur of colours, and dreamed about what could possibly happen in the three years you were going to be in college. Maybe you would finally settle down and do something with your life. Maybe you would fall in love with someone you deserve and who equally deserves you. Maybe you would suffer from an illness that lost you the use of your body. Who knows? But you were going to come up with a plan for all of them regardless.

In what felt like no time but was really hours, you arrived outside of a grand building that you now had to call home. It was massive. Containing almost 300 dorm rooms and the ability to hold about 600 students. The carvings on the wall were similar to what you would expect to find if you looked at most old buildings in London. And the whole building was an off brown-yellow colour. It was beautiful to say the least.

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justanotherwannabeclassic  asked:

CS at the World Cup - America vs Great Britain. They can either be players or fans

an: What is this mess. This is ridiculous. I want to write rival country Quidditch commentators FOREVER.

“And another score for England, which brings us to 80 points to 20 for the American team - let’s hope they don’t take defeat like they treat a victory - as you’ll recall from their win against Liechtenstein last year, the American’s do know how to-”

“And that’s Smith with the Quaffle, heading down the field, dodging a Bludger sent by Dorkins, Smith tosses the Quaffle off to Knowles, and now it’s back to Smith, Smith shoots - Smith scores, 80 to 30 England -”

“Angus Dorkins, with the missed block, is the son of Ragmar Dorkins, former manager for England’s most consistently miserable team the Cannons. And Knowles is something of a star, over the pond, isn’t she Swan? There was some to-do about her rise as a singer, and a scandal when she chucked a grand career to play for a subpar team in - Alabama, was it, Swan?”

“If you hadn’t noticed, there’s a Quidditch game happening, Jones, so maybe keep the gossip to yourself - and Blaggart with the Quaffle, heading upfield - nice block there by Page, the Quaffle recovered by the US-”

“That was clearly a penalty, Beaters are meant to use the Bludgers to block, not fly straight into their opponents, Swan, what kind of shoddy Quidditch do you play over there? Of course, no one could blame Page for not knowing the rules, she’s only American, after all -.”

“And Knowles with the Quaffle again - some excellent flying from Knowles, who, as it happens, played for Alabama for three years and brought them to two championships while juggling school and a singing career, I’m sure it’s hard for you to wrap your thick head around, Jones, but some people excel at multiple things, unlike you, who can’t even commentate a Quidditch match - ”

“Knowles nearly knocked off her broom by a Bludger from Dorkins, but she recovers nicely - and Knowles scores for the American team again, 80 points to England, 40 to the US, honestly, Swan, there’s a Quidditch game on, didn’t you know?”

Regina flicked her wand in the general direction of the radio that had been replaying commentary Emma was hoping the world had forgotten, by now. Regina crossed her arms, her dark hair perfectly coiffed and one burgundy nail tapping out a rhythm against her bicep. 

“Swan, remind me what happened to our ratings for this game.”

Emma rolled her tongue over her teeth, staring hard at  spot over her bosses head. “They doubled, twenty minutes in.”

“And remind me what the Daily Prophet and the Salem Gazette had to say about it.”

“They said it was the most entertaining game they’ve listened to in thirty five years.”

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Wet is Wet

Request: Wonwoo + 17 (without smut please)

17) You and your bias get stuck in a storm.

Member: Seventeen’s Wonwoo x Y/N

Type: fluff

Wonwoo grumbled to himself as he looked out of the window of the cafe and checked his watch again. The barista lifted her brows as she continued to watch us, standing awkwardly near the doorway, but still not leaving. 

“We closed half of an hour ago,” she said quietly, placing her hand on her hip. 

“It’s also pouring rain,” Wonwoo muttered, motioning to the stormy weather outside. 

The barista continued to stare at us, her expression already reading “and I should care, why?” 

“Wonwoo, we can both try to fit under my umbrella,” I nodded, giving him a hopeful smile. 

“I don’t know if you notice how tall I am,” he sighed, already salty with the situation. He glared at the barista who was still eying us. 

“We can’t camp out in a cafe…they would’ve closed already if it wasn’t for us,” I whispered, sneaking a glance at the barista myself. She huffed as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other. 

“Says who? Personally I’m enjoying the sour expression she keeps giving us,” he mumbled, squinting into the rain again. 

“You’ve been hanging around with Mingyu too often,” I chuckled. I wrapped my arms around myself and waited, giving Wonwoo a look not too different from the one the barista had on her face. 

Wonwoo lifted his brows as he looked down on me, trying to fight the small smirk appearing on his lips. He straightened out his expression again as we continued to stand in the doorway, still not leaving the cafe. 

“Look, you have to leave,” the barista finally spat, throwing her hands into the air. “I don’t care where you go, you just can’t stay here.”

“Customer service these days,” Wonwoo clucked, shouldering the door and walking onto the sidewalk. The sudden sound of rain was deafening and he motioned for me to step outside. I pushed open my umbrella and looked back to the barista. 

“Thank you,” I nodded quickly with short bows. “I’m sorry.”

She rolled her eyes, promptly pulling the door shut the rest of the way, and locked it. She pulled the blinds down for a final touch, plunging Wonwoo and I into near darkness. 

“Perfect, just how I was hoping this evening would go,” Wonwoo groaned. I lifted my umbrella as high into the air as I could without standing on my tiptoes, attempting to shield us both. I immediately realized why Wonwoo had been so adamant about the height difference. As soon as he was shielded by the thin umbrella, I was plunged into the rain that was blowing sideways. 

“No,” he said quickly, lowering my hand and stepping out of the radius of my umbrella. The rain attacked his features, causing a steady drip to slide down his fringe and off of his nose. The water pooled around his jaw and he took a deep breath as he continued to look at me. 

“I’m sorry,” I sighed, shuffling in my spot. “You don’t have to walk me back to my apartment if you want to make a run for your dorm.”

He chuckled. “Wet is wet. Once it hits my skin it can’t go any deeper.”

I looked to the ground, trying to hide the smile on my face. I felt terrible for Wonwoo getting drenched by the rain, but he still managed to make me smile with how he was always putting me first. 

“Really though…I should be apologizing to you,” he sighed, beginning to walk forward. I trailed behind him, careful to shield him with the umbrella when I could. 

“Why do you say that?” I asked. 

“Night dates all the time,” he said quietly. “I know it’s not fun to have me come around ten p.m. to pick you up for some kind of breaking and entering scheme.”

“That was the botanical gardens, and it was only once, and I loved it,” I smiled, remembering the midnight date fondly. “It was when you confessed.”

He nodded, a smile forming on his lips. He looked away, into the night before us. His thoughts were louder than the rain shattering the silence, so he stayed quiet most of the way. I was comfortable with the silence though. It was a regular situation for us. 

After a few moments of us continuing our walk, he reached his dripping hand down to mine and interlaced our fingers. “You know, I could’ve gotten you in trouble that night.”

“You did, I agreed to start dating you after all,” I giggled. 

“Yah!” Wonwoo whined, releasing my hand again. 

We continued quietly as he splashed before me. The sound of his wet denim hurt my heart as I watched the water drip from nearly every angle of his body. We were still roughly a block away from my apartment and he would have to return home shortly after he escorted me there. The thought of him splashing along, rain soaking him to the core, travelling back to his dorm, hurt me even more. 

“Oh hell,” I sighed, pulling down my umbrella and placing it at my side. The rain hit my shoulders and scalp immediately, causing a shiver to ripple through my body. I made a small squeak and giggled as I felt the water seep through the cotton of my t-shirt and cling to my skin. 

“Yah! What are you doing?” he gasped, yanking at my hand holding the umbrella and trying to lift it up again. I giggled as I twirled away, skipping through a few puddles before returning at his side. 

“Wet is wet, once it hits my skin, it can’t go any deeper!” I laughed. 

“Not you,” he said, shaking his head quickly. “You’re sugar, you’ll melt.”

“Oh god,” I cackled, stopping to grip my sides. “You have been hanging out with Mingyu too long.”

My body stiffened as I felt Wonwoo wrap his arms around me from behind and began to swing me around. HIs already cold and wet sweater stuck to my newly wet t shirt. His low, rumbling laugh filled my ears, and I could only close my eyes and completely live in the moment. Most people would not even begin to consider getting caught in the rain with their boyfriend as being something romantic. As the rain pounded on our skin, and Wonwoo’s heart pounded near mine, I couldn’t be any happier than I was right then.

He set my feet back down onto the pavement and continued to hold me, nuzzling his face into my damp skin and humming. His deep voice vibrated through my body, causing me to shiver again. He chuckled and set a gentle kiss near my collar bone. “If you catch a cold, I won’t forgive myself,” he said quietly. 

“If I had to watch you walk alone in the rain any longer, I don’t think I’d be able to forgive myself either,” I smiled, spinning in his arms. I cupped his jaw with my hands and sighed happily. “Is kissing in the rain too cliche?”

He smiled, slowly leaning his face to meet mine. “What’s wrong with a cliche? They got popular for a reason, didn’t they?”

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Imagine #41

A/N : Thank you sweetie for the request~I’m seriously noticing more and more people liking Flag *coughshesasexmachinecough* Anyway, hope it fullfills your fangirl desires~ *blows kiss* 

Prompt 100: “I like it when you wear my clothes” by gothamsrealqueen

Warning: Rick Flag being a good husband material, Fluffy and Pregnancy!

Mornings with Rick were always surprising.

From gentle kisses, playful fights in the bath tub and sleepy nuzzles or cuddles around the kitchen table.

It was always a surprise how gentle and carrying he was whenever he was around you.

Outside though, he was a lion, waiting to devour the others and make them obey his rules, wanting to be respected and feared by them.

But, with you, it was like you were the lion here.

Today, he was out doing some unknown mission to you while you were around, cleaning the house, panties in full sight while one of his t-shirts hung low on your body, showing the difference in body size between the two of you.

Too engrossed in your song, you didn’t hear the door creak open only to jump slightly hearing a fake cough from behind making a smile form on your face while you turned around to face your husband, giggling when he closed the door and came closer to hug you, face buried deeply in your (h/c) locks.

“Welcome back, sweetie.”You cooed, wrapping your arms back around your husband and smile, grinning when the male took a double take over your clothes and raise an eyebrow before that naughty smirk of his formed on his lips and he looked you in the eye.

“I love it when you wear my clothes.”

He growled, lips molding together while you let out a muffled squeak in surprise, soon melting into the lip lock while forgetting about the broom in your hand, letting it drop to the floor while your husband guided you to the couch in the left corner of the room.

Letting yourself fall back against the cushions, you purred and licked your lips asking the male what’s with the sudden eagerness and this early in the morning.

“Can’t love my wife now?”He mocked back, pinching your side playfully while his hands trailed up your skin, under his own shirt and hum in wonder, stating he misses her when he is in a mission and fears he might get too injured to even come back to her.

His only response to that was you rolling your eyes, hugging him closer, pressing a kiss to the corner of his smirking lips and whisper even if he won’t come back to you, you’ll hunt his ass down and beat him down for scaring the shit out of you even if he’s in a hospital bed then.

“Owch, as my wife, you should support me, not start ranting on me too, dove.”He mumbled, raising your left hand up and pressing a soft kiss to the ring there, whispering he won’t die on you and leave you alone and mostly not now.

His right hand stopped on your stomach, rubbing the skin there smoothly and lean back, pressing a kiss to it over the shirt and mumble he can’t abandon his wife and also unborn child.

“Rick Junior can’t grow up without his old dad being there.”He stated proudly, puffing his chest out while you laugh, covering your mouth and playfully shove the male off, stating you still have cooking and cleaning to do.

“Rick, never name our children like that..And I think me and my mom should think of names since you kinda suck.”You added while picking the broom back up and ignore your husbands wails in the background that ‘Rick Junior’ was a brutal name, feared by the enemy.

“Your only enemy in the morning is your own pillow, mister.”You sassed back while dodging a pillow and giggle, rolling your eyes and stating your husband was such a baby before you resumed in cleaning, rubbing your tummy once in a while and smile lovingly.

You just knew the future with Rick was a bright one.