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shoes - skirt - capris - bird shirt - bow shirt - floral shirt

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Candid 📷


Very good catch, protectziam , but how do you expect people to talk about it too? We are suggering a new Blitzkrieg and I don’t think that we’ll be given any time to regroup and recuperate, especially with tomorrow’s appearance in GMA!  But I digress…

You are right, this is not a new ad. this is the old footage with Zayn cut out! Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

The advertisement for Vios was filmed while the Boys where in Sydney and here is the BTS video that was released (according to youtube) on April 16:

it’s a good, funny video, watch it all! Now, I want to go to 1.22 and freeze the image. Here is (in Black and white) what you see there:

Please notice this photo: Harry is wearing not his low neck t-shirt that you see in the first (OT5) advertisement, but a SHIRT (you can see the collar).keep this thought. Now, look at Liam with his black shirt and white undershirt and Louis in a grey t-shirt and a denim jacket. Keep them in your mind too! And if you can, please notice that Niall’s shirt is slightly different too. So, basically, in the BTS video each of them wears two slightly different outfits but in the first advertisment we see only one. Here’s another image from the first commercial:

And here is the one from the first commercial that lifechangeing noticed the weird sitting arrangements:

And here is the one from the new commercial, where Zayn has been erased; Photoshop is such a wonderful program and M!M interns have become adept at using it!!!

if you notice, in the new advertisement, they are wearing their other outfits, the ones we see only for a few seconds in the BTS video, the ones I asked you to keep in mind!. But the thing that they should really have taken care of to fix in photoshop, is the length of Liam’s quiff: come on people, it’s too short on top and too much hair (compared to his current hairstyle) on the sides).

Conclusion:1D hq decided to hit two birds with one stone and simply “erased’ Zayn’s presence from the new commercial. Luckily for us, they are amateurs and always leave traces behind!

Stony writing

After weeks of UST, Steve finally breaks and kisses Tony. Kissing lead to sexy times.
The next morning Steve wakes up and rolls over to see Tony still sleeping peacefully and as naked as the day he was born. Not wanting to disturb him, he carefully shifts out of bed and heads to the kitchen to make breakfast. 10 minutes later he hears soft foot falls making their way to the kitchen. Looking up, Steve goes to greet Tony good morning but his voice gets caught in his throat at the sight before him.
Tony half asleep pauses in the door way to yawn and rub his eyes but that’s not what gives him pause (not the only thing, because let’s face it sleepy Tony Stark is adorable!) No, it’s that when he got up he grabbed Steve’s shirt instead of one of his own. Steve stared (he couldn’t help it) his shirt dwarfed Tony. The collar of his shirt dipped low enough for his collarbone (covered in hickies that he left there from the previous night) to peak threw. The sleeves went to his elbows and the bottom of the shirt reached about mid thigh on Tony.
Watching Tony stand there in the corner making his coffee in nothing but HIS t-shirt made his heartbeat thud in his ears.
So caught up in Tony, it took Steve a second to register the wet feeling on his upper lip. Whipping at it with his hand he glanced at his hand to see blood. ‘Oh my god, I got a nosebleed staring at Tony in my shirt!’

Literally something I just thought off and felt like sharing. Might attempt to draw something for the but most likely won’t. Feel free to add on.

I just love the idea of Steve getting a nosebleed from Tony looking hot.

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Can we talk about how in Blood Sweat & Tears, every time they do the crotch grab move J-Hope kills it and goes 100% because he's in the front so he obviously owns it, but even when he's not he does it again but Jungkook and Jimin don't really go for it as low. HOWEVER, the only other one who does go for it is, of course, Namjoon.

……………………….. I’ve never felt more attacked from an ask in my life???

here I was last week complaining that namjoon has been so soft in recent comebacks and I need to be dragged back to hell where I belong with a r0000o0o000d namjoon

and here we are, this asshole namjoon welcomed this and took full advantage of his low af cut shirts, crotch grabs, hip thrusts and just general all around rudeness. he knew, and he was ready to kill 



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honestly bye, don’t even talk to me about how rude this whole comeback is. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so attacked in my whole life 

Tell me your wishes three - Part 11

Part (11/16) Previous  12345678 , 9 and 10.

AU: Genie!Emma and Captain Hook

This part was inspired by Charming’s nightmare.It has has some fluffy bits. Then some bits that wrenched at my heartstrings. Enjoy!

A beautiful garden surrounded him. The flowers were all just in bloom their petals just opening up the world. He looked down at his attire. Gone was his leather coat, now replaced by a brown one His low cut black shirt now replaced by a white and a black high buttoned up vest over the top. He no longer looked like a pirate, he looked like a nobleman. He noticed his hook was gone. He had his hand back. Slowly he brought it up into his peripheral vision and bent each finger one after the other. He turned it over inspecting it.

As he put his hand down he noticed a figure further off in the garden standing with their back to him looking at a fountain. The fountain’s shape eerily familiar to a certain rum bottle. He walked towards the figure and took note of the beautiful white gown that cinched in a the waist and puffed out. A dress for a princess. Why was a princess here? She turned around as he approached, her eyes a familiar green, “Emma?” he breathed. Wonderstruck by her beauty. He stepped forward into her space and lifted his left hand to cup her face and she placed a kiss to it before allowing her head to rest there. “You look beautiful,” he told her, She smiled a smile he had never seen on her face before. She looked content. “Why are we dressed like this?”

“Perhaps, this is what we could have been. In another life. A princess and a nobleman. On our wedding day,”

“It’s our wedding day?”

“You wish,” she let out a small laugh and ending it with a content sigh.

“I do,” he said. Her content smile vanished and turned into a malicious grin, she took his left hand in hers and twisted it painfully and forced him to the floor. “Shame you chose revenge over me then. Cast me aside. Abandoned me like everyone else.”

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You teasing him as he leaves for the magazine launch with one of his shirts hanging low, him pushing himself and restraining from being late as he tug at his hair. His thoughts wild the entire night on the body. Of. Yours. That will never leave his mind.

And the way he’ll take that flustered energy out when he gets home…oof. ;) x