♡ couple looks ♡

Karazhan is just so fucking huge

I have this headcanon that after TBC a whole bunch of different mages and warlocks started squatting there and drew gang territory lines and everything 

and the tower is still empty enough you could drop a herd of elekks in there and nobody’d notice

Quotes from my afternoon with my very sick, very high on meds boyfriend:

‘I want to cuddle’

‘Please cuddle with me’

*cuddles with him*

‘I might get you sick.’ 

 ‘I’m sorry if I get you sick.’ 

 ‘if i get you sick you can’t hate me cause you accepted the cuddles.’ 

 ‘maybe we shouldn’t cuddle.’ 

‘but I really want to.’

‘But if you get sick we won’t be able to hangout!!!!’

‘Let’s forget I’m sick and watch Stranger Things while cuddling.’

‘That light demon monster who lives in the wall is soooo mean’

‘he looks like Voldemort’ 

‘oh shit do you think he who shall not be named heard that? What if he comes after me?’

“If he comes after me I’m screwed because I’m sick and I can’t move.’

‘Not but seriously if you get sick because of me I’ll be a sad puppy, like the snapchat filter.’


Trainer Team SSSN want to battle!

(of course by trainer team I mean 3 poke-nerds and a professor)

After getting that RWBY GO ask yesterday I ended up spending today turning game sprites into Team SSSN and idk man I’m surprised how much I like ‘em.




Thanks for letting me be here for you.

You’re welcome… I didn’t have much of a choice though, did I?

No. I wanted to make you had grown a little as a person,.

365 Days of Olicity: Day 68

Ohhh boy.

I just read, and re-read this amazing [ongoing!] series by @arcanebarrage called Hang the Fool [http://archiveofourown.org/works/7127210/chapters/16186526]

They’re just so adorable, I just dsgjhskgh be still my heart. 

The characters are just perfect…and the pacing of the story!!!…I can’t. So I had to draw the pretties. ;-;

I’m sosososo excited for chapter 10 aaahh 

Strong squish ( ˘ ³˘)❤

This may have gotten a little out of hand… I tried to keep it simplistic though. (and it’s transparent)

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