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this is taking too long. maybe we should do your hypnotism-eye-voodoo thing to get them talking. yes, you would expect that sort of behavior from me, wouldn’t you?

the only normal member in MX: Changkyun

mitch marner for @mouthlikeawolf bc we’re both way too invested in this nerd’s well-being

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I would like to express my deepest sympathies to your family.  However, I would like to mention that although the name and pronouns given at birth are different, his final wish was to be remembered as your son, Zander Nicholas.  Please respect this. Even if you do end up deleting this post for pointing out the name and pronouns he wanted to be known by, I at least ask you to read this.

Zander was an incredible young man.  I actually first met him through a voice acting group my younger sibling and I put together a couple of years ago.  We were looking to cast someone with a certain kind of laugh for a specific character, and Zander’s was unforgettable.  We didn’t get all that far with our voice acting group, but it doesn’t matter to me because we all made so many wonderful friends.  Zander and I bonded over silly jokes on Skype, and he was always there when one of us was having trouble.  Even if he himself was having trouble with something, he was always open to listening to his friends.

On the night of February 14th, Zander messaged me about how glad he was to have me as a friend.  He seemed so happy!  Of course, since it was Valentine’s Day, I figured he was just in the mood of the holiday.  I messaged him back, saying how glad I was to be his friend, too.  That was the last time he ever messaged me.  Had I known something was wrong, I would have wanted to talk to him longer.  I never got to say goodbye to him, and I regret that, but I’m at least glad the last thing I said to him was “I’m glad we’re friends, too!”  I hope he knows I meant that 100%.

I’m still having trouble accepting the fact that he’s gone.  All of us are.  Zander truly had a heart of gold, and I will always miss him.  Even if I never met him face-to-face, he was still a dear friend to me, and as his friend, all I ask is that you respect his final wishes.

This was what I wrote in each of two guestbooks in memorial of Zander (Tumblr user hipopatmus).  Both of them intentionally misnamed and misgendered him.  Unfortunately, his mother made it so all comments had to be reviewed before being posted, so it is highly unlikely it will ever be seen by guests.

That doesn’t mean she won’t see them.  Despite her blatant transphobia, I encourage people to write to these guestbooks to protest the intentional misnaming and misgendering of our friend.

I also encourage you to make signs, art, whatever, and use the tag #his name was zander.  We want justice for our friend.  Please, fight back against transphobia and help us.

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the fandom seems to be of the consensus that dathomirian zabrak are essentially just big cats.

with this in mind, i feel like there are some important things we need to consider:

  • is their prey drive high enough that they’ll chase laser pointer dots?
  • do they have an ‘if i fits, i sits’ attitude towards boxes, baskets, etc.?
  • are they at their most affectionate and cuddly in the morning after waking up?
  • do they express their love for those close to them by gifting them the mutilated carcasses of things they’ve hunted?
  • do they blep?
Dating Harry would include - 16

French kiss:

- Catching your hand when you pass by him sitting on couch
- Giving you a slight smirk mixed with a gentle smile in pulling on your hand to make you come between his legs
- Placing his hands on your hips, kissing your tummy “ I’ve been thinking about how your mouth misses to mine … ”
- His hand gliding on the back of your thigh to behind your knee in looking up to you
- Pulling on your knee to make you sit over his body, his hands on the small of your back
- Him Biting his lower lip with a smile when you start to scratch his nape with your nails
- The mischievous ton in his voice when he murmurs “ I would like to speak french on your lips”
- His amused and proud expression when he sees your rection to his confession
- His hand snaking to the back of your neck to make your face comes closer to his, looking at your mouth in licking his lips
- His lips brushing along your jawline, the tip of his nose poking on your lower lip
- Stroking the side of your throat with his thumb while caressing your cheek with his nose
- The huge smile on his face when you can’t wait any longer and give him the first kiss
- His hands sliding slowly on your sides to your hips to pull you closer to his body, wrapping his arms around your body
- The way he deepen the kiss, his parted lips looking for yours with desire
- His lips catching your lower lip, sucking on with a tantalizing slowness
- His teeth biting on the pulpe of your lip with a slight moan escaping his mouth
- The way he kisses your lower lip and then do the same to your upper lips with tenderness
- Keeping the edge of his lips brushing lightly yours, his breath tickling your wet mouth
- Resting his warm palms on your cheeks, his thumb carressing the corner of your mouth
- His mesmerised eyes on your mouth when you get your lips wet with your tongue
- Him approaching his face to yours to kiss you deeply his mouth sucking on your tongue
- His breathless voice begging you “Hold my face in your hands Love, Don’t let me go from your kisses …”
- The weak moan he lets fall from his lips in your mouth when you kiss him passionately
- The tip of his tongue following slowly the line of your upper lip with a smile when he hears you moan
- Giving you multiples simple kisses to tease you when you expect for more from his lips
- His soft groan when you pull on his hair to make him giving you a proper kiss
- Wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you against his chest, kissing you slow and long “ This is what my Queen wanted huh?”

End of the day sketch of a breakdown of how I draw my Markiplier expression studies. Basically what I do is after I watch a video, I go back with the sound off and pause whenever Mark makes a cool expression.  In other words, I try to pause at “key frames” or the most dynamic expressions that an animator would choose before they would do break downs or inbetweens. Also I like choosing any expression with a lot of squash and stretch, since in storyboarding you apply 2D animation principles in your storyboards.  Since Mark already pushes his expressions I like to “push” the expression a bit more or alter it a bit for an easier “read.”  Yup! :D Also thank you guys and Mark again for reblogging my most recent expression studies! I’m glad you like them :D


└ Shachou~~ Keep Calm and gently step off that emotion rollercoaster. 

ああー あたしの心が痛い~~

Cr: Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi Episode 3


~ Non-exhaustive Mega Expression Chart

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