Ooh, I like this one.

If this is during the crushing phase, I believe Junkrat would get a little mouthy and indignant and insert himself directly into conversations / situations that Symmetra and the classic ‘overly friendly bar patron’ are involved in without really knowing why. All he understands is that there’s a roiling fire beneath his breastbone and this person needs to get away from her, stat.

Of course, when asked about it, he gets very defensive and can’t give any proper reason why Overly Friendly Bar Patron should get stuffed. If Symmetra laughs at their cheesy jokes or returns any smiles, he suddenly gets very quiet and has a difficult time managing himself. His good hand clenches and he bites at his lower lip and he doesn’t know why any of this hurts.

Symmetra is more reserved about her jealousy when it comes to someone chatting him up. She doesn’t participate in anything regarding the two of them; she maintains a sizeable distance, sips at her drink (which decidedly does not taste as good as it had twenty seconds ago), and observes. There are a lot of mental notes she makes, and she tries to interpret exactly what’s happening and what she might do to put a stop to it. This sort of thing is beyond her realm of expertise.

When she steps in, she takes him by the wrist and promptly excuses him from the conversation. Junkrat attempts to protest (he’s tipsy; his ears are red and his face matches quite well), but she taps his hand and provides a warning look. This shuts him up. After she’s lead him away, he tries to ask what the hell she’s doing – he was just having a laugh; girl’s lovely and has a bloody good sense of humor – but she slides a glass of water at him and tells him he’s obnoxious. He takes a drink and grumbles something about her ruining his fun (he was right in the middle of giving the punchline!), and she wishes the smouldering burn between her lungs would go away.

If they’re in a relationship – oh, all bets are off. You can rest assured Junkrat would make things very clear on where Overly Friendly Bar Patron could stick their smarmy jokes, and Symmetra would deliberately cut in without issue and make sure there is absolutely no question regarding who he is currently with. (Both of these include displays of affection, although Symmetra’s is far less overt and swaggering than Junkrat coiling around her waist and planting a kiss on her neck.)

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Prompt: Abby giving Marcus a lapdance (bonus if it's ends with smut)

Here you go my dear anon. It turned out much lengthier than I initially anticipated but I do hope that you’ll find it satisfactory ^^

Sweet dreams are made of this

Inwardly swearing Marcus makes his way along the corridors of Arkadia in a slightly hurried manner. He was supposed to meet with Abby 20 minutes ago to discuss the latest extension to the camp, but one of his new recruits had managed to shoot himself in the foot while cleaning his gun. What an idiot. Honestly, who doesn’t check his gun before cleaning? After berating the man on safety measures, reassuring him that the injury wasn’t too serious and dropping him off in the capable hands of Jackson, Marcus took once glance at the clock and with a curse had left the room. Which is why he’s currently striding purposely down the hallway and more than one person had jumped out of his way. When he finally arrives at her quarters, he doesn’t bother with knocking, she’s expecting him anyway. As he enters her room, Marcus notices that the lights are dimmed and that there’s a chair in the middle of the room. Puzzled, he closes the door, “Abby?”

“I’ll be out in a second”, he hears her reply from the bathroom. Turning around, he has scarcely removed his jacket when he hears the door open.

“Abby why are the lights –”, he begins, but falters when he pivots and sees her leaning against the door opening, wearing what appears to be a silk robe. Crossing her arms, she inadvertly pushes her breasts up and Marcus can feel his pants tighten. Leaning seductively against the door, she’s looking absolutely breathtaking. Her hair falls in loose curls around her face, the robe seems to cling to her skin, moulding her curves and blessedly stops mid-thigh.

“I was afraid you weren’t going to show up”, she murmurs, smirking when his only response is staring at her with a dumbfounded look on his face. Opening and closing his mouth a couple of times without any words escaping, he clears his throat.

“I uh- I got detained”, he manages to croak out.

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I Want To Be Good To You [Sehun x Reader] [Request]

Written by: Admin Fae

Word Count: 2, 776

Summary: Under normal circumstances, he would never go for someone like you–you were too sweet and innocent, as a popular website he frequented would say, the definition of a cinnamon roll that was too precious for this world. Not his type, and yet he couldn’t seem to take his mind off you.

A/N: I really had fun with this one. I hope that it’s satisfactory enough, anonnie! Thank you for requesting! My computer is also back up and running, so I’ll be sure to post more things in the queue for you guys and write stuff up^^

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Could you do anything with Jugo perhaps? I feel as if I'm the only one who loves him he's so underappreciated ;v;'

Jugo is a cutie ^.^ Hope this is satisfactory, love!


  • Jugo is a nature person, so there’d be lots of outdoors dates
  • He’d probably get really caught up being outdoors and tell his s/o the name and history of all the plants and animals
  • Probably would compare s/o to a part of nature that he thought was most beautiful
  • Really! likes being the little spoon! It’s comforting to him
  • Likes his hair to be played with! Especially when his s/o is humming
  • Very very cautious. Couldn’t live with himself if he hurt his s/o