tbh fenris laughs at most of the jokes hawke makes?? like he’s obviously more reserved in public & around the rest of the hawke squad (esp in act 1) but in private it’s definitely implied that he finds hawke genuinely funny. his sense of humor is just as ridiculous as hawke’s. what i’m trying to say here is: less long suffering eye rolling fenris, more fenris coughing into his hand to hide his amusement when hawke cracks a terrible joke. 

In order to relearn how to draw Medic, I checked my old drawings and got hit by nostalgia

Clockwise from top: pencilstab's Vaughn, classy-doctor's Kai, Amelia (mine), mediscout's Christof (center), solemn-vow's Alois, and littlebucket's Maud

Lookit all these Medics ;_; I miss them so much

so in my second playthrough of DA:I I sided with the templars and right when you start look who’s there with the group

This is before the Inquisitor or anyone has ever met, seen, or heard Cole. No one has any idea that he exists.

…Do you think he’s been following the Inquisition around?