So… Harry gets no shit for wearing, frankly, ridiculous boots, and sheer fucking shirts showing off his multiple nipples, and Louis can fucking tuck his sweatpants into his socks and Liam wears a BABY BLUE SUIT to that Gatsby ball and Niall cant even wear a hat without getting shit. Nah. You wear that hat Niall. Wear it on tour. Wear it in interviews. Get matching trousers.

how can i get mako’s book 4 haircut edited into every single non-probending scene in books 1-3, and have it messily fall apart during every action scene

Open RP: New Power

Kate had been lying on the floor of her bedroom coloring a dragon. Proud of her masterpiece, she stood up and ran off to show Felix. Before the girl could even leave the room, suddenly out of her eyes came bright, red lasers that burnt a hole straight through her door then through Mark’s, who had also been in his room. He was oblivious to the fact that the lasers burned holes through his hat aswell. Nearly as shocked as Kate, Mark slowly got up and walked downstairs. “Felix… Your daughter blasted lasers through the doors…”

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"What happened?!"

Random Number Generator: 1 Bruised and beaten up

The mouse sits up from the ground, his brown waistcoat and shirt torn to shreds. He has scratches just starting to bleed through on his open fur. He tries to stand and picks up his hat. “I-I that rat..did you see which way he went?”

Birthday Showers (Tao x You)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,231

Note: Scenario for precious Tao baby, who I will dearly miss if he decides to leave. This request has been sitting in my list for a while, and I thought, what better time to post this than when Tao’s birthday is approaching?


“Happy Birthday!”

Your best friend stands in your apartment, crookedly wearing a yellow, cone-shaped party hat on his head and holding a messily wrapped box with a pink ribbon in his hands. It’s been a long, tedious day, but your lips can’t help but crack into a smile seeing Tao’s toothy grin and a child’s party hat atop his head.

“How long have you been standing in my apartment?“ you chuckle, stepping on your toes to fix the party hat sliding off his blonde locks.

"About half an hour,” he answers. “Your present,” he announces, waving the box in front of your eyes before thrusting it into your hands.

Your eyes trace over the messy wrapping and the faint outline of the box inside. Your fingers reach to pick off the ribbon, until Tao shrieks, “What are you doing?”

You flinch at Tao’s shouting, and your fingers immediately retreat. “Opening my present,” you state.

Tao takes the present from your hands and sets it on the nearby counter. “You can’t open this until later!”

“Alright, alright,” you sigh. “You startled me with your shouting,” you tell the male.

“Where are you going?” Tao queries, watching as you throw off your coat and step towards your bedroom.

“I have to take a shower,” you tell him. “Apparently, the others have prepared a surprise birthday party for me, and I can’t go looking like this.”

“How’d you find out?”

“Oh Sehun is not good at keeping secrets.”

Tao rolls his eyes and grumbles, “I can’t believe he spoiled it.”

You chuckle at your best friend, turning away from his built frame and heading towards the bathroom, until his voice stops you in your tracks and drains the color from your face.

“Can I shower with you?”

A hesitant response falls past your trembling lips. “What?”

“Let’s shower together,” Tao repeats. “I have to shower, too. Also, it’s not like we haven’t showered together before.” He shrugs, and you are absolutely surprised by the nonchalance in his movements and the unconcerned manner in his cheesy smile.

Tao’s been your best friend for as long as you can remember.

You are, perhaps, one of the only people who he can throw away his chic image in front of. He’s proven his trustworthiness over the years, and you know, being quite inseparable from the tall male, that the only reasons why he would ever ask you to shower are to splash water in your face and nag until you finally agree to help him scrub his back.

“No,” you shout. “Of course not!”

A somewhat mortified and surprised expression, reflecting the same expression on your face, mars Tao’s sharp features, and he stammers, “Why not?”

“Do you even remember when the last time we showered together was?”

Tao quirks an eyebrow, and he responds, “Maybe twelve years ago?”

“We were like, ten,” you say. “And you suddenly want to shower with me again?”

“Why are you acting like it’s such a big deal?” Tao asks. “We do everything together. So why can’t we just take a simple shower?”

You know that Tao’s not a pervert and he would rather spend his time looking at his own body in the mirror than yours, but you’re afraid, too afraid to even show your best friend, how vulnerable you truly are.

“Why are you being like this?” Tao asks once more, his words are pressuring you, pumping you for the answer he’s looking for.

Your hands travel flatten out the nonexistent wrinkles creasing the sweater tightly wrapped around your body.

Perhaps you’re indifferent and slightly aloof around others.

But in all honesty, you’re insecure.

Insecure about your body.

Insecure about what Tao will say if he sees you.

“Come on,” Tao presses, and now, his hand is wrapped around your wrist, tugging lightly at your arm. “You’re not usually like this? What’s wrong?”

An incessant stream of questions and words falls past his lips, and soon, frustration overcomes him.

“Why won’t you let me shower with you?”

His eyebrows are knotted together and he’s obviously exasperated, so you shout, “It’s because I’m insecure about myself!”

You can tell by the way his expression softens and his eyes glisten dimly that he’s apologetic and slightly surprised.

“You may be my best friend, but you’re still a guy, and you hang out with other slim and pretty girls all the time. How does that make me feel?” you huff, a dark red flushing your cheeks. “My face isn’t pretty and my body isn’t dazzling, and no guy is ever going to want someone like me.”

A moment of silence passes, before Tao announces, “You don’t want to shower with me because you’re afraid of me seeing your body?”

You bob your head up and down slowly.

A look of confusion flashes across your face when Tao grabs the messily wrapped box on the table and sheepishly holds it out for you to take.

“I was going to have you open this way later, but…”

His voice drifts off into uncertainty, and his hand reaching upwards to nervously scratch the back of his neck is a clear indication that something is making Tao unusually timid.

“Tao, what the heck does this have to do with anything?”

You search his face for an answer, but he only responds with, “Just open it.”

Your fingers pluck off the bow and tear away the wrapping, watching as it floats to the ground of your apartment. You gently lift the lid off the box, your eyes widening to the size of saucers at its contents.

Resting in the box is a delicate silver chain necklace, resting upon soft pillows of rose petals. Your fingers reach for the folded note beside the chain, and they run over Tao’s messy handwriting.


“I love you,” you read aloud. “Tao, does this mean-”

“It’s a pretty cheesy confession, right?” he chuckles. He takes long, slow strides, until he is looming over you. He pulls you into his embrace, his arms cradling your frame and his fingers running through your hair, a gesture that comforts you.

“I may be your best friend,” Tao murmurs, and his voice is like a soft melody against the intoxicating scent of his cologne, “but I really do love you. I may be seeing other girls at work all the time, but I think you’re perfect, just the way you are. I don’t ever want you to think that you’re not beautiful or that no one will love you, because I will, and I think you’re worth everything in this world and so much more.”

Tao’s words have always had the power to truly make you believe, and once more, you truly believe that Tao sees you as beautiful. A smile tugs at the corner of your lips, and the blush settling across your cheeks remains.

“Hold on,” you drawl, “if you’ve been interested in me this entire time, that means in the shower you were going to look at my body.”

Tao chuckles nervously and his cheeks are splotched with red, but he grabs your hand and leads you to the bathroom.

“In return, I’ll let you look at mine.”

You aren’t sure what else Tao has planned for the two of you in the shower, but one thing’s for sure- he better make it quick or else you’ll be late for your party.

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Something with cal and you're friends and he's a tease and something where he goes "you should kiss me"

idk man I’m just picturing super super drunk calum and trying to get him home somehow because you two are best friends and you were not about to let him get into a car by himself. and he didn’t manage to pull tonight, so it was just you and him, and once he’s in his flat he turns on the radio and starts drunkenly dancing. and his hat is turned backwards and he’s moving his hips in a way that you knew he was drunk but also wow, calum can move. and you’re drunk too, so you’re on his couch, reclining back into the cushions laughing as he dances in front of you. and at one point he reaches for your hands, trying to pull you up next to him to dance, but you just shake your head because honestly you’re enjoying the view more than a friend should. and the beat to the song is low and slow, an r&b song with a strong baseline that you could easily roll your hips to, if your legs happened to straddle his waist and his lips happened to end up on your collarbones, sucking a dark mark into your skin.

“you know you wanna kiss me,” he giggles, cheeks turning bright red. “you should kiss me.”

and well, you were drunk off your ass too, so it didn’t take long for you to process his recommendation before lurching forward, latching a hand around the back of his neck and fingers into his hair, kissing lips that tasted like scotch


ok so i have been desperately tried to wrap up something after I received this ask last night but hey ho here goes
jeremy in my eyes are mostly the slobby insecure twenty year old-something-something. he got a big fluff of a so called hairdo so he always got issues trying to make his hat stay on top. otherwise he’s a pretty tiny fellah only reaching about 5′5 in height.

i hope to finish this full picture soon, and my guard for the third game as well. :c


hi this hat and i are in love now
i also wanted you to see the legs that carry my screaming and protesting body to the gym 6 days a week using myspace angles

I’m not really that creative… but I wanted to contribute to the an unexpected anniversary.. I have an au/head canon…

Bilbo Baggins is the owner and baker for Bag End bakeshop… he bakes up a storm of the most delicious breads and pastries… Different people from varying states of morning dishelvedness (night owls and early birds alike) flock to the store to get their daily bread fix… Bilbo Baggins enjoys the snippets of stories he gets from his customers… Like Balin a retired history professor or the toymaker Bofur with the odd hat getting his apple turnover fix… Most of them are cheerful enough.. Well except for one… Thorin… He learns his name through Balin…
He comes at exactly 6:00 am and gets blackberry scones… Bilbo always tries to start a conversation but the man just huffs and scowls…

Name Day - Part 3 (Bonus)

A little bonus fun ;)

Part One / Part Two /

“So that’s naked with wine then?” Dorian smirked as the table erupted around him, chuckling himself as the Inquisitor slightly flinched in the march to her quarters. Commendably, she didn’t turn, didn’t pause on her way across the hall. The door was wrenched open and slammed behind her, sending Dorian laughing into his wine cup.

“I was only trying to help, I thought…I know she wants to make him happy.” Cole curled himself back into the chair, shrinking under the brim of his hat. Bull clapped him on the shoulder, grabbing his tankard with a snort.

“I’ve no doubt about that.” Their laughter died down to the odd giggle as they nursed their drinks. A contented silence fell about them, Sera humming quietly as they drank. A gasp from the elf interrupted their day dreaming.

“So it’s Cully-Wully’s name day, right?” She squirmed in her seat, breaking out the grin Dorian recognised as trouble.

“I believe we’ve established this, yes.”

“Perfect for messin’, yeah?” Leaning forward, her eyes were wide as she nodded at him, teeth bared in mischief. Dorian narrowed his eyes, stroking a finger along his moustache as he thought. Slowly, a conniving idea flourished, and he returned her grin with one of his own.

“Say, what do we think our esteemed Inquisitor will do with our sage advice?” Varric, catching on, drummed his fingers on the table in feigned pondering.

“I’m not sure…it was very good advice, so no doubt she’ll give him the wine.”

“The cheese?” Dorian rolled his eyes.

“No Bull, not the cheese.” The Qunari grumbled into his mug, Dorian glaring as he swore. Ignoring the continued insults, he turned to Varric, who was the picture of innocence. “Master Tethras, have you considered what you’ll be giving the Commander for his name day?” Varric fought to keep a straight face, smoothing down his tunic in an attempt at distraction.

“Why, Master Pavus, I had my eye on a particularly favoured bottle of Antivan Red that I just know our brave Commander would appreciate thoroughly.” Sera sat enraptured, giggling incessantly at the performance. Bull was smirking; Cole was even peeking out from under his brim.

“That is an excellent choice, I must say. My favourite is a Tevinter rose – you don’t think he’d be sour to the idea of two bottles of wine?”

“Hey, that’s my gift, fancy-pants!” Sera was practically climbing onto the table with excitement, sliding forward to be closer to the conspiracy. Dorian gasped, hand snapping to his chest.

“The Commander will be a spoilt man. So many generous gifts!” Varric descended into chuckles, shaking his head. Cole shifted, head tilting, eyes glazed with confusion.

“You wish to…make him happy, make her give…something else? Something better?”

“How about some fuckin’ cheese -”

“BULL! Please. Give him the cheese yourself if you must, but please stop talking about the Maker forsaken cheese.” Dorian glowered until the big Qunari nodded sheepishly. Turning to the boy, he smirked with a stroke of the chin. “Yes, something much better. The more wine he gets, the happier they will be.” Cole stared for a second, before blinking out of existence. Sera began cackling, thumping her fist on the table. Varric downed his drink in one.

“You are bad, bad man.”

“Oh Master Tethras, you have no idea.”


Happy 16th birthday Rhythm! We went up to visit him at his farm vacation home and all his friends came to his party.

That’s Tug the pitbull, Maggie and Penny the Percheron draft team, the birthday boy himself with his hat on, the Brabants draft Hal’s fat head, Rhythm’s cake, Rhythm eating his cake, his cow friends Belle and Ruby, and his pig friend Twiggy.