hiệu sách

…. so to cheer myself up and have something to watch on background while drawing, I wanted to put the Greed Island Arc on background

but since I don’t know which ep it starts on I was checking random episode

and I accidentally started the episode that starts with Kurapika and Leorio’s separation in the aeroport at the end of the York New Arc

And I’m crying

This is so precious Kurapika has the most lovely smile

and how Leorio presses Melody to look after him

and how Melody smiles when Leorio asks her about that

and he starts to mention Kurapika’s qualities and flaws and ask for help

and Melody talks about how Leorio’s heart is the most gentle heartbeat and that he totally fits his dreamjob

and Leorio who watch the thingy Kurapika flies away onto from afar with a smile

this is killing me how dare they 


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