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Love Letter Gone Wrong: Jin

This scenario was requested by mymisstina quite a while ago. It involves Jin sending you a letter, which is intercepted by your friend who likes him. Then, later, you see them again and she is working as his secretary. As Admin Zimin has said, I’ve been pretty busy lately, but I’ll try my best! Thank you all for continuing to support us, and thanks to all our new followers!

~Admin May

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One change.
That was all it took for the entire thing to change, for the letter to become something it was never meant to be – something that ended up producing the opposite effect of what it had been intended to do.
A simple name change – from your name, which Jin had printed on the letter in his careful handwriting, to hers.
And then everything changed.

“Do you think she’s seen it yet?” Jin asked almost nervously, tapping his foot against the table leg. He was trying to focus on the papers spread out on the desk before him, but it was no use. All he could think of was you.
“No idea,” she replied, trying to avoid looking at him. She refused to allow a sense of guilt to wash over her. It had been for the good of all of you that she’d changed the letter, she thought. And nobody else had to know. She swore to herself to keep both you and Jin from finding out what had really happened.
Jin bit his lip and leaned back in his chair, stretching his arms out over his head. “I guess I was just hoping that she’d say something right away. Let me know what she thought. But maybe I’m just being jumpy – she might not have even seen the letter yet.”
The girl in the room didn’t respond, instead pushing a stack of papers towards Jin.
“Right? MinSu?” Jin lifted his eyes up from the table to meet the girl’s, seeking confirmation.
“Yeah, she might not have seen it yet,” MinSu agreed, letting out a sigh. “But, you know, SeokJin –”
“I know.” He cut her off. “She might not accept me. I’m aware of that.”
MinSu turned her face away from him and fixed her eyes on the floor. “Yeah. There’s always that possibility,” she said quietly.
Jin nodded and attempted again to focus on the papers spread out on the table before him. He might never pass the bar exam and become a lawyer at this rate, if you were constantly on his mind like this.

You spied the envelope on the counter as soon as you got home, your eyes falling immediately upon the name “Jin” written in its owner’s careful handwriting.
Your roommate and best friend MinSu entered the apartment right behind you, shutting and locking the door. “What’ve we got?” She leaned over your shoulder to look at the envelope on the counter.
“It’s from Jin,” you replied, not being able to help the smile that spread over your face at the thought of him. A letter. What could he want to say in a letter that he couldn’t tell you face-to-face or even over the phone? Your heart swelled. Could this really be the confession you had been hoping for?
MinSu didn’t exactly seem surprised. “Open it,” she instructed, slinging her bag off her shoulders and onto the sofa. She sank down into a couch cushion, closing her eyes, as you tore open the envelope and unearthed a handwritten letter.
You could hardly focus on the words on the page as the ringing sensation in your ears grew louder. Could this really be happening? Were you dreaming?
The letter was everything you’d ever wanted to hear. It was perfect – it was beautiful. Jin seemed to know your heart’s desire, seemed to know the stuff that made up your imaginations and daylight dreams.
Could this truly be real? You wondered, scanning the last lines written on the page.
Your heart threw itself out of your chest, leaving a ragged, gaping hole in its wake. You re-read the last line, just to make sure you’d understood correctly. No, there was no mistaking it – you had read it correctly. It just hurt so badly that you didn’t want to believe it.
My dear MinSu, Jin had written, I’ve become quite certain I love you.

The sun was warm, so warm that it almost made Jin sleepy. “Thank God I have the day off,” he said. “I don’t think I could handle sitting in the office, or in a courtroom, on a day like this.”
“Mm,” MinSu murmured in agreement, “you’re right. It’s beautiful out today.”
The two of them strolled down the sidewalk, watching the brightly colored cars zoom down the adjacent street. Jin stopped walking when they neared a coffee shop, and motioned for MinSu to enter. He walked into the shop behind her, making a beeline for the counter and ordering his favorite drink, along with a different one for MinSu.
“Thank you,” she smiled as he set her drink down on the table in front of her. He took the opposite seat. “It’s funny to see you wearing something besides a suit.”
Jin smiled at that. “I suppose it is. Kind of feels like the old days again, huh? Before I became a lawyer.”
“And before I became a secretary at the law firm.” MinSu responded, taking a sip of the coffee. She made a face. “Is this a caramel macchiato? You know I don’t like them.”
Jin froze. Of course, MinSu didn’t like them. They were her favorite drink…
MinSu seemed to shake it off. “Whatever, it’s okay. Drinking one won’t kill me.” She tried to smile, to pass it off as if it didn’t bother her. But she knew the truth. That he still hadn’t forgotten her, no matter how much he claimed he had.
“Sorry,” Jin grimaced. “Don’t know what I was thinking. I guess my mind must have been going back to the case. Now, what I wanted to discuss with you –”
He broke off midsentence as she walked in, giving a bright smile to a man she held the door open for as he left the shop. “You’re welcome!” He heard her say cheerfully, before letting the door swing shut and walking up to the counter.
She ordered a caramel macchiato, her sunglasses still on her face but slipping down her nose, in the exact manner he’d always found adorable.
Jin’s breath caught in his throat. She hadn’t changed, not one bit.
MinSu had frozen as well, her eyes fixed on her former roommate. Then her attention slid back to Jin, who was staring wide-eyed at the other girl still. She clenched her fist in her lap. She couldn’t let the two of them get into a conversation now. It had been so long - over a year since she’d even seen the other girl. She thought she’d been victorious.

Jin felt he had to do something. He had to say something. He couldn’t bear it anymore - he thought he’d seen the last of you. He thought he’d never see you again.
Yet here you were, ordering a caramel macchiato at the coffee shop the two of you had gone to many times together. He thought you would have forgotten about it by now, that you would have been on to bigger and better things after a year. He’d even wondered if you’d moved somewhere far away from him.
He’d just wanted to talk to you so badly.
But at MinSu’s urging, he’d stayed away. She warned him of your reaction to the letter, saying that it upset you greatly. That you’d never wanted to be anything more than his friend, and that you weren’t even sure that you wanted to be that anymore. Then she said that you’d kicked her out of the apartment.
Jin had been confused, to be sure. But MinSu had been friends with the both of you for a very long time, and she had no reason to tell a lie. Plus, she’d been faithful and kind to him even after you’d left. There was no reason to doubt anything she’d said.
But you were here now, and Jin felt that he’d gotten over all the hurt that initially accompanied your rejection. He could talk to you calmly now, he was certain.
Fingers shot out and gripped his arm tightly, before he had even realized he was standing up from the table. He looked over at MinSu, her expression dark. “Don’t do it, SeokJin,” she warned.
A wave of annoyance swept over him for reasons he didn’t understand. Maybe it was her fingernails digging into the skin of his arm, which fell away as he tore himself out of her grip.
“I’m doing this, MinSu. I have to talk to her. I didn’t even try - after I sent that letter I just didn’t even try -” Jin sighed, breaking off. He glanced over at you, still waiting up by the counter for your drink. It was now or never.
Taking a deep breath, he approached you, a smile wavering on his face.
You did a double take when you noticed him, the sunglasses finally giving up and sliding off your face. Your hands fumbled to catch them, and your cheeks immediately flooded red.
He said your name once, softly. You responded with an uncertain smile, your shock at discovering his feelings for MinSu coming to the forefront of your mind. And then you spotted her there, still sitting back at the table watching the two of you together with wide eyes.
“Jin,” you responded, trying to maintain an appearance of cheeriness, “it’s been so long! I see things are going well between you and MinSu, which is great.” And you meant it. You wanted both of them to be happy. But you couldn’t help but remember the way she’d started to treat you so coldly, especially after the arrival of the letter. Then she’d suddenly announced that she and Jin were dating, and that she wasn’t comfortable with you being such close friends with him anymore. So you’d tried to respect that, to keep your distance. He didn’t try to contact you, either. Then MinSu had severed the tie between the three of you completely when she told you that she was moving out and that she probably wouldn’t see you anymore. It had absolutely broken your heart.
“Um, yeah, she’s a great secretary,” he said distractedly.
“Er, secretary?”
He looked at you, a new focus entering his eyes. “Yeah, of course. I guess I haven’t seen you since I passed the bar exam.”
A strange, sad sort of smile passed over your lips. “That’s right. You’re a full fledged lawyer now.”
Jin nodded. “And you? How have you been?”
“I’ve been good! Really good. Things have been going well with-”
You were interrupted by MinSu, who had suddenly appeared at Jin’s side, tugging on his arm. “SeokJin,” she whispered urgently. “You just got a text, and I looked at it - there’s been a major development in the case!”
He looked at her in surprise, then glanced at you, looking uncertain. “Ah, really? I don’t know … I think I might…”
“We have to go!” MinSu exclaimed sharply, her nails digging into Jin’s arm again as she tugged him away and out the door. You stood, left in their dust yet again.

Jin and MinSu got halfway down the street before he came to a complete stop. “Can I have my phone back?”
MinSu looked over at him in surprise. “What do you mean?”
“You said you had my phone…” Jin trailed off, noticing that his phone was still safely in his pocket. Realization washed over him slowly, accompanied by a dull sense of horror. “You never got a text. You made the whole thing up.”
“Jin-” MinSu’s eyes flew wide open, and she reached for his arm again, but he avoided her grip, backing away.
“The letter,” he said suddenly. “I gave it to you to give to her. You were the one that told me she didn’t want to be with me - that she didn’t even want to be around me anymore -”
MinSu began shaking her head, a tear slipping from one eye. It was over. All over, after she thought she’d already won.
But she’d never won, not at all, she realized, as Jin sprinted off down the street back to you in the coffee shop.
It had always been you.