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Sleepy pup

Hello! I’m back, so I suppose I should get straight into writing!

Pairing: Jack Maynard X Reader

Request: Yes

Fandom: Buttercream squad

Prompt: So I’ve seen Jack’s tweet about his lack of sleep and I was wondering if you can write a thing where he finally comes home after all this travelling and Y/N just takes care of the pup? :)


Lounging around the house on a lazy Sunday afternoon you cuddled up on the sofa in a fuzzy blanket eating chocolate, watching “Elf” since Christmas was right around the corner.

The sound of the door opening made you smile as you knew who it was.

“Hello gorgeous boy.” You said, Jack coming up behind you and kissing you.

“Hello my beautiful baby.” Jack smiled, but you could see he looked exhausted.

“Jack, babe why don’t we go to bed?” You suggested.

“I need to shower and edit my new video and I haven’t even started prep for next weeks video.” He began to ramble, something Jack did when he didn’t want to do what you said.

“No, your viewers will understand and that can all wait. You’re exhausted.” You said, guiding him to the bathroom. You started the shower and made him strip, before joining him and washing his body. You then washed his hair for him, and handed him a warm towel that you’d put on the heater.

“Thank you, (Y/N), I felt like a baby at first but I know you’re just looking out for me. I love you.” He smiled, kissing your forehead.“

"Jack, it’s nothing! I’m here to help you see that sometimes you need looking after. Now, pyjamas.” You said, ushering him to your shared bedroom to get dressed.

Once you were both dressed you lay in your bed, his head rested on your chest as you played with his blonde locks. He was half asleep, typing away on his phone.

“Goodnight, baby.” He kissed you, rolling over and locking his phone.

Your screen lit up with a tweet mention.

So lucky to have my princess in my life, she always knows when my bitching gets too much and to put me to bed😂love her more than anything❤️

You smiled as you read his tweet, rolling over and wrapping your arms around his frame.

“I love you Jack Maynard.” You whispered, pressing a kiss to the crook of his neck.


Sorry it’s short ahh! I hope it’s okay.

Have a lovely day/night!!

hello yes let’s think about all the different ways laurent and damen can kiss each other:

  • laurent sitting in damen’s lap, tipping damen’s chin up, cupping his face, sliding fingers into his hair as damen holds him around his hips
  • damen lifting laurent up (maybe he has a thing for looking up at laurent, maybe laurent has a thing for damen’s muscleman bod), laurent’s thighs smooth but firm as they lock around his waist, damen gently pinning him to the wall as they kiss, hands grappling under laurent’s thighs
  • WET KISSES either they take a bath together or take a relaxing beach swim. laurent marveling at damen’s chest and biceps and QUADS when they’re shiny and wet, damen noticing how much darker laurent’s eyelashes seem. they probably splash each other, take advantage of weightlessness in water. the kiss probably starts out lazy and leisurely, hands roaming and frictionless, until it gets really sensual & they sink under water and only their heads are above. damen cups water with his hands and pours it over laurent’s shoulders when he starts to shiver
  • teasing kisses. laurent has mastered these…too-short kisses, lips lingering but not enough. his lips brush damen’s as he whispers some sweet nothing against his mouth, and it’s over far too soon - he pulls back and damen chases forward, trying to prolong it
  • BEARD SCRUFF KISSES if damen goes even a day without a shave its immediately tangible, laurent rubs his face against his stubble without even realizing he’s nuzzling, all of damen’s kisses are at once gentle and rough laurent can barely take the sensation. his inner thighs definitely have stubble burn and it drives him crazy
  • laurent getting the breath kissed right out of him as he comes *2012 voice* that escalated quickly yes i know BUT he probably likes it the best this way, when damen fucks him slowly and kisses him softly, his mouth open and pliant and panting all for damen’s taking
  • and then damen getting kissed while he comes - laurent swallows all his desperate babbling, and he loves having laurent’s tongue in his mouth LOL everything about kissing laurent turns him on, he comes that much harder when laurent’s lips are smothering his own

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hello again! im the shy scorpio whos have a crush on this quiet cancer guy, and im so happy that you replied mine YEY:") AnYWAY YES I'VE TALKED TO HIM (when we were the same group for a video project) since it was a small group, i think hes lot comfortable bc he talked a LOOT and made some (random XD) jokes n one day i asked him if he wants a company n he said yes n we chatted along the way n shared our fav things. after the project done, he barely says hi but we often share eyecontact sighs:")

 Ahhh, this is honestly so sweet, i feel like he might really like you as well. Have you seen the other ask about the signs that Cancer likes you ? Maybe he’s just too shy and that’s it ! Why don’t you go and talk to him again ?? Now you’re basically almost friends :-)

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Hi hello friend. I do not think you've done Ambulance by MCR yet and I'd love "You don't know a thing about this life" in one of your beautiful wallpapers- but if I'm wrong pls lmk, I must save them all. I am very into this song rn if you couldn't tell, thank you <3

Hi hello my dearest friend. Yes, you are right about that song not being made into a lock screen of mine yet. However, I just made a pair and I hope you like them. Take care and have an awesome day/night! ♡♡

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Wait this is Maria?! Omg I did not know you had a stranger things blog this is most excellent!!!

MONICA HELLO HI YES IT IS I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so glad you found this!!!!!

I made this blog a little bit because I felt I was being annoying about jonathan and nancy on my main but also because this amazing url is available !!!

I’m so glad you found it. WELCOME. <3

(my main is: @itspileofgoodthings for new followers to this blog)

Prompt: Dean and Cas talk dirty.

“Hey, Cas.” He didn’t know why he was shy all of a sudden. Cas is always so supportive of everything he is, so this should not be so hard. Yet..

“Hello, Dean.” Cas smiled. Fuck, his smile is beautiful.

“Uh- so, I was wondering something..”
“Yes, Dean?”

The thing is-their relationship is still pretty new. After they saved Cas from Lucifer, it had been a pretty rough ride for all of them. Cas had been turned human, with very little angel mojo, and they have all been trying to recover from the battle.
He had been helping Cas with healing up, when they both decided they’ve waited way too long. They kissed and made up and there might have been a couple of tears shed.

And their sexual relationship is even more new. So, sue him for being nervous.

“I want you. Want you to fuck me,” Dean rasped. Cas pupils dilated and he had a predator look on his face.

“Dean.. Come here.” And that’s all he needed to hear. He walked towards Cas, gaining more confidence with each step.

“Take of your clothes. I want to see you, completely bare, just for me.” Cas leered.

Dean gulped.

He always thought Cas would be a blushing virgin , or a commanding Dom when it came to sex. And apparently it was the latter. Not that he was complaining - he always had a thing for being man handled.

He quickly shucked off his clothes. Not caring where it ended up. Right now all he wanted was Cas. Cas’ hands, Cas’ mouth, Cas’ cock. All his.

“Good boy. Now lay down on your back. I want to be able to see you when I fuck you, I want to be able to see you when you cum for me.” Cas growled.

For an angel, Cas sure had a filthy mouth. It had come as a shock to Dean when they first had sex, since then Dean has used it to his full advantage. He was pretty sure he could get off just on Cas using that rough, velvety voice, saying those crude, filthy things.

Dean clambered into that position, not wanting to take any more. His dick was fattening and jutting against his stomach, a drop of pre come oozing off.

Cas removed his T-shirt, jeans and boxers, quickly getting on the bed, positioning himself between Dean’s beautiful bowlegs.

“I’m gonna make you feel so good. I’m gonna fill you up and mark you so that everybody knows you’re mine, Dean Winchester. Mine to kiss. Mine to care. Mine to fuck. And mine to love.” Dean whimpered. Cas was peppering him with kisses. Tugging at his earlobes, and licking his jaws.
Fuck! He was so painfully hard.

“Cas, please. Want -uh- you to fuck me.” Dean was panting. Cas pressed three fingers to his lips.


As soon as he got them nice and wet, Cas removed his fingers. He pressed one finger to Dean’s hole, slowly pushing in. Soon it was followed by another one, and by the time Cas had all three fingers fucking into Dean, Dean was a whimpering and begging mess.

“Cas, fu-fuck me..”

Cas, bless his soul, didn’t waste any time. He pressed in his cock inch by inch, both of them moaning at the sensation. When Cas completely bottomed out, Dean groaned with pleasure.

“Such a good boy for me, Dean. You look so beautiful like this. All laid out for me. Taking in my fingers and cock like a good little slut.” Cas was rocking his hips slowly, almost brushing Dean’s prostrate with every move.

“S-so good, Cas. Hard-uh-harder.” And with that Cas began to fuck Dean within an inch of his life. Hitting Dean’s prostrate with precise move.

Dean was screaming, trying to form words, but the only word on his lips were Cas. The only word that mattered.

“Fuck- ah- Dean, so good, love. Are you -fuck- close?” Cas murmered. The only thing Dean could do was give a weak nod.

“Come for me, Dean.” And that’s all it took. Dean came with a scream. Cas following after three thrusts.

“That was amazing.” Dean smiled.

“Yeah it was, angel. It always is.” They both knew Dean wasn’t talking just about the sex. They always knew.


“You’d think I’d find out sooner or later! The real key to the sweater, WAS ME! And then ya’ stick-a yourself in the hole, YOU BECOME A SUPER HERO! It’s-a so perfect! It’s like it was made for me! I gotta tell Wario about this!”


It was a good thing he was so used to Bertha’s flygon, otherwise the dragon padding up to him would have made him very nervous indeed. Instead, he held out his hand for it to inspect, putting his book down, remaining as calm as he could.

“Why, hello there. Are you lost?” He looked around for a trainer before spotting someone coming towards the two. She was probably it, yes?


soooo… HELLO THERE 😊 im starting a new journal which I made to keep track of stuff & to motivate myself! ik I’ve been mia for super long I haven’t been posting any original posts & I feel rly bad about it 😪 tons of things gg on right now w my dance night coming up rly soon & im quite stressed out bc I missed 1 week of lessons due to an expedition but I haven’t even tried catching up 😭 & I have a pile of hw to do so yes im stressing out but I’m still kind of lazing around which sucks!! I borrowed like 10 books but I’m only done w 1.5 of them 😅 my holiday hw was to read 3 chinese books & 1 english book related to feminism but nope I haven’t done any of that….. rly need to get myself together but I’m just so tired? wish me luck in completing all of these!!!!

Dude cockatiels are so calm compared to budgies. People often ask me what the difference between the two is… well, there’s your answer. 

The cockatiels will come out of their cage like, “Yes, hello, hi. We are here. Thank you for letting us out. We’re just going to quietly explore a bit. Maybe preen. Maybe just be fluffy. We’re going to chew on this toy that is made for birds and supposed to be chewed on. We’re just happy to be here. Wanna pet me?”

I let the budgies out and within thirty seconds they are like, “Quick! POOP ON THE LAPTOP. What even is a human?! Better crash land on their FACE! Is this thing a thing that is not for birds? BETTER MAKE CHEWS. Now we must fly off into other human rooms where we should not be and continue our REIGN OF TERROR. No human will ever tame our wild budgie hearts!” And all of this is occurring with accompanying whirlwind of squawks, flapping, and general destruction. 

But hey, they sure are fun to watch.    


so i haven’t really seen anybody point out fili and thorin doing the same things at almost the same time…


yes hi hello I made this here video about things that make me upset regarding rape culture and the normalising of shitty behaviour that should not be overlooked, specifically in this here book. I know a lot of people love this book and I don’t hate it? at least I don’t think. I think it has just fallen prey to the culture we live in that makes me angry and sad. 

So I need to clear some things up

I’ve done some research, and when I say some I mean A LOT of research.

And yes; hello, hi, I am your friendly neighborhood asexual.

And yes, I have made posts where I am horribly impulsive and terrible and I regret it SO much.

Yes, I am asexual, but I do not believe that aces/aros/etc. should be in the LGBT community.

The LGBT community deals with sexuality and gender blah blah blah yada yada yada.

And what is ace and aro? The exact opposite of that. Asexuals and aromantics don’t deal or focus on what the LGBT community is trying to protect.

And yes, asexuals and aros alike do experience things that are not favorable, BUT we do not deal with what the LGBT community deals with, TRUST ME, WE DONT.

Also, just because we get called things that we don’t like, it won’t kill us. Yeah, cool, I’m a plant, that’s fine. The LGBT community deals with so much more! There is so much hate towards the LGBT spectrum that is disrespectful of asexuals and aromantics to include themselves in that since we DO NOT face what they face. If you are asexual and something else. If you are aromantic and something else, then go ahead, be LGBT, but if you are a cishet asexual/aromantic/etc. please do not consider yourself a member of the LGBT.

I do, however, believe that aces and aros should be treated with the same respect as other sexualities, but I do not believe that we should be included in the LGBT community since we do not associate ourselves with the spectrum that the LGBT community focuses on.

Thanks a bunch, and if you need to say somethings to me, please message or ask me!


okay yes hello my name is chiara and i had a kinda popular blog under this url and i was trying to delete a side blog and tumblr decided to change it all around so i basically deleted my entire blog and im devastated so it would be nice to get all my old followers back bc u guys are my friends and tbh i more sad that i lost yall than the content i made 

Hi Taylor

Hello my dearest taylorswift,

I’m writing this just as a little thank you for everything that you do for us. I know that I’ve never been taylurked on or recieved gifts from you or had the luck of being favorited/followed by you, but you have made so many people SO happy by doing so. I love going into your recent favorites and seeing the pure joy posted by the person who got faved! It makes me happy too. The thing is, you have absolutely no obligation to do that. You could go on with your life the way most celebrities do, but instead you have chosen to let us into your life and made us your friends. That’s incredible Taylor. You are absolutely incredible. You have changed my life, and the lives of millions of people around the world, and there will never be enough words to say thank you.

All I can say is I love you Taylor. I can’t wait until years down the road when I will have a daughter who falls in love with a singer the way I have fallen in love with you, so I can tell her about you, the musician that changed the way I view the world.

Love, Angela