hi yes 911

anonymous asked:

Harry singing to Louis in their kitchen changing all the lyrics to "I'm in love with the shape of louuuu"

grabbing him around the waist, trailing his hands up and down his side, yes hello 911

poptropicaofficial  asked:

cinnamon, mauve, blush, copper, honeydew (beefucker42069), shartreuse, fallow, coral (it will always be a halloween movie and u can't change that snapple fact)

cinnamon: you’re a really cool person and i admire you from afar
911? hi yes i’d like to report suspicious activity, ((nice))

mauve: you are really talented

blush: seeing you on my dash makes my day a little better
oh no these are actually really sweet

copper: your blog content is trash (and i love it)
nevermind ((just like you, sweaty ;/ ))

honeydew: i want to call you by a nickname
isn’t “furry” enough for you, how dare-

chartreuse: you’re my homie
ayyy lmao sup yo

fallow: i want to run through the northern wilderness with you
do you think we’ll see the origins of your fursona

coral: you’re a meme
um??? says the furry??


turn down for what

  • Me: "911? Hi, yes I'd like to report a death, it's me I'm dead at the 1989 world tour. It hasn't happened yet but you guys should be prepared..... What? What do you mean this isn't a real emergency??? How can you tell me a tour cannot kill me?? Clearly you haven't been to a Taylor concert..."