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what i wanna know is how louis explained it to little mix like “yeah so his name is rbb and as you most likely know harry and i are in a relationship but we can’t exactly express that since we’ve been closeted by human shit sacks and are very restricted in what we can do so we thought to get around that we would invest hundreds of dollars in a gay stuffed rainbow bear and his sidekick sbb who symbolise us and communicate through them using stickers and clothing and various props and if you could look after them that would be just great”


… wow… it changed so much…

I haven’t been here in years, and everything, everyone just… dissapeared…? I remember how it was full of life and things around here…

How we lived in here… h-how…

… it must be their fault… it’s always their fault…

Isn’t it…?

… I-I’m sorry… I didn’t c-came sooner… I just couldn’t bring myself… t-the memories are strong and I am s-so… w-weak…

I miss you all s-so much!…

It’s just…! Why!? Why did it happened…!? It were j-just right here! W-we weren’t doing anything!

 WHAT WENT WRONG!? WHAT DID WE DO TO DESERVED THIS…!? What… d-did they do…? He was so young! She was so nice and great! They were important, strong! WHY THEM AND NOT M-ME?

… I-I loved them… I cared… I’ll do anything to just go b-back and… save them…

… I wish I could forget, be strong for all of you… b-but… I’m a coward… and it HURTS

J-Just go back… please…


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I’m reading bad Sherlock meta, and seeing someone say Mary has to be a selfish heartless villain because even if she didn’t intend to kill Sherlock, she still put John through all the pain of worrying his friend might die is hilarious. “The fact that she let John believe even for a minute that Sherlock may not survive is brutally cruel.” Guess which character faked his own death IN FRONT OF JOHN and led him to believe he was dead for TWO YEARS :)))

It’s okay, though. Sherlock did it out of LOVE or something and Mary somehow didn’t. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Cognitive dissonance, hurrah!

i literally want to die

smoking break.

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Idk if this has been discussed but zayn really is targeted a lot by people and media. I mean whatever he does isn't welcomed by a lot of people. Its sad.

Hi anon,

Yeah it has but well I think that’s what the management wanted and they got it.  Especially when its supported by the likes of The Sun/News of the world etc.,. 

People fell and still do fall hook line and sinker for every negative thing said about Zayn and the image put together about him that was shown in the wikileaks and of course all the cheating BS. 

When actually he showed himself when he was allowed to, to be anything other than the dark negative mysterious person they portrayed him as.

The way Zayn was portrayed was/is disgusting and remains so damaging and some people in the fandom needed and need no convincing to find reasons to hate him or slate him whereas they’ll defend others at all costs.

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So the wonderful @alexxphoenix42 gave me the unilock prompt: “I’ve been receiving all your freaking mail since you moved out and you keep getting weird gifts from your brother, make it stop AU”. It was a lot of fun to write! Really hope you enjoy it. Fair warning: it got REALLY long, like 3000+ words long, so if you prefer you can read on AO3.

“Excuse me. Excuse me – hi? Yeah, I’m wondering if you could help me.”

The receptionist at Student Services fixed him with a baleful glare that would melt the resolve of a lesser man. John Watson, however, squared his shoulders and glared right back.

“Yes?” she asked, sounding less than interested.

“I need to find out the address of a current student. He lived in my room last year, and I’m still getting all his post. Parcels. Weird parcels.”

“Sorry,” she said, looking him up and down suspiciously. “We don’t give out the addresses of our students.”

John sighed, maintaining his temper with an effort. “I don’t think you understand. I’m also a student.” He handed over his student pass: John Watson, age 22, Fourth-year Medicine. “I just need to find this guy so I can get rid of all the weird post that keeps arriving, and convince him to change his address with whoever-it-is that keeps sending the parcels.”

“No, I don’t think you understand,” she said, flatly. “We don’t give out addresses.” She pushed the pass back across the counter at him.

John took a deep breath, in through the nose, out through the mouth. “Okay. Perhaps if I brought the post here, you could pass it on to him for me, and give him a message to change his address?”

“No, sorry,” she said, already shuffling some papers on a desk to her left. The phone rang, and she picked it up. “Student Services, how may I help you?” she intoned as John took a step back.

“Not well,” he muttered under his breath as he stamped away.

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look normally Rachel is a solid fourth/fifth on my list of favorite Friends but I’m hugely supportive of her not wanting to marry Ross just because she’s pregnant with his kid like fuck yeah, good for you Rachel 

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Hi Toni ! At first, like a lot of people, I was super happy seeing the RBB again but reading nerds4life's post and your tags just made me go all suspicious. Why is there only one bear ? We all know it's Rbb&Bbs, like Larry, it's a pair. And then, why a LM concert ? Pro : Louis was in the UK a few days ago, quick linkage but Con: it's a 1DHQ act. I guess we'll just have to wait to see if anything relevant happens next

Hi anon,

Yeah.  Re your last line as always we have no choice, but to wait and see.

At the very least it pays to be cautious, i would very much love it if this was a return of RBB for real, but given all the other things 1dhq (and LMhq) are accused of, why wouldn’t it be something they’d be capable of doing?

And I could literally go out tomorrow and buy an Rainbow bear from Build a Bear Workshop and those outfits and get that chair online. 

People can say or do whatever they want at the end of the day and think what they want that’s fine, personally i’ll stay cautious. 

things we need a “to be continued” meme clip of:

- Juzo about to punch Naegi

- Juzo about to punch Mitarai

- Juzo about to punch ANYONE

- Juzo’s chair about to hit Kirigiri


- Komaeda saying “I’m so lucky” then the gym exploding

- Any time Teruteru gets hit

- Before the bear eating Teruteru and Soda’s hands

- That part from the first anime where Leon was about to be hit by the baseballs where he closed his eyes yeah we need that 

- OKAY I’M GOING TO GET A LOT OF HATE FROM THIS but any murder scene from the 7th episode ((especially pikachu hoodie we don’t need these bad memories we need MEMES))

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I understand where you're coming from but i can't see damian directly asking for help from strangers & I feel like him kidnapping them fit the "socially awkward kid that was raised by assassins" and it meant to be comedic so don't take it seriously.

Um excuse me? If striping 10 years of Character development off the table is humore to you please go and rethink your idea of humor, Damian was in situations where he managed to get help from others without kidnapping them just fine anon, and in what parralel universe is “Drugging and kidnapping people to force them to fight in a fight that got 0 to do with them” awkward and funny? Especially if the character’s parent is a rapist?! Also just so you know, the whole premis is ooc in the first place, Damian would never recuite anybody to fight against his family, so yeah, he wouldn’t ask for help, but he wouln’t kidnap anybody either, because he is a self sacrificing idiot who would rather die then invole innocent strangers in his fights. So please, if any of you even want to defend this awful writing decisoin as ‘humor’ know I’m going to be personally offended and you are no longer welcome on my blog. Unfollow me and block me. Making a defender of free will and choice a abusive kidnapper is not funny, it’s an insult to the character, his fans and most of all the great series which is Robin: Son of Batman. And before you say anything like ‘wait till it really comes out’ I can already see several other dead giveaways that this guy did 0 research, one being the lack of -TT- sound which has been a consistent thing accompaning Damain ever since his introduction, or the way how he litterary sounds like a cartoon villian, I’m sorry to break it to you, but this is bad, it’s bad in theory, It’s bad in execution and it’s almost as bad as most of the new52 and yes, you can tell stuff like this simply by looking at a few panels. So would you please never ever send me an ask defending ooc writing (especially once that extragating Damian’s BAD character traits which he doesn’t even has anymore) as humor also especially since it clearly parralels Damian’s mom raping Bruce by drugging him. 

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Drabble with Himuro trying to teach his s/o how to cook (his s/o has 0 cooking skill)

“Wait, what are you doing?!” Himuro grabbed your wrist as you were about to pour the oil into the pan.

“You said to pour the oil in.” Himuro grabbed the bottle and showed it to you. He sighed and shook his head.

“Yeah, but this isn’t olive oil. This is vinegar. Trust me, it’s not the same.” You gave him an apologetic look. He grabbed the correct oil and handed it to you. “Pour this in, only enough to coat the bottom of the pan.”

“o-okay!” You poured the oil and coated the bottom. “Done!!” He checked the pan. He smiled at you and grabbed the bowl of cut up chicken pieces.

“I’m going to put the chicken in, I need you to flip them over every so often. Don’t wait too long, they cook faster than you think.” He poured them in after pulling you away from the stove. The grease splattered a bit, he didn’t seem fazed.

“Tatsuya, you’re a great cook!” You smiled. Himuro blushed, leaned over and kissed you.

“You’re a terrible cook.” He chuckled.

“Hey!!” You shoved him and moved over to the chicken, muttering insults under your breath.

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Hi! I'm Stephanie Brown. I thought it would be best to introduce myself to everyone!

Yeah! Um, hi! My name is, (fuck what’s my) SEAN my name is Sean, I’m a big fan of how cool your, uh, family is! Welcome, by the by, aha.