hi were the janoskians

PDA #19


Wherever you two went, he would always hold your hand or have his arm wrapped around you. He’d sneak quick kisses on your cheeks and always have a smile on his face when he held your hand.


Luke would be that type of guy who didn’t care what others though. He’d kiss you on the lips, give you hugs, and squeeze your butt. When you two walked together, he’d hold your hand and occasionally kiss it.


Jai knew you didn’t like PDA very much so he’d keep it to himself. He’d hold your hand and when you two were alone in a quiet shop he’d kiss your cheek lightly. As soon as you two got home he’d pick you up, spin you around, and place kisses all over your face and neck.


Daniel would always have a hand on you, whether your shoulder, your hand in his, or your waist. He’d kiss your cheek and lips passionately and ignore everyone around you two. He’d squeeze your butt which he knew made you blush and laugh a little.


James thought it was rude to kiss and make out in public so he’d hold your hand and whisper in your ear how much he loves you. When you two got home he’d kiss you and wrap his arms around you even if the boys were in the room.

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Janoskians: THE DRUNKEN GAMES with Steve-o
We got to meet one of our idols today. He has been sober for 7 years. We think Steveo is a legend and don’t want anyone to think we were being disrespectful. In fact it is the opposite. We admire the man and his commitment and we were celebrating his achievement while he enjoyed us getting fucked up