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Happy 266th Birthday, Abraham Woodhull!

Tatters of Now - Chapter 16 (Part II of the Then, Now and Always series)

When the sun rises and the alcohol haze fades, only then do the true implications of what happened the previous night fully hit. The pain is raw and they have no idea how they’ll get back to where - who, what - they were before. It’s a long road but nobody ever said the path to redemption was easy. But it is always worth it.

“You know, Doc, you’re not completely innocent on the being vague and secretive side of things. Where do you disappear to almost every other night?” Happy demanded as she cut him off, her hurt at Toby still being unable to trust her now fully translating into defensiveness and anger. Rizzuto sat forward a little, highly interested in this new piece of information.

Co-authored with @wrenchbouquet


Sister Location Custom Night - Release on 1st of December !

Hello hello my friends, how are you on this wonderful day? :)
Here’s Chica, and with me are really great news !  ☆ 

He said it and here is, probably the last, teaser for Sister Location. 
And it’s said, that the Custom Night will be released on 1st of December. 
Ohmygosh, I’m so hyped right now and Kuro was the one again, who told me about this awesome news, thankies for this honey ♥ 

So, let’s take a look on the teaser: 

It’s Funtime Freddy, yeah. He’s still a cutie, isn’t he? ( I do like him a lot ♥ ) 
It’s seems to me, that you’d play in the same area as you played with Ennard and this is kinda awesome and scary too. At first Scott said there will be no Custom Night, because it doesn’t work with the game mechanics and the animatronics too, but now I think he’d like to go to the mechanic of the first game and so, we’ve got cameras again and doors and all of the fun. 
I’m excited, because there will be new quotes of the animatronics too ( as Kellen Goff, voice actor of Funtime Freddy said in the Charity livestream from Dawko ) and I really like to hear more and new shocking things from them. :) 

Oh, I edited the picture a bit and there is nothing, like the source code of his website: 

And, little side note, Scott said, the Custom Night is playable, if you have beaten Ennard ( to death ) in the Fake Ending and earn the third star for the main menu. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful day or evening and take care ♥

Then the episode closes, and I just. I love this.

And so begins our plot
Of which there’s quite a lot
With Isabella stringing Galavant

And with the evil king
Prepared to do his thing
And with the queen still pretty sure he can’t

Punctuated with this look


there’s a portuguese tv show with a time travelling lesbian, i love it when my country does me right

tfw someone says one word to you or holds a door open for you and you feel yourself developing a slight crush and then five minutes later your brain is like ‘hey so imagine marrying them?????’

I got my friend into Gintama and he watched it and reported back to me all “I ship them. The girl in the Yorozuya and the cannon guy with the police” and like I have never even spoken to him about OkiKagu and I just looked at him all “MY BROTHER”.

He was very confused

Resistance (m)

Word count: 4,973

Warning: Hoseok smut

“Three, two, one… go!”

Your feet push into the soft ground, making your body move forward.

“Until the milestone, girls!” Someone already catches up to you, which you can’t make up for anymore by quickening your pace. You stay behind, with burning lungs, exhaustion cutting through your legs - it’s only been mere seconds and you’re already giving up physically.

The only thing that keeps you going is the fact that everyone else is still far behind you, huffing just as loudly as you - everyone except for one person. This loss gets you furious, despite him having to be in front.

He just wants to bring you down.

“Faster, number two!” Hoseok shouts, turning around at a steady pace, simply to give you an unsatisfied glare. Not even running backwards holds him back from creating a bigger distance between you two.

That nickname he just loves to bring up.

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Sniper fans right now

(jojolion spoilers)

i just love that joubin evolved from “weird but generally harmless step-brother who battles beetles for fun” into “cold-blooded mastermind who won’t hesitate to kill a man over holy fruit”

Imagine Sassing The Winchesters With Crowley

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“Tell me more, Princess,” you said, arms crossed as you leaned against the table and voice dripping with sass. Dean gave you a look Crowley had seen many times before; it was a look of utter betrayal and offense.

“Excuse me?” he asked, looking you over, “You are gonna call me ‘Princess’? I don’t think so, Princess.”

“If the shoe fits, Your Highness,” you shrugged with a smirk. The brothers both looked at Crowley. He wanted them to work with you?

“Well, I suppose you can’t have a royal summit without a full court, isn’t that right, Princess Squirrel?” Crolwey agreed, sipping his tea. The Winchesters’ gazes were turned back to you; you merely smiled proudly and curtseyed.

“Looks like we’re all stuck with each other,” you chuckled, “Let’s see who gets their panties bunched up first.”

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