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Despite the fact that he was not often social, Dylann sometimes engaged in unusual interactions. Dylann once went to see a band by himself at a bar in the Vista. When his mother went to pick him up, Dylann asked if the band members could come back and stay with them. The band members were probably in their 20s, significantly older than Dylann, and were going to sleep in their van. Mr. Sprayberry [a former boyfriend of Dylann’s mother] allowed it and said the band [4 or 5 band members] stayed in the basement. Dylann visited with the band members when they were in the basement. David thought this was the most excited he ever saw Dylann.

- Rachel Loftin

At Swords Points

Part II

Part I

Riskua the redhead is quite pretty, Ace’s decided.

He doesn’t know what it is (because those eyes have put more than a few of his brothers off already) but there’s… something about her.

She’s sitting upon the railings of the Moby right now, looking out to sea with her long red hair pulled up into a high pony, the sun catching on the exposed tanned skin of her legs… Yeah, there’s something about her.

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Elliot had no friends, never had a partner or any romantic interaction and his parents were often extremely busy with their jobs.

he wrote a manifesto, titled ‘My Twisted Mind. The Life Story of Elliot Rodger, by Elliot Rodger.’ he spoke of his misery, his extreme lack of human interaction as he’d grown older, the thoughts he had and the revenge he craved for.

by the time that his parents got hold of it, he was already on his way to committing the Isla Vista shooting. his parents had apparently went out to go and find him and to stop him, but obviously, to no avail.

a very very expensive vase

Nari mentioned OHSHC au with Marco as Haruhi and I just–I wondered what that would look like from the outside?

It’s Sunday, and there’s no school today. Marco sleeps as late as he dares, which is only half past nine, but it’s still a treat.

He can’t lie abed longer without forfeiting his breakfast, though, and Thatch makes the absolute best pancakes, even if he’ll never admit it out loud. Marco groans and rolls out of bed, and hopes Thatch has made the blueberry syrup he likes.

He stumbles to the closet and goes through it, bleary-eyed. It’s a Sunday, he wants comfy, but his comfiest pants don’t match any of his shirts, not anymore. Second comfiest, then, the loose ones, and his hand hovers over his old blue shirt but he ends up tugging the white shirt off the hanger because, as Sabo says constantly, if you can’t match colors, then don’t wear color.

In defiance of the voices in his head, though, he puts on fuzzy socks.

Thatch has, indeed, made the blueberry syrup, and Marco nods thankfully at him. Thatch grins back, handing him a plate of pancakes as he shuffles by.

“Mornin’,” he says, sliding into his chair at the table and covering a yawn.

He gets a chorus of grunts and ‘good morning’s back, and he focuses on getting his pancakes into his mouth without spilling syrup everywhere. So he’s not so awake when he doesn’t have to be, who can blame him?

“Marco,” Izo says from across the table. “You look nice today.”

Marco grunts and cuts another bite.

“Got plans?” Haruta asks, leaning into his right side.

He shakes his head and manages to eat more pancake, but his siblings do not take the cue to shut up.

“So you’re staying home, then?” Haruta says.

Marco stops, swallows carefully, and puts down his fork. He turns to Haruta, eyes narrowed or barely open, and he says, “Why, yoi?”

“No reason,” Haruta says with that charming smile that means there is absolutely a reason.

“I just thought you might have plans,” Izo says, and Marco decides that Haruta is a post-breakfast problem and turns back to his pancakes.

“It’s Sunday,” he says to Izo. “I never have plans on Sunday. Why would you think that?”

“You’re dressed up,” Izo says, fork waving. “Look, your outfit matches and everything. You usually wear that atrocious green shirt with those pants. The white looks so much better.”

Marco opens his mouth to deny it and instead he repeats what he’s heard every day for the entire semester. “If you can’t match colors, then don’t wear them.”

Izo stares at him, and Marco blinks, then reapplies himself to breakfast. “That’s…very interesting,” Izo says.

“I joined this club,” Marco says like it’s any kind of explanation at all, and then stuffs his mouth full of pancake.

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Three weeks. He’s been on the waiting list for three whole weeks.

With a few hundred on the Moby, having a waiting list isn’t something that can be avoided.

But this was supposed to be his day. His.

Instead, Vista finds himself with a towel tucked under one arm, standing outside the bathroom (the only bathroom on the whole Moby with both a big tub and running hot water) and the sound of a very familiar hooligan echoing from behind the closed door.

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THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED (FEBRUARY 3, 1959):  Buddy Holly and his grave in City of Lubbock Cemetery, Lubbock, TX; Ritchie Valens and his grave in San Fernando Mission Cemetery, Mission Hills, Cal.; The Big Bopper and his grave in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Beaumont, TX, and the 21-year-old pilot of the doomed plane, Roger Peterson and his grave in Buena Vista Memorial Park Cemetery, Storm Lake, IA. Bottom picture: the ever-changing memorial at the actual crash site near Clear Lake, IA.

It’s Curiosity, not Jealousy

Notes: Request from anon.  The Whitebeard Pirates are ridiculous and certainly not above a little thing called jealousy.  The Red Hair Pirates are equally ridiculous.

“He’s still talking to them.”

Marco sighed, making sure to keep his voice down.  “Calm down yoi.  They’re just making conversation; there’s no need for you to get all possessive.  Or are you jealous?”

Thatch snorted under his breath.  “Uh, which one of us suggested that we conveniently have a partial captain’s meeting within earshot of them?”

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oftentacles-a  asked:

//So what IS FusionFall Legacy?


You know what the original FusionFall is, right? Well, FusionFall Legacy is essentially a recreation/restoration of it made by a group of dedicated fans such as Wilttilt, Jake Durr and Dogon McBanana.

Not only is it giving us new adventures and heroes to interact with…

But it’s also expanding on certain characters via new missions and new locations. For example, Dracula, a character who was only ever seen in Peach Creek Commons as part of a Halloween event, is now a permanent NPC in the Eternal Vistas with his own set of missions. (Though, that is probably subject to change).

There is also Hookslice Hills, a new location based off an old area the original developers of FusionFall wanted to create, but never got through with. This will not only host Father as an NPC, but also Chowder as well as a new NPC that is yet to be revealed.

Certain characters like Father and Ben Tennyson will be getting redesigns as seen here.

Here are the originals for comparison:

One last thing to mention is that there’s also a manga that will serve to expand upon the lore within FusionFall itself.

You can read the manga here.

If you think the manga looks a bit crude, just keep in mind that the artist is experimenting with a medium he had just entered. As a former developer, you can trust me on that.

Overall, FusionFall Legacy is a project I’m glad exists and I really hope to see come to fruition. If you loved the original FusionFall, or are just a fan of Cartoon Network, check out the project for yourself.

ZOROBIN: Swordsman and Flower

Here is something I noticed among some famous swordsmen in ONE PIECE.

Let’s go to Mihawk… He wears a long sleeve polo with flowers.

His sword “Yoru” has it as well.

Next, let’s go to Vista from Whitebeard Pirate. He is known as the “Flower Sword Vista” and his two swords have flowers in them.

What about Rayleigh? You may say that he doesn’t have anything on him that involves flower, and yes, you are right. But what I want you to look at is the inner polo he used to wear during Golden Age.

It’s pretty similar to the polo of Mihawk, and there maybe more reasons to it but let’s not go there for now. 

Another thing is that he is married to Shakuyaku (nickname:Shakky). If you’re not aware about this, check out my other analyses specifically about the relationship they have. Anyway, what’s interesting is that her name (芍薬 shakuyaku) means “peony”, a type of flower.

Do you see what I’m getting at? Out of all the female characters who are involved with Zoro, Robin is the only one who is associated with flowers. And since we all know that Rayleigh is parallel to Zoro, Shakky must be parallel to Robin as well.

We all know Oda likes to use these kind of things to reveal something big later on. To be honest, I find it extremely weird for Oda to just shove Frobin to the readers’ faces, when he himself avoided the question in SBS if there is going to be romance among the Strawhat crew. What I think is that the “lap pillow” and “couple shirt” things are his way of showing that they are the Parents of the crew in terms of age.

 Hope you guys like the analysis.

Out of Africa’s Cinematic Landscape

In 1985, director Sydney Pollack entered his third decade as a feature film director with a dramatic change of pace from his previous Oscar-winning film, Tootsie. A seasoned filmmaker able to leap from one style of film to another ranging from The Way We Were to Three Days of the Condor, Pollack faced a unique challenge with what would become a popular success and a respected literary adaptation starring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford.

Danish author Karen Blixen (1885-1962), who wrote under the pseudonym Isak Dinesen, was a baroness who owned and managed a coffee farm in British East Africa, now known as Kenya, from 1914 to 1931. In the original manuscript for Out of Africa, Blixen’s memoir of colonial life, she distilled her impressions of her beloved adopted country:

“The geographical position and the height of the land combined to create a landscape, which had not got its like in all the world.… Everything that you saw made for greatness and freedom, and unequaled nobility.”

Nearly 50 years after the book’s publication, Sydney Pollack sought to capture the magnificence of the landscape Blixen so vividly characterizes in her memoir as he prepared to bring Out of Africa to the silver screen. Pollack made multiple voyages to the African continent before production began on the film in January 1985, and he recorded some of his impressions in personal diaries during his visits.

On a trip in January 1984, Pollack surveyed the land with field consultant John Sutton, location scout Eva Monley, production designer Stephen Grimes and screenwriter Kurt Luedtke, in search of the ideal locations to bring Blixen’s story to life. In this page from his notes, Pollack recounts their journey, describing the wildlife and scenery they encountered along the way.

Grimes captured the stunning vistas in his production designs for the film, including this drawing for the scene in which Blixen flies above the mountainous landscape with Denys Finch Hatton.

Later the same year, Pollack returned to Kenya for further pre-production activities. As he worked with the crew to finalize the film’s locations, he admonished himself in a May 17 journal entry from Nairobi:

“…When we go out – we must really go out. I can’t have it look like Southern California – or Mexico – which it reminds me of. On the other hand, I don’t want it to look like a travelogue. The landscape and the culture have to be made organic.”

Two days later, he seemed pleased to have discovered an idyllic setting for some of the film’s scenes:

“Pay dirt for real. Amboseli – a really unique Africa – not like anything else. Right on the Tanzania border – in the shadow of Kilimanjaro. It’s very special.”

By the time filming began the next year, the production had arranged to shoot at various locations throughout Kenya, as the official filming license indicates.

The Ngong Dairy served as one of the film’s primary locations, with the production team creating replicas of Blixen’s home and the Muthaiga Club there. Pictured below are the cast and crew on location in Karen, Nairobi (named for the author).

The efforts of Pollack and his team to capture the majesty of Blixen’s Africa did not go unnoticed, as the film was nominated for 11 Academy Awards and awarded seven statuettes, including those for Art Direction, Cinematography, Directing and Best Picture. The production of Out of Africa is well documented in the Sydney Pollack papers at the Academy’s Margaret Herrick Library.

Okay so here’s the thing. I’ve been trying to figure out that theory that those drones Jaha and Murphy saw are controlled by someone and are actually where the opening credits come from so I took a good look at them. There were a few images that caught my attention.

1. At the end of the opening credits we have landscape. We see Lincoln’s memorial which is where I assume the Grounders currently are. Onto the right we see some fire and smoke. I’m assuming that’s either Camp Jaha or The Dropship (wikia says they’re only 22km apart so). On the left we see some buildings/ruins in the distance. I’m going to take a wild guess (and explain later why) that that’s the Capitol aka Polis.

2. In the middle of the credits we see a roller coaster ride and a Ferris wheel. Nothing too weird about that, right? It could be literally any amusement park out there.

3. We see a picture that says “CAPITOL CITY: CONDITION DESTROYED”.

Now, we all know that Washington DC is TonDC in the series. And we all know Lexa invited Clarke to the Capitol aka Polis. Many fans already assume it’s a city ending in -polis (duh) and a lot of bets are on Annapolis, MD because of the distance. So I did some research (since I do not live near there, I might be wrong) and one of the famous amusement parks near Washington is called Six Flags America. And it is very, very conveniently located. Guess where?

Edit: Eliza also said this in an interview:“Well, when I found out about the show being picked up, I was at Six Flags amusement park with two of the other cast members and I had just gotten off a ride and found out that we were going to series. Crazy! So one thing I’d love to discover in that sort of [post apocalyptic world] would be a Six Flags and we can just ride on roller-coasters all day. Plus, there would be no lines and you’d have the park to yourself.”

I assume they ride horses to there so closest to that would be bike distance, I assume. 3~4 hour ride isn’t that long so it seems plausible. Also a few miles south from the memorial is Alexandria. I mean, if Lincoln is from the memorial, Lexa might as well be from Alexandria.

The location on the map and the first image kind of do fit when you take into consideration which way the statue is facing. I don’t know how much the Earth changed but I was going to assume that the thing on the right was some kind of a dessert (?) which is where I assume Jaha and Murphy went but it doesn’t make sense because of the Pottomac river but it could’ve gone dry or they might be going in a completely different direction. Also, I have no idea whether to put Mt Weather so someone help me with that?

Edit: It seems that Mount Weather really exists. It’s around the same distance I think so I’m going with that too. Thanks for this post.

I’m just making a wild guess here but it seems possible so this is what I’m sticking too until season 3. Also, what’s up with all the tracking on the Earth? I’m also placing my bet on some super advanced society and their technology which explains the solar panels and the drones. City of Light, maybe, anyone? One mountain was named Sharp and apparently that’s on Mars so, who knows. What do you guys think?

Edit 2: Thanks to this post I got more info about the Camps. “The 100 landed about 20 miles south of Mt Weather… Camp Jaha isn’t more than an hour from the dropship.” And Jaha himself:Jaha landed in the Dead Zone… you may have noticed an iconic bridge in the vista of his landing site… suffice to say, he landed far north of everyone else in the Eastern U.S., but not more than a couple of days ride by horse.”

According to most people he landed in New York because of the Brooklyn Bridge and we do see The Statue of Liberty in the opening credits as well. And yeah, it would take him around 2~4 days to get to Camp Jaha.

If New York turned into a dessert, it wouldn’t be far fetched to say the City of Light is somewhere there or even more north. I feel like the Nuclear war completely changed the geography we know today.

Also, if you want my opinion about the symbols in The 100 and about the 12 clans, check out this post here.

Blackout · Jenissi

Note:  just wanted to have a break from homework and I end up finishing this request o/. (changed the title and a little of the story)

Eyes on the TV, popcorn and beverage in the middle of the little table in front of the couch while I sat with Taeyang on my side, both of us trying to deal with the awkward silence as Family Guy made the only sound in the living room.

I knew he was watching it, because he was laughing at the current scene I wasn’t looking at. I was nervous, and it was mostly because of one thing. Two weeks has passed since we decided to date, and the closest we’ve been is a kiss in the cheek. It’s not a big deal, but that little bother of mine has been eating my thoughts.

“That’s crazy!” He exclaimed, looking at me with a five-year-old smile and then to the TV. I smiled back at him and somehow got lost on his lips.

It was so easy for me to kiss them anytime, but as we haven’t had our first kiss, it was kind of difficult for me to do the first move. I could just approach him and in two seconds everything would be over and I would’ve stole a kiss from him, but I was too nervous to do it.

Taking popcorn to calm a little, my hand touched his, making the fourth contact we’ve done since he arrived. The first one was at the door, when he hugged me; the second one with the little kiss on my cheek. The third one when he passed me an empty vase and this one, the fourth one. He smiled poking one of my cheeks and that frustrated me so much.

I moved a little closer to him, faking an incredible big laugh that I didn’t even know I could do. He was laughing too, oblivious of my struggles. My shoulder was two inches away from his and I was just waiting for a miracle.

Soon, he decided to make a move I was dreaming to happen. His arm was behind my head, touching both of my shoulders and almost forcing me to relay on his shoulder. The only thing I was scared the most was that he could feel my heartbeat, beating two hundred times per second.

He moved, and I thought this was it. I thought this was the moment where we would have our first kiss and I thought how shocked my best friend would be after I told her how it happened, with details and everything; I thought. His arm reached his coke and he laughed another time, offering me some before giving a zip to it. I sighed, refusing with my head, looking back at the TV.

Maybe I needed to give him the sign, but what could the sign be without being too forward? I took my coffee, and looking at the cream on top, i thought of the perfect plan.

I took a big gulp, leaving most of the cream on my upper lip, making a little white mustache.

“Oppa.” He looked at me and his eyes locked with my lips. “Is there something on my face?” He nodded slowly, never leaving my lips.

Now, this was the moment. He would lean forward to take off the cream with his li—

The touch of his thumb surprised me as he took off the cream and then licked his thumb. I felt my cheeks going red. Now, this was the closest we’ve been, and as much as I wanted to be happy for the thing just happened, I still wanted that kiss.

I sat back against the couch, moving away from him. I needed to think about something else.

I’ve heard some stories of my friends, how they teased their boyfriends to kiss them, but I couldn’t think of any of those stories. I was still thinking about his thumb touching my lip and the fact that it was so lame that I couldn’t make him kiss me.

Suddenly, the TV turned off before the light of the room did too and my whole apartment when black. Blackout.

“Yah, what happened? I paid my bills! I thin—”

It was so sudden. But I still remember it perfectly.

His hand went to the back of my neck, forcing me to turn around and look at him. But I couldn’t see a think, so that scared me more, but the next thing was that he was kissing me. Our lips crashed strongly, mostly because he couldn’t calculate how far our mouths were. It feel so unreal, I couldn’t know if I had my eyes closed as I was still watching everything black, so I followed the kiss, relaying on my mouth.

I didn’t imagine it this way; I didn’t know he was such a good kisser as his teeth bit slightly my lips, leaving my mouth for me to look for his as a boost. The angle was perfect, his head moved to the sides with every kiss he gave me, going deeper every time.

I felt my head against the pillow, and I guess he was now over me, but I wasn’t so sure as his tongue greeted me, entering my mouth in a movement. My hands were everywhere, going from his cheeks to the back of his neck and to his hair.

“You taste so good” he said in a rush between kisses. I felt his hands on my face and legs between mine.

I wanted to say something sexy too, maybe “you’re too” or “what did you expected?” But I was so thirsty for more kisses that I didn’t say a thing.

I didn’t know what game he was playing at, but at some point he stopped. He didn’t move away, but as his head was far away from me to kiss him without lifting up my head, I had to make him go down. I felt his smile against my lips as his thumb stroked my cheek.

We stopped when we felt it was too much. My shirt was almost all open, my hair made a mess against the couch and our mouth crying for air. Nose against nose, I knew he was smiling at me, even though I couldn’t see it.

“Sorry it took me so long to kiss you” he confessed, giving a little peck.

“Just don’t do it again, alright oppa?” He nodded, kissing the tip of my nose, both of my cheeks and forehead.

I hugged him, hoping that we won’t take too long before having another one of these moments again in the future.