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I have a picture request! Klance (because this fandom is basically nothing else) Keith is drinking hot coco and gets whip cream on his upper lip and lance has a the face all the fangirls get when there is a klance moment

hope ya like it :>

sorry for the long wait,,,, i just saw the messages in my ask box. tumblr didn’t notify me :’)

Modern Eric Blog Aesthetic
- blood porn
- lots of guns with smiley faces in the tags
- he reblogs Xanax aesthetics even though he takes it as a prescription med
- comes across the occasionally dog photo, stares for a few minutes, likes it and achingly moves on for the a e s t h e t i c
- probably coded his own fucking theme
- renames his ask box some edgy shit like “the mouth of the devil awaits”
- Slav aesthetic
- white text black background
- tags things liberally
- part of the Tumblr communist community
- adds weird crude and cryptic things to posts like “you will know when he comes” on a picture of like a knife
- yells at Dylan for tagging him in stupid shit because it “ruins his aes”
- secret meme blog

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p5/khr au

Sawada had been a well-dressed young man with clear intent in his eyes when Akira had found him waiting in Leblanc’s attic. Soft-spoken and painfully shy, surrounded by three other men, none of whom looked nearly as friendly.

“Change my heart,” he had asked, with a twist on his face that looked like a grimace.

Sawada’s Palace was nothing like any of them had expected.

It burned.

Walls of ice and walls of fire welcomed them, unbearable heat and bone-chilling cold, a floor melted by the flames or made slippery by water. Every room hid a shadow and all shadows looked too stark and personal to be anything but someone that Sawada had mourned.

The scrawny, scared little boy with wild brown hair and eyes had blood dripping from every one of his fingers endlessly.

He never said anything to them. The shadow dogged Joker’s footsteps and whimpered and pleaded but never attacked or spoke. He cried when they beat a shadow. For some shadows, he cried harder than the others.

When Ann dealt the finishing blow to a boy with red hair who controlled gravity, Sawada’s child self choked so hard on his own sobs that even Morgana wanted to help.

Joker didn’t want to stay here any longer than they had to. The heat wasn’t any more real than the clothes they wore were, but he still felt his coat stick to his skin and slow his movements considerably; Yusuke looked ready to keel over, and the leather of Makoto’s outfit was leaving bright red marks on her skin that he felt his own echo under his gloves.

Sawada’s Treasure was guarded by a string of six shadows. One of them wasn’t even as old as Joker himself.

“What the fuck was that?” Ryuji whispered once the one with the sword, one of the men who had accompanied Sawada to Akira’s home, fell.

Sawada’s shadow had long stopped crying. He was hovering in place near them, face wet with sweat and tears, blood dripping from his tiny hands.

Joker didn’t answer. He strolled to the small black box behind where the last of the shadows had stood and picked it up. Forcing the lock open was difficult with the heaviness in his hands and the sweat slicking his fingers; he had to pause with a grunt, to drink in some of the bitter medicine that Takemi had made, just so he could open it.

There was a child’s toy on the black velvet inside. A yellow pacifier.

Sawada didn’t cry when he saw it. He put his red hand on it, said, “I’m sorry,” and smiled.

The pacifier started glowing; once it was done, Sawada dissolved slowly, and the blood was gone from his hands.

“Oh my God,” Makoto let out, almost a whimper. “Let’s just—”

“Yeah,” Joker cut in. He pocketed the pacifier and tried to ignore how warm it was through the fabric of his pants—as if it were alive. “Let’s go.”

The Palace burned itself to ashes slowly as they left. The ice walls melted, and the vapor that emerged from it was streaked with colors.

Akira and his friends emerged into the wide and abandoned living-room of the house where Sawada had directed them. Sawada was waiting at the dusty table, an untouched cup of coffee sitting cold in front of him.

Ann and Ryuji recoiled violently at the sight of him.

“How did it go?” Sawada asked them.

His voice didn’t betray anything. Akira was familiar enough with feeling the earth shatter under his feet that he recognized the shortness of his breath, though.

“It went fine,” he answered, and, masking his own screaming unease, he walked toward the man.

When he put the pacifier in Sawada’s hands, Sawada didn’t close it immediately. The look on his face had a little bit of rapture in it, and a lot of aching regret. “Thank you,” he said.

Akira should go. He had several severely unsettled friends to comfort waiting three meters behind him, exhaustion coursing through his whole body, the smell of blood in his nose…

He asked, “Whose was it?”

Sawada’s hand closed on the toy gently. “A mentor’s,” he replied. “Someone who would be very disappointed to see me now.”

“It’s not too late to fix it.”

The eyes that met Akira’s were gentle. “Sometimes it is. Make sure to never reach that point, Phantom Thief.”

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Hi again RandLsins. It is I again, and I must confess I am Rhett. I am in love with my bff Link and I love it when he says girl girl, sweet thang. I love it when he swings on the wedgie aka bdsm rack. I love him drenched in flavored soda. I wanna put my big old hands on his itty bitty waist and get that round thing in my face so I can get sprung. PS. hmu Link, my tumblr handle is @linkslipssinkships

rhett has blessed us with his presence once again 🙏🏻 hit him up link, he’s waiting to get sprung -arj

sin level: 6/10, “get that round thing in my face so i can get sprung” is gonna be my trampstamp

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i followed you back when you were izayaorihamha and the one thing you said that has stuck with me is "@amar we hella finna to wylin"

Funny story behind hella finna to wylin, Amar knows this guy irl named Ezra who is white but joined tumblr and started saying “I think I’m black but my parents are hiding it from me”, then he started using jacked up aave and we started calling him Hella Finna To Wylin or Hella Finna for short. Sometimes we almost accidentally call him that to his fucking face

  • Me: *Sitting at a table minding my own business, hears the word 'Avengers' from behind me, instantly tunes in.*
  • Random Guy: *is clearly explaining the Homecoming movie to his date*
  • Me: *about to turn attention back to dinner because good for that guy*
  • Random Guy who suddenly levels up to That Guy: And Peter tries to tell Tony about the situation, but he's not paying any attention at all so-
  • Me: *makes some kind of rage face*
  • Husband: *offers to hold my hand* If it makes you feel better, his date looks bored out of her mind.
  • Internally: On the one hand, yes, on the other hand, I really REALLY want to turn around and EXPLAIN A THING to this man. For fucks sake, Tony knew about the CHURRO. Not paying attention my fucking ass. Idiot who doesn't pay any attention-
  • Me out loud: I guess. At least now I have something to post about on tumblr tonight.
  • That Guy: *moves on to talking about Spider-man entries in the current reboot which 'aren't part of the MCU'*
  • Me: *resumes making the face that has husband worried and just internally screams*

Once I tried to think of how Harry James Potter would have looked like when he got older.

I imagine McGonagall seeing him and thinking that Harry looks like everyone he loved now. His mother’s green eyes, his father’s features, Sirius’ hair (and even beard) and Remus, because of the scars on his face.

Celebranting 10k followers on Instagram @potterbyblvnk today, and also appreciating all the support with my series of sketches about adult Harry here on tumblr! :) I hope you enjoy this portrait of Harry showing his hair 😉

K-Pop Group BTS Reveals Its Biggest Beauty Secrets for Glowing Skin

Last month, BTS, a K-Pop group from Seoul, cemented itself in American pop culture by winning the Top Social Artist Award at the Billboard Music Awards. The second the boy band hit the magenta red carpet, thousands were exposed to the wonders of K-Pop. Since then, people have been quick to call BTS, which is short for Bangtan Sonyeondan (or Bulletproof Boy Scouts in English), the One Direction of South Korea. However, that’s just an easy way to give them some context. In reality, BTS is actually completely different. Why? The seven-piece group’s performances are complete with flawless choreography, expert rapping, high-fashion looks, and insanely catchy vocals. Oh yeah, and they look damn good while doing so.

No matter where BTS is, their skin is forever smooth and has an enviable glow to it. Their eyes are typically adorned with a subtle smoky eye look, which both Jin and Jimin told me is their favorite part of wearing makeup. Their lips always have that popsicle-stained look that everyone’s been craving lately. Their hair colors are constantly changing, too. In 2017 alone, Jimin’s hair has been bubblegum pink, silver, platinum blonde, sandy blonde, and caramel brown. If they had to choose just one shade, though, Rap Monster tells Allure that he prefers “ash gray and ash blue because these complement my skin tone well.” Agreed. Also, Suga added that his favorite hair color is blonde because “I just need to de-color and that’s it.”

The beauty aspect of BTS’s fame alone separates them from the likes of One Direction, the Jonas Brothers, and the Backstreet Boys. And their legions of fans, lovingly called A.R.M.Y., live for it. YouTube is filled with makeup tutorials inspired by looks from BTS’s music videos. A whole Tumblr account called Dewy Bangtan is even devoted to tracking down the beauty products BTS uses based on screenshots from behind-the-scenes videos.

If the names I mentioned above didn’t ring any bells, let me give you a quick summary of each of the seven members of BTS.


At 24, Jin is the oldest member of BTS, but he doesn’t act like it. He has a very specific skin care-related reason for that. In a recent video, he said, “I have a motto of my life, ‘If you behave young, your face becomes young, too.’” Noted. His good looks went viral after the Billboard Awards. On Twitter, he was called the “third one from the left”, accompanied by dozens of heart-eye emojis. His response? He’s “worldwide handsome.”


Many will identify with Suga, one of the group’s rappers, on a spiritual level, as I do. When he isn’t working his ass off producing, writing, and composing songs, he just likes to lay. Same. Just as his hair color preference suggests, he’s the most low-maintenance of the Bangtan Boys as far as beauty routines goes. He’s basically a granddad trapped in a 24-year-old’s body.


V’s interests lie in the finer things in life like Gucci, Van Gogh, and photography. The 21-year-old also makes some of the most hilarious facial expressions and has the most velvety voice in BTS. Some consider him to be the most handsome in the group, but I’ll let you decide.


Jimin is the king of selfies. BTS’s Twitter is filled with evidence of this statement. In their music videos, you can pick him out by his sharp dance moves. In a group photos, you can pick him out by his seriously adorable baby face. Don’t let it fool you — he’s not the youngest. He’s 21. And if anyone was wondering, he’s what K-Pop fans call my “bias,” aka my favorite. His pink hair sealed the deal for me.


Ok, now it’s time to talk about the youngest member of BTS. Jungkook, 19, is a classic, hard-working millennial. He can do everything, including sing (in English), dance, and rap, and do it all incredibly well. When not suited-up in a dress shirt or velvet bomber jacket on stage, you can catch him wearing a white T-shirt and Timberlands.

Rap Monster

Meet the leader of the group. BTS was literally built around the 22-year-old. As you probably could have guessed, Rap Monster, well, raps. He’s also BTS’s mouthpiece. Fluent in English, he usually takes the lead in stateside interviews. (Watching Friends helped him learn the language.) He has a habit of winking in photo shoot and making people across the world melt. Cringe-worthy hairstyles from BTS’s debut in 2013 aside, Rap Monster has some of the best looks of BTS.


I’m convinced J-Hope’s ever-positive personality is the true secret behind his glowing skin. (More on his actual secrets later.) Also 22, he’s like BTS’s portable charger, giving them (and fans) the energy and encouragement. Watching him dance will give you strength, too. Trust. He’s s-o g-o-o-d.

Now that we’re all on the same page, here’s the best part: BTS took a break from their massive world tour, which has made stops in the US, Australia, and Brazil, to chat with me about their skin care routines. Yup, you’re about to find out some of their secrets.

Why is it important to you to take good care of your skin?

Jin: “Skin is what completes my appearance. I value my looks very much, so it’s equally important to take good care of my skin — that’s a pivotal part of my face.”

J-Hope: “Taking good care of your skin is the No.1 rule for all celebs. I get to meet a lot of fans face-to-face at fan meetings and similar events, and I’d like to look my best for them.”

What’s your biggest skin concern?

Rap Monster: “My skin is dry most of the time, and my biggest concern is keeping it [moisturized]. I get zits from time to time and that concerns me as well.”

Jungkook: “I get pimples sometimes, and it’s very stressful.”

You guys travel a lot. Do you do any skin-care treatments while you’re on the plane to keep your skin from freaking out?

V: “On the plane, I dampen cotton pads with toner and put on lotion twice as much.”

Jimin: “I don’t really do anything extra special for my skin on the plane, but I try to drink as much water as possible.”

What are some of your favorite beauty products?

V: “I’ve been looking for my absolute favorite beauty product for a long time because my skin becomes dry and oily relatively fast. I haven’t found the right one, but I’m not giving up! Any recommendations?”

What is your skin routine like?

J-Hope: “[In the morning, I use] toner and face cream. [At night, the steps are] toner, essence, acne care, lotion, cream.”

Jungkook: “Toner and cream for night and morning routine.”

A lot of people find skin care routines to be a form of self care. Do you agree?

Rap Monster: “I totally agree. My favorite brand is Mediheal, and it has a variety of sheet masks you can choose from after a long day of work.”

Jimin: “I do agree because I try to clear my mind by cleansing my face after performances.”

Do you have any bad skin care habits?

Suga: “My bad habit is that I don’t take care of my skin.”

V: “I don’t particularly have a bad habit, but I’m worried about my skin having lack of elasticity. How can I prevent this?”

Are there any Korean beauty trends that you particularly love?

Jin: “I love sheet masks. I try to put them on whenever I feel my skin is dry and exposed too much to the sun. They help me make up for lost moisture and brighten my skin.”

Do you have any go-to skin care tips for clear, glowing skin?

J-Hope: “I try to go to the dermatologist when I have some free time after work.”

Jungkook: “I wish I had one! Let me know, and I’ll try.”

© Devon Abelman @ Allure

It was a quiet night, and he was talking about his day as he drove her back home. She listened, and somewhere in between his words, her body slowly gave in to exhaustion. She struggled to stay awake but before she knew it, she slipped into the gentle arms of a silent sleep. At a red light, he stopped and turned to her. He let his eyes roam over her sleeping face, as though seeking to memorize every part of her delicate features. He stared long enough to realize that he, had fallen in love.
—  Lukas W. // She fell asleep, he fell in love
Each night, he wears her name on his lips and her face on his heart to bed, with hopes to see her in his dreams, even though he knows that he will wake up with chapped lips and a heavy, empty heart in the morning.
—  Lukas W. // Dry lips, dry heart