hi tumblr i win

one of the people who rambled to me about Nathan not deserving his win because scoring etc. I went to their tumblr and the top post literally says “I know nothing about figure skating” I MEAN that’s fine but…why are you going on about how I’m wrong then. 

GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED!!! Winners have been contacted.

Alright, Tumblr! I work at a semi-big retail chain, and very recently, we set an ad that is marking all of our clearance (as pictured above) additionally half-off the ticketed price. Plus add coupons and my associate discount, and I’m looking at brand-new clothes for scratch-off ticket prices.

Here’s the skinny:  This is a giveaway, open to the trans community here on Tumblr. I’m aware that sometimes it’s hard for people to get the clothes they need in order to feel comfortable, due to financial or other reasons.

This giveaway will be held for the next 3 DAYS—which gives me time to talk with the winner (hopefully) before the sale ends. You’ll have to give me your sizes,some general information (like you adore the color blue or plaid-prints or you dig screen-tees), and I’ll try my best to pick out something you’ll like! I’m not entirely sure how much you’ll get—but it will be a bit. Some shirts, some pants, maybe a jacket. We even have shoes that are included in the sale.

- Giveaway will end on Sunday, the 22nd of February. Probably mid- to late-evening.
- Likes and reblogs count as entries! You don’t need to follow me or anything. It’s not that kind of giveaway.
- This particular giveaway is for FTM. The other giveaway, for MTF, can be found here. That said, it IS open for anyone who is gender queer, bigendered, or anything really. I’m marking this ‘FTM’ for the nature of the clothes that will be won; which will be more masculine in nature.
- Please remember this is only open to the trans community. It is intended for two winners to receive clothes that will make them feel more comfortable.
- There will be only one winner for this giveaway; and another for the MTF one.
- It is also only open for U.S. residents, due to shipping costs.
- Signal boosting is a-okay! But please tag it or be honest in case your name is selected to win.
- I’m also offering to purchase toiletries in addition to the clothes, if the winner so desires. Deodorant. Shampoo. Stuff like that.
- For the winner, please have your ask box open! I will contact you immediately after you are selected, so we may talk a bit about sizes and everything! I may not be able to get things 100% correct, or we may run low on certain sizes (people are fucking crazy when sales hit), but I will try to do my best for you!

IMPORTANTLY I will mail the winner their goods under the name that is most comfortable or safest for them. Just let me know!

Thank you everyone! If you have any questions, please feel free to message me here!

Additional notes: General sizes of the rare S to XXL. Standard sizing, I think, though the Young Men’s merchandise is a bit more slim. I can’t even tell you the pant sizes we have, I haven’t looked in a while, but I know we may have up to a 42, and as low as a 30.