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Do you know of any fics that deal with coping with trauma?

We have all sorts of tags you might be interested in [PTSD] and [this ask] stand out.

Paper Airplanes
Summary: Every day without fail, just before dusk sets in, Eren sits on the top of the great Wall Maria. He draws the things his disturbed mind conjures up, and then folds them into a paper airplanes to send out, believing they’ll reach the one who owns his heart, wherever he’s gone…

Under Freedom’s Wing
Summary: Levi finds a half-dead Eren propped against his door in the middle of winter. While his physical wounds aren’t hard to fix, it doesn’t take Levi long to see that it’s not the only wounds the boy carries. What lead Eren to the door of the Freedom’s Wing Youth Shelter is unknown, but getting him to admit he needs help is going to be a battle of wills Levi refuses to lose.

A Million Kisses
Summary: Levi had survived. He was the only one of his squad that was able to return home to the family that he barely knows. The war in Afghanistan has taken a toll on his body and mind, which explains why Levi wished he also hadn’t returned. Everyone that he knew has either died or moved on from their friendship with Levi since he joined the army several years ago. He feels damaged and broken as he sits in his wheelchair in his new room.
     Somehow this all changes when Mikasa, his niece, brings home a bright-eyed brunet named Eren to study with. Eren helps Levi with his nightmares at night when he wakes up screaming again and the warm tea that Eren provides Levi with after another rough night is the first thing the raven falls in love with.

if you hear a bullet go by
Summary: “Why are you still here?” Levi asks one morning over his cup of tea.
     They’re outside, and he’s still wearing his sleeping clothes while Eren does push-ups in his poor excuse of a garden. Sweat runs down his back and Levi’s eyes follow its path indifferently. Gross, he thinks.
    “Why haven’t you kicked me out?” Eren shoots back, panting.

A Voice From The Rubble
Summary: It all just took 30 seconds. Thirty seconds that kept replaying in my mind over and over again, the details so vivid. Thirty seconds that would change my life forever.
     Thirty seconds earlier we had all been safely tucked up in bed. Shiganshina Lodge was my home, my family was visiting for the holidays; it had now become our tomb.
     Shiganshina District had been a second home to all of us ever since I was born. I know this place. I know its beauty… I’m now learning its terror.


[M] Learning Curve.

Pairing: Jungkook / Reader

Summary: Submission doesn’t suit everyone and, as far as Jungkook is concerned, you wear it better than he does. 

Count: 8.4K 

Warning(s): Smut, Sub!kook but also Dom!kook (lmfao pls forgive me), dirty talk, spanking, and a pinch orgasm denial because who wouldn’t want to watch Jungkook squirm. 

A/N: Just leave me alone to die.

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If you had to guess Jungkook’s least favorite thing to do, you would say that renouncing his power was likely it. In bed, anyway.

He always made sure to remind you that he was in charge of your pleasure, no matter what the situation. He administered it as generously or as sparingly as he saw fit. It hadn’t always been so, but Jungkook settled into his role as the dominant one quite naturally. 

Evidently though, your leniency had taken its toll on his once obedient nature. You allowed him to grow confident in his ability to disarm you fully with just one brush of his hands over the right parts of your body, or dirty, whispered words against your neck, or the heat of his body pressing against yours. You had become forbearing, allowing him to push the limits of your control until he had effectively slipped it from your grasp entirely.

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No matter how many times Levi woke up to Eren’s hard on pressed firmly between his ass cheeks, or seen him come out of the shower butt naked and smiling, or even woken up by his tender kisses and terrible morning breath, nothing could compare to the rare sight of Eren still asleep.

Contrary to popular belief, Eren was always the first one to be up and ready to tackle the day- already dressed and making breakfast before Levi could even get out a throaty good morning.

But it wasn’t always like that.

Before Levi had gathered the courage to confess his feelings to Eren, it was easy for him to be up and ready before the sun even rose. After being the captain for so many years, he was used to being burdened with endless stacks of paperwork and countless amounts of bloody flashbacks to keep him up and running for hours on end. He had no time to know what it felt like to have a good night’s sleep. It was a routine for him.

Until Eren stumbled into his life.

Eren was this unstoppable force barging into Levi’s life, this ball of energy who tore his way into his cold heart.

And he loved it.

Loved the sudden change in his unhealthy routine. How raw and unexpected Eren acted when they were out on missions or in his office discussing battle plans over paperwork and dinner. Loved how straightforward and courageous he was when it came to protecting him. How unexperienced and curious his heart of gold trained him into becoming the man he was today. How eleven years took their toll on his body and mended him into a man worthy of exchanging his status from cadet to Captain.

Levi was reluctant to retire at first, but after the shock of Erwin’s death and exterminating most of the titans, he felt it was time to retire at the age of thirty-four and relinquish his duty to Eren. It wasn’t until a year had passed of Eren becoming the Captain that he got down on one knee and finally proposed to him. Not like he was waiting or anything.

Levi watched as Eren stirred in his sleep, letting his eyes fall where the sunlight beamed down on the golden band safely secured around his ring finger and feeling his heart swell with happiness. He continued to watch as his husband rolled onto his stomach, burying his face into his plump pillow as an exceptionally loud huff escaped from his lips and died into the fluffy cushion embedded with his pine scent.

The white comforter, which used to cover his body, fell from his broad shoulders and down to his bare ass, the tan flesh peeking out from underneath and sending a breathtaking jolt to Levi’s cock.

Ignoring his sudden hard on, he reached out and ran a curious finger along the dip of his lower back. Gliding them over his back dimples before following the curve of his spine while never taking his eyes off of Eren to make sure he didn’t wake up. Once his finger approached the divide between Eren’s shoulder blades and spine, he let his finger slide back down to where the comforter stopped and bit his lip.

Moving closer, he slowly climbed on top of his body and straddled his waist, careful not to wake him as he bent down and lavished Eren’s sunkissed skin in tender kisses.

They were still under the covers, so the comforter pooled around Levi’s lower back as he bent down and pressed his cold lips along the dip of Eren’s back, his calloused hands caressing his sides as he marked his way up to his shoulders. Leaving longer kisses in the curve of where his shoulders met his neck.

Eren hummed and slowly stirred awake, his head turning to the side as his sleepy amber eyes pried open and silently watched Levi shower him in kisses. “You really should consider shaving,” He quietly mumbled, startling Levi with his deep voice. “Your stubble is scratchy.”

Levi chuckled and smothered his face into his neck, making his stubble more noticeable as he rubbed his face into Eren’s sensitive skin. “Asshole.” Eren growled as he playfully flipped Levi onto his back, Levi laughing as he bounced beneath him, caged in by his muscular arms.

Levi smirked and reached forward, burying his hands into his long messy brown hair before reaching up and planting a soft kiss against his lips. “Good morning.” He whispered before Eren hummed and moved his right hand to caress the curve of his slender neck, gently rubbing his thumb over his sharp jawline before prying his mouth open.

Despite his morning breath, Levi let himself get pulled into Eren. Allowing Eren’s left hand to slither under his back and pull him to his chest, letting his flexible back arch into his burning touch. Tilting his head back to allow him more room, Eren went at scavenging his neck with playful kisses, leaving little nicks and pricks from his teeth every now and then in his pale skin.

“Good morning.” Eren spoke between kisses before puckering his lips against his neck and blowing hot air out, producing a loud obnoxious fart sound to be heard.

Levi squealed and pushed Eren’s face away from his neck, scrambling to get away from him while laughing the entire time. Eren chuckled and took hold of his waists, pining him down to the mattress before attacking his stomach. Levi burst out in a flurry of laughter and pushed his fingers through Eren’s hair, trying to get him to stop and away from his stomach.

“Eren- hahaha I swear…if you don’t stop that I’m gonna-!”

“Gonna what?” Eren mused, his eyes dangerous and mischievous as he paused his attacks on Levi’s sensitive and ticklish stomach and instead started to trail hot kisses down his abdomen.

Levi licked his lips. “I’m gonna…” His hands tightened in Eren’s hair. “…gonna…”

Eren smirked and disappeared below the comforter.


  • Jack’s battle is more psychological than anything else. The things the world throws at him are mere nuts and bolts compared to his internal struggle.
  • Jack really loves his parents so much and their image haunts him because he thinks he failed them due to not being able to go back to the past.
  • Jack has signs of PTSD. 50 years took a toll on his mental health more than anything. He sees his parents and his village EVERYWHERE.
  • The Daughters of Aku are septuplets. They’re apparently all from the same mother, and I don’t know how the hell did she survive childbirth and still be walking and talking afterwards.
  • Ashi is the only named Daughter of Aku so far. She’s the one in the middle during that shot where they’re running towards the camera. I *KNEW* she had more significance than the others. She used to be the weakest but emerged the strongest at the end of training.
  • Apparently, the Daughters are conditioned to believe that Aku created everything that is good on Earth, and Jack is the one destroying it, and they were also subjected to training from hell, which includes little Ashi getting slapped for making a wrong move, and getting beat up by a hugeass cultist because of looking outside.
mistakes | jjk

He was never one to cry often, but when he did, it was so overwhelming that you often cried with him.

It was late one night; he was always out late, gone until the ungodly hours. And you always stayed up for him to hear him come home, closing your eyes and pretending to sleep on the couch so he could carry you back to your room while you listened to his heart beating gently in his chest. But tonight seemed…different.

When he came home, he walked to the couch as he always did to find you laying there, your cheek resting on both your hands at your side. And he stared at you quietly for almost half an hour. He had been so quiet as to not disturb you that you could barely hear his uneven breaths, giving away the fact that he was crying. But you continued to lay there, your heart and soul breaking every second with his light sniffles. Why would he cry?

Eventually, when you didn’t hear anything any longer, you opened your eyes to look at him. And in that moment you had forgotten about the Jungkook that carried you to bed every day, the muscular and strong 19 year old that could lift 15 pounds like a feather, the Jeon Jungkook that had death and fire burning in his eyes as he panted after a performance. All that existed was this one, a small boy lost in a million of emotions.

Your hand slipped around his cheek and he melted into your touch.

“Did I wake you?”

His voice was barely a whisper.

“No, I was awake.”

Tears sparkled in his eyes and your thumb grazed across the scar on his cheek. You made room for him on the couch as his body took up most of the space. And soon, his large figure was curled up in yours, your hands rubbing his back gently as he cried into your shirt.

“I..I’m not p-perfect.”

Slight hiccups enlaced his words and you pulled him against you tighter. Golden Maknae. Years and years with the label attached to him like a floating neon sign, of course it had to be exhausting. It’s taking it’s toll now, his body shuddering with sobs as to relieve the invisible weight accumulated on his shoulders. You knew it all too well, but at the same time you didn’t.

“I love you anyway.”

But you knew he needed validation, a shoulder to cry on, a safe haven. He needed that same safety you felt when you listened to his heart beats before falling asleep.

“I love you anyway.”

Reaction to Being in Your Arms. . .

Anonymous said: Exo reaction to being in your arms… Like you’re on the couch and they are lying on you with one arm around their shoulders and another stroking their hair… Like a way of showing giving them some comfort..

Reaction to Being in Your Arms…

A/N ahh, this is so relaxing and cute. thank you for asking such a cute thing Anonie. It’s going to be a little shorter than the others, but i hope you’ll still like!

Kai Eonni ~


This would be something he looks forward to every time he gets time off, or he gets to come home earlier. His favorite place to rest his head would be right above your chest, but below your collar bone. So he can hear your soft beating heart and feel safe, somewhat like a child in his moms embrace. The feeling of your arms circling him and your hand playing with his hair just adds to his comfort and contentment. This is a moment that allows him to be the smaller figure, a place where he doesn’t need to hide his feelings like he most often does as a leader. He would just be thankful for these quiet moments where you two acknowledge each others existence, but don’t need to say anything.


This would be something that he wouldn’t like to admit is comforting for him, but on the inside, everyday he walks through the front door, he hopes that you’ll hold him like that again. For him, it gives him a feeling of being re-energized and a feeling of being accepted. This would help him forget about the stresses his life holds as an idol and leave him just reveling in the feeling of your arms around him, and expect him to fall asleep like the cutie he is. In short, he would love it very much, but if you asked, he’d leave you hanging with a look that’s hard to read and leaves you with a thousand questions.


This would need to become something that happens as often as it can. The first time you hold him tight and run your fingers soothingly through his hair, he’s putty in your hands and will want this all the time when he needs to relax. He’d talk to you lazily about his day and be thankful to have the ability to get everything he needs off his chest, whether it’s frustrations, worries or hopes. He would always mumble a low “I really love you Jagi…” Almost too low for you to hear, as if he was saying it for only his ears to hear.


This would be something he needs when he’s insecure, or when he feels playful and wants to give you feather-light-kisses. However, when you guys are just passing time and watching movies, he would want to be the one to hold you. When he’s insecure, there wont be much talking, and he’ll need you to hold him tight to remind him to stay with you and not to plummet into that tempting feeling of despair. When he’s playful and you’re running your fingers through his hair, he’ll like to trail kisses along your other arm on the inside of your forearm.

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Ahhh, he’d love this. The feeling of being held would give him a feeling of protection and belonging. The feeling of your fingers through his hair would sooth him, so much to the point that he would end up falling asleep in your arms in a matter of minutes. When he wakes up to see you still holding him, he’d apologize, but when you tell him not to worry about it, he’d grow so thankful for you. He’d really question how he managed to get someone like you, but would never forget to be thankful. Those moments are really needed to help him balance out the idol life.


He’d also love this, and would be totally open and honest about it too. He’d snuggle further into you, wrapping his arms around your waist, needing to be closer to you, loving the physical contact. He’d always ask about your day, wanting to know everything, and genuinely enjoying hearing about it too. He’d occasionally trail a few kisses across your collarbone, just because.


As you hold him close, this would be a moment that sticks in Kai’s memory years later. He lives for moments like these where he can just relax and enjoy his time with the people he loves. He’d look up into your eyes and give you a sweet gentle smile as he asks, “You know how much I love you right?” This would be something he’s so greatful for, the fact that you can just be as content as he is in simple moments like these.


This would be one of those times when you see a calm and unusually quiet Baekhyun. He’d need this though, his usually outgoing and loud personality takes a toll on his mental and even physical state, and so time to just lay down and be pampered would really do him well. He’d nuzzle his face into the crook of your neck while you spend almost an hour just holding him and stroking his hair. Just when you begin to relax and doze off yourself the hyper and loud Baekhyun come out again. He’d start teasing you by leaving tickling kisses along your neck as he repeats the phrase “I love you.” With each kiss that touches your skin.


He’d get so whiny when you did this. Complaining about how tired he is, he has a headache, or how much he practiced today. This would be his version of thanking you for holding him and comforting him. He’d enjoy the feeling of your warmth through your clothes, that being something that oddly reminds him of how real you are and that you’re there with him. When you fall asleep, he’d smile lovingly at you, place a gentle kiss on your cheek and finally whisper out loud, “Thank you Jagi.”


This boy would probably end up crying just because. Something like this would be so meaningful and sweet to him. He has a lot of stress on him and does a lot for other people, so for someone to be using their time and body to bring him comfort and love would mean so much to him. He’d never want to leave your arms and would be greatful for you always.

(pretend you’re Sehun)


He’d seem reluctant at first, saying something like,”Finneee, if you really want me to lay here then I will. But only for a minute.” But then twenty minutes later he’s still there scrolling through his phone, but like, with a content look on his features that tell anyone how happy he is to be there receiving your affection. 

(ahhhh lookit that little reluctant smile!!)


Kris would actually be down for this. He’d especially love the feeling of your fingers running through his hair. He’d have a huge smile playing on his lips the whole time while he keeps a firm affectionate grip on your thigh – his way of returning the affection. He’d suddenly be overwhelmed with love for you that it might shock him, but then would make his smile grow impossibly wider than before.

Stress Relief part 2 - Wolverine x Reader (NSFW SMUT)

So many people asked for more Wolverine smut…So, here we go. Very NSFW. Really. Shameless smut (with some gif, which do not belong to me by the way). Because self-control is for weak people…wait…hum…Whatever. 

(My master list, by the way : Right here )

Summary : Last time, you helped your Wolverine relax…this time, he helps YOU. And you couldn’t be happier. 

Part 1


It had been a while since you had a week as bad as the one you just had. 

Your students, maybe because they felt like the summer vacations were very close, were just being so difficult, so much that at each end of the class you were just exhausted both mentally and physically. 

If that wasn’t enough, you had tons of paperworks to take care of because you promised Storm you’d help her with it. You probably made at least 100 new student files, as the school really started to grow and more kids came in every day. You fucking hated paperworks…You cursed yourself for even asking Ororo if she needed help. She was your best friend, and was co-headmaster with Logan…You saw what being headmaster did to Logan, how it took a toll on his mind, mood etc etc, and just had to try to help them. Still. Fuck paperworks. 

You also were in charge of recruiting new teachers, and that was another pain in the ass, because damn some of them were perfect idiots. You had to throw some out of the school once you realized they were just journalists, looking for a new scandal article to make about a “school full of dangerous mutants”. Assholes. 

Oh, and of course, you also asked Kurt and Hank if they needed help, and of course…They did. 

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Just because I’ve been thinking about it lately and I feel like it now.


-But not really possessive, knows his boundaries.

-Has a difficult time expressing his emotions.

-Because of that he may come off as indifferent some of the time but will definitely try very hard to express his emotions more openly if you are put off by it.

-He is a very strong-willed, stubborn person but I believe he will definitely be  whipped for his partner.

-100% the type to write songs for you.

-He has mentioned before in an interview that he would like to show his girlfriend all of his music.

-If you are apart from one another he will definitely take time out of his day to call you everyday.

-If you were into it, I feel like he would like taking pictures of you since he is really into photography.

-Subtle acts of care and affection.

-I feel like tons of teasing would take place between him and his partner.

-Deep conversations/heart-to-hearts would happen at the most random of times.

-A similar relationship to a best friend relationship but obviously with more romance.

-I don’t feel like he would be huge on pet names but he wouldn’t mind if you called him them a lot of the time and he would call you by one sometimes.

-He personally reminds me a lot of a cat so their would be times where he would be really independent and times where he would get very fluffy and soft and want to be held.

-Not a lot of PDA but pecks would happen every now and then and if you wanted to like, sit on his lap or something I don’t think he would mind.

-Encourages independence from you and is supportive of your goals and dreams.

-If they weren’t busy, a lot of “lazy days” would happen.

-He would be very considerate of the toll of his idol life may have on you and your feelings about it.

-I feel like what the boys think of you and also what his older brother thinks of you would be important to him.

-Overall, he would be a very good and understanding boyfriend whom loves you so much.

Gentle reminder that

Dr. Darnel had one of the highest and most respectable positions in the Blackburn sisters’ rule, but disregarded it all the moment he lost something greater than his career: his daughter

gentle reminder that even when said daughter was lost, Dr. Darnel did not go back to his life beforehand but rather abandoned it in light of the atrocities and injustices to seek refuge on a foreign planet 

gentle reminder that Dr. Darnel worked for years, decades, on that foreign planet to overthrow the system he had previously thrived under

gentle reminder that in those years he suffered due to the lack of using glamour, which took a toll on his abilities and sanity 

gentle reminder that Dr. Darnel risked his newfound career, anonymity, and entire life on Earth in order to protect Cinder and guide her to be the queen he believed she could be

gentle reminder that Dr. Darnel was not able to see Cress as he said goodbye. He was staring at a reflection of himself, in a cold, closed-off room, while listening to the world outside and the daughter he never had the chance to catch up with.

gentle reminder that Dr. Darnel used his last moments in life to verbally screw over his former boss and have the last laugh

gentle reminder that Dr. Darnel had his faults, but played his role well and didn’t deserve the end he got 

Taking Control

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 2194

Warnings: Dom/sub, breath play, dom!Dean, oral sex (male and female receiving), smut, unprotected sex, slight angst, fluff

Summary: Dean had a rough hunt, but luckily he has you to come home to, where the two of you can lose yourself in passion. 

A/N: This was done for anon who requested, I was wondering if you would consider doing a deanxgirlfriend!reader where he comes home from a bad hunt and needs a release or control or whatever and they have rough sex with dom!dean and maybe a bit of breath play? All consensual and everything where she trusts him not to take it too far. I hope you like it anon, I totally get breath play and think it is hot. This story has slight dom/sub undertones so read at your own risk if that sort of thing makes you uncomfortable. 

He took a deep breath, his hand stilled against the cold metal handle that would open up into the bunker, and he was trying to relax before walking in and greeting you. Finally, he summoned the energy to push it open, and at first, he thought there was something wrong with the door because of the loud squeal that erupted as he swung it inward, but then you were flying into his arms, the source of the sound due to your excitement. A momentary smile graced his face, but it fell quickly as he thought back to where he had just returned from. He instinctively grabbed you underneath your thighs and he inhaled the scent of your strawberry shampoo that hung around your slightly damp hair. 

“Dean,” you nuzzled into his neck, he could feel the way his stubble from his lack of shaving the past week scraped against the soft skin of your forehead, “I’m so happy your home, I missed you,” you said. 

“I missed you too, baby.” He kissed the crown of your head and set you back on the ground. 

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(Here’s a short blip, requested by @taylor-tut! I hope it’s okay, your fics are so good and I want to give back to you! Here’s some Lance having hella bad bronchitis)

Lance blearily opened his eyes. He sat up slowly as his alarm blared in his ears, breaking the silence in his once peaceful room.

What time was it?

The boy turned his head, opting to ignore the stiffness of his neck. He still struggled reading Altean time, so truly the whole process was useless.

Regardless, Lance slid out of his bed, stumbling over to the dresser to put his armor on.

It only took a few steps for a slow burning to set in his chest, rattling off a few unproductive coughs as he reached for the pieces of his armor.

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Silent Treatment (OS)

After your heated argument earlier on this morning, you were sure that a little time away and a cuddle tonight would make everything better. No. You’d made Harry some extra nice dinner that you knew he’d love. You brought it up to his studio where you knocked on the door and had no answer. You called his name and you were ignored. You opened the door to find him watching TV. “Didn’t fancy watching TV downstairs?” You asked. Ignored. “H, I brought you up some dinner. Spaghetti and meatballs, your favorite.” You smiled placing a kiss on his head. Ignored and shrugged away with the kiss you so generously gave. “H, are you still mad? I said I’m sorry.” You spoke. He simply lifted the Sky button and flicked through the channels. You put the plate on the coffee table and sat next to Harry. You wrapped your arms around Harry and tried to pull him close, he shrugged you off. “Harry! Please!” You pleaded. You were still ignored. “Silent treatment? Really? Harry really your being that silly about it?” You groaned. His eyes glued to the TV. “I can’t believe you H” You sighed.

Feeling a little shitty about yourself you got yourself a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs and went and ran yourself a bath. Bubbles filled to the top and a few candles loitering and your favorite jazz playlist going, you felt a little more happier. But you craved a word from your boyfriend. It was a silly argument, the lack of you being together and his stress caused it. You prayed that he’d come talk to you before you went to bed, but you had a hard time believing that it would actually happen. You and Harry were normally so happy but the stress of the album was beginning to take a toll on his health. Bringing this up wasn’t a happy topic for your both. You ate another meatball the door opened to the bathroom. There stood your boyfriend. A bowl of what you presumed was the one you gave to him earlier. He gave you a soft smile as he cheeks reddened. He sat down on the floor head against the tub. “I’m a dickhead.” He muttered. You sighed and a small smile graced your lips. “Sometimes.” You replied. You placed your bowl on the side and ruffled your hand through Harry’s hair. “I love you pet” Harry said. “I’m sorry” you smiled. “It’s okay, I’m just worried about you sweets. If this album is taking a toll on your mental health then you need to calm it. You’ll drive yourself insane. You can’t be doing that.” You said. “Can I get in?” He asked. You nodded. He stripped himself of his grey joggers, sports top and boxers. “Squidge” He muttered. You moved forward in the tub and he stepped in and you leant against him. “Love you petal, I really do” He smiled pressing a kiss to your neck. “H, I seriously think you need a break.” You said. “I think I need to get away from London and L.A.” He spoke. “Like a holiday?” You asked. “Like a holiday.” he stated. “Maybe like just chilling and writing in a different environment.” He said. “For a week?” You asked. “No, maybe just until I’m ready to come home, won’t be for too long though.” You frowned. “H, I don’t think I can go that long without seeing you, I need you here with me, I know that selfish but, we are barely talking much now, let alone what will happen if your not even in the country!” You exclaimed. “No, pet, I’d want you to come with me petal, we can chill for the days by the pool, have some good old food and a good tan to us.” He smiled. “So somewhere hot?” You asked. “Jamaica maybe?” He asked. “I’d love that!!” You smiled.



Vegas | Tease | Oops | D | Game | Mistake

Note: Here’s the second part to Vegas! You know that part in a concert where all the music just stops mid-song, and then it resumes after a couple of moments and it’s super awesome and amazing? Yeah, that’s what I tried to describe in this fic, but I don’t think I did it that well. Oh well. I did my best.

Word Count: 2782

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: SMUTSMUTSMUTSMUT, car sex, the usual bad language

“No.” Daveed said for the third time.

“Why not?” You asked, groaning a bit.

“Because I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to come. It’s dangerous for you. Shows can get out of hand sometimes.”

Tonight, clipping. was scheduled for a pop-up show at a local bar and you were trying to convince Daveed to take you with him. The both of you had become friends with benefits after he ‘broke your curse’ of not being able to orgasm during sex with anyone else. You both satisfied each other’s needs when it was necessary, and you enjoyed this relationship that you both had, but there were certain things that you didn’t enjoy: he was overprotective.

“C’mon, D. I’m a grown woman, I can handle myself. You don’t have to treat me like a damsel in distress all the time.” You said, leaning against the counter. He wasn’t going to make you bring out the puppy dog eyes, was he?

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