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dave strider realizing hes gay/bisexual and coming to terms with his abusive childhood makes him so much more of a character than he was as the token “main character’s best friend who is cagey, funny, and a dick”

fandom often headcanons or reads labels/experiences like these onto lots of mediocre, kinda funny, and assholish dude characters – but dave is the real deal. dave strider expressed softness and kindness and introspection in canon in a way that was not corny or forced, and most importantly did not come at the expense of women (i would argue he was 100% more of a stepping stone for terezi’s arc than vice versa) and for that i appreciate him a lot

despite all of andrew hussie’s flaws and questionable/problematic/bad writing, he did a good thing by bringing dave strider into text. he did even more good by allowing his character to have depth in a way that is uncommon for boy characters.

homestuck broke so many molds (at least from my fandom experience) by having a super likable male character who was funny, witty, and complex… AND a gay/bi self-admitted survivor of abuse.

Ever Since New York

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Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: After his junior year, Jughead goes to New York for a writing internship.  

Warnings: some swearing, you might cry

Word count: 4,574

A/N: umm first of all thank you for 7000 followers?? holy crap. anywho wowowow this is by far the longest thing I’ve ever written. It’s based off of the song “Ever Since New York” from Harry Styles’s album (which I love btw).  This is probably my favorite thing I’ve ever written tbh. Hope you all enjoy!

Tell me something, tell me something
You don’t know nothing, just pretend you do

After years of saving the money he earned at the Twilight Drive-In and other odd jobs, Jughead finally had enough to buy a plane ticket to New York.  He had discovered a writing internship there that he knew he had to do. It didn’t take much effort to convince his dad to allow him to go; in fact, FP even offered to pitch in some money. Jughead refused, claiming that he wanted to do this all on his own.  He wanted to deserve this internship as much as possible.

He started talking to Veronica frequently, asking her about her time in New York.  She, of course, gladly answered all of Jughead’s questions.  She was glad to finally bond with her boyfriend’s best friend.  

Jughead also pestered Betty with questions, seeing as she had done an internship similar to his two summers ago.  It was a bit awkward at first, since the two of them used to date.  However, they both got over their awkwardness for the sake of preparing Jughead for his internship.

“It’s really amazing,” Betty told him.  “It’s a great experience, and you’ll learn so much.”

“What are other people like?” Jughead inquired.  “Are they pricks?”

“Sometimes,” Betty laughed. “It depends.  Do you know how many other people are participating in the internship?”

“Just one,” he answered, shrugging.  “I don’t know who it is though.”

“Well, if they’re a jerk then that’s gonna suck,” she offered.  “But if they’re nice, they may become one of the closest friends you’ll ever have.”


“Yeah,” Betty replied and nodded.  “You’re gonna spend all summer with this other person.  They’re either gonna drive you up the wall or become your new best friend.”

I need something, tell me something new
Choose your words, ‘cause there’s no antidote
For this curse, oh, what’s it waiting for?
Must this hurt you just before you go?

“Have fun in New York, Jug.” FP patted his son on the back as they stood at the airport gate.  Betty, Veronica, Archie, Fred Andrews, and Kevin stood behind FP, all wearing supportive smiles.  Jughead glanced around at the group who followed him to the airport, filled with admiration of his friends and family.

“Thank you guys,” he said, fighting back a giant grin.  “You didn’t all have to come, though.”

“Of course we did,” Fred Andrews argued.  “We’re not gonna see you all summer, Jughead.  We have to give you a proper send-off.”

“Well, proper send-off achieved,” Jughead laughed.  He watched as others in the line began to move.  “I guess I should go now.  Thanks for this.  See you all in August.”  As he turned on his heel and walked away, the group of six gleefully waved at Jughead’s retreating figure.

“You aren’t worried about Jughead all alone in a giant city?” Fred asked FP as they exited the airport.

“Nah,” FP responded, waving his hand.  “He’s a smart kid, he’ll find his way.”

Oh, tell me something I don’t already know
Oh, tell me something I don’t already know

“Hi, I’m Jughead Jones,” he introduced himself at the front desk.  “I’m here for the writing internship.”

The lady sitting behind the desk glanced up at Jughead.  “Ah, yes! We’ve been expecting you, Mr. Jones!” she exclaimed, standing from her chair.

“Oh, am I late?” Jughead inquired.  

The lady shook her head. “Oh no, not at all.  Your counterpart just got here early, so we’ve been waiting for you to start.”

“My counterpart?”

“Miss (Y/N) (Y/L/N),” she gestured to a girl sitting on a chair against the wall, flipping through a magazine.  The girl perked up when she heard her name, and saw Jughead and the receptionist staring at her.

“Is this him?” (Y/N) questioned, standing up and setting the magazine down.  Jughead noticed it was a TIME magazine.  

“Yes,” the receptionist answered.  “(Y/N), this is Jughead Jones.”  Jughead stuck his hand out to shake, and (Y/N) firmly shook his hand.

“I hope you’re not an asshole,” she blatantly said as they released hands, “because we’re gonna be stuck with each other all summer.”

“I was thinking the same thing about you,” he quipped.  

(Y/N) raised her eyebrow in interest.  “Quick-witted,” she noted with a smirk forming on her face.  “I like it.”

“You better,” Jughead fired back, biting back a grin.  “Like you said, we’ll be around each other all summer.”

“If we were together any longer, I’d worry about you falling in love with me,” she jokingly warned. “So be careful.”

Brooklyn saw me, empty at the news
There’s no water inside this swimming pool

“When’d you get here?” (Y/N) asked as she and Jughead exited the building, their first day of the internship finished.

“Two days ago,” Jughead answered with his hands in his pockets.  “What about you?”

“Last week.”  Her pace was quick, and she seemed determined to get somewhere.  “Are you hungry?  Because I’m starving.”

“I would love some food,” Jughead almost moaned at the thought of food.  He was only able to scarf down a small lunch in the midst of the business.

“I know this great burger place,” (Y/N) explained as she led the way to the restaurant.  “It’ll make every other burger you’ve ever eaten seem like a pile of shit on a bun.”

“I doubt that,” Jughead scoffed.  “There’s a diner where I’m from that makes the best burgers you’ll ever eat.”

“Where are you from?”

“Riverdale,” he said. “Pop’s diner, that’s what it’s called. If you ever find yourself in Riverdale, stop by Pop’s.  Trust me, you’ll thank me.”

“Well we’re not in Riverdale right now, Jughead Jones,” (Y/N) reminded him.  “So you should thank your lucky stars that I am your counterpart, because I’ve been here for the past week. You know what I’ve been doing for that week?  Exploring, Jones.  I have tried and evaluated twenty-one restaurants, and I know where to go for whatever you’re craving.”

“What if I’m craving Korean food?” he quizzed.

“32nd street, there’s a great Korean grill,” she immediately responded.


“There’s a quaint little place on 135th street.”

“What if I want to get wasted?” Jughead smirked.

“There’s a club a couple of blocks away with shitty security,” (Y/N) answered with a smirk equally as wide.  “Or maybe I was just an exception, seeing as how attractive I am.”

“I think you overestimate yourself,” he scoffed, playfully rolling his eyes.  

(Y/N) lightly slapped him on the arm.  “I do not!” she retaliated.  

“Whatever, keep lying to yourself.”  Jughead quickened his pace, leaving (Y/N) behind him.

“Hey!” she called out, rushing to catch up to him.  “You better not leave me!  You don’t even know where you’re going.”

“You’re still here,” he noted, casually wrapping his arm around her shoulders.  “Lead the way, (Y/N).”

Almost over, had enough from you
And I’ve been praying, I never did before

“God, this food sucks,” (Y/N) whispered, gesturing towards the plates of Japanese food sitting in front of her and Jughead.  “That place we ate at last week was so much better.”

“True,” Jughead agreed with a mouthful of food.  “But this place is cheaper.”

“Rightfully so!” she exclaimed, jabbing at her tofu with a chopstick.  Jughead silently laughed and shook his head, continuing to eat his fried rice.  He watched as (Y/N) picked at her dish, examining each aspect of the meal.  

It had been three weeks since their internship had begun, and Jughead and (Y/N) quickly became close friends.  They bonded over the overwhelming amount of work at their internship and their food-discovering adventures.  Jughead didn’t know how he would’ve survived an entire summer in New York without (Y/N) by his side.  They even stayed at the same hotel, so during a sleepless night, one would wake the other and stay up all night talking.  On those nights, they would drink hot chocolate.

“I’ve got the check tonight, Jug,” (Y/N) said, snapping Jughead out of his thoughts as she took the bill from the waitress.  Jughead furiously shook his head.

“No, (Y/N), you got dinner yesterday,” he protested, reaching out towards the bill.  “I’ll cover it tonight.”

“You got lunch!” she exasperatedly exclaimed.  “I can handle it.  Dinner wasn’t even expensive last night or tonight.”  

Jughead huffed as the waitress returned and took (Y/N)’s money.  “Fine,” he pouted, “but we’re gonna go out for desert, and I’m paying for it.”


“Ice cream?” Jughead offered, standing from his chair.  (Y/N) followed suit, and they exited the diner.  She slowly grabbed his hand, intertwining their fingers.

“I’m feeling frozen yogurt tonight,” she countered his offer, grinning up at him.

“What’s the difference?” Jughead playfully scoffed, trying not to blush at their hand-holding.  They had started doing it last week after he almost lost (Y/N) in a giant mass of people.

“I swear to God, Jug, you said the same thing last week, and I explicitly explained it to you.”  (Y/N) rolled her eyes.  “Ice cream is-”

“Made with cream, whereas frozen yogurt is a yogurt-based treat,” Jughead quoted what (Y/N) had told him last week.

“I knew you paid attention to me.”

Understand I’m talking to the walls
I’ve been praying ever since New York

In the middle of the night, the phone started ringing.  Jughead, still half-asleep, answered it with his eyes remaining shut.  

“You can come over,” he said, not waiting for the caller to initiate the conversation.

“Okay,” (Y/N)’s quiet voice responded, and she hung up.  A few moments later, a soft knock resonated through Jughead’s hotel room.  He rolled off of his bed, throwing on a t-shirt, and opened the door.  (Y/N) stood in the doorway, slightly shaking.  

“You cold?” Jughead murmured.  (Y/N) wordlessly nodded.  He gently grabbed her arm and led her inside, shutting the door behind them.  He stripped the blanket off from his bed and draped it over her shoulders, wrapping (Y/N) in the soft white material.  (Y/N) smiled up at him.

“Why do you put up with me?” she asked, sitting on his bed.  Jughead mimicked her actions and sat next to her.

“What do you mean?” he questioned, furrowing his eyebrows.

“How are you not sick of me?” she elaborated.  “I mean, we’ve been constantly hanging out for, what, a month and a half now?  You know if I’m annoying you, you can just tell me. I’ll back off.”

“Why would you annoy me?” he asked, slowly wrapping his arms around her waist and pulled her into his lap. “You’re the best part about this internship.”

“You’re full of shit.”

“I’m not,” Jughead lightly laughed, slightly nudging her.  “I’m serious, (Y/N).  Before I came, I was asking my friend Betty about internships.  She did one two years ago, so she knew what she was talking about. She told me that the people I’ll meet during this internship will either drive me up the wall or become one of my closest friends.”

“So I haven’t driven you up the wall?” (Y/N) inquired with a tentative smile.

“Of course not,” Jughead laughed loudly this time.  A moment of silence ensued, both (Y/N) and Jughead overwhelmed by sleepiness.

“Is Betty your girlfriend?” (Y/N) broke the silence, staring up at Jughead.

“No,” he muttered, brushing a strand of hair out of her face.  “She was,” he admitted, “but not anymore.”

“What happened?”

“Nothing bad,” he shrugged. “Sometimes things just don’t work out, you know?”

“Yeah,” (Y/N) muttered. “I had a boyfriend.”

“Really?  That’s shocking.”

“Shut up!” she whined, elbowing him.  “Yes, I had a boyfriend.  He was actually a total dickhead.”

“How?” Jughead asked, growing concerned.  

(Y/N) looked up at him and giggled.  “Oh, you’re worried,” she cooed, placing a hand on his chin.  Jughead swatted it away.

“Sue me,” he retorted, but then grew serious.  “But really, what happened?”

“Nothing bad,” she replied, facing away from Jughead.  “We were dating for a while, and… I don’t know.  He never really supported me in anything.  He wasn’t nice to any of my friends, and I didn’t notice for so long because I was so fucking smitten.  Eventually it hit me one day, and I realized that he was horrible.  So, naturally, I dumped him.”

“As one does,” Jughead nodded, nonchalantly tracing patterns on (Y/N)’s right arm with his thumb.  

(Y/N) slumped and sighed. “What time is it?”

Jughead glanced at the clock with its blaring, bright red numbers.  “Three o’clock.”

“Jesus,” she muttered, rubbing her eyes.  “I should… I should get back to my room.”  She jumped off the bed and trekked towards the door, her bare feet dragging on the carpet.

“Wait,” Jughead commanded, grabbing her arm.  “Don’t go, it’s too late.”

“You say that as if I have to walk across New York City,” (Y/N) joked.  “It’s fine, Jug, my room is down the hall.  I’m not gonna get mugged.”

“No, but you may fall over before you reach your room,” he countered with a lighthearted smirk. “Just stay here tonight, okay?” (Y/N), too tired to argue, needed no more convincing as she turned around and climbed into Jughead’s bed. He laid down, patting the space next to him.  (Y/N) tentatively settled next to him, slowly resting her head on the neighboring pillow. “You can get closer than that, you know,” he told her, amused by her unusually timid nature.  She hesitantly scooted closer to him, until she was near enough for Jughead to wrap his arms around her waist and pull her against his chest.  “That’s better,” he whispered into her hair.  She draped one arm around his torso, the other arm tucked under their now-shared pillow.

“Night, Jug,” she murmured, eyes already closed.  He smiled at her.

“Goodnight, (Y/N).”

Oh, tell me something I don’t already know
Oh, tell me something I don’t already know
Oh, tell me something I don’t already know
Oh, tell me something I don’t already know

“Oh, Jughead, how is it?” Betty eagerly asked, her face displayed on his laptop screen.  

“It’s been great,” Jughead answered.  

“What restaurants have you tried?” Veronica questioned from her spot next to Betty.

“A bunch,” he vaguely replied.  “(Y/N) is attempting to try every restaurant in New York City.  I think it’s impossible, but she’s determined.”

“Who is (Y/N)?” Archie inquired, popping his head into the camera’s view.  

Jughead laughed, “Where do I begin?  She’s my ‘counterpart’ for the internship.  We’ve become very close.”

“I told you,” Betty grinned. Jughead nodded.

“You were right,” he admitted.  “Right when I met her, I… I don’t know, it just felt like something clicked between us. We’re inseparable.”  Betty’s expression slightly darkened, but Jughead waved it off as a bit off jealousy.

“Ah, you’ve got it bad, bro,” Archie laughed at his best friend.  Jughead rolled his eyes.

“It’s not like that, Arch,” he explained.  “It’s like Betty said, you grow really close to people when you spend so much time together.”

“But you don’t blush when you talk about them,” Veronica noted, pointing out Jughead’s dusty pink cheeks.

“You’re imagining things,” Jughead scoffed.  Betty, Archie, and Veronica shared a knowing glance.

“If you say so,” Veronica sing-songed.  Before Jughead could respond, there was a knock on his door.  A smile subconsciously grew on his face.

“Speaking of (Y/N),” he said, standing up and walking towards the door.  He opened it, and, as expected, (Y/N) stood there.

“Are we going or not, Jug?” she pressed, grabbing his hand.  “I told you the line for the rainbow bagels is super long.  I don’t want to spend all of Saturday waiting for one, even though they’re so fucking pretty.”

“I’m video chatting with my friends right now,” Jughead told her, gesturing towards his open laptop. “Can you wait like five more minutes?”

“Fine,” (Y/N) huffed, crossing her arms.  She stepped into his room, allowing him to close the door behind her.  She followed him as he sat back down in front of his laptop, resting her chin on his shoulder as she peered at the screen. “These are your friends?”

“Yeah,” he confirmed. “That’s Archie,” he gestured towards the redhead, “the blonde one is Betty, and that one is Veronica.”  (Y/N) smiled at Jughead’s Riverdale friends.

“You must be (Y/N),” Betty smiled.  “Jughead was just talking about you.”

“Of course he was,” (Y/N) joked, nudging his arm.  Jughead playfully shoved her back.

“So how’s it been? Three months with the infamous Jughead Jones?” Veronica inquired with a smirk dancing on her lips.  

“Well it hasn’t been three months quite yet,” (Y/N) corrected her.  “I’ve only gotta deal with this guy for two more weeks.” Jughead’s face slightly deflated as this realization hit him.  “Let me tell you, he’s quite the handful.”

“We know,” Archie laughed. Jughead opened his mouth to say something, but (Y/N) interrupted him.

“Shit, I left my phone in my room!” she exclaimed, standing up.  “I’ll be right back, Jug.”  She turned and faced the laptop.  “It was great talking to you guys.  I hope we can meet sometime!”  She quickly exited Jughead’s room.  Immediately, Veronica, Archie, and Betty bombarded him about (Y/N)

“She’s perfect,” Veronica cooed.  “She’s actually flawless, Jughead.”

“You lucked out, bro,” Archie told him.  “She’s a keeper.”

“She’s absolutely amazing, Jughead,” Betty smiled.  Jughead grinned and shook his head.

“You guys, I told you-”

“Don’t even go there,” Veronica interrupted him.  “That girl is absolutely perfect for you.  The way you two look at each other is… it seems like it’s from a fairytale. You two are soulmates, Jughead.

“She does seem great, Jug,” Archie agreed with her.  “I mean, I’ve never seen you like that with anyone.  No offense, Betty.”

“None taken, Archie,” she waved his comment off.  “They’re right though, Jug.  You never looked at me the way you look at (Y/N).”  Jughead couldn’t think of a clever retort.  “But be careful, Jughead.  Like (Y/N) said earlier, you two only have two more weeks together. If you haven’t done anything up to this point, you might want to consider whether or not it’s worth it to start something now.  Just ask yourself, is it worth the heartbreak that’ll happen when you have to leave her?” She pursed her lips as she watched Jughead’s face darken on her screen.

“Thanks guys,” he said halfheartedly.  “Really, thank you.  I’ll see you all in two weeks.”

Tell me something, tell me something
You don’t know nothing, just pretend you do
Tell me something just before you go

“Our last day!” (Y/N) exclaimed, prancing into Jughead’s hotel room.  After the video call he had two weeks ago ended, he decided to give her a key to his room.  “Our internship is over, and we have one last night to spend together, Jug.  Out of every place in all of New York City, where do you want to go, Jughead Jones?” she asked seductively, a coy smirk growing on her face.

“I’m feeling burgers tonight,” Jughead answered, trying to stop his expression from deflating.  “And then maybe we can get some cupcakes?”

“I like it!” she grinned. She grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the room, beginning the trek to their favorite restaurant.  “Jesus, I can’t believe it’s been three months already.”

“I know,” he agreed.  “It seems like my plane landed just yesterday.”

“Yeah,” (Y/N) breathed. They spent the rest of their walk in silence, choosing to listen to the bustling New York traffic.  

The waitresses at the restaurant, at this point, knew Jughead and (Y/N) as regulars.  They didn’t even bother giving them menus, knowing exactly what each of them would order.

“You two are my favorites,” the waitress whispered as she set their burgers in front of them.

“Thank you,” (Y/N) grinned. “I’m sorry to say, but it’s our last day here.”

“Oh,” the waitress sighed. “Well, you two better visit.  I don’t know what I’ll do without my favorite regulars.”  She walked away, leaving (Y/N) and Jughead to enjoy their burgers.

“You know,” Jughead noted through a mouth full of burger, “I don’t know how you’ve tried almost every restaurant in New York City while becoming a regular here.”

“Talent, Jug,” she told him, wiping her mouth on a napkin.  “It takes a hell of a lot of talent.”

They finished dinner and went to their favorite bakery to get cupcakes.  On their walk back to the hotel, they fell into silence once again. It wasn’t broken until they entered Jughead’s hotel room.  By now, almost all of (Y/N)’s stuff ended up in here.  They found it easier, rather than constantly having to switch back and forth between rooms to grab their stuff.

“So that was our last day,” (Y/N) claimed, flopping onto the bed.  Jughead stood by the bedside, crossing his arms with an amused smile.

“Unfortunately, it was,” he nodded.  He jumped next to her on the bed, earning a shriek from (Y/N).  He swallowed as he stared at her, knowing what he had to tell her. “Do you remember what you said to me on the first day we met?”

“That I know where to go for whatever you’re craving,” she answered with a grin.  Jughead laughed and shook his head.

“No, the other thing.”

“I hope you’re not an asshole because we’re gonna be stuck together all summer?” she offered.  He shook his head again.


“I called you quick-witted?”


“What is it?” (Y/N) demanded, sitting up so that she was hovering over Jughead as he remained laying down.

“You told me that if we were together any longer than just the summer, I might fall in love with you,” he explained, sitting up so that they were face-to-face.  (Y/N)’s grin slightly faded.

“Oh,” she murmured.  “Yeah, I did say that.”

“You were wrong,” Jughead said, trying to keep his voice steady.  He slowly grabbed her right hand.

“Really?” she asked as her eyes followed Jughead’s hand.

“Betty told me to be careful,” he explained, “because we’re not gonna be together that long.  And she was right.  I mean, why would we risk an immense amount of heartbreak just for the sake of a blissful few weeks together?”  When (Y/N) said nothing, he continued.  “So I figured I could just suck it up and get through the rest of our time together and not say anything.  It was a good plan, but you… you ruined it.”

“Sorry,” she quipped with a small smirk.  Jughead lovingly rolled his eyes.

“No you’re not,” he laughed. “You’re not sorry, and you shouldn’t be. Within the three months we’ve spent together, I’ve grown closer to you than I ever have with anyone else.  Hell, my ex-girlfriend said that we were great together.”

“She did?”

“Yeah,” he responded, grabbing her hands.  “Jesus, (Y/N), I’m in love with you.  I’m fucking in love with you, and it sucks.  It sucks because I don’t know if I’m ever gonna see you again.  And this is gonna cause so much heartbreak, for me at least, and maybe you too.  I just… I can’t keep it from you anymore.  But I also think, deep down, you already knew how I felt.”  Tears clouded (Y/N)’s eyes, and her lips quivered as she quickly enveloped Jughead in a hug.

“Fuck,” she whispered into his neck.  “Fuck, of course I love you, Jughead.”  He pulled himself out of her grip and stared at her, stroking his hand across her cheek. They both leaned in, pressing their foreheads against each other.  Their lips ghosted over each other, only millimeters apart.

“If I kiss you-”

“If you kiss me, everything is gonna go to shit, Jug,” she interrupted him.  He nodded but didn’t pull away.  They sat there like that on his bed on a minute, (Y/N) sitting on Jughead’s lap with her arms around his neck, foreheads touching and lips barely brushing.

The tension grew unbearable, so (Y/N) closed the gap and pressed her lips against his, trying to express what she had been feeling for the past three months.  

Jughead, too, attempted to convey every pent up confession he had, wishing that kisses could speak. He wanted his hands, which were encircling her waist, to tell her how she charmed him with her wit.  He wanted his eyes, which were closed with pleasure, to tell her how beautiful she was, especially when she trudged into his hotel room at three in the morning.  He wanted his lips, which were pressed against hers, to tell her how much he loved her.  He loved her, he loved her, and he wanted to keep saying it for the rest of his life.

For the sake of oxygen, the two pulled apart.  They kept their foreheads resting against each other.  

“Everything’s gone to shit,” (Y/N) whispered, and Jughead burst out into laughter.  (Y/N) followed suit by giggling, and their still-entangled limbs caused them to fall onto the bed so that (Y/N) was laying on top of Jughead. This only caused the pair to laugh harder.  

When their chuckles finally died down, (Y/N) climbed off from on top of Jughead and laid next to him, resting her head on his chest.  She combed her hand through his raven locks.

“I’m sorry that I fell in love with you,” Jughead apologized, kissing the top of her head. They were slowly falling asleep.

“Thank you for falling in love with me,” (Y/N) whispered, eyes fluttering shut.  “It may have all gone to shit, but it was worth it.”

Oh, tell me something I don’t already know
Oh, tell me something I don’t already know
Oh, tell me something I don’t already know
Oh, tell me something I don’t already know

Jughead stepped off the plane and saw his dad and friends standing at the gate, excitedly waiting for him.  He didn’t say anything, he didn’t even bother smiling.  Immediately, everyone understood.  

While they were awaiting Jughead’s plane’s arrival, Betty, Veronica, and Archie explained to the rest of the group about (Y/N).  They told them about how Jughead spent three months falling in love with this girl, and they explained that they had never seen Jughead look so smitten before.  

“How was New York, Jug?” FP asked, taking Jughead’s suitcase from him.  Jughead shrugged.

“It was nice.”

“Good food?” he questioned, trying to get his son to open up.  Jughead nodded tiredly.

“Yeah, food was great,” he replied monotonously.

“And the internship?”

“Helpful,” Jughead responded.  “I think it’ll help me improve as a writer.”

“That’s good,” FP said, raking a hand through his hair.  “You had another person with you, right?”  FP noticed Jughead tense up at this.

“Yeah,” he answered quietly. “Yeah, I had a counterpart.”

“What was she like?” Jughead looked up at his dad.

“You already know who it is,” he replied, shaking his head.  “Who told you, Betty?”  FP pursed his lips.

“Yeah, her and Archie and Veronica.  But listen, Jug, you’re going to have your heart broken countless other times.  You’ll get over this girl,” he attempted to comfort Jughead.

“Dad, she wasn’t just a girl,” he protested.  “She was amazing and quick-witted, and I fell in love with her and then everything went to shit.  But the worst part is that it’s okay, because she loved me too.  She fucking loved me, and I kissed her, and now I may never see her again.”

“Well if you loved her that much, you may see her again,” FP shrugged.  “Fate is a tricky thing, son, but the universe seems to cooperate better if you love someone.”

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BTS reaction to another member walking in during sex

AAAAAAND guess who’s back with her 3rd reaction hell yeah. and what a great subject, yep, you guessed it: SEX :) you can probably guess what’s coming

btw please check out my new vkook edit on youtube :)

the following content is for mature minds only ;)

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☆ Hi everyone! Thank you so much for 15k despite my inactivity this year (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ I truly appreciate all the support I’ve gotten! (btw, I’m travelling for all of August so I’ll be running on queue) While I am extremely grateful for this milestone, this follow forever is mainly dedicated to the conclusion of my first anime, manga, and fandom — Fairy Tail. Although I have found a love for new animanga over the years, Fairy Tail holds a special place in my heart as the anime that really dragged me into anime, and I am so sad that it has come to an end. Though it has had its ups and downs, it will live on in my memory forever ;a; anyway, that’s enough of me being all sentimental. To mark the beginning of a new era (for me), here are some lovely blogs that have really brightened my dash! Their edits amaze me and inspire me to improve my own~

(hover for messages!) talented mutuals / amazing friends

@8ay @a-sakuras @aizawashoutta @akaashixkeiji @amahjiki @ayumiko @bokuboob @cruvcio @dirkgentlyx @erenyegar @escarletes @genosus @hyoudu @ichimatsus @ieyasus @itoshikis @iwanari @jolynecujo @kageyamastobio @komaedas @kovuku @lahviis @laynce @lucy-ft @miidoriyas @mukoros @nagisakazuki @nanzse @nikiphorov @nozakis @oizumi @okita-senpai @ootsukis @plisetski @ponchizs @rinsuokah @scarletail @sesukes @shizukku @shotous @sukerokus @t0ukas @tartatail @tachibana–chan @tobioskageyama @todorokih @todorokii @toshinorie @tovbio @tsukis @yushiyuki @yuukaanda @zakuras

Advice to young ppl in retail

Hi! I’ve been following ur blog for awhile now. Love it, btw. I’ve noticed a lot of young people posting their stories. Was wondering if you would consider posting this PSA? TIA!!
To all the young people working in retail/customer service:

I totally get that you may be working this job because you need money. But if you’ve discovered that you really dislike working with the public–GET OUT NOW. Don’t stay with this job because it’s familiar. Don’t stay because looking for a new job is time-consuming & interviewing is awkward. Don’t stay because your mom wants you too, or your friend got you the job, etc. @fu

Self reflect and find something you really like to do. Take classes, read, research. Stay in school. Change your major. Take full advantage of any career services available to you. Do whatever you must to get out while you’re still young.

Why? Because one day you’ll turn around and be 40-something, married with children & working a job you hate. Only then you’ll be trapped. Self discovery will take a backseat to your responsibilities. It will be difficult to find work in a new field because all your work experience is in this field you hate.

Get out now while you still can.

Good luck and Godspeed,
A customer service veteran who hates customers.


Summary: Peter Parker falls for lab partner!reader when he notices her drawing a bird during class and turns to his pal Spider-Man to follow her to a cafe where she loves to draw and he loves to admire her

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Warnings: literally 1 curse word, all of it is just fluff

A/N: i didn’t proofread as usual so sorry if it’s complete shit and i apologize that literally every single one of my stories has ended the exact same i’m an awful writer sjksjsksjsjk btw when will Tom finally show us his new hair he’s making me so nervous uGH

Words: 2347 (srry if it drags on and is super boring)

It was a normal 3rd period in chemistry class as the teacher droned on about the names of certain elements of the periodic table.

Peter’s boredom level had surpassed extreme as his eyelids began to droop closed. He had been losing excessive amounts of sleep having to stay out until the late hours of night saving lives and stopping robberies. He was slowly starting to grow used to his sleep schedule though, sometimes too tired to slip off his Spider-Man suit when he snuck in through his window at three in the morning.

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Reaction to Having to Deliver Their Own Baby //


It was time and this baby was showing no type of mercy on you. You panted and groaned through another contraction, staring at the man who did this to you with absolute scorn. You already contacted your midwife multiple times with no answer. You both agreed that you wanted to have an at home birth from the start, not wanting the stress of going to the hospital, surrounded by fans awaiting the birth of your child; it wasn’t until you couldn’t stop the pressure of your child coming out of you, that you started to panic.

“Babe,” you huffed, “you have to deliver our baby..”


Originally posted by pinkhoodiemark

**Coco is your new born baby**

Eyes widened at your request, he would first act like he didn’t hear you right, or even at all, trying to get a hold of your midwife once again with no avail. This would then begin a state of induced panic, running back and forth to grab things he really didn’t need to help deliver this baby, like a plunger and shower lufa. He would start rambling that you should be waiting for the midwife, and wondering if wiki-how had directions in how to deliver a baby. (They do btw).

He would finally come to some sense and call 911, asking how to deliver a baby and to send an ambulance immediately. While on the line, he would follow the instructions while you screamed that the baby was coming. In conclusion, he would have started screaming with you, and the now new born baby boy that was wrapped in a towel in his arms.

“We didn’t need a midwife after all with Daddy Mark around,” he would grin up at you, holding your new bundle of joy.


Originally posted by curlstae

** Imagine that he’s completely exhausted with the newborn lying on his chest in this gif **

He would stand frozen, thinking of how you both managed to get to this point where he would have to deliver his own child. Your scream would jerk him out of his daze and get him jump started into a state of alarm. Not being able to get in contact with the midwife, he would instantly call Jinyoung, feeling as if he had enough knowledge on the subject to know what to do.

To your utter shock, he actually was able to walk Jaebum step by step into delivering your beautiful baby girl. He would then tell Jaebum to contact an ambulance to make sure the baby and you were healthy.

“Beautiful just like her mother,” he’d say while smiling down at your impatient princess.


Originally posted by kim-yugyeomie

This would be the story of the century. BamBam is representing baby wang.

Wang Daddy would go into an aBSoluTe pAnIC. He would start screaming each time you let out a single groan, telling you to hold the baby in. The phone would be glued to his ear as he kept trying to contact somebody to help over and over again. It wasn’t until you threw a pillow at him, your eyes burning with rage and pain that he would even consider having to deliver this baby himself.

He would disappear for all of five minutes, returning with the most eXtRA ensemble of clothing you’ve ever seen. He would actually put on dishwashing gloves, a mask, swim goggles, hair up in his little hair sprout, and be holding tongs—PREPARED to get this baby out of you.

To sum everything up, he fainted two seconds in, so your baby was delivered upon contacting an ambulance yourself. You were both blessed with a healthy baby boy though!


Originally posted by jypnior

** Gif represents how focused he is delivering your child **

Jinyoung would have been already prepared for this whole situation. He would’ve been reading up on all those pregnancy books and watching videos all about pregnancy and the most comfortable positions for delivering and all that. There was no way he wasn’t ready to deliver this baby, being READY to be the midwife’s assistant basically.

He would be so professional about it, telling you what to do, and when it came time to push, he would guide you into pushing without pushing too fast or too much. Regardless he did a wonderful job at delivering you guys’ baby girl. He would only call the hospital to be able to get a second opinion on if the baby was healthy (which she was) and would gladly hold her in his arms as she cooed.

“There’s our charming little princess, we’ve been waiting for you.”


Originally posted by gsvnrewind


Youngjae would be screaming with you. He would ask if you wanted to hold Coco to ease some of the pain, when you said you would crush that dog out of labor pains, he would scold you; absolutely shocked that you would harm your child because of the new one on their way.

Honestly though, he would not know what he’s doing. He would be running back and forth, running outside just to scream for help, then running back inside when he heard you scream again. Youngjae would just not stop screaming. He would stop screaming only when he looked down and saw the head coming out, waving at your baby before tilting his head in confusion and fainting at the site.

He would come to in the hospital next to you and your baby boy, and surprise, baby girl as well, between you both. You were given twins and just before he fainted again for the second time, he would wave at your bundles of joy.


Originally posted by dailybamx2

BamBam would surprisingly be so here for it. Never having trusted that midwife in the first place for not coming through; he would be ready to deliver you guys’ baby boy. He wouldn’t know what he’s doing professionally but he would’ve honestly gotten the jist of it from attending some classes, watching some videos and reading some books.

He would be very supportive, telling you to breathe and telling you “dab it out” at the labor pains and contractions. You would roll your eyes at his gestures, but still manage a chuckle. In the middle of pushing you would laugh your ass off because of the continuous dabbing he did, causing the baby to just “pop” out of you. Your laughs would turn into tears as you laid eyes on your baby boy crying in BamBam’s arms.

“Welcome to the world dab baby…can that be his stage name y/n?”


Originally posted by datyugyummy

He’d cry. End of story.

No but seriously, he would start crying. The amount of stress that he saw on your face, and feeling absolutely helpless, he would start crying. He would have to hand you his phone after calling his hyungs, as you quickly asked them to head over to your place.

Jinyoung and BamBam assisting would have to help deliver this baby, while Jaebum stayed on the phone with 911 to be walked step by step for a healthy home delivery. The most Yugyeom would be doing is holding your hands, kissing your forehead multiple times as he would tell you how good you were doing, or how much he loved you and how much this baby was going to love their mommy.

Once you almost gave up, you finally heard the cries of your baby girl filling the room.

“She’s perfect Y/n.”

anonymous asked:

I don't understand what yellow and black mean for h and Louis?

It just has to do with bees.

Way back when, before F was born, Louis got cornered on live TV with a “congratulations” and he replied that he was “buzzin’” about being a dad.

The fandom began to talk (A LOT) about getting bee tattoos when babygate ended. Some fans have already gotten them.

Then, while Louis was doing promo with Steve for JHO, the subject of his fans was brought up and Steve referred to us as “an army of bees”.

At the time, Louis also made it clear that he’s pretty well aware of fandom chatter. 

Not long after that, Harry in particular seemed to show up in black and yellow a fair bit. 

There were some other interesting moments, like Lottie naming one of her lip/nail combos Out Out/Buzzin. Harry (and his band) wearing the rainbow boots with the bee on the back. Louis wearing the Gucci sneakers with the bee (on April 28, 2017, the first day Louis was seen after the fandom went bananas about Harry’s new insect tattoo that many of us argued was a bee, Louis wore those). And Louis wearing the Gucci bee sweater from a collection very clearly influenced by Harry and his tattoos (BTW, the text translates to Blinded by Love…but I digress) - the day after Louis wore it, Harry followed Gucci’s fashion director on Instagram

And, most recently, Harry got the demon bee

If you want to keep up with all things bee related, follow @thebeearmy 🐝

Hope that answers your question!

anonymous asked:

hey I'm new and looking for some sh/malec blogs to follow, could u recommend me some pls?? love ur blog btw xx

hi nonnie!! thank you so much <3

some of the nicest people i talk to frequently on here include: @champagnemagnus @jacehvrondale @jlmdemon @s0ftmalec @simonlevis @bimgnusbane @issybird @catharinaloss @blushyalec and @adamlynchs all of them post shadowhunters but some are multifandom

other amazing people include: @softshumjr @shadomoon @harry-daddario @f-f-f-fight @bisexualninej @blissfullybane @alecsagitta @courageincombat @amorverus @sharona1x2 @bane–lightwood @nycmalec @peaceandcows @hoteldumort @legendarybane @magnificentbane @spreadlovelikelegs @malecislovely @malec @mlmdownworlders @damnmalec @softdario @hufflebee @patronusmagnus @patronuass @mel-iorn @ladymatt @acoupleofcows @damnyoudaddario @transpietro @magnusbaneheart @magnusragnor @bane-magnus @highwarlockkareena @abloodneed @saltyalec @willjtudor @isabellelightboob @isabellebiwoods @lesbiandot @alexandargideonlightwood @alberto-rozende @nightfallgoddess

some blogs u should 100% be following: @nephilimdaily @dailymalec @shadowhuntersdaily @shadowhunterspocdaily @dailyaleclightwood @dailymagnusbane @dailysimon @dailyjace @lightwoodsdaily @dailydownworlders 

wow ok that was longer than i intended it to be but if you still need more i made a blog rec a few months ago which you can find HERE

anonymous asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you know of any good fics with Alpha!Peter and Were!Stiles. I'm so into Stiles being Peter's loyal beta/mate you know? Any and all pairings are good (like stetopher etc.) Thanks for this blog btw, I appreciate all the time you put into it! I use it every day for finding new fics, its a lifesaver! :)

I’m glad you like this blog ^_^  It started out as a way for me to keep of steter fics/prompts I like so the number of followers for it kind of surprised me. Anyway, here’s some werewolf/beta/mate!Stiles to alpha!Peter fics I know:

Don’t Fight Me On This by DenaCeleste

Stiles snarled, flashing his brand-new fangs in the moonlight, and lunged toward Peter again.

Glorious. His gawkiness had transformed into a long-limbed grace that Peter wanted to trace with his tongue. Then his claws. And his teeth.

He waited, wanted to see what the boy had in him. A smirk curved his mouth when he thought of what the boy would have in him, once Peter had his way. He shifted, fast and subtle so that Stiles flew by on his next attack.

Tumbling Steter by pprfaith

Chapter 3 +  Chapter 6

Stiles is too clever for her own good. Season one derails.

Werewolf!Stiles verse by Casspiration

Stiles is bitten instead of Scott…and takes a very different turn in accepting the bite. But the plan wasn’t to fall in love with Peter, who also happened to be a mass murderer. And now, Stiles may have blood of his own on his hands. With the hunters closing in on Peter, he has to choose between his pack and his friends.

An Understanding by Force by BelleAmante

The attack was over in seconds, just the sound of pounding feet, a quick intake of breath, a tearing sensation, and more pain than Stiles had ever experienced in his life.

Be Still My Heart (I’m Only A Moment Away) by Ceris_Malfoy

She breaks all bounds that exist between strangers and leans her cheek against his burnt one, breathing steadily, heartbeat as rapid-fire as always. He wants to cry because it’s as close to the act of scenting as a human could get, and it both hurts and feels so damned good. He’s missed being scented, missed being able to scent back, and that makes him want to cry even more, because he can’t.

“If you were mine, I’d stay until the very bitter end,” she murmurs quietly, rapid-fire heartbeat never once giving off that betraying stutter that comes from lying, before pulling back and leaving.

Put On Your War Paint (Our Time is Running Out) by Ceris_Malfoy

Peter said he needed a pack to deal with the Argents, but he doesn’t have one. Yet. Stiles can’t let the man drive off to certain death and/or madness, not if he can help.

Family Expectations by 1001cranes (Steterek)

The One Where Peter Turned Stiles Instead of Scott.

Devil of Mercy by KouriArashi (human!stiles)

Peter’s heard people talk about what it felt like when they saw their mate for the first time, from those who actually believe in the mystical bullshit. Like a magnet, like gravity. Peter just feels… sharply curious.

Lucky Penny (Tastes Like Copper on Your Tongue) by pibroch (littleblackdog)

When Peter woke up, he spent a good fifteen or twenty seconds earnestly wishing that whatever had hit him had the courtesy to kill him outright. Because this? This was bullshit.

AKA the time I decided to give Peter all the nice things, but made him get hit by a car first. Like you do.

The Choice by moonstalker24

“You will be changed, Goscislaw Genim Stilinski. From your bones you will be changed.”
“That we cannot tell you… That is the price.”

He’s made the deal, now he only has fifteen minutes to make a choice and either save or condemn them all. Fifteen minutes and then Stiles will have to live with the consequences.

To Save Them All by Goldenpetal13

AU, FutureFic/Re do of Season 1, Something happens, something bad, and Stiles finds a way to go back in time to change the past and save them all, to give them a future. He finds the way back and then swaps places with Scott and he gets bitten by Peter instead. Now he has to change the events that where set in motion after that event and maybe, just maybe they’ll all get to live.

snapdragonsims-deactivated20170  asked:

hi sorry I don't wanna bother but I'm new to the community and was wondering if you could recommend some blogs for me to follow? I follow your blog on my personal btw and it's great 10/10 content

youre not bothering me at all! tysm youre so sweet :’) and these are some amazing storytellers and creators that i love <3

@cupidjuice @citrontart @bratsims @kismet-sims @cinemasims @wrixles @pixel-moons @peonypyxels @kotiij @mysteriousdane @shysimblr @trillyke @grimcookies @catplnt @nolan-sims @aharris00britney @johnnyzest (i rly hope i didnt forget anyone yikes)

Originally posted by gameraboy

Hello my lovely people! It’s yui here! 

Firstly, I never even expected myself to gain followers on this blog at all, just 2.5 months in, and I reached 1000+, thank you all for following me! 💗 Also, I just want to thank you all for appreciating my content aka my gifs+translations, and apologies for the shitty quality lmao.

Even though the show has ended, I hope that you will all continue to support the boys! In addition, I will continue to update about park woojin during his activities with wanna one, and later with the debut with the brand new boys @rhymer pls make this happen after wanna one ily rhymer

Anyways, throughout the months on this sideblog, I’ve met a lot of amazing people here, oh and a lot of amazing blogs too! Go follow them for more broduce/wanna one on your dash! 

** imma just be listing all my favourite blogs here, since my mutual checker is… really shit. plus a lot of you have wanna one blogs as a sideblog hehe. if we’re mutuals and I’ve left you out please send me a message, I follow from @paradiseyuta btw! 

👑 - buds
✨ - faves 

@im-youngmin + @jeongsewoons 👑✨ / @minsbugi 👑✨ / @hitoritabi 👑✨/ @ong-seungwoo 👑✨ / @minhyunnns 👑✨ / @brandnewwoojin 👑✨ / @godsewoon ✨/ @godkangdaniel ✨/ @forwoojin ✨/ @swoojin✨/ 
@godkenta ✨/ @extraongdinary ✨/ @daewi ✨/ @cherry-youngmin ✨/ @brodueces101 ✨/ @peachgodkangdaniel ✨/ @geonhee ✨/
@god-kangdaniel ✨/ @seonnho ✨/ @donghans ✨ / @jinguos
@kangdanielprotectionsquad ✨ / @deer-jinyoung ✨/
@incorrectbroducequotes ✨ / @dayhwee ✨ / @kimdcnghyun ✨ / @kngdaniel ✨ / @misswannaone ✨ / @sewooned ✨ / @daehwi-protection-squad ✨ / @dayhwee ✨

anonymous asked:

hi<3 I'm new to kpop and tumblr and I wanted to know some people to follow like your favourite blogs ha ha. Love your blog btw😅✨

awee !!! well first of all thank you for loving my blog !!! you’re so cute i appreciate that !!! > /// < 

secondly, i’m mostly an nct + day6 blog so !!! most of the blogs i follow are nct / day6 !!!! but i follow a bunch of ppl i’ll rec my favs to you !!! 

@renjae // @cherryuta // @l-a-v-e-l-y (also @loonarphase) // @yusou1  // @princeyoungho //  @nakamotens // @rensjun // @silvertae // @jonginsavedmylife // @winiwn // @lovhobe // @wpil // @jaechicken // @tvixx // @ikobean // @chanyoel // @hey-uta // @hyukbinnie // @1cure // @kokokjm // @the-actual-grim-reaper // @officialexo // @angeljenjun // @nctaezen // @blushguk // @taeyonggi // @httpsung // @dowooniee // @youngk // @br1ankang // @boydrools // @everyday6 // @n-city-dream // @bfsuh // @soohao // @bb-zelo // @pawjohnny // @bunny-hyuk // @sehangel // @kimgoth // @why-jaehyun 

um !! i’m forgetting a bunch of ppl i know for sure but !! these are the first few that i thought of !! they’re all really great blogs and its a mixture of different groups !! i really hope you find some ppl you’d like to follow !! and oohh enjoy kpop + tumblr angel !!! feel free to always stop by and talk :) !!!

anonymous asked:

Hi! I recently got into pixel art myself and was wondering if you happened to have any tips/tutorials for new artists? Also what did you do to help improve your own art when you were starting art? Btw the way you're rt is so pretty!

Hello! Thanks for your kind words!

I noticed that many people ask me about tutorials and tips. So I’ve created a board on Pinterest with all tutorials I used myself. You can find it following this link http://pin.it/iGDgJH3

And don’t forget about basic things in drawing: shapes, perspective, lightning, color theory.

And what helps me improve my art…well I watch many other artists, their techniques, palettes and etc this helps in understanding what can be done better than I do. And of course practice practice practice. It leads to perfection :)

prince-ofthe-stars  asked:

Ayy I'm a new follower and there's this thing I've been thinking about a lot recently. What do you think each members hugs would be like? I'm p sure hobi would probably go all out and give a giant fucking bear hug. Tae would probably do the same but a bit gentler idk what are your thoughts? 😊 lov u btw

Ayyy welcome to the fam :) I love that u asked me that bc ive been thinking about this for a loooong time so okay here goes:

seokjin: i think he’d give those kind of hugs where he wraps his arms lazily around your shoulders and he would lay his head on yours, you would be able to hear his heartbeat as you would lay your head on his chest, but the hug would still be tight even tho how he puts his arms around you, if this makes sense?

namjoon: i have a feeling that joon would mostly give you back hugs, he would wrap his arms around your waist and he would stick his body against yours and lean his head on your shoulder :)

yoongi: he wouldn’t hug you tightly but he would press his whole body against yours, he’d put his hands above your own as you would hug him by his waist, and i have a feeling that yoongi would do that thing where he would gently stroke the back of your neck or wrap his fingers in your hair as he hugs you

hoseok: just like you said it lol, hobi would give you bear hugs, he’d hug you really tight never wanting to let you go

jimin: jimin would be really affectionate, so even if he doesn’t hug you tightly, you’d be able to feel the love through him, his hugs would be so warm, i feel like mochi would always bury his head in your neck nuzzling to you (im soft writing this)

taehyung: and again you’re thinking the same as me, he would also, like hoseok, give you bear hugs, he would even lift you up in the air and spin you lol, but yes i think he could be a little more gentle with you

jungkook: his hugs would be really intimate i think, he would wrap his arms around your waist and pull your body to his, you’d wrap your arms around his neck and shoulders and jungkook would lean his forehead on yours and stare into your eyes deeply , you’d really be having an intimate moment like that with him :)

lol it took me like 15 mins to write this wtf

ushas42  asked:

I suppose at some point I should ask what the Evil Within is about, other than a hot policeman with an ax. Wikipedia just confused me.

get ready baby I’m gonna give you all the full version of the story because I am bored and I need people to hop on the trash train with me.

I can’t believe I typed all this. It really shows how much I love you. Or mostly what happens when tumblr puts me in straight baby jail for reblogging too much joseph oda and doesn’t allow me to post for 20+ hours. 

The Evil Within — A serious story recap by Vale plz R&R


The amazing hero of our story Detective Sebastian Castellanos gets sent to the Beacon Mental Hospital to investigate the usual “oh no the radio is mostly static *bzzz bzzz* someone help *bbzzz bzzz*  of course we are not getting all killed *bzzzzz* *high pitched noise* *radio silence*” kind of problems that you always find in survival horrors games.

And of course since he is such a hot dad™ (I am not mocking he is actually a dad also hot in that kind of average game protagonist way) he needs not one but TWO amazing sidekicks to ship him with do all the job for him help him in his adventure. 

Keep reading

Oh well, this is my last fanart of the year :)
This time I wanted to draw all our Shield guys, because my greatest wrestling wish for 2017 is to see them together again like at Survivor Series… please WWE release the Hounds again! 
Btw I hope you will appreciate Roman wearing in such a manly way a nice pair of pink earmuffs (probably stolen to his daughter xD), Dean touching Seth’s butt and Seth enjoying it a lot as usual LMAO
I hope that all my friends, mutuals, followers and people I follow will have a beautiful New Year’s Eve tonight and that they will greet 2017 with a good begin. Thank you all and see you next year guys! Lots of love to everyone ♡

OTP (Stony) Artist Meme!

How do you draw your OTP (Stony)?

Surface pro :D

It made drawing convenient. I lay prone to draw on my bed sometime.
Moreover, I used PC to draw. My tool is Clip studio paint. A drawing comic PaintTool.

Who do you find more difficult to draw? Who is easier to draw?

Tony is most difficult, I can’t draw up Tony in my mind forever. He is

smarthandsomesexy and perfect. in contrast, other is easier, because I don’t care :D *To be hit by a shield.*

What’s Your Favourite Scenario to draw with your OTP (Stony?)

They hug on the fly. as like follow:

It‘s similar to Batman’s flight tool have Superman other than Batplane.
Ironman belongs to Cap’s flight tool :)

Favourite ‘verse/AU to draw?

AvAv. Clearly :D

Because the Game usually update and has new idea.

in addition, I’m a Game maker and Gameaholic :3
(BTW, I’m making a Game. So busy recently)

Least favourite/hardest ‘verse/AU to draw?

MCU after Civil War.

Because this Cap didn’t think Tony is his friend at all.

(You almost kill you friend and say “Oh, I’m so sorry! If you need, you can call me!” WTF?! It’s very very very unacceptable much!)

He is more illogical, ignore the larger issues and not even friend.

I’m even easier to accept he is a Hydra.

He is a magnificent commander at least.

What do you love most about drawing your OTP (Stony)?

Superfamily? Spidey is cute apparently~

I love to see they are happy in happiness.

Favourite Stony Art You’ve Done?

InsideOut AU :DDDD I draw finished laughingly.

I very love the animation and Tony Stark much.

Thanks tag me :3
被點到的如果需要中文翻譯版的題目可以再問我 :DDDD

@suppiedoodles​, @0yongyong0​, @luvindowney​, @sineala​, @firenstone-221b