hi this is still heartbreaking a month later i'm just gonna

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You're about the only person I follow whom I know has read The Cursed Child. (I only read the summary aaaand I was done after that) I'm curious as to what you think are its pros and cons? :)

Oh, boy! This is gonna be long :D I’d like to point out that I’ll list the pros and cons of the script. Because many of the positive things about The Cursed Child are sure to be thanks to the actors and set & special effects designers etc. I’m sure the play is magical to watch and when you have wonderful actors with loads of chemistry, amazing decor, special effects, and choreography, plot and plot holes and characters written a bit ooc go mostly unnoticed, I think.

So, the script - I’ll probably miss something but here we go!


Main characters are Slytherins who are both good kids at heart! 

Scorpius Malfoy! - Scorpius is such a cinnamon roll! What a great and cute character! And that’s my opinion only based on the script. Considering Anthony Boyle is said to have the best performance out of all the actors, I can only imagine how precious Scorpius is on stage.

Albus Potter! - people talk about him less but I really liked him. Sometimes even more than Scorpius. He has tons of issues that he doesn’t deal well with and he’s also a teenager to top it. He can be such a savage lil’ shit but is also good at heart and a great friend and it’s all so believable to read. I adore Albus Potter!

Scorbus (Friendship) - sadly I can list this both here and in the CONS because it deserved to be more than friendship. But anyway… Scorpius and Albus are best friends. And for someone who always headcanoned them as friends it makes me so happy! They hit it off literally from the first time they talk to each other and are inseparable ever since. they are the type of friends that can call each other on their bullshit and take a Cruciatus for each other. And if that’s not the highest level of friendship a person can achieve - I don’t know what is. There are also SO many romantic scenes between them which are super enjoyable but I’m gonna write the blatant queer baiting in the CONS.

Draco!!! - Draco gets his redemption arc in The Cursed Child! He’s also a good dad even though he finds it difficult to connect with Scorpius. He’s really trying his best and it’s beautiful! My fav part is where he’s ready to wring Harry’s neck because Scorpius is in tears caused by Harry’s bad parenting. Also, he apparently married for love and adored his wife Astoria which is something I really like. Too bad they killed her off to further his manpain and to cause his redemption arc to launch eventually. I’m still salty about this…

Drarry Friendship! - we finally get to see Draco and Harry as friends! And it’s great! Draco calling Harry out on his shit parenting - priceless. 

Hilarious scenes -  some of them are funny sorely because they plot is so ridiculous you just can’t help but laugh - For Voldemort and Valor, ruining VOLDEMORT DAY!!!1, upsetting the dementors, Scorpion King, I start laughing just by typing this the things are hilarious! 

Angst and dealing with traumas - or in other words: Poor Harry… I’m sure all his angst scenes would’ve made me cry if I watched the play. Seriously heartbreaking stuff. Other peoples’ traumas were also addressed but mainly Harry’s.


Plot - it reads like a crack fanfiction and has so many plot holes it makes your head spin. So if you want to read this for the plot - you’ll be sorely disappointed, I think. Different time travel to begin with… also Voldemort had a functioning dick and actually used it and had a baby with Bellatrix in the goddamn Malfoy Manor and nobody noticed that or the 9 months of pregnancy like wtf…. Death Eater!Cedric because he was humiliated.. I have no words about this tbh… etc. etc. But once you just accept it’s a ridiculous plot, you can enjoy the script just fine. I think people are mostly disappointed because they expected an 8th book but TCC is not that. It’s a script for a play. 

Some characters doing ooc things for the sake of the plot. As I mentioned - Cedric is my prime example here but other characters fit the bill like Harry… although ppl debate whether he was ooc at times and for me he was but anyway.. the thing is, the plot is not working well if you need to write characters ooc at times.. 

Ron and Love Potions - ugh, I get it that the Love Potion was mostly a plot device (and I guess a failed attempt at humor) but the whole thing is just gross and I don’t think Ron (who suffered the effects of a love potion) of all ppl would give Albus one.

The assured HETERONORMATIVITY - a.k.a Act 4 Scene 14. The whole script reads as a Scorbus romance in the progress. Not like a friendship. Like a romance. And yet both Scorpius and Albus say they have crushes only on female characters. 

The Scorbus romance is treated at the end in such a blatant “no homo” backpedaling way that it’s both disappointing and irritating. I’ve seen posts excusing this by saying they are only 14 but the fact is there are 14 year-olds who know they are gay/bi/pan and for the sake of representation the writers could’ve written Albus and Scorpius as gay/bi/pan but they chose not to. They not only chose not to but they specifically made sure to mention how straight both characters are at the end of the script. People can headcanon all they want that Albus and Scorpius discover their sexualities later in life but the fact remains that there were no gay/bi representation in canon and that’s what really matters at the end of the day…

CONCLUSION: The script made canon some very key stuff I headcanoned about the next gen kids so I’m super happy about this. Also good dad!Draco and redemption arc + friends with Harry also makes me very happy! Scorbus scenes were delicious but heteronormativity shoved down my throat was not. I have mixed feelings about TCC tbh … It was mostly a fun read when it wasn’t trying to punch you in the heart with its angst. It’s a lot better than I expected tho! 

And we did get good!Slytherin Scorpius & Albus as best friends and the Scorbus ship gained so many new fans and there are lots of new fics and art so all those are great! 

The summary and the spoilers sounded a lot worse on their own, tbh. So give the script a chance :)

Love Isn't Always Fair (Part 2)

can you PLEASE make a second part to “Love isn’t always fair” bc I’ve been dying and I wanna know what happens lol. love your stuff c:

Can you do part 2 of love isn’t always fair. With andy biersack

Part 2 of love isnt always fair with Andy Biersack

I know it was a long time ago, but could you finally post a second part to the Andy Biersack imagine where he leaves you for Juliet?

Part two of the Andy one! If your aiming for sad~The girl can see them out being all happy and stuff and basically her just moping and being sad Aiming for happy~Andy realizes how dumb he was and runs back to you. You don’t let him back so easily so he does things here and there to earn you back

Part 2 of love isn’t always fair?<3

Yeah, sorry… He gets sad because you tell him that you like someone because you want some advice to tell that person that you like him and he thinks that it’s someone else when it’s actually him… And some cute end… Sorry if it’s confusing… I actually speak Spanish. Thank you!

You should continue the Andy Biersack imagine but where he realizes he fucked up big time and wants Y/N back and she makes him prove to her that he really wants her back! Pretty please? With whip cream and cherries? C:

hey omg could you please do a second for the Andy ‘Love Isn’t Always Fair’ ??? please please xoxo

Can you do a Part 2 of the Andy one where he’s been dating Juliet for a little while maybe like 6 months and your still not over him and you go to Warped Tour with your best friend who’s maybe is in a band (Oli Sykes maybe) and you bump into Andy and Juliet and Andy can’t stop looking at you and accidentally says “I love you” and its a big fight with everyone and then he ends up choosing you because Juliet has been cheating on him the whole time?? I know this long but you wanted detail (:

Like, Andy B. Imagine “Love isn’t always fair” would be excellent if you’d write that he sees you with some other guy on the streets kissing and gets jealous. His EX (now gf he left for) is screaming on him on the street you see that and walk away. After a few days he comes back, but then you say no to him. He doesn’t give up. He tries so hard. You don’t trust him, get in another fight. But end it fluffy where they makeup! LOVE U <3

In part 2 of Andy, make it like, a few months later, Juliet dumps Andy and he realizes he never loved her in the first place. And he tries to talk to Y/N but she wont answer his calls. So he finally goes to her house and they make up and he tells Y/N that he loves her and needs her and that he is nothing without her. Just really fluffy cute and passionate. You know. Something like that? :)

Hi, can you do part 2 of “love isn’t always a fair” ? pleasee :3

For the part 2 of the Andy biersack imagine it could be like it’s been a few months since Andy left and you go out to a club or whatever you want with your friends and Andy and Juliet are there, so you like dance with a lot of guys and Andy gets jealous or something? He leaves Juliet and comes back to you and apologizes and you two get back together and just really fluffy:3 sorry if it’s really long(/).(\)

well hum okay can you make a part two to “love isn’t always fair” where y/n stays heartbroken for a while and one of the guys from the band (maybe ashley or cc??) helps her through it and eventually they start dating and omg maybe then andy realizes the mistake he’s done and you can decide what goes on from there i guess :) sorry that i didn’t specify it the first time 'round, i’ve never made a request for an imagine before so i didn’t really know… woops xxHiiiiiii! Could you please please pleeeeeaaaaase do a part two of 'Love Isn’t Always Fair’??Love Isn’t Always Fair part 2? :)Part 1" http://bandimaginessssniggie.tumblr.com/post/76969904329/love-isnt-always-fairGod damn…lol where here it is finally!! Enjoy

*6 months later*

“Mom I’m telling you, I’m fine.” You tried to convince your worried mother. 

“Y/N no you aren’t. Look at you! You’ve been staying on our living room couch for the past 6 months.”

“I mean do you expect me to move back there? I-I just cant. Too many memories… I can’t handle it.” You faded off. As much as you tried to deny it, you still had feelings for Andy. After all, he was your first & only love. Your mother sighed & took a seat next to you. 

“Y/N listen to me. I know you’re facing a really terrible heartbreak right now, but you can’t let this control your life.”

“Too late.”

“No it’s not too late. Listen to me.You go out there, & you do something. Anything. I don’t give a shit, but you sure ain’t hell gonna sit on this couch all day everyday.” Your overly emotioned hormones took over & you started balling right in front of your mother. “Okay okay, maybe the tough love isn’t working…but sweetheart listen to me. You have to get back out there. Now I’m not saying you have to go find a husband asap, but you’ve gotta socialize okay?”

“It’s not that easy mom! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE OKAY?” You understood that your mother just tried to help, but you honestly didn’t want to listen to her positive crap anymore. 

You took your car keys & wandered off to god knows where.

*Andy’s POV*

God damn it I’m an idiot. How can I let something so stunning, so fragile, so beautiful slip away from me? And no I’m not talking about Juliet. That slut has been cheating on me for the last 5 months. Really? That was the reason we broke up the first time… To think I had the nerve to leave Y/N for this unfaithful piece of trash. Now I understand how she felt. Heartbroken, betrayed, used. 

All because of me. 

I have to get her back. 

Fuck how am I gonna do that. She fucking hates my guts. “Andy come on, our set is on in 30 minutes, we gotta set up.” Ash told me. 

“Alright I’ll be out in a sec.” I whispered in a low tone. Ash sighed & returned outside. He knew about this entire situation; along with the other guys. Should I call her? No she’ll probably just decline them. Text her? No she’ll delete them. “I-I can’t think about this now.” I breathed to myself. I hopped out of my bunk & locked the bus. I don’t know how I’m gonna go through this set without thinking about her, but I have to try. 

I made a terrible mistake. 

*Your POV*

“COME ON Y/N LET’S GO!” Your friend begged you. She had an extra ticket to go to warped & she wanted you to come with. 

“Sarah no. You know who could be there & I’m really not  trying to run into him.”

“You won’t! I promise, just please come with me.” You couldn’t resist. Plus you wanted to see how the rest of the band was doing. As long as you didn’t run into Andy, everything would be fine. 

“Okay okay. I’ll go." 

'I’m making a huge mistake.’ You thought to yourself. 

*At Warped*

You just finished watching ISSUES’ set & it was amazing. They were one of your favorite bands. Surprisingly you didn’t think about Andy once. That was about to change..

You & your friend parted ways since she wanted to see Beartooth & you weren’t a big fan of them. You were scrolling through your instagram so you weren’t paying attention to where you were going. You bumped into a tall figure & dropped your phone.

"Oh I’m so sorry!” You exclaimed. You both bent down to pick up your phone & the other’s keys.

“…Y/N?” You could recognize that voice anywhere.

It was Andy. 

You didn’t know how to respond. This entire day you’ve been hoping that this exact moment wouldn’t happen. “Hello Andy.” You said under your breath, but loud enough for him to hear you. 

“H-How’ve you been-”

“Why do you care? Go ask your girlfriend how she’s doing.” You noticed his head go down after you said 'girlfriend’. 

“We uh…we broke up-again. She cheated on me.” He admitted. You honestly felt like the biggest asshole in the world. Part of you wanted to punch his lights out for breaking your heart, but the other part wanted to console him & make sure he’s okay. 

“Sorry to hear that." 

"Thanks…Look Y/N, I can’t keep this a secret any longer. I’ve missed you like crazy. I don’t know what I was thinking when I left you. Juliet meant nothing to me. You’re the one I want. Now & always. Will you consider taking me back?" 


"Are you kidding me? ANDY YOU PUT ME THROUGH HELL FOR SIX FUCKING MONTHS! You think just because your girlfriend dumped you & you’re lonely & vulnerable I’ll be more than happy to take you back?" Oh god you wanted to slap yourself for saying that. Your mind’s telling you no, but your heart’s telling you yes. 

"Y/N, just hear me out okay? Please?” You let out a deep breathe before you say anything else you’ll regret later on. 

“Fine. Talk.” You guys walked to a more private area & sat down.

“Okay, I know what I did to you was terrible & awful. And Y/N please believe me when I say I’m so so sorry for hurting you. You know I would never want to do that to you. These past few weeks I’ve been contemplating how I ever let you go. I love you Y/N. And I don’t think I ever stopped. You are the most intelligent, amazing, & beautiful girl I have ever met. And I know it’s gonna take more than words to convince you but I…I just need you back in my life. Please stay with me.” Your eyes were lost with his & you were at a lost for words. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing! Is this really happening right now? 

“…Andy I-”

“Hey Biersack, your set’s on in 45 seconds. Handle this later.” His stage director told him & left. Andy let go of your hands & stood up. 

“I uh, guess I have to go. Please don’t leave…”

“BIERSACK!” Andy looked at his director, then to you, & left. You still tried to comprehend what had happened between you. He was right when he said it was gonna take more than words to convince you. You took a walk to try to get your mind flowing in the right direction. 

*20 minutes later*

You walked by Black Veil Brides’ set & decided to watch. They were finishing their last song. You made sure that Andy couldn’t see you so you stayed in the back. 

“OKAY GUYS THAT WAS OUR LAST SONG OF THE NIGHT!” Andy screamed into the mic. “But before we go, there’s one thing I have to say.” You just thought it was something about an upcoming tour or something. Boy were you wrong. 

“As you all know, I had a beautiful girlfriend named Y/N. I did a terrible, terrible thing & I put her through hell these last six months. Y/N if you’re listening, which I doubt you are, I’m so so sorry, you have to believe me. I’ll do anything to get you back, & I promise I won’t let you go this time. You are the most important woman to me & I need you in my life. I’m so sorry.”

The crowd was filled with 'awes’ & 'what’d he do’s’. You ran before anyone can spot you. Not too long after Andy’s speech, your phone began to blow up with twitter & instagram notifications. Fans took videos & posted them with you & Andy tagged. You put your phone back in your pocket & continued to wait for Andy near his tour bus with your final answer. 

*10 minutes later*

“Y/N what are you doing here?" 

"I heard your little speech mister.”

“…oh. Well?”

“Well? Well of course I’ll take you back. It takes balls to admit what you’ve done wrong, especially in public. I never stopped loving you either Andy. I missed you like crazy. You wrapped your arms around his neck as his arms were around your waist. 

"I love you too Y/N.” He said into your shoulder. “I promise I won’t ever hurt you again.” You parted & planted a big kiss on his lips. 

You finally had your man back, & it’ll take a while to regain that trust that you once had, but what you two have now is more beautiful than you could ever ask for.