hi this is my first post

this is literally 1,500 words of andreil almost-fluff based on this text post by @foxxhole​. i’d apologize except i’m not really sorry :-) 

here it is on ao3.

Neil opened his eyes slowly to a sun-filled room. It was bright out, clearly past his usual rising hour, and for a moment it worried him. For that moment he didn’t recognize the room; couldn’t name the country he was waking up in, let alone the city. It was natural to force the panic to settle by looking around the room, picking up specific memories from objects placed strategically in view of the bed. As Neil scanned, forcing himself to breathe normally, the world pieced itself back together again in front of his tired eyes.

On the dresser at the far end of the room was a framed photo of the Foxes’ first championship win, Neil’s first year on a Class I team. From there his eyes drifted slowly to the the bedside table, where there was a familiar set of keys – the keys to the house in Columbia – placed close to him for this exact reason. Just above, hanging on the adjacent wall, was Neil’s jersey from his first professional Exy team, when he played for New York. At the end of the bed was a cat, Sir, and the memory of taking him home rose to the surface of Neil’s mind. The last movement was a natural progression. It was instinct that came from going over this same list every morning.

But when Neil rolled over to check the other side of the bed, it was missing. The last piece had been removed from the board before Neil could manage to finish the puzzle. He looked back at Sir, at the end of the bed, and it was almost ridiculous how long it took his mind to finally make the connection.

Andrew wasn’t beside him.

Instinct told him to panic. A feeling of dread washed over Neil’s body like a tsunami devastates a city.

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All I Want

Characters: Tony Stark x Reader

Summary: Post Civil War Tony feels he deserves everything that is coming to him.  Being his own worst enemy and locked in his own head will he grab the small ray of hope or will he drown himself in self-pity?

Word Count: 1475 words

Prompt: Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran

A/N: This is the first of my little somethings for @yellowtheremarvelfan  and her amazing celebration challenge.  It’s a bit of a rewrite of a Dean fic (like a complete overhaul) and I warn you that it is a little angsty but for those of you who know me I couldn’t resist a fluffy ending.

F.R.I.D.A.Y. had been blasting classic rock constantly in the lab for the past few days which was a sign to everyone to steer clear, that’s if anyone was actually there anymore.  The songs, although each with a kicking beat and some epic drum and guitar solos, all had a theme.  The singers were pouring out their hearts and though the name of the girl was always different the sentiment was the same, each bringing back memories of that one girl they had once loved and had lost.  The unspoken thought that maybe life would have turned out so differently had they just held onto her and Tony sat at a console with this head in his hands, eyes closed as he fought his demons alone.  His eyes flickered up to the bottle of scotch.  It would be so easy right now in his sleep deprived state to just drown his sorrows, numb the pain so he could just pass out and get some rest.  

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anonymous asked:

Hi I just wanted to ask about that executive dysfunction thing, I googled it cause I seemed to relate to the post and it does describe me quite well but I wondered if you might be able to tell me what it's like to actually have? You don't have to if you don't want to, thanks :)

mmh, personally, it’s like my body refuses to follow my brain. it has 2 different sides, one more physical, and one more psychological i guess.

for the first one:
i learned pretty early in my childhood how to tie my shoes by myself, but it still took a tremendous amount of time to do, even though i knew what i had to do, because my hand just wouldnt move like i wanted them to. until i entered highschool all the shoes i had were velcro because i just couldnt bear to spend so much time trying to tie my shoes.
ive been playing piano for about 15 years and while i can know entire songs on piano and where and when i have to hit the keys, my finger will hit the wrong keys even though theyre not what i was aiming for.
im an animator and an artist but despite everything, drawing is really hard because my hands just wont follow my intent and will shake all the time.

for the second one:
literally anything else. if i have to go grocery shopping for someone, i need a very detailed list else ill fuck up more than usual. i know i have some things to do but just cant do them even though there shouldnt be any problem with them.
i have to go across the room but instead ill just get frozen and look at a bare wall for 3 hours because i cant move. that kinda shit

Free Reading Slots Today Only! For A Cause!

Hi all!! I am offering 15 slots for free readings using my Yellow Brick Road spread today! (May 28, 2017) I will be open until these slots fill up or until 5pm EST, whichever happens first. Once the readings are done I WILL close my ask box down for a few days. 

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Two of my dear friends and members of our tarot community are in need of our help right now to get themselves to places that where they can be healthy, safe, and happy. To explain best I’m going to link to posts where they speak in their own words here:

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Originally posted by sullenhowler

How to get on the reading list:

Leave the word HOME in my ask box!

NO QUESTIONS for theses readings as the spread is already pretty specific and because THESE WILL BE PUBLIC as I am using these readings to help link these causes. I do not need initials or anything like that to do my work. <3

These readings are for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken over the advice of a legal, medical, financial, etc. professional. 

Thank you in advance to anyone who donates and/or reblogs. 

Shout out to @corvinnia, @bells-and-spells, and @nicstoirm for inspiring this idea in the first place, you are geniuses.

Everything’s Better

Also on AO3
Chronologically follows “Our Cake” which was also posted just a little bit ago.  It can stand on its own, but if you want to read in order, catch that one first.

He was tired, and it would have made a lot more sense to just stay home and sleep, but after this particular shit show of a day, what he really needed was his princess.  She never judged him as too emotional or picked apart his appearance until all he could see were his flaws.  She wouldn’t toss him into a wall and throw trucks at him.

It was also much later than he preferred to show up.  Marinette may be on summer break at the beginning of her gap year, but she also helped out in her family bakery and worked hard on her designs.  He didn’t want to short her on sleep or interrupt what she was doing, but at the same time, she’d made it abundantly clear that he could show up at any time if he needed something.

He landed lightly on her balcony, pleased to see the Chat flap was open.  As he crouched to go through, a voice called up to him.

“Chat, is that you?”  She sounded scratchy and oddly anxious.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think we're ever going to get our Jaime/Brienne kiss? I mean, what if we never do? ☹️

Hey anon, thanks for the question!

First of all please accept my JB support hug :) There, there, I know your pain.

Originally posted by hediespage269

I get your doubts and concerns because I used to have them too, and they occasionally pop up to say hi, especially when certain spoilers claim certain things that I won’t talk about in this post or when the show once again decides to delay Jaime’s “development”… 

But then I remind myself that the crew&directors&actors bothered filming a 10-second-long scene of Jaime making heart eyes at the island on which Brienne was born with no narrative purpose other than underlining the fact that Jaime IS thinking about Brienne. Think about it! There was absolutely nothing that asked for this scene. They could have simply had Jaime ask something else from the captain, or just film him looking out to the sea without saying anything, hell even skip the whole thing and start with his dialogue with Bronn in the cabin. But no, the writers deemed it worthy of the time, and important enough to film (even though I’m pretty sure many of the show only fans didn’t get the significance of this scene). 

This was when I knew that SOMETHING will have to happen between them, and not “just” the massive heart eyes and fabulous chemistry that has become the trademark of the ship, but something that can no longer be explained by words like ‘respect’ and ‘friendship’. Because you know… what’s the point otherwise????? What’s the point of “For Lady Catelyn and…for you”? 

of “I don’t serve your brother, your grace / But you love him…”?

of “He’d fook her, that’s for sure. And she’d fook him, don’t you think? The way she looks at him”? 

of their whole reunion in Riverrun? 

of “It’s yours. It will always be yours”?   (*storms out to the balcony to cry*)

of them waving goodbye to each other? 


Originally posted by dunmarron

What is the point in all that if the show won’t give us a resolution, an act of acknowledgement of their mutual feelings? 


Now, what is the worst case scenario in terms of your question? That Jaime and Brienne will never break the barriers separating them, they will never be able to realise their own feelings and finally see the possibility that the other could actually be feeling the same? Because only in such a situation could I imagine that we don’t get a kiss and/or confession(s), but that would mean that the creators of the show wasted a huge amount of time and money to build something that will lead to a dead end. I am not a big fan of GoT’s writing since season 5 (*cough* euphemism), but I highly doubt they’d be that stupid.

D&D knew from the beginning that Jaime&Brienne’s relationship would evolve to be a lot more than a regular captor/captive dynamic as they start out in the end of season 2. They’ve put great effort to lay down the groundwork and foreshadow their development. I mean…..

Originally posted by iron-salt

Even though I’m mad about how unfairly they’ve handled Jaime’s character (and others too) I have to say that so far they’ve never disappointed me when it came to JB scenes. The writers know this is one of the most popular relationships (if not the most popular) in the story, so they try their best not to fuck it up. They didn’t manage to do/didn’t even try really (so far) to depict Jaime’s emotional separation from Cersei that starts the moment he arrives in King’s Landing in ASoS and is mostly happening in Jaime’s head UNTIL he decides to leave Cersei to her fate, and burn her letter (he literally leaves her to die, y’all, now if this isn’t closure I don’t know what is).

With Jaime&Brienne’s relationship it is different. Them thinking about each other every chapter in AFfC (every fourth line in Brienne’s case) would have been just as difficult to put on screen as Jaime’s inner monologues. But unlike Jaime’s realisation about Cersei and himself, they’ve solved this problem with adding scenes that didn’t exist in the books (instead of ones that were left out) e.g. Bronn being the founding father of every Jaime/Brienne shipper, Tarthgasm, Cersei calling Brienne out on loving Jaime (written by George RR Martin!), the hand holding at Bolton’s dinner, etc… Scenes which also made up for missing lines like “I dreamed of you” or “The white cloak… I was about to say that it becomes you” and maybe even put the relationship into a more romantic frame.

What I’m trying to say is. they’ve spent years with the buildup of this gold mine of a ship, so not giving us (at least) a kiss (as the simplest act of showing that their relationship is indeed romantic, and not platonic as still many view it) would not only be stupid, but it would make the writing inconsistent af. Right now I’m a lot more worried about how they’ll handle Jaime this season.

To sum up, do I think we are ever going to get our Jaime/Brienne kiss?

It’s just that maybe we have to wait a little more… :)

I sometimes remember that I met robin and I just start laughing to myself???

the photo op went really quick and honestly I don’t remember most of it, but I’m still crying in my soul about getting his autograph. 

he already knew my name because of the little post it note so one of the first things he said to me was my name 😍 I was also clearly just speechless/blanking because I had no idea what to say to him (listen, he’s so beautiful and so nice I couldn’t think straight) so he asked me how I was which that led to a small conversation. during that he signed the photo I picked, which was of abernathy because blonde gives robin is life and he seemed happy that I chose that one.

after that I gave him the letter I wrote (I almost chickened out honestly) and because he was so nice about it and I was on a bit of a high at this point, I asked him if I could have a hug (which was something I’d been debating about asking) and he said “of course you can” and let me tell you that hug was one of the highlights of the weekend 😭💜

you guys, he’s so beautiful in every way. he’s a literal ray of sunshine and I feel like I’ve ascended honestly 💜💜💜

anonymous asked:

How do people improve their handwriting and learn new fonts and stuff? Got any tips for learning stuff like that? Masterposts, helpful links? aaaa I want my handwriting to be pretty too

Hi there!! Improving your handwriting can be pretty tedious >< but you just need a lot of practice! We always like to practice lettering etc. by looking at fonts that we like or different posts. First, we would try to copy them, and then we’d learn to add our own little details onto them (:  

We found a masterpost by @aescademic that might be helpful too! I’ll put the link here! Hope this helps!! 

Tré Cool, a drummer is actually very modest about how much of a great singer/ song writer he is. He wrote and recorded his first song (lead vocals) with The Lookouts in the summer of 1985, when he was just 12. He doesn’t show it off often but he can have a genuinely beautiful voice (when he wants to show it off), Larry Livermore even described his voice as ‘angelic’! He also has an amazing vocal range and can change his voice in many ways. To add to that His lyrics are effortlessly brilliant, smart, often comical and he can even make cool little songs up on the spot!

A Little More Bearable

Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan
Pairing: Levi Ackerman x Hanji Zoe
Genre: Fluff, i guess?
Word count: 2785 

One small man sets out on a quest to make the person he hates the least in the world his wife. He knows the perfect way to ask, but he must first conquer his obstacles to get there.

Read on AO3 here!

A letter from the author: I wrote this a couple weeks ago but forgot to save it for LeviHan week. Hopefully my scheduled post works right and this goes up on Day 6! And hopefully I’ll meet some fellow shippers because of it. I’m just getting back into SnK after four years, and I couldn’t be happier. I kinda want to dedicate this to @yeager-bombastics for being the most supportive and loving babu I could ever ask for, and for encouraging me to write again. 

A Little Inspiration

This is a flash fiction piece for my good friend @bloodandcream. Who challenged me to write a fic based around one word, the word was Canoe, she gave me an hour time frame. I went a little over but its my first time so I hope she forgives me. 

Length: 3k 

Cross post AO3

This was it, it was perfect. Exactly what he needed for his final project. Castiel ripped the page out of the campus life newspaper, tossed his paint brushes back into their cup and raced out of his studio.

“Hey, what the hell Cassie?” Balthazar snapped as Castiel almost knocked his sculpture over.

“It’s perfect Bath!” He shouted back waving the newspaper clipping over his head. “Perfect.”

“Weirdo,” Balthazar mumbled as Castiel sprinted out of the arts building and towards the gymnasium. Checking his watch as he rounded the quad, if he hurried he’d be just in time to catch Dean.

Sure enough Dean was exiting the gymnasium still in his baseball uniform as Castiel staggered to a halt in front of him.

“Woah, Cas, what’s up man?” Dean asked as he helped Castiel back up from where he was hunched over gripping his knees and panting for air.

“D…Dean, i– i–it’s perfect.” He gasped holding out the clipping towards Dean.

“Later Winchester!” Gordon called

“Your friend ok?” Cole asked his face screwed up as he followed Gordon out of the locker room into the bright spring sun.

“Yeah man, he’s good, nice play today.” Dean said as Castiel finally caught his breath.

“Dean, listen, this is perfect, this is exactly what I need to get me out of my slump and finish my final project!” Castiel watched as Dean looked over the clipping his confusion evident on his face. He pulled his cap off and wiped his sweat with his wrist before putting it back on again.

“Yeah, man I guess.” He said handing the clipping back to Castiel and heading off in the direction of his dorm. “But what’s that got to do with me?”

Castiel fell in step next to Dean, they’ve been friends since high school, but sometimes Dean could be really dense. “I need you to come with me! Classes are canceled for Panther Pride Pep Rally preparations tomorrow.” Castiel grimaced, someone in the student council was a fan of alliteration, or just a fan of annoying the entire student body, he figured it was Meg.

Dean sighed readjusting his sports bag on his shoulder. “Why me, dude? I mean, like I don’t even understand what is so appealing about that.” Dean tapped the paper now wrinkled in Castiel’s hands.

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Anonymous said: Hi Mina. Im nervous because this will be my first festa with them.. but i dont know what it exactly is?

Hey! Festa is like a cute “countdown” event to their Anniversary :’) So usually from the 1st to 13th of June they’ll upload new things almost everyday– dance practices, pictures, their FM, blog posts or even songs that they never released till now

Quick Update!!

Hi, everyone!

Again, sorry for my sporadic posting but I have been extraordinarily busy with finishing school and applying for jobs. 

Good news! I graduated two weeks ago with my Bachelor of Science and I also started my first “career” job with a medical company. I honestly couldn’t be happier! I am slowly adjusting to the everyday work life but I do have a lot more time in general so I will be posting more frequently.

Thank you all for sticking around and showing me nothing but support these past few years! <3 :)

focus > intelligence.

Bruce Lee said the successful warrior is the average man with laser-like focus. Focus determines one’s reality. It trumps natural talent, intelligence, and even the magnitude of the goal itself. Nothing is accomplished without focus. It is the vise that holds the board in place so the nail may reach its destination. It is the scope by which the sniper makes the perfect shot. It is the lens through which the stars are brought into view. 

My youngest student, the Raven (previously Dog), tested for his Green II two days ago. I first introduced him to you sixteen months ago.

The boy is hard on himself. I have the distinct notion he’ll grow up to be his own worst critic. His mind is always racing, his focus like a rabbit dodging foxes in the trees. - original blog post, January 2016

It has been over a year since I began teaching the Raven. It was temporary at first, but shortly after the trial period his father elected to enroll him in private instruction permanently, and I have been his instructor ever since. In sixteen months he has advanced three ranks and put a lot of personal effort into improving his kung fu as well as his attitude. The Chinese zodiac was not incorrect when describing his animal’s nature - 

Because dogs genuinely feel they know best, they can sometimes appear bossy. They accomplish goals quickly, their successes the result of hard work and intelligence. But the Dog never really relaxes. Despite appearing calm and at rest, his heart and mind are always jumping.

In the three months he trained for his Green II test, the Raven proved he could be diligent about his practice, intentional with his training, respectful to his instructors, and well-behaved in class. He gave me numerous examples of self-improvement that I drew upon continuously in my decision to allow him to test. And of course, he met the requirements for performing all of his chamber material well and correctly. I had no qualms about handing him a test application. But for whatever mysterious reason, Raven’s focus led him very far off the path of success come test night. 

Before the finishing tea ceremony, I pulled the boy aside for an impromptu, stern heart-to-heart. While I have never been angry at him, nor have I ever been so quick to reprimand him on a night that I typically view as one he should enjoy (let me destroy him in his next lesson, I joke with myself). But at this point, Raven is aware of what is acceptable etiquette/behavior on a test and what is not, as he is also aware that his focus should not be on what other students are doing, saying, or how well (or not well, as he is fond of pointing out) they are performing. 

Sometimes you wish they were older, so you could be more methodically formulaic with your words. Statistically, people who are distracted take much longer to complete tasks than their focused peers, and they also make many more mistakes. The Raven’s kung fu suffered on test night. His forms were about the shoddiest work I’d seen him put out. Where focus goes, energy flows. 

So, sixteen months in, we’re narrowing our focus. Raven is on the 7th of the first fourteen ranks he hopes to achieve, halfway to 1st-degree black. It will take all the time it takes, and I have no issue with that. But I do take issue with the notion that if we do not tighten up, he will not only be a sloppy black belt, he will be an arrogant one, and that is a dangerous combination. 

Next time the Raven tests, he will be a machine. 

Melancholy Mom post

My baby graduates high school on Thursday. He did his first official job application last Friday. And I just ordered (finally) his senior picture.

I swear to you, just yesterday I was waddling around the house, feeling him kick.

Top 10 Biases

for this one i was tagged by @cchoiyoungjae, to do this. and this is a pretty sweet idea, thanks for tagging me :D

i’m sorry to say this to you but since i’m dedicated to only one fandom, this list will mainly contain monsta x members. i actually don’t wanna list them, because i love them all so much and it is hard to decide, monbebe’s know what i’m talking about. so please, don’t be offended, it’s just my opinion :3 (also this is going to be a long post haha)

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.。.:*☆  out.  HI FRIENDS THIS IS AN IMPORTANT POST.  okay, i talked with a few people about this last night, and i feel like i’m fINALLY ready to make this post. so, with my mental illnesses / a lot of the shit that’s happened in the past, i’ve become almost ridiculously obsessed with pleasing people. i change my opinions to match what’s least likely to have the most people mad at me, i’m terrified to add / talk about certain muses because i follow other people who portray the same ones. and, most prominently, i’ll only write certain threads when certain people are online, or i’ll be obsessed with reblogging things pertaining to a certain fandom in the hopes of somehow getting certain followers to talk to me, or i’ll be sCARED to reblog things pertaining to ships / discussing ships with people because i’m afraid i’m annoying them and ??? i don’t want to do this anymore. it’s really, really boosting my anxiety and making it next to impossible for me to get to the writing that i really want to do, because i’m afraid that people will get angry that i’m focusing on writing with people that i connect really well with. i’m tired of being anxious about posting a certain thread because ‘what if people get all weird about it?’, or writing starters for all the same people because we have plots established and i have more muse for that. basically, i’ve made a bunch of posts over the last couple of weeks that i feel have subconsciously been building to this one. i’m going to start focusing more on the writing that i have the most muse for and, as i’ve stated several times, that generally lies with people i talk to / am more comfortable with. this doesn’t mean that i won’t write with you if i don’t talk to you ooc, it just means that those i’m more comfortable with will get precedence and i’m finally okay with that. this is my blog, i’m here for me. i’ve gone on and on about the best ways to be able to write with me, and honestly? most starters i write for people i don’t talk to give me a ton of anxiety as is. i hoNESTLY might just shift to a ‘plots or memes only’ basis for threads, because it’s better for me overall. but !!! yeah.

tl;dr: i’m not gonna be afraid to write what i want to anymore. plotting / people i talk to will get precedence with interactions.