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“we’ve been engaged to be married since we were three but this is the first time we’ve met and your portraits really don’t do you justice” wintershock please!

of course, anon!! here you go, i hope you like it <3

Prompt: Nobility themed, #2,  “we’ve been engaged to be married since we were three but this is the first time we’ve met and your portraits really don’t do you justice”

Pairing: Bucky x Darcy

Rating: T

Notes: Modern Royalty AU

She blamed the Duke.

Specifically, Duke James Buchanan Barnes.

Darcy pulled her scarf tighter around her face and neck, and tried to keep her head down against the swirling wind and snow. She told herself that she would be fine.

Which would be much easier to believe if she hadn’t just recently spun out her car and was now walking alongside the road in a snow storm hoping to find shelter.

If she hadn’t been engaged to some stranger (Barnes), she wouldn’t have felt the need to “accidentally” miss the meeting to cement the engagement.

The meeting was to take place the next day. The official engagement. Darcy, happily reassuring her parents that she would be there, took the next flight out to Switzerland and spent the long weekend skiing and taking advantage of spa treatments and delicious fondue.

Then, of course, after a day on the slopes she’d been driving back when it started to snow.

Again. None of this would have happened were it not for James Barnes and his “decorated military service” and her “duty to two great families.”

She was cursing her luck and quite frankly, freezing her ass off, when a car pulled up beside her. She stiffened, not sure whether to keep walking because serial killers are a thing or to stop in case there was nice Swiss family inside willing to drop her off at the hotel.

“Hey, do you need a ride?” The man in the car was leaning over to call out to her. From the lowered side window Darcy could only see his eyes. He wore a black thick knitted scarf what was pulled up around the lower half of his face as hers was.

On the one hand, he looked like a Forensic Files episode waiting to happen. On the other hand, she could no longer feel her toes nor see more than five feet in front of her due to the howling winds and snow.

She pulled on the door handle and got in.

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Reaper stalking s/o and taking pictures of her? 0: later kidnapping her and showing her all the pictures he has

He often looks at the photos he has of you in the comfort of his home. They’re not particularly stored anywhere such as in an album book but rather they’re scattered around the house. Reaper’s favorite pictures of you are on his nightstand by his bed, some of them even scattered in his bed, as he’s made a habit of looking at them before he goes to sleep. He wasn’t ever a particularly patient man but for you, his prey he had been hunting for so long, he was. Normally he’d snatch you right up and take you as his own but because of your involvement with being a high position among Talon’s ranks it made it difficult to simply just make you disappear out of thin air.

So, he bid his time and he waited for the opportune moment to take you. In the mean time he followed you everywhere you went when he wasn’t assigned to a mission. He can’t even remember when he involved a camera but once he did he couldn’t stop with just pictures of you from far away doing some miscellaneous task. Reaper has followed you into your home more times than you’ve even had the chance to look at him. He has pictures of you in the shower, changing, and even sleeping. 

When he had kidnapped you, you never knew what even hit you until you awoke with your wrists tied behind your back as you sat in a rather large but comfortable chair. In front of you was a coffee table and Reaper who sat across from you. Trying to gain your composure and recollect what happened to you the man began tossing pictures onto the table. He was showing you his little private collection by starting with his favorites. Your eyes widened in horror when you saw a photo of you sleeping in your own home. Your frightened expression caused him to smirk beneath his mask but he said nothing as he kept placing photos on the table. The next was of your sleeping face and another was a close up of your mouth with someone’s- Reaper’s fingers brushing against your lips.

“What are you-” You shake your head, swallowing hard before looking at him once more, “What do you want?”

Reaper lets out a low, dark chuckle before responding, “I already have it.”

At the age of 13, Sokka wanted to fight. His father told him no. I can’t subject you to the horrors of battle. You’re my son; I can’t lose you. You need to stay here and protect your people. 

Sokka wanted to fight, but at his father’s wishes he stayed to protect his people. 

At the age of 13, Zuko spoke out to protect his people. His father told him no. They will be subject to the horrors of battle, and you will be too for speaking out. I don’t care that you’re my son. I will make you fight me to teach you respect. 

Zuko wanted to protect people, but at his father’s wishes he was made to fight.



pole dancing is hard af and requires a shit ton of upperbody strength yo


But You Want To Be

Based on this LOVELY gifset (where during dinner Eric Hale is slightly irritated by Stiles and Derek flirting with each other, because how could he miss that there is something going on between his best friend and his older brother)

“So, Derek,” Stiles says, scraping his fork idly over his mashed potatoes.

Derek looks up at him, lips quirked at the edges, and Stiles gets a sudden, horrific image of Derek making that same face when he’s crouching on the floor, hands on Stiles’s hips, lips brushing over the head of his dick.

Eric gives him a weird look.

“Uh,” he says hurriedly, face flushing red. “Uh, how’s work going? You still a mechanic? Doing mechanic-y things?”

Derek snorts softly, nods his head. “Yeah, but it’s not easy. I accidentally got grease everywhere today,” he sighs, picking at a dark spot under his fingernail.

Stiles closes his eyes against the image. Greasy Mechanic Derek Hale may or may not be one of his Top 5 Jerk Off Fantasies.

“That sounds…horrible.”

“It was,” Derek agrees, looking up to meet Stiles’s gaze with a playful smirk on his face. “Unless you’re the type of person who likes getting dirty.” Stiles presses his legs together under the table as a bolt of heat flashes through him. “You should come visit me at my garage sometime,” Derek says, voice neutral.

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Baby Problems

‘’Hi! Hope you are doing great! Could you make an imagine where (Y/N) and Draco Malfoy have a baby, But you still studying in Hogwarts, AND you are in Gryffindor and he is in Slytherin? Please, Please,Please!!!!’’ - katrask

‘’Imagine about draco where the reader announce him she’s pregnant’’ - Anonymous.


Draco Malfoy + Reader / Y/N.

Word Count:



 Yes, twice.


 Teen pregnancy.


Requests are open again. Please,

one request per user!

And this is my 1000th post, so yay! :)

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This should have not happened. This should have not. It was wrong, naive and stupid. How could you two have been so stupid? You were young and reckless, especially you. As a Gryffindor, you were brave and afraid for nothing. Almost nothing.

This thing, this little creature inside of you, is what made you afraid. Anxious. The thoughts swarming around your mind delivered you sleepless nights.

At first you didn’t notice, living the life of a normal witch at Hogwarts. Young and pretty, as they called you. Ruling the hallways if you had to, always choosing the side of justice.

But then, your world crashed. You got sick, skin hot as the fire coming from a dragon’s mouth, but you still got that glow around you from well health, which was unusual when you were ill in bed.

Then these bad cramps came, going on for one, maybe two weeks. That’s when thoughts of being pregnant popped up into your head. At first, you didn’t tell anybody, always coming up with the bad excuse of catching a really bad flu.

No one knew, but Madam Pomfrey and Dumbledore. As weird as it may seem, they promised you not to tell anyone as you were standing in front of the decision of keeping it, or considering abortion.

For now, your choice was keeping it. And since your decision has been made, you had to tell him. You had to tell him what was going on with you. That he would be a father. Well, the possible father.

Your hands were currently clamped around the edges of the sink of the girls’ bathroom. Moaning Myrtle was singing a sad song again as you told her to go away when you ran into the bathroom, tears falling down your face. At first she was offended and started to rant about how ignorant some people in the school were, but quickly drifted off as you ignored her and cried the living hell out of your body.

Finally, you felt empty and you couldn’t cry anymore. Your stomach made a noise, which was not the baby, but just the feeling of lack of food. Luckily it was almost dinner time, so you walked out of the bathroom, planning on walking towards the Great Hall.

Yes, you were planning on doing that if no one would bump into you. Which someone did. And you ended up on the floor, groaning as you felt a tingling pain going through your back.

‘Y/N, woah, I’m sorry babe,’ the person said, and you immediately opened your eyes to watch Draco standing up and reaching out for you. You grabbed his hand and slowly got back on your feet, brushing of some dust from your skirt as you also straightened it.

‘Hey,’ you exhaled, wiping away some wetness from under your eyes from the crying, ‘w-what are you doing here?’

‘I could ask you the same thing,’ he snickered, but then his face went all serious. ‘They saw you crying and running into the bathroom. Are you okay?’

‘Who are they?’ you asked him, pressing your lips into a thin line as you frowned, wondering who could’ve seen you.

‘Doesn’t matter now, are you okay?’ he repeated his question again, letting his hand rest on your shoulder and pulling you into his body. The smell of his cologne messed with your mind as you took one good sniff of it. Perhaps it could be the last time you were able to do it, so you took the chance.

‘Draco, I need to talk. To you,’ you whispered, closing your eyes like you were about to sleep, drifting off into some sweet dream. But Draco shook you awake, breaking away from you and raising an eyebrow.

‘Okay? What is it, baby?’ he said with this sweet voice, which made you feel really guilty as this sweet guy would be over the second you told him what was crossing your mind lately. Why you were so ill, why you avoided contact with him as much as possible.

‘Draco, please,’ you said, sighing softly as you tried to find the words you were about to say, ‘promise you won’t… leave me.’

‘Of course not,’ he laughed, a bit awkwardly, ‘w-why would I? Y/N, is it something serious? Is it your parents? Or mine? Did that nasty ex-boyfriend of you do something? Y/N…’

His eyes widened shortly as his eyes lowered to look at your stomach. Of course there was not a single physical sign of it, but the way he looked at your lower area made your tummy do some backflips.

‘Are you pregnant?’

‘Fuck,’ you said, not really knowing how to act. Surprised? Mad? Or just act like nothing was going on?

‘Y/N, a-are you?’ he asked you, eyes still wide as his voice went soft.

Your mouth opened, ready to say something as you felt your eyes getting wet again, sight getting blurry.

‘I-I mean, yeah?’ you said, almost wanting to slap yourself for saying it so cool and like you didn’t care at all.

Draco let out a cry and looked away, fist in front of his mouth as his eyes blinked a few times.

‘I need to go,’ he said, giving you one last glance before turning around on his heels and he ran. Away from you. Away from his problems. Away from the promise he made to you. To not leave you. Which he did.

He left you.

For now.


Planning on doing a part two soon because I can’t just leave it there, can I?

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Zimbits High School Teacher AU - Part 2 (1000th post!)

Hey y’all! I was going to leave this Zimbits High School Teacher AU as a one-shot, but then I hit 150+ followers and my 1000th post was approaching, so I thought “Why not?” 



A number of years had gone by since Eric first became a teacher, but early mornings were never going to be his thing. Ever. Not if they were part of the job requirement (they were), not if he had a reason to get up (he did), and not even if the universe had presented someone he was looking forward to seeing at the crack of dawn (it had).

He was buried beneath a pile of blankets, selfishly hoarding all the warmth he could take when the sound of the doorbell disturbed his slumber. At first, he thought he was dreaming. The sweet sounds of Queen Bey should have been his welcome to the new day, so this was downright offensive. The doorbell rang again, this time followed by knocking. “What the…” A mess of mussed blond hair followed by narrowed brown eyes and a frown poked out from underneath the sheets, and turned to the clock on his nightstand. Fuck. Eric sat up quickly. The doorbell was the wakeup call.

Rushing to the front door, Eric opened it with a huff, regretting at that moment the decision to forgo an attempt at getting dressed. Jack Zimmermann stood before him in all of his beauty, wearing jeans and a sweater that fit so perfectly it was sinful.

“Hey, are you… not… ready… to go?” Jack asked, his tone becoming more and more confused the lower his gaze traveled from Eric’s face to his t-shirt to his shorts to his socks.

Coffee had become their thing. Every school day, Jack would drive to his place, and then they would both ride over to Eric’s favorite near-home cafe for drinks and a small breakfast until it was time to head to campus. That had been the arrangement for the past four months without fail, so there wasn’t much excuse for the schedule to be knocked off course today of all days.

“So, funny story… that I will tell you inside,” Eric said, reaching for Jack’s hand and ushering him into the house. Turning on his heel, his crossed an arm over his middle, using the back of his hand to prop up his elbow thoughtfully. “I didn’t set my alarm.”

“Is that the story…?”

“That’s the story,” Eric said matter-of-factly, not missing the slight twitch of the corners of Jack’s mouth that signaled he was doing his best to control his smile. Or even worse, his laughter. “And before you–”

Jack shook his head. “I knew it–”

“Say ‘I told you so…’”

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this is random but i love when tom says the word "but" because of his accent. it sounds like "buttah" it's just the cutest and yes i'm weak for it

tom has such recognizable accent you can literally hear his voice every time you read a tom gif and you can easily imagine him saying anything….. i was trying to imagine him saying some pointless shit like “I like bumble bees…. they are scary…. but they’re your friendly neighbourhood bugs that keep mother nature alive….. so save the bees” and yeah i totally did it without breaking a sweat

A New Beginning

Take this as a preview of my 1000th post (I’m close!) or just a simple drabble. 

Cullen X Demetra Trevelyan

He knew it.

No, this wasn’t correct. He had hoped for that to be true. And still, when she had looked at him that evening, he had found himself to hold his breath.

To pray and wait and hope, his heart beating furiously against his chest.

“I’m pregnant, Cullen.”.

Demetra was similing, beautiful and – Maker – he realized – she was radiant.

His hands were shaking and not for an horrible reason or the pain in his bones or the fear of his own dreams.

He was happy. Full of a turmoil of love and joy and awe.

Cullen had thought he couldn’t be more happy than he was the day they finally started their path together, in their house, a new life just for them.

But he was clearly wrong.

This was better.

“You are… we are…”.

Demetra smiled again, laughing “Yes, I am, and yes, we’re going to be parents.”.

He barked a laugh suddenly – or maybe that was a sob?- and took her in his arms, hiding his face in her neck, trembling and kissing his happiness on her skin, her lips, her hair.


He pressed gently a hand on her soft belly and she covered it with hers.

They stayed quiet, savoring the miracle, already impatient to meet him or her.

He was going to be a father.


I didn’t notice this until I saw it on the browser version, but this is officially my 1000th post on Tumblr! I’ve been on here for four months, but it’s been a fun four months so far.

And a special thanks to some of the following for making me feel welcome here in the early going: @the-lady-boomstick (who I also happen to know IRL, with our friendship being 15 years strong), @so-discreetly-sympathetic (I started following him for his Golden Girls screencaps that kept showing up on my dash, but he’s just been so entertaining all on his own that I honestly get excited to see what he’ll be posting about next), @mrknaogan (who has also become a Ravelry friend thanks to me stumbling upon her in LSG), and @mysevenkids, who was one of the first to follow me on here and has encouraged me to unleash my inner 12-year-old boy at times and not be ashamed. Between her and @the-lady-boomstick, I’ve had more than a few gigglefits on here. I’m up to around 30 followers or so now, and several of them have also liked, reblogged, and replied to my posts, and I want you all to know you are not forgotten either!

Thank you all so much for welcoming me to Tumblr with open arms and making this a fun experience for me.

Here’s to 1000 posts, and I hope the next 1000 are just as fun!

Frat Party || Calum

Hi hello remember that time I made this post about Cal and got so many feels that I had to actually write a whole one shot for it that ended up being like a million words too long

Because I do

Also it ends awkwardly but that’s life I guess

Requests and feedback are always cool so there’s that


This was not the way you intended to spend your Friday night. You would much rather be in your room, eating ramen and reading a book, or getting started on the pile of homework your professors had assigned throughout the week. Maybe you would’ve done your laundry or cleaned up your side of the room so your roommate would stop passive aggressively making comments about the way you kept your side organized. Or maybe realistically, you would have just put on your favorite pajamas and crawled into bed for the next fourteen hours. You weren’t in the mood to go out but there you were, all dressed up and walking across campus because you let that cheeky Calum Hood talk you into attending his stupid frat party.

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Rose Tea

Pairing: Levi/Eren
Rating: General
Word count: 2.7k 

Levi didn’t really think much about roses until someone started to sit at his usual spot.

Congratulations on 1000 followers @magickitt! (。・ω・。)ノ♡ You deserve every single one of them! And to celebrate, I wrote you something from that art you did months ago here and here. I hope you like it!

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