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( Because I cannot control myself, here’s another Gaston Headcanon. MORE LIKE HEADCANONS HAHA.).

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  • There’s no doubt that he’d be protective if he actually found himself that deep in love. It’d be a passionate protectiveness that (probably) seems controlling but he’s just concerned for your safety.
  • Comes into heavy play when he goes hunting(which is frequently). You’ve gone with him once or twice, and managed to shoot down a few birds to which he was beaming with pride because “I taught her how to do that. That’s my girl.”
    • The funny thing is, the more his relationship progressed with you, the more he found excuses to let you stay home when he went hunting because he was literally so worried that you would be hurt if he took you with him. (Which, you had never been hurt with him before but still, there was always the possibility.)
      • “It’s just a day with LeFou and I.” is usually the most common thing he tells you, and you bought it the first couple of times but after that it became a bit more suspicious.
      • You start holding your ground and tell him that you want to go.
        • He can’t say no to you, which comes in handy with situations like this so before Gaston really knows what’s happening, you’re getting ready to go hunting with him.
          • “It’s just a blur, LeFou. She says she’s going and I can do nothing to stop it even though I’m afraid for her safety. She’s got this sort of…” His nose scrunches in thought, “Spell on me that makes it impossible to say no.”
          • LeFou probably just murmurs to himself, “If she can handle you, she can handle herself hunting.”
  • Who am I kidding he’s probably always worried for your safety and asks if you need to be walked/escorted anywhere.
    • He’ll usually ask it in a subtle way like, “can I come”. It piques your interest, especially when you’re just going to get something from the store a block from your house. 
    • You chuckle quietly, kissing his forehead before saying, “I think I can manage.”
    • He probably just stands there and watches you walk away, his heart beating a bit harder than before. There’s something about you just leaves him completely starstruck. 
      • “It’s almost as if she… She strikes me down like  lightning gracing the Earth.”
        • To which LeFou gags.
          • He’s lowkey jealous and honestly a bit surprised that Gaston has…. Fallen in love.
      • Gaston probably offers his jacket to you whenever yo complain about being cold because he doesn’t want you to get sick. So, if he ever does give you it, you smile gently, wrap your arm around him and continue to where ever you’re going so the both of you are warm because you are also worried about him getting sick(Despite Gaston constantly telling you that he almost never gets sick). (No stress y’all, I’m making headcanons specifically for that.)
  • After some time together, you finally come to realize that LeFou doesn’t like you because he’s got feelings for Gaston himself. 
    • I’m not kidding, there’s no doubt that LeFou is protective over Gaston himself so like? You take it upon yourself to befriend him and you explain, “I love him and I’d never hurt him. Ever. I know you wouldn’t either. Can’t we just put this behind us and try to be friends? For Gaston?”
      • Things do get better, and slowly over time the two of you become the best of friends and tend to gossip every now and then.
  • You know what, while talking about being protective, I see him being exceedingly possessive at times.(Not all the time) More often than not, it happens in the tavern. With people being drunk, they don’t quite realize that they’re staring at Gaston’s girl.
    • Probably notices when someone is looking at you in that way
      • It starts off small and he’ll gives them a glance of warning, a simple, “back off’ sort of stare.
      • If it continues, it escalates. Gaston wraps his arm around you, holds you close, digs his face into your hair if you’re busy with something else. Just to remind you and who ever has your attention that he’s not appreciating the unwanted attention thrown onto you.
        • Gaston knows that you’re not some prize to be won by some drunkard, and so he stays close to you for the rest of the night. If they happen to start talking to you, he’s right on your hip, taking a sip of his drink while he’s focusing all negative energy their way. Of course, it’s something you notice and you lightly brush your fingers along Gaston’s fingers as he’s holding you from behind.
      • If the situation where one of them leans towards you, or subtly touches you while Gason is not near you, there’s always the possibility of extreme measures. Especially if Gaston notices that it’s unwanted(Meaning, you resist or you scoot away from the touch. He’s got a keen eye for this sort of thing). More often than not, it’s small daggers being thrown at them,close enough to pin their jackets to the wall. It happens so fast, it leaves you a bit breathless and a few moments later, Gaston is next to you, digging his daggers out of the wall and growling at the drunkard, “If she wanted you to touch her, she would have said so. No, get out before I personally throw you out.”
  • Binch don’t get me started on jealous Gaston. (JK please do).
    • Jealousy is probably something that happens rarely, considering Gaston is aware how happy you are with him(And call it cocky) he knows that you’re satisfied too. (HAHA in more than one WAY).
    • He gets what I like to call “ugly jealous”. If he notices you chatting it up with someone you’ve known for a while, and you gesture, throwing your head back when you laugh, staring, etc. He’ll get that burning sensation in his chest, watch you carefully to see if you’re flirting or just being friendly(And TBH he’s got no radar for that.He sees being friendly as flirty a lot of the time.)
      • Because he’s probably confused as to which it is, he takes matters into his own hand and doesn’t lash out but will storm his way over there and kiss you flat on the mouth before saying, “I’m sorry I’m late, LeFou—” He looks up and gives whoever you were talking with a rather cynical smile with, “Well, who’s this?”
        You’re left a bit light headed after the kiss and find it hard to speak and so your friend introduces themselves and Gaston feels at ease knowing that they know you’re taken.
        • Don’t get me started on the body language though. Hands on his belt, legs spread slightly, broad shoulders, he needs to make himself seem more appealing than the other. The subtle, dirty smirk as he talks to them. Even the undertone of his voice, which is actually rather husky and needy. 
          • He makes them know that you deserve him and deserve all of him. You’re the only person who deserves him. Gaston simply plays the intimidation card when he’s jealous and has gotten caught doing so many times by you.
    • I’m screaming because he probably likes it when you catch him doing this because Gaston lowkey likes being told off by you? 
    • “You don’t need to do that every time I talk to someone I know. Trust me, Gaston. You’re the only one I love and you don’t need to worry about someone else coming up and snatching me.” you sigh gently, wrapping your arms around his neck and lifting yourself against him so you can kiss his lips softly. He’s happy to respond to the kiss. His lips mesh against yours a bit harder, telling you exactly what he wanted now that he was being scolded. Snuggling his arms around your waist, he now helps you lift against his body. “And you should know better than to do that. It drives me crazy.”
      “I won’t stop doing it, you do know. I want everyone to know that you’re mine and that,” He dips his head and places a rather heated kiss to your collarbone, “I’m yours.”

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Dating jhope/Hoseok

here is what we think what dating Hobi would be like, enjoy~

-family is very important to him/talks a lot about family

-so expect them to be like your second family

-in public he’s very affectionate and loud

-”HYUNG! Look how pretty!!!”

-”We’ve known them for 2 years, Hobi, we get it…”


-but in private he shows a more mature side

-making small gestures counts more than big hugs

-cuddling in comfortable silence

-includes you stroking his hair until he falls asleep

-needs the reassurance that you love him just as much as he loves you

-whether it’s through gestures or just random ‘I love you’s

-going to sleep in a comfortable cuddly position

-but waking up with his arms and legs entangled in yours

-also: that glorious bedhair

-him teaching you his favourite girlgroup dances 

-and cute slow dancing without music

-lots of nose and forehead kisses 

-but sickeningly sweet gestures in general

-him using all the aegyo whenever you are mad

-and you giving in immediately

-”I knew you couldn’t be mad at me for long.”

-”It’s because of you and your stupid cute face…”

-when he’s jealous he gets all pouty

-tugging at your sweater whenever you don’t pay attention to him

-you scaring him randomly

-resulting in a slightly annoyed boyfriend

-but you make it all better by showing him lots of affection

-cheesy nicknames

-”Hey, buttercup!”

-”How was your day, Cuddle Cakes?”

-”It’s great now that I’ve seen you, Georgia Peach.”

-proud boyfriend Hobi

-because he supports you in everything you want to achieve

-your relationship is built on trust

-having deep conversations when one of you can’t sleep

-even if the other is dead tired

-he knows about forhead Hobi and teases you with snaps/selcas

-or he straight up just comes out of the shower, flipping his hair back

-”Oh, Jagi-yah~~~”

-”I’m NOT falling for it again, Hobi!”

-you trying new things together

-even if it scares him to death

-being in an equally silly, sweet but mature and emotionally deep relationship with the angel that is Hoseok~

-the Admins


30 Day OTP Challenge:

Day Thirty: Do What You Want

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Taehyung how much do you love jimin? Tell us!

Taehyung: He is such a sweet boyfriend who gives you all his love and reminds you often how important you are to him. He is also a cutie, I mean I love seeing him in my sweater *cough cough* um but he is just an adorable mochi on his own. Doesn’t mean he isn’t attractive and cool because aha when he dances I mean that’s a different story ahem anyways so how much do I love him? A lot.

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HAHAHA. Okay I have been thinking about it for a total of 2 minutes tops. 

Harry and Louis growing up together, needy and clingy, in their own bubble for years, teenage love etc etc until Harry’s family moves to the US and they break up because long distance is too hard. Louis is crushed and he will never forgive Harry and so on and so forth.

4 years later.

Harry shows up on Louis’ doorstep. Harry has a glimpse of the boy he used to love  for two glorious seconds– all crinkly eyed and happy– just before his face hardens.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” 

Harry can’t help but fumble with the strap of his bag nervously under Louis’ glare. 

“I came back.”

“I can see that. What the fuck are you doing here.” Louis repeats, the slight tremble of his voice btrays how nervous he is.

“I came back for you.”

Louis’ laugh is cruel when he slams the door in Harry’s face.

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So I’m helping out my friend who’s doing some research into different music genres for work and is currently looking at kpop! 

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  1. How did you discover K-Pop? 
  2. Where do you listen/watch K-Pop? 
  3. What is it about K-Pop that you love? 
  4. Who is your favourite artist? 
  5. Who is the best new artist? 
  6. Where do you find out about the latest K-Pop news and artists? 
  7. What other genres of music do you like?  
  8. When are you most likely to listen to K-pop? 

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Love In Darkness And Pain

So here comes Felicity Al Sha-him.

Watching the 519 promo, she looks courageous, defiant, capable, worried, fearless, scared and in love—all at the same time. That is the inertia of being a hero. Can you imagine how powerful Oliver and Felicity are going to be when they come back together. They will understand each other so much better. They will see that his crusade (actually, it will be both of their crusades by then) will define them. It will be the kind of life together they only had a glimpse of back in the fluffy, short sweet time they spent with each other in 4A.

I think it is really great that Felicity is leading the charge against Chase. Like Oliver, she ignores the danger and puts herself on the line to protect those she loves. She has stepped up and made a difference. She will save Oliver from what Chase did to him. She will save Oliver from Oliver as well. Her tech savvy, her intelligence and drive, her willingness to sacrifice herself—it’s selfless, brave, honorable (and for the best reason) loving. Felicity is not broken like Oliver currently is. She is angry and hellbent. It gives her determination and strength. Like she told Oliver in 502, she is passionate and dedicated and focused. And Oliver will be the one in awe.

She will answer Oliver’s question he asked her in 410—how did she get to be so strong? Yes, she took her lead from him, going from a boring IT girl living an obscure life, to a partner in a crime fighting tandem, to a valued friend and partner, to a lover and soulmate. But her real strength came from a truer source—herself. Oliver was only a conduit, a affirmation that love is stronger than any kind of torture or tragedy. Both of them would move Heaven and Earth to ensure each others safety and well-being. And both of them would die for the other. Felicity told Oliver at the fake wedding that his love gives her life purpose. Even though they were broken up, it was a a purpose both of them knew in their hearts. In their souls.

Felicity loves Oliver, first and foremost. Every pure hero has a motivation that drives them. Oliver loves Felicity, first and foremost. Every damaged hero has the same motivation. They have come from different backgrounds, but you can’t avoid Fate. They were put together to love each other, to care and protect and fight for their home. It is a truth, a destiny, an endgame.

So Felicity, you go as dark as you want. And if you do fall, Oliver will be there to pick you up. Like you are for him when he is down. That’s how love works. It conquers all.

So I’ve heard.

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how do you feel about the lady that polpol saves in the 'fight' vs alessi?

Hm this is a curious question… obviously she’s very beautiful and kind and I think the main idea Araki wanted to pass was that if things were different, Polnareff would’ve had a normal, happy life with someone good. The fact that he doesn’t tell her the truth or even abandon the mission to stay with her (which he could’ve done - his mission was to avenge his sister - he had no further “real ” attachment to the crusaders besides friendship and a sense of duty to defeat DIO) was just another testament of his strength of character. You could see how much the decision weighted on him but his resolve was stronger and have I mentioned how much I love Polnareff? He deserved everything good but instead got a miserable life why Araki ;;;

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AU where Zen is a ghoul in love with his human girlfriend ouo reader x zen story.

I’m going to assume this is a request and not just a “oh hey, have you considered this idea” sort of thing? In any case, you have no idea how much I love this cross-over, like, sign me the fuck up any time. Ghoul!Zen excites me to no end. And I don’t usually do this, but considering how this request ended, feel free to ask for a continuation with a happier ending if you’d like. I wouldn’t mind. Thank you for requesting!

If there was anything that falling in love taught Zen, it was self-control. He had used to be so impulsive, constantly giving in to his hunger and thirst and preying on whatever poor human happened to pass by. Of course, he was careful to not rouse suspicion or gather enemies, but he was much more wild in his younger days.

Then he met you in a quaint coffee shop one fine afternoon, and he never knew just how much love could change someone. You were sitting by yourself at a table in the corner of the shop, immersed in your phone. It was then some jerk had approached you and started to give you trouble, invading your personal space. Whether you were a ghoul or human, it didn’t matter to Zen; he was not one to just idly sit by and watch a woman get harrassed.

The young man stood up from his seat and started to make his way over when you “accidentally” spilled some of your coffee on the man bothering you. The man screeched and looked ready to pick a fight when Zen grabbed the male’s wrist, his grip threatening. “Do you need something with my girlfriend?” Zen asked, squaring his shoulders and standing his ground.

The other man realized this was a fight he would lose, so he gave up and sulked away. Zen’s eyes followed him leave before sitting down on the chair in front of you, one of your eyebrows raised. “And just what kind of boyfriend sits at another table the entire time and not with his girlfriend?” You spoke, suspicious but grateful at the same time.

“A bad one who gets really nervous with such a pretty lady,” Zen replied with an apologetic look. “Forgive me?”

Your shoulders relaxed when you realized that the young man before you wasn’t a threat. You leaned back on your chair, your fingers moving to twirl some locks of your hair. “Buy me a cup, and I’ll consider it.”

Zen’s gaze flickered over to the barista who had been keeping watch on them. She shot the ghoul a silent warning, and he understood, but even so, he smiled at you. “You got it.”

It’s been a couple of months since then, and both you and Zen really hit it off well. He was super affectionate and always caring for your well-being. He did tend to get overprotective at times, but he never overstepped his boundaries either. The young man fell in love with you more and more with each passing day, and it was getting more difficult for him in keeping his secret.

He never meant to keep the fact that he was a ghoul secret from you, but he was scared. He was terrified that you would leave him if you found out. So he was careful and meticulous. He even tried to stop eating as much so that he can pretend that he was just a normal human like you, but perhaps that was a bad idea in the long run.

You and Zen were spending some time alone in your apartment. The young man was gushing about how cute you were when you decided to finally shut him up with a kiss like you always did. And as always, Zen would respond with kissing you back with intense ferocity that made your knees weak. Zen pushed his weight against you, bringing the both of you to topple over on the bed.

The young man broke the kiss apart with a sharp gasp for air before dipping his head down to your neck. He kissed and licked along your skin, smiling in satisfaction at the pleased hum you let out, and Zen pressed his hips firmly against yours. His hands travelled all along your body, your own arms rising to wrap around the male’s neck.

What happened next was a surprise. A rather unpleasant one at that. Zen bit hard at your skin, and you shrieked in pain, pushing the young man off of you. You lifted a hand to where Zen bit to help soothe the pain when you felt a warm and sticky liquid underneath your palm. You shot your gaze over to Zen. “What—”

You interrupted yourself, your eyes being met with terrifying ones. Zen wiped the blood on his lips with the back of his hand, a curse tumbling out of his lips. A ghoul, you realized far too late. Zen was a ghoul. Your body reacted immediately while your mind still lagged behind on what to do. You got off the bed, your legs ready to run when you felt a hand on your wrist before you were suddenly yanked back to the mattress, Zen’s body hovering over you and keeping a vice-like grip on your wrists.

He knew he messed up and wanted to apologize before you could run away, but Zen could hear your heart racing and feel your blood pumping, and it excited him deep to his core. But then he saw the complete fear in your eyes. The way your lips trembled as you tried to hold back your whimpers sent guilt to rise in his chest. His heart ached when he saw your tears, and suddenly, Zen can’t find the words.

“…Sorry.” The young man muttered out a single word, his eyes burning with unshed tears before getting off of you. You weren’t given a chance to speak, Zen already running to the door and leaving you.

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You mind if I ask what you mean about the Naruto thing? (I'm cool with the spoilers)

Sakura was heavily reliant on Sasuke for her character pre-Shippuden. After Sasuke betrayed them she trained under Tsunade and actually could fight for herself. She was independent and strong. Then somewhere along the way she started slipping back into old habits; she was weak, reliant on Naruto and Kakashi and Yamato to save her. There was one moment where Sasuke and Naruto clashed and she was like “When they fight they’re likely to die. In that moment I won’t know who to try and heal”.

Even my mom was like WTF you pick Naruto obviously you idiot. Naruto’s the one who stayed with you. Sasuke literally tried to murder her right before she thought that. Her love for Sasuke is a joke imo. 

So at the end of the series, she was weak and indecisive. She then married Sasuke and had his kid? She rewarded Sasuke for his bad behavior. IDK how Sasuke got away with all that he did they should’ve locked him up for good. And Naruto with Hinata out of the blue … I just. I don’t respect these random “shove a ship or reward a bad character at the last minute” kinda thing.

So I hate seeing Boruto shit on my dash. Especially when it comes to Sakura still swooning over Sasuke. I just. Sakura puts such a bad taste in my mouth now it’s really sad. I just can’t respect her or to a lesser degree Naruto, and fuck Sasuke he should’ve died.

Nico started small when adding colour to his wardrobe. Blue mittens, scarfs, socks and maybe a shirt; he liked blue because it reminded him of Percy. It also helped that it was Percy loved the colour, every time he wore blue, Percy would tell him how cute he looked. Eventually though he really started to enjoy wearing blue because it did look good on him.

But he wouldn’t deny his heart still skipped a few beats when Percy wrapped his arms around him and told him how sexy he looked in his favourite colour.


Written by request. I hope it was what you were looking for :3

Good Ones- William Nylander

Originally posted by hockeyontrend

(This kid’s face is the best!)

Ok guys, this one kind of got away from me and I’m actually happy with how this smut turned out! But still… it’s smut! So you all know what to do for these! Up next for everyone is: Jeff Skinner!

Warning: sex, smut, smexy time, cusses

Anon Request: Hey I was wondering if you could do a William nylander smut? Please and thank you!! I love your writing it’s amazing!


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O L I C I T Y 

That is what we needed. Something that he couldn’t plan for...you.

and Oliver knows how that feels, She was unexpected. He had no idea this woman would change his world, for the better. She would own his heart. 

NCT U + Johnny, Yuta reactions to their GF always begin cold

“Helloooo! Can you write a reaction of NCT U + Johnny and Yuta to their girlfriend always being super cold and she always tries to puts her hands in the pocket of their jacket or jeans? Pleasee? Thank you so muchhh🙈💖 ~Rae🌸 “


He would be a little suprised when you’d put your hand into his pocket of jeans. I feel after a couple of times he’d get used to it and he wouldn’t even notice this later. 


Johnny would love this and he’d tease you about it a lot. Whenever he’d notice you’re cold he’d say confidently “baby just put your hand into my pockets” while smiling. 


Taeyong would find it so cute. Whenever you’d put your hands into his pockets he’d hug you so tight to make you much warmer. 


We all know how much this boy loves skinship so he’d be truly in love when you’d put your hand in his pocket. He’d also leave a little comment about it like “jagi you’re so cute” 


He’d be a little suprised just like Taeil and confused. He’d ask you “what are you doing y/n??” and when you’d reply you’re cold he’d just nod and let your hands be in his pockets. 


Ten would ask what are you doing while laughing when you’d put your hands into his pocket. When you said its because you’re cold he’d smile and say jokly “you should wear something warmer” and you’d send him death glare and he’d say “just joking!!! come here” and he’d hug you tightly


Jaehyun would be similar to Taeyong. Whenever you’d do it he would smile so much and say something like “aww my baby is cold i see” and he’d kiss your forehead and hug you. 


I think Mark would be shy about it a little if you’d put your hand into his pocket of jeans. He’s still young and he’d feel awkward because of this kind of skinship.

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Do you have any dialog/prompts for a guy and a girl who are clearly in love, but show it by making fun of each other/sarcastic comments/ mean to each other... Ect?

“You look cute today.”
“I know.”
“Of course you do, you check yourself out in every reflective surface we pass.”
“Well, unlike you, I have something nice to look at.”

“Hey, are you from Tennessee?”
“Because your farmer’s tan is really noticeable.”
“How sweet. I was gonna ask if you fell from heaven because you remind me of Satan.”

She laughed in a mocking way, taking a sip of her water as he stuck out his tongue.
“I’m sorry, you know I’m kidding.”
She smiled and threw arms out to hug him, letting him pull her close before she tilted her hand to spill the water down his back.
“Oops. Sorry.”

“You remind me of dark chocolate.”
“Why? Because I’m bitter?”
“Well, that and you look promising and you’re made out of a lot of delicious ingredients, but biting into you just brings disappointment.”

“That’s it,” Roy said, rounding the corner. As soon as he spotted Maria, he picked up his pace and threw an arm around her as Katelyn appeared. “Maria, will you go to homecoming with me?”
“Aren’t you going with Katelyn?” she asked, glancing between her friends. Roy had a triumphant look on his face and Katelyn crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow.
“He’s upset that I won’t show him the dress I’m wearing.”
“I want to match colors!”
“I’ll buy you a tie!”
“What kind of world do we live in that a man can’t buy his own tie?”

Happy birthday to my love, Bang Yongguk ❤

Honestly I’m a bit weary of posting this because its no where as nice as my digital art. But I wanted to try something new for this very special man that has kept my head up and my eyes on my dreams. Without his inspiration and seeing the drive he has to do what he loves for us and himself I would have already quit art and gave up on everything I loved. I want to thank him in every single way for this and everything he has done for us. He deserves the world and we Babyz can give it to him ♡ 


“We should get out of here,” I tell him before I can stop myself.

His eyes widen and he quirks an eyebrow at me, “Are you suggesting we leave together?”

“I’m suggesting we should do something instead of sitting here, talking about how much we hate people who are in love,” I tell him in one breath. With the reminder that I will most probably not remember what happens tonight, I put down my empty glass and says, “So, Harry, do you want to do something crazy?”

the fake marriage (or is it really fake) au, read on tumblr

Dating Newt Scamander Would Include:

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  • He would do this cute thing every year on your birthday where he would give you another creature as your present. Something not dangerous and kinda cute. He wanted you to have a collection of your own
  • When he first asked you to be his girlfriend he was so nervous he almost 
  • He loves to show you things he picked up around the world, it almost like taking you on vacation with him
  • He loves to cuddle, thought sometimes Dougal likes to ruin your time together and get in on the action. You can’t stand to be mad at him about it
  • When he was going to propose he panicked because his Niffler had stolen the ring before hand
  • He doesn’t let you around the most dangerous creatures, because he knows how unpredictable they are and he doesn’t want you to get hurt
  • He sends pickette sometimes over to you with little notes, just small things like “You look beautiful today” or “I love you”. Sometimes he gets too nervous to say it out loud
  • You love playing with his tuffs of hair. It’s just so wild and fluffy
  • There is something about his little smile and lip bite that makes you fall in love with it even more every single time he does it
  • When he first showed you the Erumpent mating dance you were laughing so much you through the poor girl off
  • His passion for his creatures is very endearing, he has such a big heart and only wants them to be happy
  • In the beginning of his book he made a special dedication to you for always being there to support him