hi this is actually a sideblog but u know

sup dudes it’s ya boi eli (prev. xinhuas) back at it again with loving his peoples

so i recently hit almost 650 (639 lmao) and i was like wow… u kno… i love those fuckos that always be reblogging my content… so i decided i’d do a thing called moodboards for mutuals (actually i saw one of my mutuals be like someone make me a moodboard. and i was like wow that could be me. i could make it) anyways sorry for rambling. expect a random person making you a moodboard within the next few. soon. and without further ado. a list of all yall fuck ass nerds

also btw some of you might know me as my sideblogs aka @fnnickodiar @inexpliqable @daisthighs @taiwanesekeith @graydicksons @95fahrenheit

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