hi this is actually a sideblog but u know

anonymous asked:

do ur rl friends know u write fanfic? is it something you talk about w them or nah? Huh actually r ur rl friends even into YOI?

They do not!!! My friends know that I use Tumblr a lot and I let them know that I started a YOI sideblog because a lot of them also love YOI (I may or may not have forced everyone I know to watch it)!

They also know that I read fic – we rec each other fics sometimes and I live in constant fear of being sent my own fic because I have no idea what I would do! *shrugs*

Two people know my URL – both of these reveals were accidents LOL and then a third friend may or may not have seen my ao3 username in a third incident,,, I am basically Hannah Montana but w/o the fame or good hair