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How's the WINGS tour so far? Are you enjoying it?

JK: >:D

You know, I really like that scene in episode 3 season 1 when Merlin says to the entire court that he’s the sorcerer who saved Gwen’s father and Arthur steps in to save him

Because, the thing is that it’s almost impossible that Arthur’s reason to not believe Merlin is because he thinks it’s impossible that Merlin is a sorcerer or that he’s in love with Gwen; especially when he says, “there’s no /way/ he’s a sorcerer” the last word almost hissing through his teeth to Merlin as if to warn him. Arthur has no reason to believe that Merlin was lying. It is almost as if an unconscious instinct in him said /save him. Make sure he doesn’t die/ and so he steps in and does. They haven’t known each other that long or that well yet, and yet Arthur reacts as if he knows that Merlin has magic but mustn’t die

And I really like that; I think that if Arthur would question himself about why he was so stern on getting Merlin out of that situation, he probably wouldn’t really know the answer himself. The answer is of course that he is fond of Merlin (/likes him?/loves him?) but he probably doesn’t even realise it

In any way, Arthur saves Merlin’s life in that scene, and I think it is because Arthur felt within himself he must not let Merlin do this, without noticing

It’s like, he felt he had to save his other half and immediately did it

HI!! blog post

HI!!! i’ve been dead and i’m still dead HAHAHAHA school is following me through summer :(( i should really learn how to say no to these extracurricular projects (i feel like a big pushover T_T). since i accepted them, i don’t have the right to complain HAHA :((

i’m planning to quit the newspaper team next year though, and i hope that lessens the workload, because i felt like i didn’t do well academically this year T_T

also i got a haircut!! at my not regular salon. so it’s kind of weird for me HAHAHAHA why are haircuts only nice on the day they’re done T_T i don’t have the time/skills/effort to blowdry my hair every day HAHAhuhuhu

so far, i haven’t felt the summer vacation vibes at all because i still go to school for extracurricular work :(( AND IT’S ALSO REALLY HOT ALL THE TIME why are we so close to the equator, my life is on fire, i’ve never used an umbrella outside so much while it isn’t raining

but!!! !! !! i’ve found some ways to relieve stress!! which is playing music!! <3 (even though i’m not the best at it HAHAHAHA) i might get a condenser mic soon!! and i’m going to play with it forever (and maybe i’ll share a link to my really bad soundcloud) HAHAHA

also, my nerd music friend (portrayed as a bucket here, because drawing him takes too much effort) reintroduced me to a lot of john mayer videos and now i think i have a crush on john mayer. why is he so perfect with his god guitar hands and voice (nerd bucket has also been trying to play john mayer songs. he’s very angry and is fascinated with john mayer’s thumb)

i’m hoping that after majority of my work is done (my big deadlines are near the end of this month) i’ll be able to practice more music and drawing!! though i still have to study for college entrance exams (i’m honestly so nervous HAHAHA T_T)

oh!! and i’ve been helping out in this game called Golden Hour (if you haven’t seen it, check the devblog out here!!! I’M REALLY EXCITED FOR IT) as a part of their junior squad (i’m the maknae huhu)!!! <3 it’s really cool and i’m in love with all the characters HAHAHA sweats nervously

i’ll still be posting some art from time to time here!! i recently tried the whole grayscale painting and overlaying color thing (HAHAHA I DON’T KNOW WHAT IT’S CALLED T_T) and it’s got me procrastinating on work :(( drawing is one of the only stress reliefs i have nowadays

I ALSO RECENTLY DISCOVERED ARTSTATION AND OMG IT’S ART PARADISE I AM NOT WORTHY i just lurk around and occasionally post illustrations there HAHAHA

that’s all!!! here’s to more posts in the future! and here is a doodle of me kicking nerd bucket (i know ur reading this) because he’s mean. but he’s good at music. so i forgive him

Not quite a new blog but I’m looking for some more active people to follow and write with so here I am with an independent, private, and crossover friendly ZUKO aka prince fire breeches aka sifu hotman aka the EDGElord from AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER.

I’m sure y’all know the drill. LIKE / REBLOG if you’d be interested in interacting, but the latter is definitely appreciated to get the word out.

Hey everyone!!

Sorry for not announcing this BEFORE I disappeared for almost two weeks but… I’ve moved to Canada!
I got into an art school here and have moved in with a good friend and holy shit it’s hot in Calgary what the hell my Icelandic body is not used to warm winds.

Anyways! We finally got internet in our apartment so I can make this update post :>
I will probably post pictures at some point (gonna try and keep to an actual update schedule of my adventure into art school!)

But now that I’ve more or less settled in… AAAAAAA

     SO I’VE REACHED 100+ FOLLOWERS ON THIS BLOG, AT LAST! In many eyes, 100 may seem like a small number of followers to reach–but considering the fact that I’ve been on Vidar for roughly three months now, I couldn’t be prouder. There have been a lot of you who have motivated me to keep dragon dad alive, even after I briefly deleted his blog back in march. You’ve allowed me to let Vidar grow and exist in universes and ways I didn’t picture him being part of before moving him onto tumblr. Who would have thought, that a character who began as a concept for a fan-fiction would end up developing so much outside the fandom he was made for?

I also want to thank all the muns who have been so nice to me these past few months. After my hiatus here, I admit it was a struggle to come back to the tumblr community simply because I felt I would have difficulty catching back up to speed again. Seeing some faces, both old and new, have helped me readjust into the grove of the roleplay community. Plotting and chatting with you guys is really a great pleasure.

So, I want to say thank you. Here’s to the friends and muses Vidar and I have encountered during our journey here–and here’s to many future roleplays!

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Every time an anti reblogs one of my posts, and says Aaron deserves so much better than Robert?

I remember the fact that if it hadn’t been for Robert, Aaron would have died.

Also, there is no such thing as a healthy, stable relationship on soap.

Tom: “Huh? What is that supposed to mean…”

Tom: “…What?! They only left to go to the store!”

Tom: “There’s no way they could’ve … they’re … they’re fine, they have to be…”

Tom: “…And now you’re telling me Tord is alive?!”

Tom: “What is this, some kind of sick prank?! I don’t have to deal with this–”

Tom: “…”

Tom: “M-maybe I should call them … just in case…”

Tom: “Hello? Edd?”

Edd: “Hello?”

Tom: “Oh, thank god. Everyone’s saying that you and Matt are dead, I know it’s stupid but I just got worried and–”

Edd: “…”

Tom: “…Edd…?”

Edd: “Haha, got you! I can’t answer the phone right now, so leave a message after the beep! Beep!”

Tom: “…It was his voicemail…  That asshole…”

Tom: “I’ll try Matt, he always has his phone…”

Tom: “Hello? Matt?”

“We’re sorry, the number you’re trying to reach is currently unavailable. Please leave a message at the tone.”

Tom: “…..”

Tom: “Now I’m getting really worried…”

-Mod Matt

I keep on forgetting I have this blog *sigh* but hi, yes I’m still alive. I had the loveliest past two days with daddy. He told me i’m by far the cutest girlfriend he’s ever had and that’s why he can’t stop staring at me all the time and I’ve been on cloud nine ever since *melts*

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     his gaze wanders onto the billboard of haunting photos. it was a way to honor the dead && their sacrifices; it was to make sure everyone remembered them even after they had passed. “ y’know… i could’ve been one of these people. if joan would’ve shot me instead.. fuck, i really dodged a bullet there, huh ?? “