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Leonard Church: prince of heart.  inventing so many new and creative way to torture himself and shatter his own identity, they had to write whole new laws.

idealai  asked:

Hello Culpers! I've being watching from afar and I wanted to ask your opinion on two things. First and foremost, what's your opinion on Major Edmund Hewlett (aka Burn Gorman's role)? And secondly, what do you feel about the narrative concerning the romance between Hewlett and Anna? <333

hey there! these are two things i’ve never, never been asked about, so if this comes out like complete shite, i’m so sorry. i had an inclination to like hewlett as soon as turn began because of burn. he had been a favorite of mine way back on torchwood (i still can’t rewatch his character’s demise on that show), so i was curious to see where his character would go.

in particular, the first two seasons were a joy to watch him in: we went from meeting this rather generic, unyielding base of what a major in his position might have been to seeing his heart and the actual man beneath – to edmund, with all his interests, all his excitement and nervousness. it was a delight to see him fleshed out and humanized, and of course, that’s where mrs. strong came in. 

during season two, there was nothing anna needed more than an honest friend. remember in 2x04 when she brought him the delivery for abigail then later came back to see what was in the box? i loved that. even more so, i loved when it came to simcoe’s return, how hewlett, with no more than a few seconds of thought, spoke up in agreement to have her brought to white hall. they would come to aid each other in so much.

but with season three, i don’t know what happened. i was somehow left behind on the romance entirely. it never felt equal or without a catch to me. i don’t doubt that she truly cared for hewlett – deeply, too. she had been ready to marry him, after all. had everything gone smoothly, i feel like she would have gone through with it and worked to find purpose in it as she has with everything else. on the other hand, something seemed to eclipse it. in parallel to robert’s realization, she understood something bigger was happening around her. the whole marriage plot came out of her need to save both edmund and abe, and it seems that sort of gets lost in thinking about her motivations.

i get very middle ground about them, i guess, and with so little of the show left, part of me hopes they lay to rest the focus on the love stories. seeing anna with ben and caleb, urging her boys to be more brilliant, that was beyond glorious at the end of last season. if we could see hewlett doing better wherever he roams now, i’d be happy.

I Will Eventually Need That Back, Bittle…

(But first let me take a picture of you sleeping in it because you are really cute and it makes me feel things I wasn’t prepared for)

for @monstrux - Happy birthday, Selma! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Upright: Regretful but necessary transition, rite of passage
Reversed: Cannot move on, carrying baggage

The Tower|Ace of Cups|Six of Swords

Sam as the Six of Swords, a tarot card commission by @cerisehunter!

I love his expression and the pose and all the little details so much oh gosh



ColossalCon 2k15

Some pictures I got going to my first awesome convention (Lot of RWBY for a friend):

(Yeah I met Chuck Huber ;D He was awesome)

I also went to a Kagerou Project panel cosplaying as Ayano. I don’t have any pictures but if one of the cosplayers choose to upload the picture on Tumblr, I’ll reblog it for you :)

(I also met Crusher-P :O The vocaloid goddess )