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Hey, Jen! I was just looking through lots on the Gallery, and spotted what appears to be someone taking credit for your Aunt Jo's Farm lot. It looks practically identical on the exterior. The ID for this person is Grasveldje, and the name for the lot is, "A Farmers House." This lot is also being featured on SimsVIP. I just wanted to let you know, as I really appreciate what you create, and seeing what appears to be someone stealing your work isn't cool. Thanks for all you do! - Lindsey

Hi Lindsey! :) Thank you for your note! I truly appreciate your attentiveness and sense of fairness. However, I’m not too concerned in this case - I don’t think they uploaded my lot directly under their name. It looks like they copied the basics of my lot but built it from scratch. It’s enough where you can recognize the similarities to my lot immediately, but different enough that I can’t call it the same. I’m always encouraging people to do whatever they want with my lots (including using them as a base or inspiration), so I can’t be too upset about this. It does bug me a tiny bit that they don’t give credit, but oh well. I’ll live. ;)

lindsey: [phones rings, answers it] hello? who is this?

stevie: hi lindsey

lindsey: ah. stephanie. my mortal enemy. interesting that you would call on this day of the week. coincidence? i believe not.

stevie: it’s thursday

lindsey: exactly. thirsty thursday. who would have thought? that you, my mortal enemy, would be thirsty for me, your mortal enemy. interesting.

stevie: i was just calling to see when the festival dates were this summer but i’ve just now realized that i can’t go sorry bye

neighbor from down the lane: hi I’m Lindsey its nice to meet you

Taeyong: Hi I’m taeyong its nice to meet you

Lindsey: I heard you have kids?

Taeyong: yes I do there wonderful-

*in the background*



Jeno:* runs past the door and looks like he bout to break his neck*

Johnny: *doing the ‘wake me wake me uuuup!’ Move in the corner*

Winwin: *playing patty cake with chenle and ten while all this happens*

Taeyong: well I Have to go make dinner now see you!*waves like its a casual thing*

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"i said i love you."

five word prompts

The words weren’t what made Lukas stop, remote still pointed at the TV screen, DVD menu playing repeated canned music. He hadn’t actually heard Philip the first time as he rifled through his DVD collection looking for a movie that they wanted to watch, so when he heard the words repeated, Lukas only stopped because he was confused. Had they not said that to each other yet? 

Lukas knew he felt it, after everything they’ve been through together, the fact that Philip had - for some wild reason - chosen Lukas even when Lukas didn’t know what he wanted with his own life. 

You’ll know it when you feel it, is what his mom used to tell him back when Lukas asked what love felt like when he was five. And she had been right. Being with Philip felt different than anyone else, and the feeling just clicked in his head. So had he really just forgotten to say the words out loud? 

Standing up, Lukas returned to the bed where Philip was sitting and ran a hand through Philip’s hair - which was quickly turning into one of his favorite past times - and settling his hand at the back of the darker haired man’s neck. “Have I not said that to you yet?” He asked with a smile, ducking his head down to brush their lips together in an almost nonexistent kiss. ‘Because I swear I thought I did.”

“For it is in passing that we achieve Immortality.’” -Pyrrha Nikos, Episode 6 of RWBY, Created by Monty Oum

Today, it is with a heavy heart that we say farewell to an amazing person. Monty Oum had deeply inspired me, creating the very product and community that had so given me the inspiration to get into art. I am deeply indebted to him for he has helped me find where I want to go in life, as well as meeting people whom I am glad to call my friends.

You will be deeply missed, Monty. I will keep moving forward in all of my endeavors, and will not stop creating. May you Rest in Peace knowing that you had touched so many lives.

stevie: [walks into a room to find lindsey lying on the floor, guitar resting across his torso] lindsey what are you doing

lindsey: Hi, I’m Lindsey Buckingham, and we’re in my room

stevie: this is the bathroom

Hi lovelies! The name is Lindsey and I’m really awkward at intros. But I’m so excited to be here. Yay. (: I love making my characters sad (don’t judge), and love plotting so message me if you want to. Oh yea, if you wanna know more bout my baby go here  I guess that’s it for now <3 

Yo, an updated version of an earlier one I made. Anyone else a fan of these?