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This coloring page is one of my faves because it mentioned Prince Adam in this pic. ;)

And to be honest, I really love how Prince Adam came out to be - he was like a gentle giant who is trying to hold gently with a tiny teacup with his massive hands.

And, of course, really shows that he has a “David” vibe from either the Bible-related art (Michelangelo’s “David) and/or the Bible story after all. ^w^

(And the oddest things was that Gaston is like a combination of both Goliath and King Saul (along with Lucifer the evil angel), while Forte from “Enchanted Christmas” represents as King Saul’s devil on a shoulder from the Bible).

If you haven’t heard of “David and Goliath,” it’s really an inspiring tale from Jewish/Christian legends to great artists and novelists to create strong male heroes in many decades, since the Greek/Roman myths (Odyseuss, Aeneas, Theseus, Hercules, Chiron the centuar, Jason and the Argonauts, and Perseus) (I’m not counting with Achilles - he’s such an immature turd … A LOT).

In fact, it’s one of my fave Bible stories for humanize-9 and my Male OC (Spero). ;) As Christian myself, I understand why - “David and Goliath” is not just a Bible story. It really shows how purity and innocence (David) can defeat the madness and evil (Goliath… and then King Saul).

In case you didn’t know, I drew a pic of Prince Adam, David, and humanize- 9, from almost a couple years ago. http://misschristineart.tumblr.com/post/142500223635/httpmadame-kikuedeviantartcomartdavid-huggin


My cat scared the living tar outta me today, seems like a regular problem that would pop up when living with a Tamaranean

Yui: I made you some tea.

Yui: *slips and falls*

Reiji: *rushes over* Oh dear, is anything broken?

Yui: No, I think I’m fine.

Reiji: Not you. The teacup.

  • Jumin: *in a teacup ride, holding a teacup*
  • Jumin: I misunderstood the point of this ride.

Gif source:  Sherlock  |  Jim

Imagine Jim Moriarty being your ex but you’re engaged to Sherlock and when Jim comes over to 221B to talk to Sherlock, you come in after getting groceries and Sherlock’s confused on how you two know each other.

——— Request for fandoms-pizza-wifi-ym13 ———

“Well, well, well,” Jim’s grin gets wider as he sets down his teacup, stopping you in your tracks as you enter 221B to find him sitting across from your fiancé. “Welcome home, love.”

“What are you doing here?” you ask flatly, feeling the heat of Sherlock’s stare as he turns it from Moriarty to you.

Sherlock watches as you set down the groceries in the kitchen, asking you rather than Moriarty, “The two of you know each other?”

The 2Ps when they're sleepy
  • 2P!America: *walks smack into a wall* ...., aGH fuck off i hate you
  • 2P!China: *yawns and snuggles up to you* mmHm... can you cuddle me pls
  • 2P!England: *drops like a fuCKING AVALANCHE OF SUgar into his dainty little teacup*
  • 2P!France: i h ate my lif e
  • 2P!Russia: snarky comments to literally anyone who talks to him
  • 2P!Italy: if you so much as look at me i swear to fuckng god,,
  • 2P!Germany: dAMMIT I'M SO TIRED
  • 2P!Japan: sleep is for the weak
  • 2P!Romano: napping on someone's shoulder every time he gets the chance
  • 2P!Austria: being nocturnal has its downsides
  • 2P!Prussia: i shouldn't have stayed up playing video games last night....,, so much regret aaah

Happy holidays, rav3nsta9, I’m your Secret Santa for the @hannigramholidayexchange

I went with your second idea and drew you a HDM AU! I hope you like it :)

This is an alternate version of Hannibal’s office somewhere in New Denmark in Lyra’s world probably? I imagine Hannibal would be interested in Dust so I put some weirdass instruments there. Also, that is one of Gustave Doré’s illustrations of Lucifer for Paradise Lost in the background ;)

There were so many possibilities in choosing the daemons but I’m quite satisfied with what I settled on :

  • Hannibal has a tufted grey langur. When thinking about his character and what kind of daemon he would end up with I realised he’s actually very similar to Mrs Coulter so monkey daemon it was! I opted for grey langurs because they’re stylish, their faces look like tiny wendigos’ and they have a certain relationship with deers (yes, seriously, they’ll drop fruits for them and each will warn the other if they spot a predator). And now I realise that I basically gave him a silver monkey to Mrs Coulter’s golden one, oh well…
  • Will has an Amazon kingfisher. Early on I knew I wanted a fisher bird for Will and preferably a small one so that Hannibal’s daemon could “play” with her. Not only is this kingfisher one of the 6 species native to the Americas, but while I was browsing wikipedia pages I stumbled upon this gem: “The rarely heard song, given from a tree top, is a whistled see see see see” …I mean…I had to choose it XD. Additionally, I really love the idea that Will’s special abilities manifest as a partially settled daemon who could change form at times to help him get into the minds of murderers.

Other potential ideas were: ravenstag (for both), osprey (Will), snake and mongoose obviously and I almost went with a ravenmonkey for Hannibal ;p


This is one of the few - and very rare - passages where Jamie completely lets his guard down and shares just exactly what supporting the Bonnie Prince - and the resulting 20 years of his life - has cost him.

And it’s absolutely extraordinary that he does so with someone who’s not Claire. Remember, at this point Jamie and Claire have been reunited for 2 days. She is painfully aware that she has no concept of just how much he has gone through during their decades apart.

But who else would Jamie expose his soul to than Ian?

And how deeply does this wound everyone involved?

Ian whirled back to face Jamie.

“Damn you!” he said violently. “Damn ye for a reckless, harebrained fool, Jamie Fraser! First the Jacobites, and now this!”

Jamie had flushed up at once at Ian’s words, and his face grew darker at this.

“Am I to blame for Charles Stuart?” he said. His eyes flashed angrily and he set his teacup down with a thump that sloshed tea and whisky over the polished tabletop.

“Did I not try all I could to stop the wee fool? Did I not give up everything in that fight — everything, Ian! My land, my freedom, my wife — to try to save us all?” He glanced at me briefly as he spoke, and I caught one very small quick glimpse of just what the last twenty years had cost him.

He turned back to Ian, his brows lowering as he went on, voice growing hard.

“And as for what I’ve cost your family — what have ye profited, Ian? Lallybroch belongs to wee James now, no? To your son, not mine!”

Ian flinched at that. “I never asked—” he began.

“No, ye didn’t. I’m no accusing ye, for God’s sake! But the fact’s there — Lallybroch’s no mine anymore, is it? My father left it to me, and I cared for it as best I could — took care o’ the land and the tenants — and ye helped me, Ian.” His voice softened a bit. “I couldna have managed without you and Jenny. I dinna begrudge deeding it to Young Jamie — it had to be done. But still…” He turned away for a moment, head bowed, broad shoulders knotted tight beneath the linen of his shirt.

How have I never seen an ADHD Neville Longbottom headcanon?

ADHD Neville who always forgets everything

ADHD Neville who keeps losing his toad and his possessions

ADHD Neville who’s clumsy and uncoordinated, messing up potions, falling off his broom, dropping teacups

ADHD Neville who needs the passwords for the common room written down to even be able to get inside, because he can never recall them

ADHD Neville who’s shy and insecure because of how his symptoms makes it difficult to interact with people

ADHD Neville who’s ineloquent and bumbling because the words won’t come the way he wants them to

ADHD Neville who takes a long time to realise he’s got ADHD because he’s primarily inattentive rather than hyperactive and bouncing off the walls

ADHD Neville who finally realises because of a pamphlet he sees while visiting his parents at St Mungo’s

ADHD Neville who’s talented and intelligent, but fails to earn high marks because of poor memory and difficulty following instructions (and, well, abusive teachers)

ADHD Neville who becomes a skilled wizard when able to learn in an environment (Room) more suited to his Requirements, when he has the motivation and encouragement to drive him forward

ADHD Neville who’s probably equal parts brave and impulsive when he stands up to the Carrows even when he knows he shouldn’t

ADHD Neville who becomes a professor and is able to provide his students with a much more diversity-friendly learning environment

ADHD Neville Longbottom

“Arse,” Harry glares, but it’s more playful than anything.

“You like those,” Malfoy retaliates, and it’s not a very good comeback, but it’s successful in that it makes Harry flush to the roots of his hair.

“So what if I do?” Harry responds hotly. Draco notices with amusement that he casts a cooling charm before picking up his teacup again.

And this is the most awkward part of the whole event, because Harry had just outright admitted to liking boys and Draco—Draco hadn’t been quite ready to admit that yet.

“Depends. Do you like mine?” Malfoy reclines in his chair.

Harry looks away. “Are we—really discussing this?” He looks annoyed.

“I mean—whatever, Potter. We don’t have to,” Malfoy says, clamping his mouth shut.

To this day, Draco is so, so grateful for Harry’s courage, because Harry gives Malfoy a long sigh and opens his mouth to say, “And what if I want to?”

Malfoy swallows. “Does that mean you do like me—I mean, mine?”

Harry arches a brow. “Liking you and liking your arse are two very different things.”

“I’m aware,” Malfoy huffs.

“One of them involves actual feelings, you know.”

“I know. You don’t have fucking feelings for me, Potter, it was a slip of the tongue. No one would even believe that anyway.”

“It didn’t sound like a slip of the tongue,” Harry sips his tea.

Title: Deal with the Devil

Pairing: Oswald Cobblepot x Female Reader

Summary: You want Oswald to stop asking Jim for favors, but what the Penguin asks for is completely out of line. You won’t do it. Will you?

Warnings: None I think. Just fluffiness and mild making out.

Originally posted by twofacedharveydent

The tea is good, you think to yourself. It’s somewhat surprising although you can’t figure out why. You just don’t have Oswald pegged down as a tea guy. Or any guy really. He’s more along the lines of… an annoying fly that you keep swatting at but it always circles around the room and comes straight back to you. Or a stray dog that follows you around hoping for a favor or a handout. You spare a look at Oswald over the rim of your teacup. His eyes are wide and bright, cheeks colored pink. Definitely more like a stray dog.

“You know,” Oswald says putting his own cup down. “When Jim Gordon’s sister called me wanting a favor, well, my curiosity peaked. What could I possibly have that you would want?”

“My brother’s balls for one thing.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“You heard me.” You put down your drink on the bar and slide your gaze from Oswald to Fish’s club. Oswald’s club now. Workers mill around like ants in an ant hive, moving tables and booths. Some are putting in new light fixtures. You have to admire how quickly Oswald’s moved. The club hasn’t even technically been his a day and already almost every single trace of Fish Mooney is gone.

“I can’t say I understand what exactly you’re getting at, friend.” Oswald drums his fingers nervously against his thighs, seemingly oblivious to the way the word ‘friend’ makes you flinch. It’s the first sign of any emotion he’s shown since mild pleasure at your arrival. Now he’s fidgety and you love it. Nervous people are easy to… persuade.

Persuasion has always been your particular gift since, unfortunately, Jim wasn’t the one to inherit the Gordon charm. That was you. You with your pretty eyes and nice smile. From a young age you learned how cranking up that charm to a twenty could get you things. Some Christmases it got you a brand new bike or a doll from your parents. There were even a couple of (alright, a lot actually) birthdays where your charm earned you gifts from people at your father’s workplace. Yes, charm always got you exactly what you wanted and you’re sure it won’t fail you right now.

“Oswald.” You hop off the barstool and move in closer to Penguin, making sure to flip your hair so he gets a strong whiff of your perfume. His nose twitches and his eyes glaze over for a moment. It’s not as big a reaction as you’d hoped, but it’s good enough. You slide your hand up and down his arm while batting your eyelashes. “We should really just talk honestly.”

Oswald swallows the saliva pooling in his mouth and answers, never taking his eyes off your hand gently stroking his arm. “Agreed.”

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‘Oh Erwin…the things I’m going to do to you…’

Levi has many ideas for his new toy, all the little poses he has in mind - next to his favourite teacup like he’s climbing in. Holding onto his thumb. Raiding the snack cupboard. Reading books.

Deep down, Levi is just a big kid like us, was actually the first to pre-order his new prized possession.

Has this been done? Sorry if it has, but the idea came to me this morning so I had to do a quick doodle XD

Clearly couldn’t be bothered to do actual arms.

Hatter is a mad lad but he 100% cares about his lesbian teacup child! (Ayyyy it’s ya shortie CDD! Cherry Dream-on Demon! Or Marcy it’s your call. ) This is for my comic Fruitloops, but it’s gotten to that point in development *going on for a year and a half* where I’ve thought of some characters as tinies lmaooo.

litnerdhood  asked:

post death jason who drinks the really expensive tea, alfred made him and for a moment he thinks of visiting alfie but yeah bad idea bc he did some things they shouldn't forgive him for right? He deserves their anger. I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS IMSORRY

He feels as though he can not go back, even though the elderly man has often looked at him with those pleading brown eyes. He does not say anything, no, but he stands ready.

Alfred remembers his boy.

But Jason fears that he will hear the only man who believes in him sigh behind his teacup. “I would not have told you my war stories if I knew you would use them as an excuse.” Jason knows he would not say this, but he cannot convince himself that the illusion is wrong.

Alfred has killed before. What makes Jason any different?

Some men are born soliders.

And peace my child I have many feelings too we are in the same boat :)

Two things that occurred to me re Disney’s Beauty and the Beast:

1. It appears that nearly every object in the castle is alive. This would suggest that, firstly, there wasn’t any furniture or anything in the castle before they transformed (unless they put it all in storage) and would not be anything when they turned back, and secondly, there were a straight-up impossible number of servants. It makes more sense if rather than transforming into objects, the servants possessed the objects, and some of them were spread out among multiple related items. What I’m trying to say is, the cutlery is a hive mind.

2. As has been pointed out, Chip must have spent all or most of his life as a teacup. When he turns human at the end, he is riding on Sultan at the time, and then Mrs. Potts immediately picks him up, and she’s still carrying him in the final scene. At no point do we see him stand or walk. I don’t think he knows how to legs yet.