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Our Little Secret - Part Twelve

Summary: It’s your first hunt back from your injury. Dean thinks he has a way to help you through the soreness

Series Masterlist

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Kink(s): Wax Play

Word Count: 5000

Warnings: Smut, language, wax, angst

A/N: Thank you so much for reading. I’m really loving these character and this series. Thank you for your wonderful responses. A special thank you to the people who looked this over for me.

This is unbetaed, all mistakes are my own


“Your turn,” Dean hands you the shovel, “I dug the last one.”

“Oh come on Dean,” Sam protests, “she’s had more than a month off, she-”

“She’s standing right here,” you look pointedly at Sam, taking the shovel from Dean, “I got this, you boys just stand there and look pretty.”

Sam rolls his eyes, Dean chuckles, “Do you remember how to do this sweetheart, it’s been awhile.”

“Shut up, even rusty I can dig a grave twice as fast as you,” you can’t help but smile, pushing the point into the ground, taking out the first shovel full of dirt.

“Do you want me to time you?”

You flip him off, continuing to dig as they talk for a bit, discussing the corpse that in a matter of time you will be salting and burning. After about ten inches, another shovel hits the hard ground a few feet from yours and you look up to see Dean there, “You were moving too slow.”

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Justin gets jealous over Clay - part 3

A/N: Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for! Part 3 has arrived! Enjoy my lovelies:)

Warnings: Graphic descriptions of sexual activities. 

“Mr. Foley, could you please read us the next paragraph?” Ms. Tanner calls out to him. 

“Y-Yes.” Justin stutters out, holding back a moan. 

‘I bet he now regrets leaving me in the boys washroom all hot and bothered.’ I think smugly. 

I walked into communications class, and right away spotted Justin. He was sitting in the very back of the class, the seat next to him empty. I made my way over to him and plopped down in the seat beside his. 

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Just so everyone is clear

Ezra knew exactly who Aria was when he met her in that bar. He knew that she was 16. He lied to her, allowing her to feel safe in their relationship, having her lie to her friends and her family about them and eventually leading up to her choosing him over them on countless occasions. Yes he did deserve to go to jail. Teacher-student relationships are just wrong. From the beginning this relationship has been toxic b/c of everything Aria had to do for Ezra. Then we straight up find out he was manipulating her for his own selfish gains. IDC if he got shot for her b/c seriously? Who does Ezra Fitz think he is??? 

Bottom line, Ezra is scum and Aria believing that he is a saint is just so wrong on so many different levels. He’s a predator and if the show ends with him having a happily ever after instead of Tanner hauling his ass into jail, then idek

What’s With the Beard?

BUCKY BARNES x Plus Size Reader

A slice of life with bearded Bucky based on these two looks. 

Content: Fluff, very slight sexual mention

You haven’t seen Bucky in a week when he suddenly knocks on your door at four in the morning. You let him in, of course, because he is your boyfriend and you haven’t been able to spend time with him due to conflicting schedules. You’ve been talking, of course, but you missed having him around. So, when he takes your hand and practically drags you to your bedroom and immediately cuddles into you to fall asleep, you’re not paying much mind to the new look. But when you wake up… Wow.

Bucky’s had his hair cut since you two started dating a few months before, and he’s kept it short since then. He hasn’t been cleanshaven by any means (you’re honestly sure you’ve never seen his bare chin), but he’s never had this much facial hair before. Until right now, when his cheek is pressed against your chest and you can feel the scratch of the hair lightly through your thin t-shirt. You had woken up groggily around noon, with your eyes refusing to open all the way and chapped lips, and the first thing you had done was look down to the man clinging to your body. 

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⚓  {   ocean day  }

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:: Darren Miller ::


Age: 17 at Haven (turns 18 shortly after arriving at Skyhold).

Height: 5’7” (170 cm).

Class: Warrior (no specialisation).

Weapon of Choice: Short sword.

Religion: Andrastian, but not devoutly.

Nickname Courtesy of Varric: Junior / Dandelion

Family: Jorah Miller (father), Elise Miller (mother), Claire Miller (little sister), Cian Miller (little brother - deceased).

Positive Traits: Loyal, kind, determined, genuine, sunny.

Negative Traits: Trusting (to a fault), awkward, sensitive, clumsy, self-critical.

Love interest(s): none so far.

Gets along with: Hanin, The Dawn Squad, Sera, Delton, Maraas, Varric, Krem, and The Iron Bull.

Does not get along with: Cole, most of the recruits in his former squads, Maraas (initially), Cassandra (she intimidates him).


Darren grew up on a farm with his family, and lived there for all of his life until the explosion at the Conclave. Nestled at the heart of Ferelden, their small town had somehow managed to avoid the worst of the Fifth Blight. Darren loved working the farm with his father from the moment he was old enough to keep up, but also learned important things like sewing and how to prepare a meal from his mother when it was raining or he got sick and had to stay indoors. He loves his family more than the sun in the sky, and the surprise arrival of a pair of twins when Darren was eight was one of the most exciting moments of his life. On a weeping morning in early spring, his sister Claire and brother Cian were born.

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Yoongi Scenario: Tainted Love - Part 3.

Request: Could you make one with Yoongi being some sort of demon/vampire boss that every one is super scared of but then there is Y/N, Yoongi is in love with her and everyone is always super impressed how Yoongi always surrenders and softens when something is about her? He’s super protective and wants to please her in his own way, thank you for doing this i love you

Summary: Demons are merciless, demons are ruthless, demons can’t hold nothing dear to them. Yoongi is the leader, the king of the demon world. He is feared as he is respected, no one expected him to bring a human girl as his lover, you. You fell in love and now you are in the midst of adjusting to the demon world, its custums, and its dangers. But everything is worth it if is for him, the demon king that lives between shadows and that would turn hell apart to protect you.

Demon AU. Featuring all BTS.

Genre: Romance / Drama.

Warning: This scenarios contains depictions of violence, mentions of blood.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13

You had been too slow to realize that Taehyung was about lunge at you. 

Jungkook jumped forward just as Taehyung did the same, but the latter was faster, getting to you in the blink on an eye. You were knocked off the chair falling pathetically to the floor, hearing his laugh you looked up. Taehyung had the manuscript in his hands and was laughing at you.

Jungkook stood in between you, his knees bent a little, his shoulders tense as he observed Taehyung. You got to your feet without help and glared at the demon, you went forward, realizing that at this moment you could decide how you wanted to be seen, as a toy victim or as strong woman. Jungkook tried to keep you from getting any closer to Taehyung but you pushed his arm away.
You were afraid of Taehyung, he was indeed unpredictable and you didn’t know to which extent his loyalty to Yoongi went, and you knew the sole reason why he hadn’t touched you was because Yoongi had a death threat on him about it. But you couldn’t afford him thinking about you as a disposable toy.

-Give that back- you demanded.

-Oh, little girl has a voice, aren’t you shivering without Yoongi’s protection?-

-You have established yourself as an asshole very well, now give me the manuscript back-

You took a step forward and Taehyung smirked, he was tall, taller than Yoongi and a bit more than Jungkook, his skin was tanner too; like Jungkook he carried the ruby stone that identified them with Yoongi’s domains on a pedant that hung from his neck. Taehyung possessed the cold beauty of demons although he seemed to be wilder, like that beauty was distorted by his erratic behavior into a different kind.

You were on his face, trying to remain as calm and composed as you were able, your nerves and logic said you were in danger, but you had to stand your ground, decided to be no one’s toy.

-You want this?- he said flapping the manuscript around without much care, those were precious to Yoongi, had he no respect for anything?

-Yes, stop with the bullshit and give it back-

-Taehyung stop this shit, Yoongi will kick your ass for this, you know it-

He laughed again, ignoring Jungkook completely and when he moved again he went out of the door.

You watched him going out, leaving the door opened behind him. He was truly an asshole. You felt yourself get angrier by the second, of course he could run away from you like that, he was way faster. But just for that you didn’t have to stay put and do nothing.

You ran for the door too, hearing Jungkook behind you telling you to go back.

-No, I’ll find him even if it’s just to tell him he’s a prick that needs to grow a pair-

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Coming out||Why don't we||Preference 5

Summary: You have a son and he’s gay



A/n: As someone who is bi, i understand how hard it is to come out sometimes and I also understand what its like to not be expected, Im here for anyone who needs help!

Daniel Seavey- You knew son was gay around the age of six, you and Daniel had been guessing since the age of four when he wanted to go out as a princess for halloween, he didn’t like to play sports with daddy but he liked to shop and go out with momma, he watched disney princess movies and not MTNTs, but it all became clear when he was 7 and you and him where driving in the car on the way home. He had told you that he thought Jonah’s son was pretty. Both you and Daniel had known since then. Your son never realized the two of you had caught on because at the age of 16 he came out to both of you and told you he had a boyfriend, it was Jonah’s son.

That night when you and Daniel crawled into bed you both had smiles on your face, your son was out, in love and happy and thats all you wanted for him.

“I won, you owe me 20 dollars” You said causing him to snort.

“I knew this day would come, a bet is a bet” You added with a small chuckle on the side.

“I can’t believe you bet on our son being gay” He laughed bringing you into his arms.

“I didnt! I bet that him and Ashton(Jonahs son) would get together"You said. After a ten year bet you finally won, but you would have won anyways knowing your son was happy.

Jack Avery- The day your son came out was the most shocking day of your life. Not because you cared that he was gay, but because you two never saw it coming. When you were a teenager you had a gay guy best friend and although you knew that not every gay guy acted the same way the way your son acted was nothing like now your best friend had acted. Your son was the star on the basketball team(Jack was always so proud of him), you had never expected this to happen but when he had told you that he had a boyfriend both you or Jack couldn’t have been happier for him and invited  him for dinner the next day.

"Mom, dad, this is Jake” Your son smiled as a coloured boy around your sons age(17) walked in with a bouquet of sunflowers in his hand and a smile on his face.

“Jake this is my mom y/n and my dad Jack"your son smiled as the boy hand you the flowers and stuck out his hand for Jack.

"Its nice to meet you Mr.Avery”

Jonah Marias- The day you found out your son was gay wasn’t the day you were supposed to find out. You and Jonah had gone out to a grown ups dinner out with the boys and their wives, leaving your 17 year old son at home alone. You hadn’t been feeling well so Jonah took you home early, when the two of you had gotten home you asked Jonah to make you some tea while you went to change and tell your son you were home. After changing into some pjs you you walked across the hall and opened the door to your sons room only to see him laying on top  and kissing his best friend Tanner.

“Oh my god I’m sorry” You said shocked before grabbing the door handle and running out of the room. You walked downstairs your eyes wide as you met Jonah back in the kitchen.

“Um Jonah, I think our son is gay” You chuckled walking over to him and laying your head on his chest.

“What makes you say that?” He laughed, kissing the top of your head.

“Well, I just walked in on him and-” You had started but were quickly cut off by tanner rushing out of your house, his cheeks red.

You sat your son down that night and talked to him about it all, you were both so supportive and extremely proud of your son.

Zach Herron- The day your son came out was hectic to say the least. You saw the fear in sons eyes as he sat you and Zach down in the dinning room, you could see him visibly shaking. You almost feared the words coming out of his his mouth, your son was eighteen and thats when you and Zach started having sex, had he gotten a girl pregnant?

“Mom, dad theres something I need to tell you” He whispered not meeting either of your eyes.

“No matter what you say it won’t change our love for you honey” you said reaching across the table and grabbing his hand causing him to look up while Zach just nodded in response.

“Im gay” he whispered, it took you a second but a smile fell on your face quickly.

“So no one’s pregnant?” you asked causing him to chuckle and shake his head but his smile dropped once he was met with his dads eyes. Turning your head to look at your husband of 20 years your face also turned into a frown when you saw the look of anger spread across his face.

“How do you know?” Zach spit out, causing both of you to be taken back.

“I -I have a boyfriend” He whispered, feeling ashamed of himself.

You and Zach had never had the conversation “what if our child is gay” talk, but you grew up with a gay brother and Zach had never said anything about it, you just assumed he was as opening and welcoming to the idea as you were. But Zach had been born and raised in Texas and you knew that not everyone there was as supportive as some other states were.

“Honey, why don’t you go and wash up before we go out to dinner” You smiled as you looked at your son, his head dropped but his frown still visible. Nodding his head without even looking up he leaves the dinner table, leaving you angry at your husband.

“Zach Dean Herron, I don’t know whats going on through your mind but our son just shared something huge with us and you hurt him. We are going out to dinner and when we get home you better have a different mind set or you can call Jonah for a place to sleep” You snapped, standing up and leaving Zach there alone, his fists still clenched and his face and his little less red.

Corbyn Besson- The day your 19 year old son came out to you had started off like any normal day. You and Corbyn were in the kitchen cooking and talking about old times with him and the band, you all were getting together at Jack’s tomorrow for a dinner, you hadn’t seen all the boys and their families in 3 weeks and you all missed them deeply.

You were chopping vegetables when your son walked through the door, a boy walking beside him, both with huge smiles on both their faces.

“Mom, dad, this is my boyfriend Thomas” He blurted out of the blue, intertwining his hands with the other boys. You dropped the knife as a huge smile spread on your face, rushing over to hug both boys in front of you, you had been waiting for this for 3 years now and the time had finally come. Smiling as you pulled away, both your son and you looked at Corbyn with a shocked face.

“I like your shoes” He smiled, walking over and shaking the boys hand causing you to laugh along with your son. Corbyn supported your son, but he was a little awkward about it and bringing up shoes was the only way he could show he supported your son without getting all mushy and gushy about it. All and all both of you were happy as long as your son was happy.

A Happy Ending (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: hey guys! So I am very familiar with the episode Gatekeeper but I did change it up just a little bit to make it work with this imagine and I hope you like it!
Warnings: birth, being held hostage
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: inspired in the end of s9 ep7 of CM where the unsub has spencer’s wife and when they arrive he has to deliver the baby while the unsub is threatening his wife and she is so nervous that there are complications but spencer solves everything out in the end
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: part two of…
You sat on your yoga ball, trying out the new “baby workout” that’s supposed to help with pain but you could barely move with the protruding bump on your stomach.
You heard a knock on the door, hoping it was your Thai food as you slowly walked towards the wood entrance.
When you opened the door you were met with an oddly familiar face.
“Tanner?” You asked, immediately horrified that he knew where you lived.
Tanner Johnson was your high school boyfriend who you immediately broke up with after you found out how psychopathic he was.
After you broke up with him, he developed anger issues, which made it dangerous for you to be around him, which is why you moved a few towns due to his stalking.
“Y/N it’s nice to see you again.”
Spencer looked at the live camera screen and did a double take.
The team suggested you put cameras in your’s and Spencer’s house considering you were a possible victim and your husband Spencer has been watching you non stop while he was at work.
And now, his breathe was taken away when he saw that Tanner was yanking you around and throwing you on the couch.
“Morgan! We need to get to my house now!” He yelled quickly strapping on his bullet proof vest as he ran to the SUV.
Derek quickly jumped in the drivers seat and took off, a few more members of the team following in the car behind.
Tanner stood behind the chair you sat in, displaying a book in front of your face.
“See? See what I did for you?” He said flipping the pages displaying pictures of dead eyes staring back at you.
You gasped in horror as he flipped the multiple pages of blood streaks and hair clipping pasted to the scrapbook.
You started to feel contractions, whether it was from the stress or you were about to go into labor, you didn’t know.
You yelled out in pain, clutching your stomach.
“Is it… is it mine?” He asked looking into your eyes.
“No! I’ve moved on! That's… how…” you yelled out in pain again as you felt your water break, immediately fluid trickling down your long skirt and on the chair. “I need to get to a hospital!” You yell at him.
Tanner’s eyes looked confused and sad but it’s not like you have a crap because you were about to go into labor without your husband, instead him being replaced with a psychopath.
“We… we can be a family. Just like we talked about when we were young, remember?” He said taking your hand making you immediately retract it.
“No! We cannot be a family! Your crazy! I need my husband.” You yell, the last part more to yourself.
All of a sudden you heard the door kick down and a weight got lifted from your shoulders as Derek stormed in.
But the weight was immediately put back on your shoulders when Tanner put a pair of scissors to your neck, gently prodding your skin.
You saw Spencer enter the room, his gun held out and a surprised look on his face.
“Tanner Johnson put the weapon down!” JJ yelled as you locked eyes with Spencer.
He looked so scared.
So harmless, even with a gun pointing in your direction.
He slowly bolstered his weapon as his gaze moved to Tanner.
“Tanner, we need to get her to a hospital.” He said calmly, with a hint of fear in his voice.
Tears streamed down your cheeks from fear and pain.
Your baby wasn’t having it.
“No! I'm… I’m not leaving!” He yelled putting more pressure into your neck than he knew.
You hissed at the pain and Spencer’s eyes got wider.
“I need you to remove the weapon from her neck please. It’s stressing her and it’s not good for the baby.” Spencer begged as he took a step closer.
You saw Spencer’s eyes flicked behind Tanner, but you couldn’t see what he was looking at.
All you saw in his eyes was relief, which made you relax a little.
You slowly felt the scissors retract from your neck, allowing you to let out a sigh of relief.
You heard Tanner yell out “no” and you quickly turned back, sending pain up your spine.
But when you turned back, you saw Hotch handcuffing him, but your attention was drawn back to Spencer when he cupped the side of your face.
“Do we have time to get you to a hospital?” He asked as pain contorted your face.
“No… no Spencer I don’t think so.” You said throwing your head back as sweat trickled down your temple.
“Okay… alright baby I’m going to need you to push when I tell you to okay? I know you can do it, your so strong.” Spencer said as he snapped gloves on his hands.
You nodded, preparing yourself for the pain you were about to be put through.
Spencer knelt between your legs and looked up at you, worry plastered on his face, although he was confident about delivering a baby, he didn’t like seeing you in so much pain.
“Alright Y/N, push for me.” He directed as you pushed as hard as you could, a scream threatening to erupt from your throat.
You felt a hand grab yours, and you looked up to see JJ trying her best to comfort you.
“Alright I can see the head, keep going baby.” Spencer said rubbing the tops of your knees as you pushed and pushed.
Shortly after, you felt a sense of emptiness as the pain started to ease.
You heard a little cry as you looked down to see Spencer holding the baby as you waited for a simple word.
“It’s a boy.” He said with a smile.
You smiled and Derek gave you a glass of water to sip on.
A little while after, Spencer brought you your little boy in a blanket and as he rubbed your neck, you both admired your new little bundle of joy that had just entered your lives.

Home Town

Dean Winchester x Reader

An Anon request from the Drabble Prompt list. Asked for 142 or 143, but I thought they fit well together so I put them both in one.

#142:  “Hold my hand so he gets jealous.” 143:  “Ew, your hand is sweaty.”

HERE is the list of the drabble prompts that people are requesting from.

HERE is the list of the prompts I’ve already done.

When Sam had announced where the new hunt was happening, you had actually considered staying back at the bunker. Never in your life had you turned down a hunt, but hearing that this one was in your home town had you thinking about.

Toughing it out, you had gone along with Sam and Dean, not saying a word as to why you nervously sat in the back of the car, your stomach twisted in knots. After the six hour car ride, Dean had automatically wanted to head to the bar. With a sigh, you had gone along, knowing you weren’t going to survive this trip without some sort of alcohol in your system.

Luckily, Dean had picked a bar at the edge of town, away from where you school, your friends, even your ex lived. As you walked into the shabby bar, you breathed a sigh of relief when you saw nobody you recognized. Quickly ordering a couple of shots, you turned in your seat, listening to Dean talk as you scanned the bar.

“Oh shit.” You muttered, your face paling as you saw your asshole of an ex walking away from the pool table, heading directly your way. He was still as handsome as ever, with his sandy blonde hair, and his stormy greyish blue eyes. 

“What is it?” Dean asked, about ready to turn around and see what had gotten you so upset.

“Hold my hand so he gets jealous.” You blurted out, holding your hand out. Without an argument, Dean linked his finger with yours, pulling you tight to his side just as Tanner walked up.

“Y/N, I thought that was you, but I had to double check. Last I remember you said you were never coming back to this town.” He started talking, already annoying you.

“Yeah, well things happen.” You grumbled, as Dean glanced between the two of you.

“Well, it’s my fault actually. I had business in town, and I didn’t want to leave my fiancee at home.” Dean played along easily, which you were grateful. The two of you were nothing more than friends, even though you wished to be much more. 

“Fiancee?” Tanner asked. “And here I was, hoping you were going to try to heat things back up with me. We were good, weren’t we?”

“No, we weren’t.” You argued. “Especially when I walked in on you with your best friend, Brian.”

“Hey, don’t blame a man for swinging both ways!” He exclaimed, as Dean coughed. You knew Dean was trying to hold back a laugh. 

“I don’t. But I do blame you for not being faithful. So goodbye Tanner.” You said, tugging Dean’s hand, and pulling him from his seat. Walking out of the bar, you quickly pulled your hand from Dean’s.  “Ew, your hand is sweaty.”

“Hey!” He argued. “It’s not my fault that I got nervous when the girl of my dreams finally shows me some sort of affection. Even if it was only to make an ex mad.”

Shocked, you could do nothing but stare at him. “What did you just say?”

Rubbing the toe of his boot in the gravel, he gazed up at you, his green eyes shining in the parking lot lights. “I said that I care about you! I’ve just been too chicken to actually say something.”

“Maybe coming back to my hometown was a good thing after all.” You muttered, grabbing his black t-shirt and pulling him against you, your lips connecting with his.

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