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threat // peter parker

request from @fragilefrances: Reader keeps getting threats and she keeps it to herself and when she disappears, Peter finds the threats and tries to find her before its too late

word count: 3.3k

a/n: hey guys! this my first time writing a request, so i hope you guys enjoy! i realize i didn’t do exactly what the request said, but i hope it’s still ok (sorry!!). unedited! this will get a part 2 soon! and starting next monday, i begin high school! it should be okay for the first few weeks, but i might get a lil busy so i hope y'all understand! i’ll still write as much as possible <3 and hope you guys enjoy this! warning for threatening and kidnapping themes. <3333



“So I thought about telling her that, y’know, I was kind of in an awkward situation there. But how are you supposed to do that with all these people around?”


“And then she had this idea, right, and I was like, ‘What are you doing?’ and she was getting this empty bottle and she said she wanted to play Spin the Bottle!”

“Uh huh.”

“She knows that I have strict boundaries with that stuff, and she still…” You trail off into silence for a few seconds. “Okay, Pete, I know you don’t care, but give me something to work with here.” You wait for a response, and then check to see if Peter is still on the other end of the line. “Hello?”

“Wait, what did you say?” You sigh audibly at this. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I was…zoned out.”

“It’s okay.” There’s a short pause.

“So what were you telling me?”

“Uh, it’s nothing important. Speaking of which, I’m getting a little tired. I’d better get going.”

“It’s not even eight, how are you tired already?” He sounds confused.

“I stayed up last night. I’ll see you.”

“Uh, okay then. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

You hang up the phone call, feeling discomfort poke at you. Peter’s as close to a best friend you’ll ever have. You know him like the back of your hand. But recently he’s been a little weird around you. He’s always off in his own little world, thinking about something else. It was okay the first few times, but now you hardly have conversations with him anymore. You’re just worried if he’s okay sometimes.

Is this just a thing that happens when people grow apart? You gaze out of your tiny window into the not-so-tiny world. The sun is drowning in the horizon, the fiery orange and red tones fading away into pink, and then into periwinkle blue. The city is noisy, but in this transition between day and night, everything looks beautiful.

You think about talking to Peter. But where would you even begin? How do people have supportive conversations? You’re not very good at being helpful in this kind of situation. You move away from your window and flop onto your bed. You dig around your sheets for a minute before finding your phone. You Google ‘Why is my best friend being distant?’ and scroll through a few pages. If anything, this just depresses you more, so you decide to stop.

You’re about to close your phone when it dings with a text. Is it Peter with another half-assed apology? It seems you’ve been spared from that tonight. You scroll through your conversations, but you don’t see any new texts. You frown when you see an old text. Whoops, you forgot to text a classmate back about a quiz. The quiz that happened today. Yikes.

Well, you’re sure it’s okay. You set your phone aside to do homework. But as soon as you lift your pencil, your phone starts ringing. Without looking at who it is, you pick up, voice firm. “Peter, I’m sleeping. Bye.”

You pause, and then look at who’s really calling you. Whoever it was turned off their caller ID. Uh…weird. Is this a prank call? “Um…hello?” You say cautiously.

The silence hangs for what feels like an eternity. Unsettled, you hang up. You have a notification for a text. You open it.

Unknown: There’s a package waiting for you on your doorstep. Get it within fifteen minutes.

You frown. Is this one of your friends trying to play some sick practical joke on you? “Yeah? Or what?” You mutter to yourself, scoffing.

Unknown: [image attached] Or else something might just happen to him.

Your eyes widen when you look at the picture. It’s Peter, sitting in his bedroom. But…he’s, like, attached to the ceiling. He’s hanging upside down and reading a book. No, this must be digitally edited or something. That’s when you see two things. The digital clock, which reads the time right now: 8:37 PM. And a very familiar looking suit on the floor. The Spider-Man suit. You’ve never been more confused.

You feel a tight knot in your chest. How does this person know who Peter is? How do they know you? Who are they? How do they know that you know Peter? They’re not going to hurt him, are they? Why does Peter have that suit? Christ, is he the Spider-Man that you saw in a YouTube video a few days ago?

You look at your clock. Nearly five minutes have passed already. You don’t want to find out what they’ll do to Peter if you don’t comply, so you quickly stand up and fumble to unlock your door. You race downstairs and past a pair of worried looking mothers.

“Honey, is everything -” You cut one of them off as you step out of the apartment. Sure enough, there’s a small box sitting there. You scoop it up and dash back upstairs with it. You swallow, breathing heavily as you grab your phone. Another message pops up.

Unknown: Good girl. Give it to the hooded boy waiting in the alley by your building at 7:50 AM tomorrow. Don’t talk to him.

You try keep yourself together and think. Do you dare send a message?

You: who are you and how do you know me?

You: how do you know him?

No response. You didn’t really expect one, anyway.

You: you can do anything you want with me. just don’t touch him. please.

You don’t expect a response to that, either, but then, a message pops up.

Unknown: Follow your instructions without hesitation and he will go unharmed.

You set your phone down as you try to process everything. The first thing you do is cry, sobbing uncontrollably while you clutch a pillow to your chest. What do you even do? You want to call Peter, but you’re scared of what might happen. Whoever this is knows how dear he is to your heart. What do they know and what don’t they know? Is anything even private anymore?

You think about every memory you shared with Peter. That one time you ruined his new jeans by throwing a cupcake at him. Or when you sat on the floor and debated over Star Wars fan theories for a whole day. Or the countless nights you stayed up with him on Skype, talking endlessly. Or just a few months ago, when he kissed you and he thought you didn’t feel that way about him even though you did.

He’s not just the friend that went through thick and thin with you. You love him, goddammit. And now you don’t know what to do because you can’t imagine being in a world without him. You can’t even imagine him ever being hurt. At any other point in your life, the possibility that he might be Spider-Man would freak you out more than anything. But right now, you don’t care about any of it. You’re pretty sure that even Spider-Man can’t dodge a bullet when he least expects it.

You try to make yourself feel better about it all. So what, you move around a few packages and then they leave you alone. And then you can carry on with your life and have everything be okay. No biggie.

Still, a dark feeling disturbs you.

Having completely forgotten about your homework, you lay on your bed to sleep. You’re too frightened to sleep with the lights off, so you leave them on as you drift into an uncomfortable slumber. You toss and turn all night, racked with paranoia and fear. You hardly get any sleep. For the longest time, you stare at the ceiling. You just want Peter to be safe. You just want to protect him. The idea of protecting Spider-Man feels silly, but the picture ‘Unknown’ sent you lingers in your head. He’s still a kid, like you. He still has vulnerabilities.

You jolt when your alarm clock goes off, scaring you. You quickly switch it off. 6:30 AM. If you have to give the package to someone at 7:50, you’re going to be late for school. You guess one day won’t be too bad. You scrape your hair out of your face and put on your jeans and t-shirt from yesterday. The t-shirt says “May the force be with you” but the word “force” is replaced with the formula for force. It was a Christmas present from Peter.

At 7:30, you head outside to wait with the package in hand. It’s chillier than you expected, but you manage to stand there for twenty minutes. Goosebumps lines your exposed arms as you look around for the recipient. You realize that you didn’t even stop to think about what was in the box. You were so busy worrying about Peter that you forgot about it. What if you’re carrying meth or crack cocaine or something? What if you’re helping some illegal activity happen?

Just as you start freaking out over it, a hooded figure enters the alley. You’ve never seen the guy before, but he looks young. He can’t be older than seventeen. He stares at you expectantly. You open your mouth to say something but quickly shut it when you remember that you’re not supposed to say anything. You quickly hand over the box. To your surprise, he starts opening it. You watch, lips parted.

You expect him to take out something suspicious-looking, but instead he reveals a knife wrapped in cloth. He unwinds the cloth, and before you can even scream, the boy pins you to the wall. One gloved hand presses tightly over your mouth as you try and yell out. He presses the knife to your throat and you reflexively tilt your head back to try and create some space between your neck and the knife.

Oh god, this is it. This is the end. You think about how you should’ve been a little nicer to your moms, and how you should’ve apologized to a few people. You should’ve told Peter you loved him. And maybe kissed him again. His image flashes in your head. His warm, dark eyes that crinkle when he smiles at you. His soft lips against yours, hungry for something you’ve both wanted for an eternity. The way his dark brown hair flops onto his forehead and escapes the gel when he’s leaning over to work on a project. The look on his face right before he’s about to make a dumb joke that you’ll laugh at anyway. It’s all too sweet to let go of so quickly, but if it means saving him, you’ll do it without hesitation.

And then, as though the guy was having second thoughts, he steps back. He almost looks apologetic, but it might just be the lighting. Your heart’s still pounding out of fear as you fumble for your phone. What the hell?

Unknown: Wait until further instruction.

You look back up to yell at the boy, but he’s vanished. You glance into the darkening alley, and then out towards the street. Great, you don’t want your life threatened again anyway. You check the time. It’s nearly 8:10, and you’re already missing first period. You race out to go to school.

In second period English, Peter side eyes you the whole time, like he normally does. You normally do the same, but you can’t seem to bring yourself to look at him today. Your phone is on your lap in case you get a text.

Is he really Spider-Man? You tune out the entire class, until the teacher walks up to you. “Y/N, are you alright?” You jolt slightly in surprise when you see her.

“Uh, yeah, I’m fine,” you say quickly, tripping over your words.

“You didn’t seem to hear me for the past five minutes. Where’s your homework?” You’re acutely aware that the whole class is staring at you, including Peter. Your cheeks redden in embarrassment when you realize you didn’t do it last night. What are you supposed to say?

“U-Uh, I left it at, um, home.” Your voice is quiet as you look down, your face burning up. Everyone’s going to think you’re stupid and you don’t take school seriously. They’re going to think that instead of doing my homework last night, you were at Flash’s party getting drunk, and that’s why you’re being weird now. Ha. As if you’d even get invited.

You spend the rest of class being extremely embarrassed as you try and participate more. At the end of class, Peter walks up to you. Dejected, you try and walk past him, but he blocks your path.  You step around him, but he’s too quick. He grabs you by the arms this time, but then lets go when you show obvious discomfort. You walk out of the classroom, Peter right beside you. “What’s up with you?” He asks.

“Nothing,” you murmur, slightly annoyed.

“Oh, so you mean nothing as in totally ignoring me, having bags under your eyes, and not doing your homework for once in a blue moon. You look like you saw a ghost, you’re scared out of your damn mind. So don’t give me this bullshit about nothing being wrong, Y/N.” Is he mad at you? Suddenly, it seems silly to think he was the same person you fell in love with months ago. He seems completely different. The Peter you know wouldn’t get mad at you. His expression softens when he sees yours. “I’m sorry.”

“No, you know what, Parker, what’s wrong with you?”

By now, the halls are nearly clear except for those skipping. “What are you talking about?” Peter asks, confused. He looks kind of upset, because he knows you’re serious when you call him by his last name.

“You know what I’m talking about. You hardly talk to me, and you’re never paying attention when you do. If you don’t fricking like being around me, then tell me and I’ll leave you the hell alone! I thought we were best friends, and I thought that meant you could tell me anything. But whenever I ask, you say it’s nothing and I’ve been trying so hard to believe it. Because I trust you to tell me the truth when you think it’s time. But then the moment I start acting weird too, you just have to push it. Maybe I have my own secrets too. Did you ever think about that too? Maybe I put on a suit and I leap around kicking ass, too.” You spread your arms out, the angry look on your face quickly breaking apart. Peter’s eyes are wide as he stares, in complete shock. You can’t bring yourself to say anything else. You wipe the tears that start spilling from your eyes.

Peter tries to pull you into a hug, but you shove him away as hard as you can. Spider-Man can take a push, can’t he? But he winces anyway, simply watching as you walk away. You check your phone, and your heart pangs in your chest at the message.

Unknown: Don’t speak to him again.

You’ve never felt more alone, but at the same time, you can never truly be alone. You can’t even talk to Peter anymore, isolating you from the one person that matters most to you. But now you’re sure they’re watching you somehow. They’re watching your every footstep, they’re listening to your every word.

You instantly feel bad for yelling at Peter, as you always do whenever you get upset at him. You just can’t control your emotions around him anymore. For some reason, this all makes you want to protect him more.

God, you hate everything. You hate Peter for what he does but love him for who he is, which is a confusing thing all on its own. And he’s Spider-Man. And you’re doing scary ass things under the promise of his safety.

Your fingers brush against your throat. There isn’t a cut there or anything. Huh, maybe the knife just wasn’t that sharp.

Your phone pings with instructions to retrieve a box. For the next few hours, you’re forced to skip school as you obediently follow seemingly random orders. Thankfully, you don’t get any more knives shoved to your throat again. You just move things around, and you don’t even have to deliver things to anyone.

Over the course of the day, you start to calm down a little. It’s only now that you begin to question the person’s motive of threatening you with Peter. Do they want something from you? Or something from Peter? Peter is more likely, with him being Spider-Man and all. But all Spider-Man does is stop robbers and help old ladies out. He just doesn’t seem like a person worth targeting for the reason that he might be a threat to criminals.

You’ve had missed calls from him all day. He must be wondering where you went, but every time you even get the urge to call back, you remember the harsh warning you were given to not talk to him. He sent you tons of texts, too.

Peter: where are you???

Peter: y/n please!! i’m worried about you, just tell me you’re safe and i’ll stop.

Peter: i know you’re mad and you don’t care, but i really care. just tell me if you’re home or something. i won’t come visit you if you don’t want me to. i just need to know if you’re in a safe place. that’s it.

Messages like this continue on until a few scrolls. Finally, they come to a stop and then Ned texts you.

Ned: Hey Y/N Peter looks like he’s going to have a panic attack

Ned: It’s really bad and he won’t listen to me

Ned: Just tell him you’re okay so he’ll stop freaking out

Ned: Dude you realize he’ll put on his suit and try and find you if you don’t respond soon right

You take a deep breath and look away, pained inside. You don’t want to think about Peter getting anxiety over you. At least he’s alive. And when all of this is over, you can tell him everything and he’ll understand. Because he’d do the same for you. That’s just the kind of people you and Peter are. Your thoughts are cut off when you see you got a message from ‘Unknown’.

Unknown: Go back to the alleyway by your apartment and wait.

Unknown: This is the last message you will receive.

Something about this feels weird to you. Wait for what? This is a vague message, which is unusual considered the pattern of very specific messages. Nonetheless, you begin making your way home. Your phone keeps buzzing with messages, probably from Ned. You keep yourself going with only one thought in mind. It’s almost over. Just one more thing to do, and then it’s all over. You just hope Peter will be okay.

You finally get to the alleyway as the sun moves downward. It won’t be sunset for a few hours, unfortunately, but it’s not like you would be able to see it from down here anyway. You’re nervous, and there’s a very odd feeling in your gut. It’s giving you a very clear message. RUN. You ignore it, looking over your shoulder to see if anyone’s coming. No one.

You wait there for a while, realizing how exhausted you are from running around the city all day. You probably have so much homework to catch up on, and you owe an explanation for not showing up to most of your classes. Your phone buzzes again, and you finally look at it.

Mom: Honey, why did your mother and I get an email saying that you didn’t go to any of your classes other than English today?

Mom: You know that you can talk to us about anything. You can tell us the truth.

Shit. You are so screwed when you go home. You quickly start thinking of excuses, because you obviously can’t tell them the truth in this situation. As you worry over this, you don’t notice that someone is behind you.

Suddenly, you feel metal clang against your skull, and you’re gone. You drop the ground instantaneously, unconscious.


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premiere thoughts

Sorry in advance bc this accidentally got DG-book-level long

- Standing in line for this thing was unnerving because we just kept looking around and being like “how many people here are actually online bullies” but that’s why we took tequila shots before we even got inside 🙃🙃🙃

- The venue was pretty weird and not very conducive to what was happening. As Julia mentioned, there was no barrier between the carpet and the fans, which is unusual and also kind of stupid?? There was no press box and no stanchions, just a bunch of reporters and camera people who were having to ask people to not push forward and crowd the carpet. Bizarre but what did we expect from Flopz?

- The carpet itself was fun, and Sam and Cait are champs. Since it was only the two of them - no RDM or Tobias or anyone - they had to individually talk to every single reporter and blogger and blah blah blah. In addition to holding their phones, their handler had a little dabber that she kept using on both of them to prevent sweaty carpet face. Which is a normal carpet thing but idk with them it was so cute????? And they shared one tissue dabber which usually people don’t share?????? Bye

Sam’s hand ok buddy

- Leanne Aguilera is tiny in person and was in massive stilettos

Sometimes I forget (no I don’t) that this woman is a fucking supermodel

- Cait talks with her hands SO MUCH and I LOVE IT and I LOVE HER

- Sam, meanwhile, has no fucking idea what to do with his hands when Cait is not around to house them and like L O L see below

It’s ok bud you’ll be backstage with your wife in like 5 mins just hang in there

- The episode was AMAZING. I was crying within 10 seconds of the theme song ending and then kept crying intermittently throughout the entire thing. S/o to Julia and Alli for putting up with my sniffling. Sam, Cait, and Tobias were all phenomenal and each had really funny moments that helped to break up some of the inevitable sadness due to the Jamie/Claire separation. I was shocked at how many times we all laughed as an audience.

- I finally, FINALLY understand what Sam and Cait mean when they say - as they have each individually said 1000000x since they started s3 press - that “it feels like a different show.” It does feel very, very different and I actually find it to be a positive thing despite how sad it is that JC are apart. It’s weird to see Claire with Frank and of course your heart aches for her because of how miserable she is, and it’s bizarre to see Jamie - who always says he’s not afraid to die but escapes time after time from death because he knows he has to get back to Claire - with truly NO desire to live whatsoever. It’s a different feel but it’s good and I like it and I am excited to see them apart for a little while because I know that it’s going to make Print Shop that much better.

- The Q&A was shockingly seamless. Lynette Rice wasn’t as obnoxious as she usually is (which tells me that she may have gotten her hand slapped for some of the SDCC bullshit), there were no inappropriate or boring questions (in fact, a couple of them were some of the best questions I think they’ve ever been asked!!), and Sam and Cait told a lot of cute anecdotal stories about each other (cut to me and Julia holding on to each other and shaking for almost the entire event).

As long as I live I’ll never get over how they look at each other

- Q&A highlight (I’m going to post this video) for me was a discussion on timing of the episodes/their schedules, during which Lynette asked how long they filmed apart and they said *TWO WEEKS* due to the fact that they filmed 301 and 303, but then right after that did 302 and 308 (during which they are together). And I leaned over and whispered to Julia “It’s like a death in the family” bc wow Sam what a way to describe two fucking weeks without your girl (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Bye

- Another really cute moment was when they talked about first impressions of each other and Cait completely took the piss out of Sam by saying he was so sweet and that while some people have a total douchey ego, “that didn’t come for him until later on” and like….drag him babe

- I contemplated whether or not I should mention this but what the hell. After the event, before Sam and Cait left, they stopped outside to take pictures and sign autographs for fans. Cait came out first and her publicist was there, obviously, but Sam was *not* out yet and HIS publicist was out there with Cait. I recognized her bc I talked to her last summer when I went to meet Sam at Bloomingdale’s, and instead of being inside with Sam, she went out to help Cait. This could be her being nice, but honestly fan rounds are kind of miserable and you have to be the bad guy and pull people/your client away while people are begging and pushing and yelling and it is NOT fun. So I’m not sure why she was out there when she knew she was going to have to do it all over again when Sam came out and the only logical explanation I can think of is that she has a close/personal relationship with Caitriona due to *whatever she is* to her own client aka Sam……just saying.

- Anyway the whole event, while kind of sloppily organized, went as smoothly as it could have gone. I always feel uncomfortable being on the other side of what I do for a living because it just makes me nervous how unpredictable fans (in any fandom, but especially in this one) are, but overall I had so much fun and the episode was fantastic and I am SO PSYCHED for season 3 and I feel great about the future of shipping and the future of the show!!!!!!!!!!

- I’ll post videos and feel free to use these pics but like maybe give credit if you’re feeling like a nice and normal person thanks!!!!

01yuta  asked:

hello!! would you mind writing an apartment neighbor au for yuta, taeil and sicheng? i'm really in love with your work by the way and thank you so much in advance! 💓💖

wah how sweet of you!! and sure, no problem!! (some1 asked for sicheng!!!!)
find mark + jaehyung (here) // taeyong + ten + haechan (here) 


  • what is,,,,,cleaning? who made up that concept,,,,,
  • owns like 5000 chargers for different like tech stuff like his consoles, his phone, his microwave, his helicam he bought for no apparent reason except for the fact that it looked cool, probably owns that hoverboard from nct dream??? does he use it??? no???? but it has a charger and all those chargers are tangled right in the corner of his room and it’s a Mess
  • eats in his bed and then says he doesn’t but when sicheng is over with taeyong and jaehyun he feels a crumb under his butt as he’s sitting on yuta’s bed and he was like “what,,,,,,,,,,the heck”
  • owns a wii u and gets super competitive in wii sports resort like,,,,,he doesn’t take games lightly
  • other than that he’s pretty simple. doesn’t own a lot of stuff which becomes a problem because he has like one towel and that towel is in the laundry so he has to run naked from the bathroom to his bedroom
  • and like instead of money gifts he’s just like for the holidays can someone buy me some drapes. mine tore like 4 months ago
  • has soccer memorabilia in his living room but it’s not displayed neatly it’s just a mess of soccer balls he sticks into the shelves and team jerseys and some old photographs from japan
  • his mom sends him photos and he puts those up but that’s like the extent of his decorating 
  • walks around in sweatpants and nothing else and leaves the window open and the neighbors are just like YUTA every time and he’s like sO RRy (never changes his habit tho)
  • and speaking of which you know yuta and he’s really friendly always smiling and you even saw him once dancing to a SISTAR song that was playing in the grocery store you were both in
  • so you’re like you know he’s a cute, silly guy 
  • but what you don’t know is that he’s also LOL player summorname: winwinshyung WHO KEEPS COMING FOR YOU in GAMES
  • and it’s because your apartment building is right above a pcroom and you always go down there to blow of steam but everytime you queue into a game,,,,,,your like ok whatever different people on your team
  • but this one ,,,,,, player,,,,,,winwinshyung,,,,,,,,,will not freakign get off your back
  • and it’s happened like 3 weeks in a row and you just want to know WHO this dude is
  • and it’s by chance that you get up to go buy some snacks and as you’re walking past another booth you see that the person is playing league,,,,,and their summorname,,,,,, oh my god its him ITS WINWINSHYUNG
  • and you try to get a peak of his face but you can’t so you do the old ‘bump into his chair and apologize’ trick and when the person looks up you almost fall over because,,,,,,,,,,,,that’s,,,,,
  • that’s yuta
  • and you’re like WHAT and he’s like oh!! you live in my building and you’re still on the fact that he’s the a**hole from your game like you can’t believe it
  • and you’re like “winwinshyung,,,,,is you?” and he’s like YEAH are you on my team whats your-
  • and you’re like “no im on the opposite team and im going to c R U S H you” and he’s taken aback but you stomp off to your seat and crack your knuckles and you’re like LETS DO THIS
  • and the whole time you’re playing your like “do it so you won’t get embarrassed in front of him. he’s your neighbor. you gotta. do it. kill his TEAM,,,,,,curse him and his,,,,,really handsome face and good gaming skills”
  • but ofc,,,,,,,,,,,you lose and once you get up you’re shocked to see yuta standing there and he’s like smiling and you’re like he’s gonna rub it in
  • but he goes “you did really well!!! i was surprised you could hold me off for so long!!!” and you’re like what and he’s like “that was our team  strategy for me to keep you preoccupied. you were really strong though, we should game together!”
  • and you’re like.,,,why is he being all nice and you wanna be like “bye” but he’s like digging around in his pocket and he’s like “good neighbors should treat each other, want to go get chicken with me?”
  • and he smiles again and you can see how pretty his smile is, how pretty his eyes and skin are up close and you’re like dammit dammit damm i t
  • but you end up in the chicken place sitting with him in one of the outside tables eating together and yuta,,,,,is pretty funny like not only super handsome but with a great personality
  • even though he rubs some of the sauce off on his jeans which makes you laugh into your hand 
  • but it’s like enjoyable,,,,,and you talk about games but also he tells you he’s from japan and you’re like that’s so cool tell me more
  • and you end up only going back when it’s like 2 am and as you’re walking he like
  • steps around you so he’s walking closer to the street and you’re on the inside and it’s such a subtle,,,gentlemen-y thing to do but you find your heart skipping a beat
  • and once you get home he’s like “i hope we see each other soon!!” and you’re like “yeah!! thank you for the meal!!” but before you go inside you’re like “is it true,,,,i heard from some neighbors that you walk around shirtless with the windows open??? are you really like that?” and yuta bursts out laughing and he’s like “why, are you interested in the view?”
  • and you turn scarlet red and you’re like nO I JUST HEARD A RUMOR OK BYE NOW but it’s cute the next weekend you see yuta in the pcroom again and he’s like “hey, you’re gonna play?” and you’re like maybe a bit and he’s like cool tell me when you’re done so we can go on another chicken date
  • and you’re like yeah omg- wait did he just call it a chicken date (he did)


  • always has soft music playing in his apartment 
  • since he has the last name moon and people refer to that as his nickname he got a lot of moon shaped stuff during his housewarming,,,,which is pretty cute like he has a little lamp that is the shape of a crescent moon and some dining wear with a night sky theme and he’s embraced it,,,,he thinks it’s kinda adorable
  • wanted to keep plants but he settled for buying a fake mini-tree and putting it in his living room and covering it in little ornaments that double as photograph frames of pictures of his friends and stuff
  • yuta insisted that his picture be at the top and taeil was like,,,,,,,,,,,sure but when yuta came back for some reason it was haechan’s photo at the top Who Did This 
  • haechan voice: it was not me
  • doesn’t own a bed, lays out a futon when going to sleep and everyone is like that’s so traditonal of you and taeil is like no i do it because i could sleepwalk and end up falling off my bed, hitting my head, and dying
  • taeyong: why is that so specific
  • taeil with the same expression: because i have Fears taeyong lay off
  • likes warm shaggy carpets probably and like big blankets that he can roll himself up into and just sleep,,,,because he always goes to sleep way to damn late
  • the neighbors are always curious as to why his lights are on until like 3 am and it’s actually because he stays up listening to music and playing guitar 
  • makes guests wear slippers inside and all the slippers are different animals and there’s this cute secret side to taeil even though he’s really mature and awkward sometimes
  • and you’ve only really talked to taeil like twice,,,,,once while you two were getting mail and another time when he helped you fix your broken lightbulbs but other than that it’s a very smile-based friendship you guys have,,,
  • until you find yourself sick in bed, literally unable to move because your fever is dragging you into hell
  • and the friend you called like 5242 times isn’t picking up and you only have the strength left to get out of bed, ring taeil’s doorbell and beg him to go get you some meds from the pharmacy
  • and he does because taeil is a good person 
  • but he,,,,,,,,,has no idea how to take care of sick people. the motherly one in his friend group is not Him so he calls taeyong and explains the situation and taeyong is like get them meds, buy some soup from a local place, and then make them tea and taeil is like ok ok got it
  • but then he hangs up and he’s looking at all the medication and he’s like What,,,,,,,,,,,The,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hell
  • and so taeil comes back to your place with like ten bags and you’re like why in the world he need so many
  • and he’s like “i got 20 different meds. 5 different kinds of soup. and some packets of herbal tea, in a variety of flavors im going to read them outloud and make some kind of motion for which one you want ok here we go: raspberry, green tea, lemongrass- ok lemongrass? ok ill go make it”
  • and for someone who doesn’t take care of others a lot,,,,like physically,,,,,taeil works really hard to make you feel better and it’s really sweet
  • even though you don’t hear him call taeyong like ten times just to make sure he’s helping and not accidentally making you worse
  • and taeyong at some point is like “is this your significant other that you’ve been hiding from us or something?” and taeil is like. well he’s like nothing he just hangs up
  • because ok yes maybe he’s trying so hard not only because you know,,,,neighborly love,,,,,but he also thinks you’re cute
  • even when you’re sweaty and sick and coughing and wearing some oversized shirt and your hair looks like a nest
  • he still think you’re cute and wants to get you all better
  • and when he realizes you can’t even hold the bowl of soup and he has to feed you,,,,,you see his cheeks flush red and you think it might be because the soup is hot
  • but taeil is just like bkfgdsw im,,,,,feeding my crush,,,,,ok keep cool moon taeil you’re a manly, cool dude,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no just scream inside your head nonstop for the next couple of minutes
  • and with taeil’s care you’re back on your feet in like two days and you’re like “i don’t know how to thank you!!!” and taeil is like you don’t have to!
  • but you’re insistent and he’s like “it’s really ok, just if i get sick perhaps you’ll take care of me?”
  • and you agree, because of course you will but you also let it slip out that you wouldn’t mind just taking care of him everyday he’s so charming
  • and taeil is like what
  • and you’re like UM it’s the fever still speaking hahahahaha
  • but taeil is pretty sure you haven’t had a fever in the past few hours so he just smiles to himself hehe


  • universally adored by the entire block. i would even dare say,,,,,the entire neighborhood,,,,,,,province???
  • has a shelf full of chinese movies and books and comics because he misses his home country so much that he’s gotten into the habit of collecting whatever he can find in his native language and his parents will always send a care package when they can 
  • is really proud of where he’s from so he ha chinese charms and items that his parents consider lucky hanging around his house
  • old photos of him in his costumes from dance are up in the living room and he even has some trophies too!!
  • seems like the type that wants a pet but doesn’t have the time so he has a pet fish that’s named after his home province zhejiang (which literally means zhe river which is a good name for,,,,well a fish)
  • keeps his place really colorful and pretty and won’t admit it but has an affinity for stuffed toys,,,,mark got him a little toy dragon once and winwin liked it so much he displayed it on a shelf in his bedroom he’s adorable like that
  • color coordinates his closet (he learned this from the one and only Taeyong)
  • owns a lot of card games,,,,seems like he’d be pretty good at them too because he’d always just have a cute angelic expression so no one would think twice about him having the upperhand but everytime they play they end up losing and doyoung is like winwin is magical and winwin is like “you all lost and owe me fifty dollars collectively” 
  • likes to buy fresh flowers because they smell good so he gets them for his kitchen hehe
  • you and winwin don’t talk much,,,,mostly because you’re always leaving your house in a hurry and he’s not much of a,,,,,open person with strangers a bit shy/???
  • but one day as you’re both taking the elevator up to your floor it suddenly shakes and you and winwin look at each other and then realize that,,,,,,you’re stuck
  • and you have no reception on your phones so you have press the emergency button and wait till someone responds to help you two and that could take literal Hours
  • so you and winwin slide against the walls and sit,,,,,,,,,,,in silence
  • and like 45 minutes goes by of you counting sheep and winwin looking down at his phone and you can’t take the boredom so you’re like “do you wanna play like,,,,,truth or dare or something?”
  • and winwin looks up at you and is like ??? and you’re like “sorry, im just really bad at being bored you can so no though-” but winwin seems intrigued so he kind of sits up a bit and is like “you go first”
  • and he picks truth so you’re like well is it true you’re from china? you know it’s the first question so you go easy on him
  • and he’s like yes truth or dare?
  • and you’re like ok dare and he’s like,,,,,,i dare you to do a handstand and you’re like in this elevator????? now????
  • and winwin is giving you an innocent smile and he’s like sure why not
  • and you’re like ok,,,um,,,,,trying to figure out how you’re going to do this without falling over and looking dumb
  • and winwin is like “let me show you!!” and he just, like water,,,,is able to get his hands on the floor and lift his body up and you’re like holy hell are you dancer??? 
  • and winwin after coming down is like “yes ^^ im happy you noticed!!” and you’re like,,,,,omg
  • but you try at first by walking your legs up the wall which like does not work and winwin is like let me help
  • and he reaches out to hold your ankles but you’re ticklish so you end up kind of kicking a bit and he’s like wOAH and you’re like s O RRy
  • and he’s like you know what let’s skip this dare instead um i dare you to take a really bad selfie and show me
  • and wow ok winwin is way more ,,,,,,, creative than you expect him to be
  • and your time stuck in the elevator is pretty fun until the lights suddenly go out and it’s pitch black inside and you,,,clam up in fear 
  • and winwin is like “are you ok?” because he feels your tense shoulder against his and you kind of lean in toward him and you’re like “im sorry, the dark scares me a bit,,,,”
  • and you can feel the warmth of his arm but you don’t want to be weird and like hide against him 
  • not until he pulls you toward him and your head gently falls against his chest and he’s like “im here. don’t worry”
  • and you’re shocked,,,,,,like he????? is full of so much mystery and charm
  • you thought he was the quiet neighbor too scared to talk with others,,,but he’s actually pretty funny and even,,,,,straight-forward??? it makes you kind of blush
  • also for a dancer he’s so strong,,,,anyway,,,,
  • you stay beside him and when the lights go back up and the elevator begins to move winwin looks down and you peek up at him
  • and you both turn red now that you can see each others faces and he lets you go and you get up to gather your things
  • and when the doors open you’re faced with the technician whose like “sorry i didn’t get here earlier, but hey - did you have fun together?”
  • and he winks and you and winwin are like redder than ever like WHAT NO ,,,,,,, and you both stumble out and go to your doors and the technician just shrugs
  • but you have to hold your bag to your chest once you’re inside because,,,,you still feel the warmth of winwin holding you and it ,,,,,it was nice
  • and winwin is also in his room remembering how nice your hair had smelled, you pressed against his arm,,,,,,,and he has to like shake his head and he’s like,,,,,,,,it’s,,,,what is this
  • he meets up with his friends and he explains that he felt a warmness from you and a warmness in his friends and jaehyun is like “winwin, i think you’re experiencing what we call a crush” and winwin is like i know what a crush is jaehyun,,,,,,,,,but ,,,,,,,,,,,maybe
  • haechan: good plan, get stuck in an elevator again
  • taeyong: no. that is a bad plan don’t do th-

pride parade hc

only four of the losers are mentioned oops

this is for my girl bella ily and the rest of the whoopers gang and this is modernized ok bye

-so my boys are gay as FUCK™
-but like no one knows
-or so they think, they’re not very subtle
-the other losers don’t care but like,,,, there’s still fear there ya know????
-anyway pride is around the corner
-my boy richie goes ALL OUT
-he gets bev to help him, she’s the only one who knows about richie
-he doesn’t really need help tho, richie prolly knows more about makeup than bev
-he does a cut crease, with glitter and every possible bright color he had in his makeup collection
-carves out his cheekbones so sharp, he can cut someone’s head off
-over lines his already full lips with a red lipstick or something
-his highlight is so bright it can blind a bitch
-his outfit is probably burlesque themed
-bc my boy loves burlesque fight me
-if the image isn’t clear, just think of ezra miller as frank n further from rocky horror in the perks of being a wallflower
-but more!!!! extra!!!!
-bc he goes all out with a bright ass colored corset
-he covers the exposed parts of his body with glitter, pride tattoos, random gay quotes
-richie would def wear stilettos heels with some fishnets
-he’s an expert with walking in them let me tell you
-he looks unrecognizable so he walks around without a care in the world
-he’s super ready and super excited
-he wishes he can spend it with the other losers
-he’s glad to have bev though
-she’s bi asf so she makes it very clear with the colors she’s wearing and the flag she waves around
-eddie on the other hand,,,,, doesn’t really know if he’s full on gay or if he’s gay at all
-so he goes to pride just to see what it’s like
-he doesn’t go all out as much as richie does
-but my boy would def buy rainbow short shorts with a skanky gay quote on the butt that says “bend me over” or “pound me” or something (thot!eddie is my fav bye)
-he also goes shirtless bc it’s blazing hot and why not ???
-he pours glitter all over his torso
-it’s also covered in gay tattoos and rainbow shit
-the glitter’s multicolored bc gay
-ben is the only one eddie is comfortable talking to about his sexuality so ben ofc helps him and tags along with him to pride
-bc ben is also pan, he wears pan colors (literally just a shirt that has the pan flag w some jeans bc he’s not extra like reddie)
-anyway they go and they’re all having a good time
-richie gets so much attention
-my boy even gets invited in the drag float w bev bc he looks that good
-everyone’s cheering for him
-ben and eddie are at the other side of the parade
-dancing and cheering
-eddie realizes that he feels free and loves every second of it
-he realizes that this is where he belongs
-and that he’s fucking gay and doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks
-ben is proud and supports his bff
-suddenly the drag float drives by
-a head w a mop of curls look v familiar
-did i mention richie’s hair is long and thick enough to blow out? cos yea that’s his hair style rn and he’s killin it
-eddie doesn’t think too much of it
-until the person shouts his name
-and ben’s
-and then he sees bev
-and he’s like oh shit
-somehow ben and eddie end up on the float with bev and richie
-literally everyone is surprised
-first bc they’re at a GAY event
-second bc richie is in full on drag makeup
-but no one questions anything, they all know why and what people come to these things for
-and if eddie has to admit, richie looks damn good
-richie reads the quote on eddie’s butt of the shorts and laughs
-“i’ll bend you over any day kaspbrak”
-“shut up asshole”
-but he doesn’t mean it bc he may or may not want him to,,,,,,,
-also they are of age so don’t come @ me w hate
-they enjoy the rest of the parade and support and love each other bc that’s what bffs do !!!!!!

i got a little carried away but yeet not sorry, anyway i hope u all like it idk (if y’all can send me some more hcs to do that would be nice thx ily)

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Three times Even touched and called Isak his boyfriend in public/in front of friends. And that one time Isak did.

It’s not that he’s ashamed of his relationship with Even. No, far from it. If there’s a person in this planet (heck, even in parallel universes) that would be so proud of what they have, it’s him, Isak. He’s just not that showy especially if they’re in public or if they are with friends. They barely touch when they are surrounded by people. They just acknowledge each other through small gestures, like looking into each other’s eye a little longer or raised their eyebrows or smile shyly (this one’s Isak, mostly). Even understands that. They have talked about it once and Even said it’s ok. He said he knows how Isak feels about him and that he doesn’t need any more validation or proof. Still it makes him giddy when Even brush away an imaginary dirt off his face or just say the word “boyfriend” out loud, in reference to him. Sure he called him that when they checked in at that hotel suite but that felt like ages ago. So it made him blush when he heard it said last week.

* He saw Even standing in front of Kaffebrenneriet where they said they’d meet after school. His back to him while talking to a group of girls he recognized from Emma’s party last weekend. As he approached he heard one of the girls, the brunette who’s been eyeing him at said party, asked Even something. He only caught the last few words, “…..involved with someone?” Even was about to answer but the girl’s expression gave away his presence. Even turned and said “Halla, there you are. We were just talking about you!” Isak smiled at the girls then to Even, “Hey. What about me?” The girl grinned and said “Oh, hi we met at Emma’s last Saturday and I was just asking your friend here if you’re involved with someone. Are you?” Isak was taken aback slightly. Sure Norwegians are forward and bold but this one’s brazen. He was about to say something when Even spoke, enunciating each word. “Yeah, he’s involved. With me. He’s my boyfriend”, then loosely placed an arm on his shoulder. Isak could feel the rush of blood on his face but that was nothing compared to the girl’s expression. “Oh, sorry. I didn’t know. Cool, see you around.” The girls just up and left the two of them. Isak squinted his eyes at Even. Even in return raised his eyebrows and said “What?” Isak shook his head at his beau while smiling coyly.

* They were on their way to Even’s apartment when Isak decided to stop by the store. Yes that store where Even tricked Isak to come home with him and spent the rest of the day making (awful!) cheese toasties and talking about music and stuff. That same store. “Hey, you said last night you don’t have beer so we’re buying. Hope you have your ID with you?” Even grinned, clearly remembering that moment he first got to spend more hours with Isak. “Yeah, I got it.” Isak watched Even enter the store and placed himself on the exact same spot he waited for him. Several minutes passed and Even’s still inside. A few more had gone by, still no Even. He peeked inside the store and there he was looking at bread trays. Isak decided to go inside and asked what’s taking him so long. “I remember you don’t like fancy bread very much and I don’t want a repeat of that whole cheese toastie fiasco. So I was thinking if I should still get bread or should we just have chips?” Isak stared at him, slightly aware of the other three people inside. “Even, it doesn’t matter. We can have chips or bread or we can butcher our cheese toasties over and over again. I don’t care as long as we get to share it. You and I. Together.” Even fell silent, and smiled that small smile that makes Isak feel lots of feelings. He reached out and touched Isak’s face in that same way he did in the locker room. Looked at Isak the same way too. Then turned his attention to the cashier, “My boyfriend’s really sweet. Don’t you think?” The cashier smiled and so were the other customers. They ended up with chips and bread and beer. And Isak blushing profusely.

* They were hanging out at Isak’s place. It’s Saturday and Isak’s flatmates were all in. It was one of those rare days when they all felt like staying at home, lounging and doing nothing. Eskild was looking at his phone, scrolling through his messages and notifications. Linn, being Linn, was just lying on the sofa, face blank. Noora was channel surfing. Even and Isak cuddling on the other end of the sofa. The only noise they hear was the ones produced by the tv. Even, clearly bored out of his mind, stood up which caused Isak to move too. “Hey, I was just getting comfortable there. Come back here” Isak grumbled. “No. This won’t do. Won’t do at all.” All four people were now looking at him. With worried look etched on their faces. Even laughed. “I know what you’re thinking. No, I’m not having an episode.” He could practically hear them releasing their breaths. He smiled and continued his interrupted speech. “C'mon guys. We’re young, we shouldn’t be spending Saturday nights like this. We should go out. Call your friends maybe they know someone hosting a party or something.” Eskild said he’s not in the mood to go out tonight. Linn said nothing. Noora glanced at Isak. He shrugged “Oh, don’t look at me, we have the same circle of friends.” “Okay, so no one you know is having a party tonight. Why don’t we do it here? Now. Eskild and I can buy the good stuff while you call your friends and ask them to come here. Cool?” Noora said okay and started dialling Eva’s number. Isak still has that look of concern as he watch Even donned his hoodie and jacket. He approached Even, “Are you sure everything’s okay?” “I’m fine. I’m telling you I’m not having an episode. I just can’t stand looking at your gloomy faces for the rest of the night, knowing I can do something about it.” Isak’s face remained the same. Eskild emerged from his room ready to leave. Even touched Isak’s cheek and said “Quit worrying. I’m good.” To Eskild he said “I have the best boyfriend, right?”. Even quirked his eyebrows and left Isak with a smile. Noora and Linn have goofy smiles on their faces. Uncharacteristically, Linn commented “You guys are disgustingly sweet.”

*That same night

The sullen mood earlier just vanished. Isak’s apartment was lively. His friends were all gathered together. Soft party music was playing. Eskild was dancing, surprisingly, so was Linn. Noora and the girls were huddled on the floor discussing Russ, bus themes and the latest stories. Isak, Even and the boys were on the other side having a discussion of their own when Isak’s phone rang. “Hey Papa. Yeah I received your text. Yes, my boyfriend and I will be there……Even. His name’s Even. Ok, ok. Bye.” It took a few seconds before it dawned on Isak that it became suddenly quiet, except for the soft music, of course. Everyone seemed frozen, all eyes on him. He looked at each of them before finally setting his eyes on Even, who has a ridiculous grin on his face. Isak raised his eyebrows “What?” “You do realize you said "boyfriend” and “Even” in the same sentence. Out loud. In front of people….they heard. Just so you know.“ Isak rolled his eyes and reached for Even. With hands intertwined, Isak gazed lovingly into Even’s eyes, he then said "Yes, I did.” They heard a collective “awww” followed by Magnus hooting “hashtag relationship goals”, Eva gesturing the “Ok” sign, Eskild giving him the thumbs up, Sana smirking at him, Jonas shaking his head as if saying “bro, what a sap you’ve turned into, but I am happy for you” and the rest just grinning at them.

The party ended. Their friends went home, except for Eva who got totally wasted and passed out on the sofa. And now lying here with Even, Isak’s still elated. Even bent and kissed him. Oh, boy that felt good. Isak felt so good.

Sixty One


Cayden and I were in a really good place since my last therapy session and we had been talking about a lot of things over the last 2 weeks. I guess my opening up and emotional display when I came home had really made him feel some way because he had been telling me a lot about his childhood and things that made him the way he was.

We sat in the car driving to the mall because I wanted a dress to wear to the club for some event Cole and Ty were having. I sat in the passenger seat with my hand on the console and his over mine.

“So tell me about you and Ty stealing cars as kids,” I said, looking over and smiling at him. He laughed.

“God, we were idiots. We made hella money doing that though. Most of my elementary and high school I was doing that. This random OG worked in a car shop I used to walk past on my way to school. Well pretending to walk to school. He’d see me ditch my bag once I made it past the block and go off to do whatever reckless shit for the day,” he said.

“You didn’t go to school?” I asked.

“Nah, I hated it. Never understood what was happening in class,” he shrugged.

“But you’re smart Cay,” I was confused.

“It wasn’t that, I just ain’t pay attention. All I wanted was to either play ball or kick it with my homies. Ty didn’t go to my school and he was my best friend, so I think that made it worse.”

“Awe you missed him,” I giggled. He kissed his teeth. “Ok so the guy at the car shop.”

“Yeah, so he seen me, then one day he stopped me and asked where I was going everyday. I said no where, then he asked if I wanted to put my time into something profitable. Being the young pimpin I was, I was like aight. Told Ty, and that’s how we ended up brining in cars for him,” he finished the story. I raised my brows.

“So your mom didn’t know what you was doing?”

“No. Trey didn’t even know for a while,” he laughed after that.

“What?” I grinned looking up at his amused face.

“I just remembered how he beat my ass when he found out. He said he didn’t want me doing all that, even though the nigga was balls deep in the drug game,” he explained.

“He wanted to protect you.” I understood that. Cay nodded. “Trey sounds like he was a really good brother.”

“He was,” he looked away and out the windshield to the long line of backed up cars in front of us. We had been stuck in traffic for over an hour but I didn’t mind.

“Does it still make you sad to talk about him?” I asked, squeezing his hand. He shook his head.

“Not so much now. 2,3, years ago, ya. But it’s ok now. ‘Course I wish he was here. But he’s gone and he ain’t coming back, nothing I can do,” his face didn’t reveal much.

“I wish that for you too,” I said. I lifted our hands and kissed the back of his. He glanced over at me and smirked.

“I love you,” he said.

“I love you more,” I said, digging through my bag with my free hand.

“What are you looking for?” He asked, glancing at the rear view mirror.

“Food,” I said.

“We should be there soon now. We’re the next exit,” he said. My stomach growled in response.

“Hopefully I make it,” I said, opening a candy I’d found.

“We stopped at McDonald’s on our way here mama,” he said.

“So what are you trying to say,” I said, closing my bag and folding my hands.

“Nothing. Hey look at that dog in the car next to us,” he changed the subject.

“Don’t get any idea’s,” I said.

“Come on, we should get one. They’re so cute,” he said.

“They are cute, but I know you’d get one and I’d end up doing everything,” I narrowed my eyes. He chuckled.

“All you gotta do is walk it,” he said.

“And pick up it’s poo. Nah I can’t do dog shit. I can change diapers, wipe a bum or 2” I said without thinking and there was a brief silence. It wasn’t an awkward silence. The tension between us was hard to explain. The way he looked at me made my knees weak and I couldn’t look away so that didn’t help.

“You can put diapers on the dog,” he said.

“You know how expensive diapers are?” I laughed “ if I’m buying them there better be a human baby involved.”

“Good point,” he said, changing lanes to exit. I looked out the window. I could see the mall from where we were.

In the mall we went into several stores looking for a white dress since the theme was all white.

“This feels like shopping for my wedding dress all over again,” I said as Cayden zipped me into a dress. I turned around to face him and he was cheesing.

“You looked sexy as hell in that dress,” he said.

“I liked seeing you in a suit,” i said, placing my hands on his chest.

“Maybe we should get married again,” he suggested. I laughed.

“I barely survived the first wedding, I was so nervous. Can’t do that again,” I said, playing with the hair at the back of his neck.

“You got over it though,” he said.

“Yeah, when I saw your face it went away,” i recalled the exact moment.

“Aweee,” he said, imitating a female voice. I rolled my eyes.

“Lucky I like you,” I mumbled.

“I like you too I guess,” he shrugged. I pulled away to look in the mirror. “And I like this one,” he said.

“It makes me look wide,” I frowned at the mirror. He shook his head.

“Nah it’s good,” he assured me. “Your boobs look big, you always like that,” he shrugged.

“They do don’t they,” I turned to the side peeping the cleavage. “Ok I’ll get it.”

I went back into the change room and closed the door to get back in to my own clothes.


Ty drove up to Dallas to pick me up Saturday morning after my first week at training camp. I low key missed everybody but particularly him. He insisted on me coming back for the weekend since I had no training and he wanted to throw some kind of party or whatever which was dope. We were on some couple shit for real this time so i guess he wasn’t worried about going out together and everyone knowing what was really going down. Now that he was out of the closet as gay…or bi…or whatever he classified himself as.

We were packing up the car with my few things and were about to hit the road.

“You say bye to your little friends?” He asked. I scoffed.

“You’re jealous aren’t you?” I guessed. “All these buff football niggas.”

“Only if you give me a reason to be,” he shrugged.

“That’s not my type anyway,” I said, locking the door to my apartment. We went down the stairs to the car.

“What is your type?” He asked several minutes later. I shrugged.

“Lanky niggas like you,” I said with a smirk. He didn’t think it was funny, but what was new.

We stopped for food at Buffalo Wild Wings before going to Ty’s place because we were both starving. Our wings came and we ate them while watching the golden state game that was on the TV.

“So i been wondering,” i said, starting on something that had been on my mind for a while.

“Yeah,” he said, eyes on the Tv above.

“How was it being with girls before?” I made my tone casual. He shrugged.

“Good,” he said, “it was never nothing serious, just fucked with some chicks.”

“Whats better? Being with a dude or a chick?” i chuckled but it was a bit nervous honestly. I thought about the fact that, for most of his life, Ty had been interested in girls quite a lot. Not gonna lie, it made me insecure because unlike me, he was actually attracted to women as well, and i wasn’t sure where that left me. I had to worry about him looking both ways. All this shit was why in the past i didnt take things past hookups. He looked from the TV to me and looked unusually serious.

“It aint even about that,” he said. “Being with you is better, and not because you a dude. Because you’re you,” he said. That was just about the most, lovey dovey, romantic or whatever you wanna call it, thing anyone had ever said to me. I didnt have anything to say back, i was just surprised. “Better not tell anyone i said that soft ass shit.”
I grinned.

“Bet,” i said. He nodded and turned back to the TV.

When we got to Ty’s place we somehow ended up making out as soon as we stepped through the doors. We stumbled down the hallway and to his bedroom, knocking things down the whole way there. I pulled away to grab his shirt and pulled it up over his arms. I liked his tattoos a lot. I had a few but the full chest and arms looked good on him. He gripped my neck and pulled me back in to put his lips on mine. We were at the foot of the bed so i pushed him back and he fell on to the bed. I leaned over him and put my mouth to his chest. I trailed down his stomach slowly. His phone started ringing then. He didnt make a move to get it so i went on to unbutton his jeans. I got them down to his knees and then the phone went off again.

“You gon get that?” i said, looking up at him. He was biting his lip which was adorable but id never tell him that.

“Fuck that,” he said, voice hoarse. I chuckled and continued the trail of kisses until i reached my final destination and Ty’s teeth quickly sank back into his lip. I wanted to show him how i felt about him after what he said at the restaurant and i wasn’t the best with words. From the look on his face i was pretty sure this would do.

We were laying in the bed chilling for a while after, catching our breath and everything. Ty’s phone was ringing again so i told him to just get it. I got up and put my boxers on, making my way to the kitchen to get bottles of water. When i came back he was talking to someone.

“They came to yo crib?” He sounded pretty heated. There wa silence for a bit. “You think they actually got anything?”

I handed him the bottle and he took it. I sat down beside him.

“Aight well keep me posted. We’ll discuss it tonight at the club. Aight,” he said, then hung up.

“Cayden?” i guessed. He nodded. “Everything okay?”

“Some shit may be going down. But we handling it,” he said. I nodded understanding. I had been around the game enough to understand and not bother asking too many questions.

“Im sure yall gon handle it,” i said simply.


After taking Randi to get all her stuff at the mall we drove back home to just chill because we were tired of going around. She went to the closet to go and try all her stuff on all over again and do whatever other shit. I changed into some shorts and grabbed my headphones.

“Im gonna go workout in the basement,” i said.

“Ok,” she said. “I might be gone when you done. Gotta stop by the shop for a quick minute and sign some stuff for Jada and China.”

“Aight. Let me know if you want me to take you,” grabbed a towel from the hamper.

“K, thanks,”

I turned and left the bedroom. When i got downstairs i did a bit of cardio on the treadmill to get a good sweat going before i did any lifting. My weights were all out of order because Randi ass be using my shit and got no respect to put things back the way she found them.

About 30 minutes into my workout i heard the doorbell going off upstairs.

“I got it!” Randi yelled. I hadnt been sure she was still home. I assumed she’d called somebody over. I continued lifting my weights.

A few minutes later heavy footsteps came down the stairs and Randi was walking, no storming, towards me. Her face wasn’t a happy one. I raised a brow. She pointed at my headphones so took them off. She handed me a piece of paper. ‘Detective James Smith, FBI’. My body stiffened and my face went blank. The feds had showed up at my door and talked to Randi. I was livid. I tore the card and gave it back to her.

“Should i be worried?” she asked. I shook my head.

“No,” i said. She glared at me until i got up from the bench. “Im handling it,” i said. She gave me some side eye but i guess she believed me because she didnt blow up.

“Better be,” she said.

“What they want?” 

“They just asked questions. Some bullshit about suspicious cars in the neighbourhood. They wanted to come inside.”

“What you say to them?” i asked.

“That i had no idea what they were talking about and you weren’t home,” she said in a 'duh’ tone.

“You lied?” I said, surprised, “to the feds?”

“Yeah,” she said in the same tone.

“You didnt have to lie for me,” i said simply, “i dont want you involved in this.”

“Thats the stupidest thing you’ve ever said,” her voice was full with rage. My brows came together in confusion. I expected she’d swoon over the fact that i was doing everything to protect her. “Of course im gonna lie for your ass,” she threw the pieces of paper in my face. “I love you, you idiot. Don’t you get it?”

I did get it, and i should have known she would do everything to stick by my side and ride for me. I was willing to go down for her and she was ready to do the same. But i couldn’t have that.

“I know,” i said, understanding. “Its all gonna be over in a few days. I just gotta deal with someone and its all not gonna matter anymore.”

“Okay,” she said, mouth in a deep set frown. I grabbed her waist with one hand.

“I love you lil mama,” i said, “thats my focus, it always is,” i assured her. I used my other hand to grip her chin and pull her into a deep kiss. The kind that made her close her eyes and forget where she was. She put her hands on my arms to support herself.

“I love you too,” she said breathlessly. Seems i had avoided this argument.

“You still wanna go out tonight?” i asked. She sighed.

“Yeah, lets go. I wanna be there for Cole, we just fixed things,” she said. I nodded understanding.

Later into the night we were in the car headed to the club for Ty and Cole’s event. I had on some while jeans and a white t shirt with my chain. Randi had on the dress that we had bought earlier that day, and i swear i didnt remember it being that short but maybe it just felt that way now that i could see niggas standing outside the club waiting to get in. I pulled into a parking spot and parked the car. She pulled the mirror down to fix her lip gloss. I watched her put it on.

“I cant see, how is it?” she said, turning to me. I took my thumb and wiped the little bit that was on the side of her lips.

“Good,” i said. She smiled. I opened my door and got out to go around to her side. I opened the door for her and she grabbed my hand to get out. We walked towards the entrance and i looked around. Ty was supposed to pull up any minute and we were gonna talk about what had happened. I saw him talking to the bouncers at the front of the line. He saw us and nodded. The bouncer opened up the rope so we could skip the line.

“Go inside, ill be there in a minute,” i said to Randi.

“Ok,” she said, letting go of my arm. The bouncer opened the door and i watched her go inside. Ty dapped me up and we stepped off to the side.

“So whats the deal. I thought we paid everyone off. Who talked?” He said. I shook my head.

“We did. Its not one of our guys. Apparently they got a witness who saw the deal going down. Thats all they got on the case. We deal with them, they got nothing to go on,” I said, pulling a blunt out from my pocket.  I lit it and put it between my lips.

“So you wanna kill them?” He asked. I shook my head no.

“Nah, thats messy. They’d be on us quick, and people would look for that person. They just trying to make a buck, theres a cash reward. We just gotta give them i better deal and i guarantee they gon suddenly forget what they saw,” i said, taking a long drag from the blunt. Ty took it and took a hit.

“If you think thats best,” he said. “I wouldn’t mind offing them.”

“Neither would i, but we gotta be smart about it. Can’t get trigger happy.”

“And thats why you in charge not me,” he chuckled. “You be thinking about shit.”
i shrugged.

“Red taught me a thing or 2, before he lost his mind,” i mumbled. He nodded.

“Aight,” he handed me the blunt. “Im going in,” he said.

“Imma finish this, be there in a minute,” i said. He went back to the bouncer who let him in.

I was smoking my blunt for a few minutes just thinking when Ty came back out, jogging towards me.

“Yo,” he said. “Better come get yo girl,” he said. My brows came together. What kind of trouble could Randi of all people have gotten into at a club. I put out my blunt. We opened the doors and went inside the club. It was packed. Ty led the way towards the back and i followed. We made it to the bar where i saw Randi, China and Jada standing close together. They were definitely ready to pop off. They were facing another group of a few girls in what could only be a stare down. The other girl was in some skimpy bra and shorts outfit with curly black hair. She had tattoos all over and stood a good bit over Randi. Honestly looking her over i didn’t like Randi’s odds of winning whatever this was. I wasn’t sure what had happened. On the outskirts of the little brawl i saw Cole. I nodded at him.

“Whats going on?” i asked.

“Some chick came sideways at Randi, threw her drink her at her,” he said. I saw the stain on Randi’s white dress. I wasn’t sure what she was gonna do, she was saying something to the girl. I pushed through the few people around them to get behind the wall her and the girls had formed.

“What’s good Randi?” i said. She looked back at me and i saw rage in her eyes.

“Stay out of this Cayden, i got it” she said, walking forward. I looked around for a minute. The guys looked to me to see if they should intervene. Most of my niggas were here and could easily start something. They all would for Randi too since she was my wife. We couldn’t really post up on a chick though so I just shook my head telling them to leave it.

“So what you gonna do?” I asked, standing close behind her.

“Imma just tell her she got me fucked up,” she said. I nodded hesitantly. I got the idea that there was no convincing her to back down now.

Randi walked up to the girl and she crossed her arms. The music was so loud i couldn’t hear what they were saying to each other but it was pretty obvious they were cursing and all that. The girl stepped up to Randi but she didn’t even flinch despite the fact that the other girl was taller. Something was said and Randi snatched the girl’s hair. That’s when things went downhill. I was too stunned by this side of Randi to even do anything. They fell to the ground and I couldn’t see much other than them rolling all over the place. Randi got on top, sitting on the girl’s chest and the girl swiped at Randi. People had gathered now to watch the scene.

“Fuck!” She screamed, and that’s when we moved foward. I had to push past the little crowd that had formed so it took me a while to get to her. By the time I got there, Randi had a knife in her hand and positioned at the girl’s neck.

“Randi!” I shouted, getting her attention. “Give it to me.”

“The bitch cut me,” she yelled, still holding the knife.

“You got her too,” I said pointing at the slash on her collar, “she got the message, right?” I asked the girl who nodded quickly. Randi paused then handed me the knife. She got up off the girl who scrambled up off the floor and quickly ran away with her friends close behind her. Randi fixed her dress and turned to face me.

“Cayden, we gotta bounce,” Pat said, “before the popo pull up.” I nodded and grabbed Randi’s arm as well as collected her friends, then headed for the exit.

“Yall go home, I’ll take the girls back,” Pat offered outside the club. I nodded and told him thanks then pulled a still angry Randi to the car. I opened the door and pushed her inside.

We were dead silent the whole ride home. I didn’t really know what to say, and she was mad, i guess at me, so she was giving silent treatment. When i pulled up to the driveway and parked the car i turned to look at her. I was pretty livid that she had acted like that honestly. She opened her door and got out so i did the same. We got in the house and upstairs to the room. She sat on the bed, touching her arm that had gotten cut. I felt a little bit of guilt then.

“I shouldn’t have let you fight that chick,” I said, looking at her arm. “Since when do you get into fights anyway?” I asked, my voice raised.

“That dumb bitch started it,” she mumbled, dabbing her shoulder. I went to the bathroom and grabbed some stuff to clean it. I handed her some cotton balls.

“So you really had to jump her?” I asked, still in shock. Really Randi had started the physical part of the fight. Though the girl escalated it with the knife.

“Yeah. Then she shanked me, so i had to finish it. You always getting into fights with people, why can’t i?”

“So you was really gon kill her?” I asked, talking about before I called her off. She shrugged. I sighed, and wrapped her arm with a bandage. I thought about her sitting on that girl and ready to cut her like she was in a movie. I was angry but also kind of amused. I felt my face relaxing a little bit into a smirk. That was some shit i would do.  "So you think you a gangster now or what?“

“I been a gangster,” she said, side eyeing me. I chuckled.

“Nah it don’t count until you catch a body, or at least some battle wounds,” I said. She pointed to the arm that I had just bandaged. I laughed.

“That small thing,” I scoffed.

“I would have caught a body if you hadnt interrupted.” She rolled her eyes. I grabbed her chin and looked at her.

“On a serious note. You can’t go around fighting people Randi. You gonna get hurt, she could have had a gun. And you wont be catching any bodies, ever. Thats not the type of shit i need my wife doing. Don’t do dumb shit just because I do it,” I said, looking her in the eyes to show I was dead ass.

“That wasn’t why Cayden. I would have fought her either way. I don’t regret it,” she said. I nodded.

“Well, you handled yourself well. I can’t lie, I’m a little proud of you. Maybe there’s a little street in you after all.” I smiled. She grinned and kissed me.

“How am I gonna explain this to my parents?” She asked suddenly. I grabbed all the stuff we had used.

“That’s your business. That’s what happens when you jump people,” I teased, going to put everything away in the bathroom and clean my hands.

“You’re exaggerating i did not jump her,” she said. When i was back in the room i gave her doubtful eyes.

“Aight miss world star.”

“Whatever. Come help me take my shoes off,” she said, laying back on the bed. I went and grabbed her legs, taking her heels off.

“You want some advil?” i asked. She shook her head.

“Just come lay with me,” she said. I got on the bed and spooned her from behind. I wrapped my arms around her waist and rested my hands on her stomach.

“Better?” i asked. She nodded. I kissed her head. I loved my crazy ass wife.

TVD 1x14 Review

You guys know the drill. I am too fucking tired from Boot Camp to explain ;)

1. Even when they’re in danger, Elena is treated much better than Bonnie. Elena is on the bed while Bonnie is passed out in the bathroom, THERE ARE TWO BEDS.

2. It really bothers me that no one on tv checks the pulse of the other person who is knocked out.

3. I love the way Matt smiles when Caroline comes near hm, his entire face lights up.

4. Sheila Bennett. Not. Taking. ANY. Of. Damon’s. SHIT.


6. Every time Elena meets a female adversary they bond over dead parents. Anna with Pearl and Rebekah with Esther and Katherine with Klaus slaughtering her family. How on the nose can you get. *Cordelia voice* “Find a new theme.”

7. What I find really funny is that Anna and Jeremy’s storyline should’ve been Damon and Elena’s in the sense that Anna shows up trying to get close to Jeremy to open the tomb for Pearl but her con allows her to get to know Jeremy and she actually begins to fall for him, it’s not an original idea but the content makes it unique to Jeremy and Anna. They debate about vampires and get to know each other in that sense, their debating techniques, points of view, they play games, and he thinks she’s weird but endearing and she’s taken aback by how much she actually likes him and it’s organic, it makes SENSE. It isn’t forced at all. And the parts that are forced are supposed to be forced because Anna is being creepy lurker chick trying to get the journal.

8. And Damon caring about Elena is like … OK, we talk a lot about how it doesn’t make remote sense for Elena to feel anything toward Damon at all ever but it also makes no sense for Damon to be preoccupied with Elena either. THEY DON’T DO ANYTHING.  Elena hasn’t done anything in these 14 episodes to make Damon have a low-key affection for her. I mean, I find literati i.e. Jess & Rory very problematic but I at least think it makes sense on both parts. Jess is drawn to Rory because she is nothing like he expected, he goes to Lorelai’s, expects her to be like every teen he’s met so far when he wants to ditch the grownups and Rory is like oh no Sookie cooks amazing food and my mom is pretty cool and Jess is like … what? Plus they have the same interests to which they can debate, like the build-up is actually there and the bonding is actually there. That cannot be said for DE.

9. Stefan rolling up like a G.

10. Elena and Stefan holding hands :)

11. “We need to let him have Katherine.” “No! He doesn’t deserve to get what he wants.” “What other choice do we have?” You can kill him.

12. Also people like to talk about how Elena emotionally manipulated Stefan when what Elena did with Stefan is appeal to his emotions but Damon she actually emotionally manipulates, she tells Stefan, Bonnie and Grams, she knows what to do to get Damon on their side and she uses their ridiculous “connection” to get what she wants. It’s self-serving.

13. “I didn’t compel you in Atlanta because we were having fun.”You two were barely together.

14. Wow, any chance Damon has to manhandle Elena, he’ll take it.

15. Lol Tyler is such a dick. “Do you even HAVE any friends?” Tyler, all of your friends kind of hate you. Relax.

16. Aww, Elena holds onto Stefan as she watches the Bennetts do their witchy thing.

17. Omg vamp speed, Stefan.

18. This is what happens when yo mess with Stefan, Ben. Like you‘re on fire, bruh.

19. Elena being in the tomb surrounded by the desiccated vampires was shot nicely.

20. Aww Bonnie runs after Stefan as Stefan runs after Elena because she screamed!

21. Yeah Yeah Damon going crazy because Katherine isn’t the tomb. Sucks. Whatever.

22. Still love that SE hug right when the tomb door closes.

23. OK again, this scene is supposed to show how Elena has a large capacity for compassion which is why she hugs Damon, moving past the fact that it is super gross that she does this, Jeremy has been KNOCKED OUT, he could have a fucking concussion, and she just leaves him on the ground because Stefan says he’s OK???? This is what I mean about shitty writing because by trying to show how empathetic she is, she actually just looks like a shitty sister and that’s completely unintentional.

24. Anna’s panic over Damon killing Pearl is so real and well-done.

25. Damon’s sad face about Katherine is whatever, you have caused so much fucking damage in this town for shits and giggles, bye.

26. Grams’s death is still fucking heartbreaking.

27. They built the tomb vampires up so much and it was just OK.

Thanks for reading!

I/O Reports - Fukui, Fukuoka

Please credit skysj4 if posting, sharing, retranslating, posting screenshots, quoting. PLEASE DO NOT CREDIT TO OWNER. Be more sincere if you are going to post this somewhere.

Most reports are by me, and for the shows which I did not attend, they are translated from fan reports on twitter.

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x files fic for mother’s day

here’s my attempt at giving scully a happy (if not crazy and hectic) mother’s day, and an excuse to continue in the himym au thing i wrote. mostly because it was fun to write and i was bored. also this is the corniest thing i’ve ever written. seriously. this is the fluffiest fluff i’ve ever done. you have been warned.


William is making a card on printer paper stolen from Mulder’s office. It seems to have gone from “simple Mother’s Day card” to “elaborate comic, featuring astronauts, Bigfoot, and the dogs”. There’s crayon smeared on the table. Emily grabs the Clorox wipes from under the sink. “So, I was thinking for Mom’s present, I could tell her that I’ve chosen to do my required summer internship with her at the morgue,” she says, spreading her hands in a ta-da motion. “What do you think?”

William shades the fur on the large creature that is debatably Sasquatch or Chewbacca. “I think that you can do better.”


“Yeah. That’s boring!”

“Oh, and a comic isn’t boring?”

“No, it’s funny. She’ll laugh at it. She can pin it to the wall and laugh at it while she cuts people up. It’ll make her boring job less boring.”

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Friends after all - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 7 (Fake boyfriend/Neighbour AU)

Title: Friends after all

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 3,505

Warnings: None

Summary: AU. Dean Winchester. Mechanic. Neighbour. Best friend. Single father. And fake boyfriend? You babysit his daughter. You’ve known him for years and you’ve been really close. Everything will be put to test though when your sister’s wedding approaches and he has the brilliant idea of pretending to be your boyfriend. Nobody would have ever thought of the result. Certainly not you.

You’re on highway to hell. Well sort of. Basically your house and sister’s wedding but hell can also describe it. What about now that you are with Dean as your (fake) boyfriend?

Read: Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Part 4 l Part 5 l Part 6

A/N: Sorry I don’t have time to add the tags today darlings!

You watched as the scenery passed by in a blur of greens and occasionally yellows and oranges. Be it any other occasion you would feel calm and it would only manage to make you relax even more. Especially with Dean being the one sitting next to you. You’d occasionally glance at him and you could really not help a small smile from being on your lips. It wasn’t often that you got to see that genuine bright smile on his face with all the worries he had and actually seeing it meant a lot to you. He looked so carefree, as if he had no worries in the world, and at the same time so young. You would have loved to know him when he was younger so much. But even now you could not complain. He had the heart of a five-year-old.

When he caught your eyes on him he’d turn his head to look at you and the smile would immediately turn into a smirk as he threw you a wink. The only thing you did was roll your eyes at him and turn your head the other way so that he would not notice the blush or smile that was on your lips. He would chuckle at you, extending one hand over your shoulders and making you lean in so that he would place a kiss on the side of your head.

“Eyes on road Winchester” you’d say, taking off his hand over your shoulders and making him focus on the road more than you.

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A Day In The Life

Rating: G

Ship: Mother/Son Dory & Nemo, Bacground Dorlin

Fic Summary: For the Nerf Gun battle prompt! A quick peek into how Dory and Nemo spend an afternoon. 

Warning: Does contain spoilers for Finding Dory so watch out.

A03 || FF.Net

Dory trudged along the sidewalk, her feet aching with each step. She had just gotten off work, and while her job at the information desk of the local aquarium wasn’t particularly strenuous, it had been a long day. Friday always brought in a lot of business and she was more than ready to head home and relax.

But first she had to…do something. She gazed down at the writing on her hand. It was slightly smudged, but she could still make out Marlin’s neat handwriting, ‘Pick Nemo up from school - 3pm’

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Barry Allen~ You’re awesome part 1

Part 2   Part 3   Part 4

(Not my gifs)

A/N: This is kinda an The Flash/Avengers imagine. In ended up much longer then I thought. So I’m gonna upload it in parts. Eventually it’s Barry x reader.

You know Felicity for a long time and you guys are best friends. You met at school when you were 13. You were an Avenger and only Felicity knows about it because you always wear a mask. You are a bad ass assassin who is also a genius, billionaire and you’re pretty good in hacking. You may be also kinda geeky. The name for the villain I made is just a random name. Idk if Jitters had a tv hanging so now there is one. The gifs are from moments how they acted. If the gif is someone else that doesn’t play a role it’s you. Pietro is by the way alive. You’re welcome for that. :)

Y/S/N: your ship name

L/N: Last name

*Y/N Pov*

It was a normal day in the Avengers tower, what you think of normal. Nah, it’s never normal. Until you got a call from your best friend Felicity Smoak.

F: Hey Y/N, how you doing?
Y/N: I’m good. How are you?
F: I’m great. Uhm… I kinda need your help to find someone…
Y/N: So you want me to look through the files from S.H.I.E.L.D.
F: Yeah kinda. Can you do it here. It is for some of my friends and they want to see you doing it, because they don’t trust people fast…
Y/N: Uhm.. Yeah sure. When do you want me to come?

F: As soon as possible.
Y/N: Well where are you now? Still in Starling City?
F: No, I’m in Central City actually. 
Y/N: Oh ok. I’m there as soon as possible. 
F: Bye Y/N.
Y/N: Bye Felic.

You stood up and went to your room. You grabbed a suitcase and a backpack since you didn’t know how long you were staying there. Then you put some clothes -also your suit- and some weapons in it. You have a watch that can turn into a bow and arrows so you always have a weapon with you. But it’s always handy to have more weapons with you. At last you packed your laptop. You were ready to go to Central City. But before you could go you booked a hotel for a week so you had a place to stay. You didn’t feel the urge to tell the others because you had a few days off. You put a bomber jack over your Star Wars shirt and went to your car. When you threw your stuff in the trunk you were officially ready to go.

*Meanwhile in Starling City*

*Felicity Pov*

“Do you really think she can help us. We don’t even know her.”, Barry said. “You guys don’t know her, but I do. You guys can trust her.”, I said back. “The point is can she can find more information about the person were looking for?”, Oliver said. “Trust me she can. She’s really good. She’s probably better then all of us together and Cisco you might like here about… Things.”, I said while smiling. “Now I’m interested”, Cisco said smiling. “When she’s here?”, Caitlin said. “I don’t know. I think soon. She can go fast to places. NOT that she has super speed. she just has a fast car and… stuff. Right…”, I said. Everybody looked weird at me.

It were 3 hours later*PLING* My phone went off. It was a text from Y/N. “Hey. Where are you exactly?”

“Guys Y/N is in town.”, I said. “I’ll be at Jitters over 5 min.”, I text back. “Okay, I hope I can find it. See you soon.”, and with that we left to Jitters. We sat about 10 minutes at Jitters until someone familiar walked in.

*Y/N Pov*

You had already dropped your suitcase at the hotel. The backpack took you with you. You walked in Jitters looking if she could find Felicity. You walked further through Jitters until you got hugged by someone. “Y/N!”, Felicity said happy. “Felic! It’s been so long.”, you guys pulled away. “I know right.”, we turned to everyone who sat at the table. “Well everyone this is Y/N L/N.”, you waved. “Hello, my name is Caitlin Snow.”, and she put her hand out. You shook it. “And I’m Cisco Ramon.”, he said smiling. “And then you are Oliver Queen.”, you said. He nod. “Well nice to meet all of you.”

“You need to meet one person more but he’s getting a drink.”, you nod. “Hey Felicity when is your friend… coming.”, before you knew there was coffee all over your jacket. “Oh my god… I-I’m so, so sorry.”, a boy rambled. “It’s ok.”, you said giving him a smile. “No, I just threw coffee on you.” You laughed a little.

“Seriously, it’s ok.”, you assured him. “Uhm. I’m Barry. Allen. Barry Allen.”, he said. “I’m Y/N. L/N. Y/N L/N.”, you said on the same way as he did. “Sorry about your coffee.”, giving him a sad smile. “No worries.”, he said and sat down. “I ship it.”, Felicity said quiet but Cisco heard it. “Well, I’m gonna clean up my jacket. Be right back.”, you dropped your backpack on the ground and your phone on the table. Then you walked to the toilet.

*3rd Pov*

“So Barry. What do you think of Y/N?”, Felicity ask. “Well. Uhm… She looks nice and pretty.”, he said while his cheeks burned up. “Well I think coffee looks good on her.”, Cisco joked. “You know she looks familiar. Can we know her from somewhere?”, Oliver said. “Uhm…”, Felicity started. “I will look on the internet.”, Cisco said while grabbing his phone. Felicity just took a sip from her coffee. “Oh my god.”, Cisco started and let them show his phone screen.

Y/N L/N one of the smartest persons alive. Not only she graduated on the age of 15 also she’s one of the youngest billionaires alive.

“Felicity could you not tell earlier who she really was.”, Oliver said. “Well I was not supposed to say that to anyone… Don’t ask.”, Felicity said back. Y/N was walking back to the table. “I’m back.”, they all looked at her. “Oh my god… Your shirt… It’s awesome.”, Cisco said smiling widely. “Thanks.”, you smiled back. “That’s what you meant that I probably like things about her.”, he said to Felicity. “You are a geek too? Nice.”, you said and gave Cisco a fist pump. “Well you guys needed more information about someone, right?” Felicity nodded. You grabbed your laptop out of your back pack and started it. “Well if I’m gonna do this I need everyone out of here except us.”

“Why does everyone need to leave?”, Barry asked confused. “Well I guess you guys don’t want anyone to know who you’re looking for and I don’t want anyone see me do this.”, you said. “Wait, is it illegal then?”, Caitlin said. “Nah. I’m gonna talk to the owner of this place.”, and you walked away. After a few minutes you came back. “And?”, Felicity said. “EVERYONE GET OUT OF JITTERS! IT’S CLOSED FOR THE NEXT HOUR!”, the owner said. “Don’t break anything.”, he said and walked away. Everyone was gone after a few minutes so we guys were the only one left. “How did you do that?”, Barry asked. “Everyone does it if they get money.”, you said back. You filled your password in and put a cord in your laptop. The other end of the cord put you in the tv. You did a lot of stuff on your laptop that they didn’t understand. “What is she doing?”, Cisco asked Felicity. “Even I have no idea.”, she said back. “I know you guys probably don’t want to tell me anything about what you are doing but I need to know the name of the person who you looking for.”, you looked at them. They looked at each other. “It’s Richard Zook.”, Barry said. When he said that you looked back at them with your brows raised. “Richard Zook? You mean Trap King? Good luck with that.”, you laughed a little.

The others looked at each other confused. “You heard of him?”, Oliver said. “Yeah. He’s annoying.”

“You even met him?”, Barry asked. “Yeaaah. If you guys are gonna look for him make sure not to be trapped.”, you said while searching for his file in S.H.I.E.L.D. “Here you guys go.”, and the file showed on the tv. “What kind of information do you guys need?”

“Everything you know.”, Caitlin said. While you guys went through the file your phone went off. “Y/N it’s your phone.”, Felicity said. “You have Hedwig’s theme as ringtone. I like you even more now.”, Cisco said exited. “Harry Potter fan?”, Barry asked you. “Always been.”, you said back. “Felic who’s calling me?” Felicity looked at your phone. “It says Tony Stank.”, Felicity said confused. “Oh, just let it go then.”, you said smiling. “Y/N, who is Tony Stank?”, Oliver asked curiously. “Well it’s Tony Sta-…”, you were cut off with Tony calling you again. “For fuck sakes Tony.”, you murmured to yourself while walking to your phone. You picked it up and put it on speaker. “Waddup Tin Man.”, you said happy. “Y/N where the hell are you?”, he said back. “Out.”, you said. “Did you just go through the files of Richard Zook?" You said a few seconds nothing. "Maybe.”

“We need you back here. Someone kinda ruined the kitchen because we didn’t had any pop tarts left.”, You laughed. “Sorry Stark, can’t come right now.”, you said picking your phone up again. “You are probably getting in trouble, you know. And if you don’t come I’m gonna send speedy to get you.”, you smirked. “Ok. Bye Tony.”, and you hang up. “Well that was interesting.”, you said. “Was that Tony Stark? Like THE Tony Stark?”, Cisco said and you nodded. “How do you know him?”, Barry asked now. “I have connections.”, you said smirking. “But what did he say what should happen if you didn’t came back?”, Felicity said. “Well then comes a friend. A very annoying friend. I like to call him sonic.”, you smirked and closed your laptop. “Now you guys know everything what I know about Richard Zook. Hope it’s enough.”, you said. “It’s far more then we could ever know. How do you know all of this?”, Caitlin asked. “Uhm..”, lucky to you Someone came with full speed past you. “What was that?”, Felicity asked slightly scared. “I’m not a what.”, someone said behind you. “Hey sonic.”, you said while putting your laptop in you backpack. “I’m not sonic you know.”, He said annoyed. “Yes you are. You’re fast and blue so you’re sonic.”, You smirked to him. “Who are those people Y/N.”, Pietro said. “Well they are Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, Oliver and Felicity.” Cisco was the only one who can a small smile and Pietro nodded. “Hi then. Y/N you need to come back. We need help.” You laughed. “Yeah I heard. How is it going with the kitchen? And i’m not going. I have some business.”, you said. “Well that can wait. You need to come home like RIGHT NOW.”, Pietro said. “I guess you guys can survive without me for a week. So go back home.”, Pietro got annoyed and grabbed you and run you guys to The Avengers Tower.

“Well that was something.”, Felicity said. “That was an another speedster. THAT was quicksilver. an Avenger.”, Barry said. “Well I guess Y/N knows more people then we think.”, Caitlin said. Before they could say anything else Pietro and Y/N were back. “Pietro now go.”, you said. “Ok. Bye.”, And he run off again. “I’m sorry about that.”, you said. “You know quicksilver?”, Cisco asked. You just nodded. “Awesome.”, you just smiled. “How do you guys met?”, Oliver asked. “Oh. I was in New York for a science project and there I met Tony Stark. And Pietro came to look by so we talked.”, You lied. To your surprise everyone believed it. “Well I guys i’m done here. So I think I’m going.”

“Wait, are you seriously going back to New York already?”, Felicity asked. “No, I don’t think so. I bought a hotel room for a week so I guess I’m staying for a bit longer.”, you said. Felicity smiled. “But i’m going to my hotel room. Bye guys.”, you said. “Do you know the way back?”, Barry asked concerned. “No.”, you said, waved and walked away.

When you finally found your way to your room you immediately your pajama on and went to sleep.

*Barry Pov*

We watched Y/N walk away. “We got the information that we wanted.”, I said. “Let’s make tomorrow a plan to catch him and put him in jail.”, Oliver said and stood up. “You coming Felicity?”, Felicity stood also up. “Bye guys.”, and they walked away. “I think we should go either.”, Caitlin said. “Yeah, let’s do that. Bye.”, I said and walked away.

almurz  asked:

Hello!Can you define your ship "izamika"? What does this ship mean for you, how do you see them?(for me it's some kind of friendship or more like partnership, 'cause they respect and use each other but not as close as 'friends'. I'm asking, because there are many peole who ship 'izamika' in romantic sense) (If you already answered this kind of question, I don't mind to be linked to that post)


IZMK is an intense, confusing, and intriguing relationship. You can’t really call them “friends”, but…I think that putting a label on their relationship like that is constricting and something they wouldn’t exactly agree with. All we can do is look at everything that happens in canon Dura, and try to make sense of it, which is a whole different post in itself (and maybe one day I will make it). But here are some major points that I can think of at the moment (I know I’m missing like 308248023 jsyk):

• Izaya was fascinated when he found out who the true leader of the Dollars was; Celty says that she had never seen him so happy, but then states that Mikado was even happier

• Mikado asked Izaya to please be “on his side” if at all possible for Izaya

• Izaya says that he gave up trying to use Mikado and that Mikado can just use him however he wants (because it’s interesting)

• Others point out that Mikado is a person Izaya ‘cares about’

• They also make a comment that he literally never shuts up about Mikado lol

• He actually never shuts up about Mikado okay

• Kururi & Mairu tell Celty that Izaya is “friends” with Mikado IRL

• Mikado basically sides with Izaya against Kida multiple times throughout the series and refuses to heed any of his warnings about Izaya, meaning he wants to have his own opinion on Izaya separate from what Kida experienced with him

• Mikado self-discloses more to Izaya than anyone in the entire series and finds comfort in doing so

• THEY’RE JUST REALLY FLIPPIN’ CUTE IN OFFICIAL ART they literally are always like matching or doing something adorable bye

• All the chats; especially during the Saika/Yellow Scarves arc. They work together to figure out what’s going on in Ikebukuro and it’s pure chemistry

• A lot of their interactions are most likely cut out of canon. Mikado mentions that he & Izaya “haven’t talked on the phone for awhile”, which means Izaya has called Mikado on previous occasions not shown in canon

• Their interaction pre-canon was cut out, but is implied through the chatroom

• They never hate each other, or are annoyed at each other, or get mad at each other, throughout the entire series

• Mikado literally, actually, truly, consistently sees good in ALL that Izaya does (Narita even repeats this theme in Minidura and other media, which leads me to believe this trait is a big part of Mikado’s character)

Ok so my favorite thing is post-DRRR domestic fluff. Mikado can get out of the ‘extraordinary life’ as he so wishes, yet still have Izaya by his side, who can make anything ordinary, extraordinary. That goes both ways, too, because Mikado never ceases to amaze Izaya, and continually pushes his expectations of humanity (even when Mikado is being totally normal).

In this sense, to me, they seem like they’d make the perfect pair…basically I like to take everything that piled up in Durarara!! and apply it to this kind of setting.

I’d like to think that, since the two stayed on consistently good terms throughout the entire series, Mikado would be happiest with Izaya in the end. He wasn’t too crazily obsessed with Izaya like he was with Anri or Masaomi (which I consider to be the most toxic part of Mikado), yet Izaya still played an important role in his life during that time and they have a sort of mutual respect for each other.

Their whole relationship is give-and-take. I often go back and forth to myself thinking, “Mikado’s affection for Izaya is sorta onesided” but then I think, “wait no, Izaya’s affection for Mikado totally outweighs Mikado’s!” and then I’m like, “But wait!”. So yeah. I can’t really think of another of Mikado’s relationships that’s so equal in that regard.


Vanilla Twilight

prompt: its halloween and dan is an antisocial awkward freshman in highschool and while dan is staying in, phil happens to be a senior that is trick or treating and knocks on dans door. whatever you want next ouo

Warnings: none
Genre: fluff
phanfiction prompt by anon for my 1k followers celebration! btw I really love this prompt but I don’t know what a freshman is so I’m just going to say that Dan's in lower 6th (16-17) and Phil’s in upper 6th (17-18) *hugs*
POV: Third Person
Words: about 2k


Ugh, this time again? Dan Howell thought to himself as he looked out the window. Its a surprisingly warm October morning. Kids and their parents were already out at 9am, decorating their lawns for Halloween. Dan didn’t particularly hate the holiday he just never saw the point in it, maybe because he’d never had many friend to go trick-or-treating with.

Dan walked into his kitchen to grab a cup of coffee when he saw his phone light up. He unlocked it to see he had a text.

from: PJ
you want to go get some candy with me and Chris tonight?

from: Dan
no thanks. I don’t have a costume and I have plenty of food already at my house. But thanks for the offer :P

from: PJ
alright mr. antisocial, see you at school on Monday

Dan put down his phone and rolled his eyes. He grabbed a coffee and some toast and proceeded to make his way back up to his room where he spent the next couple hours mindlessly browsing tumblr, only getting up now and again to get food or use the toilet. 

*ring ring!!!*
Dan glanced at his phone to see his mum was ringing him
“Hey mum,” Dan said as he answered the phone
“Hey honey, I was just calling to say that I wont be home until late tonight so don’t forget to go along the shop and buy some sweets for when people come knocking!”
“aw mum! Can’t I just put a sign up telling people not to knock?” Dan moaned, he was pretty comfortable just sitting in bed and didn’t really want to get dressed just to buy food for other people.
“Oh Daniel don’t be such an old man and go get some candy already, I don’t know why you don’t go out with your friends! I bet everyone else at your school is ou-”
“Ok mum fine!” Dan sighed cutting her off.
“Thank you sweety, see you tonight!” His mum said.
“Yes, fine, love you.”
“Love you too! bye!” Dan put down the phone and sighed. He’d better get going before the store closed.

Dan quickly pulled on a hoodie and some black skinny jeans. He didn’t bother taking a shower, he just grabbed his wallet and headed out the door. He grabbed a few large packets of Harribo and Maoams (british sweets) and headed over to the counter.
“That’ll be £7.99 please.” The girl at the counter said. “Why are you buying so many sweets, are you not going out tonight?” She asked as she handed back over the bag.
“Nah,” Dan replied. “I don’t have a costume but I’m not that bothered.” Dan told her honestly.
“Oh well if you wanted you could come with me and my friends, you don’t need a costume.” She offered politely.
“No thank you, but maybe we could hang out another time…” Dan looked at her name badge. “… Sasha.”
“Yeah, okay. See you ‘round!” She waved as Dan walked out the store. Dan waved and smiled back.

When Dan got home he poured the sweets into a bowl and placed them next to the front door. Dan bought his laptop down to the lounge so he could easily get to the door if anyone knocked.

Soon enough kid with their parents started arriving at Dan;s door. Even though Dan didn’t particularly love ahlloween he did find seeing all the little kids in ghost and fairy costumes quite adorable. Of course he would get the occasional slutty upper sixth formers come knocking on his door in 'cat’ costumes. Dan would try and ignore them.

At about 9pm another knock sounded at Dans door. Dan of course got up from his comfy browsing position to answer it. He opened the door came face-to-face with Phil Lester and his younger sister.

“Trick or treat!” The little girl giggled, she couldn’t have been any older than 7. Dan smiled and handed her the bowl politely so she could choose some candy.

keep your cool Dan. Anyone who knew Dan well would know that he had quite a thing for Phil. He would always ramble about how his blue eyes sparkled in the right light or how cute it was when he laughed or something like that.

“Dan Howell right?” Dan looked up to properly look at Phil. oh god no. Phil was wearing all black and had two little, furry ears poking out of his head, his hands were painted like paws and he had cat whiskers drawn on by what Dan presumend was sharpie. He looked cute

Dan glupped and nodded, how did he know my name!?

“Oh Phil, is that Dan, is that the boy you like?” The little girl called, pulling at Phil’s sleeve. Phil’s eyes went wide and he quickly picked the girl up. “Now Emily what did I tell you about shouting things out like that.” Phil let out a nervous laugh but the whiskers didn’t cover the blush.

“Erm, I’m Phil,” Phil stuck the hand that wasn’t balancing the little sister on his hip for Dan to shake. Dan took it.
“Uh, yeah, I’m Dan.” Dan smiled.
“My sister’s getting pretty tired but I still have the other side of the street to visit… Do you want to come with me?” Phil asked as his sister yawned.
“Urm, I would but I don’t have a costume…” Dan tried to make up an excuse but he secretly really wanted to go.
“Oh that’s ok.” Phil said. “We don’t even have to go trick-or-treating, we could just hang out. I mean you don’t have to I was ju-”
“I would love to.” Dan smiled. “Let me just grab a few things first.”
“Oh, ok! I’ll just go and take my sister home and I’ll be back for you. See you in a minute.” Phil called.

what did I just do. Dan wasn’t sure why he said yes to Phil. He didn’t want to go with Sasha or even his best friend! Why Phil? There was just something about his face that he couldn’t say no to.

Dan quickly grabbed his phone and wrote a note down on a sticky note to his mum:
I’ve gone out with a friend. My phones on me ^_^ xx
He stuck it on the kitchen table just in time to hear another knock on the door. He opened it and felt something being placed on his head.
“what the-” He reached up to touch his head but his hand was quickly swatted away. “What’s on my head?” Dan asked Phil who was now standing in front of him.
“Bear ears! Now we match! Lets go.” Phil laughed and took my hand.

“H-How did you know my name?” I asked as we made our way down the road. Despite it being quite chilly it was quite a nice night. The streets were lit with orange and white Halloween decorations, children ran past giggling and parents talked over fences as the faint sound of the ghost busters theme seemed to be playing on loop in the background.

“I, er, I don’t know. I’ve seen you round and your name just stuck I guess” Phil smiled. Dan smiled back even though he couldn’t quite believe what was happening.
“Fair, um, where are we going?” Dan laughed.
“To the spooky forests of course, unless you’re too scared Howell.” Phil smirked evilly. Dan just rolled his eyes.
“I’m good. Can I ask why?”
“Well one excuse would be to say its Halloween but the real reason is that I know a really cool, high spot where you can see all the Halloween lights.” Phil explained.
“Ah, very romantic.”
“I guess,”

Dan and Phil trudged through the forest, Phil leading the way, stepping over all the leaves and twigs, they may have tripped over a few times already.

“How… much… further.” Dan panted as they were half way up the hill.
“Oh come on Dan, you have to climb to get high enough!… Do you want me to give you a shoulder ride?” Phil offered. Dan laughed.
“I’d like to see you try.” Dan smirked.
“Ok.” Phil said and bent down before Dan. “Come on.”
“Are you for real?” Dan questioned.
“Anything for you my laziness.” Dan laughed but climbed onto Phil’s, shoulders, his hands in his hair, holding on for dear life.
“Am I not heavy?” Dan asked.
“Yeah, but I’m just really strong.” Phil chuckled.

As soon as they reached the top Phil collapsed on a nearby bench.
“I’m just really strong.” Dan mocked Phil’s voice from earlier.
“Well at least I didn’t have to be carried up a petty hill.” Phil laughed as Dan joined him on the bench.
“Whoa,” Dan said as he looked at the town below.
“Cool isn’t it?” Phil said
they sat in a comfortable silence for a few minutes, taking in the scene.
“Look behind us.” Phil said.

Dan turned around and was met by a completely different picture. The misty forest behind them was filled with tall trees which seemed to tower over them. The dark night made them look like all kinds of different scary creatures and Dan swore he saw on of them move. Dan had always been scared of trees in the dark.

“You scared?” Phil nudged Dan.
“N-No.” Dan stuttered.
“But your shaking?” Phil said.
“That’s because its freezing up here.” Dan turned back to face Phil who’s eyes seemed to reflect the light of the town below them.
“I’d be all gentleman like and offer you my jacket but I don’t have one.” Phil said apologetically.
“Its fine." Dan laughed.
"This’ll have to do.” Phil said as he wrapped his arms around Dan and brought him into his side. Dan was surprised at first but wasn’t going to pass up a hug from Phil Lester so he simply put his arms around Phil’s waist.
“Thanks.” Dan sniffed
“No problem.”

They sat like that for what seemed like hours just talking about nothing and everything. Turned out they had a lot in common.
“What made you bring me up here?” Dan asked, he wasn’t sure what the the time was now : 1am maybe? Time seemed to fly when he was with Phil. His head was still against Phil’s chest, listening to his heart beat as Phil’s hands slowly moved up and down Dan’s side in a feeble attempt to warm him up a bit more.
“I don’t know. I guess I’ve always had a thing for pretty brown eyes.”
Dan looked up at Phil who was already looking down at him, their faces inches apart.
“If its any consolation I think your eyes are alright too.” Dan giggled.
“Just kiss me already.” Phil said. Dan blushed furiously but gently lifted his head up a bit more so their lips touched. He felt Phil smile against him as he brought his hand up to cup his cheek.
“I never knew I’d fall for a cat.” Dan whispered in between kisses
“I’d already fallen for this bear.” Phil said and reconnected their lips. 

Naruto Weeb

This was from my second year in highschool and I’m now 20 so this is fairly old, bear with my memory~ Names have been changed ofc 

Sorry, this turned out to be more of a rant than anything… Motherfucking Naruto weebs…

Hina - best friend
Nana - friend (Filipina)
Arden - weeb (Filipino)

Ok! So I’d just moved to New Zealand from South Africa in my second year in highschool, so I would have been around 14-15. I didn’t know shit about anime, I’d started watching Naruto for fun since my mate Hina loved it, and yea, it was pretty cool back then. 
Everyday when we’d finish with class Hina and I would head down the the town centre (mall kind of thing) across the road to chill before we all left to go home, usually we’d stay in the library or hang around the foodcourt gushing about how Sakura was perfect for Sasuke or Naruto for Hinata. So one day we went down as usual, decided to go to the foodcourt. Hina and I were fangirling when Nana came over with this kind of sweaty looking dude.

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The Biggest Clue is in the Pilot, Part Two: "The Other One” and the False First Date Parallel

You’re gonna wanna read part one first.

Remember how everyone (even Cory & Topanga) assumed Maya asking Lucas out was a parallel to Shawn asking Topanga out in ‘My Best Friend’s Girl’? And it was, a little, because Maya’s intention was to push Lucas into asking Riley out, which is what happens. However, Shawn wasn’t harboring secret feelings for Topanga in ‘MBFG’ whereas we now know that Maya WAS harboring secret feelings for Lucas in 'First Date.’ Furthermore…we never actually SEE Shawn ask Topanga out in ‘MBFG.’ And Topanga says YES to Shawn. In ‘MBFG,’ Cory and Topanga don’t get together until AFTER their dates with Shawn & Trini, whereas in ‘First Date’ Riley and Lucas go on their date together in the first place. This “parallel” has been bugging me for a long time, because it just doesn’t quite FIT.

And here’s why it doesn’t fit: as far as the visuals and the dialogue and what’s going on/going to happen, Maya approaching Lucas after the “other one” conversation ACTUALLY parallels more closely with ‘The Beard’ and NOT ‘My Best Friend’s Girl.’ 

Skeptical about ‘First Date’ paralleling ‘The Beard’ more than it parallels ‘My Best Friend’s Girl’? I guess I don’t blame you, but let’s keep going. Let’s rejoin Cory & Shawn, now hanging out in the hallway after lunch:

(in the hallway, just after the cafeteria scene)
Cory: You are a sick and twisted individual.
Shawn: To you. To me, I’m a visionary.
Cory: It can’t work.
Shawn: It’s bulletproof. I start dating one of the girls while you go out with the other one. That way she’s off the market until I’m ready to date her.
Cory: What, you want me to keep her fresh until you’re ready for her? What am I Tupperware?
Shawn: What else do you have to do?
Cory: What do I have to do? I’ll have you know - my calendar is chock-full.
Shawn: Of what?
Cory: Well, look, right here. I mean, I got Lincoln’s birthday, and after that I got “Lincoln’s birthday, traditional,” and then there’s, uh, “vernal equinox” and, uh, “Cinco de Mayo” and “reorder calendar pages.” See, I’m so busy I can’t even talk to you now.
Shawn: So you’re gonna do this for me?
Cory: Oh, obviously!
Shawn: You’re a lifesaver. I owe you.
Cory: Yeah, yeah. So, Shawn, just choose. Which one am I baby-sitting, meat loaf or chicken?
Shawn: OK, whichever one comes up to me first, I’ll go out with her, because that means she likes me better than the other one.

Wait. Wait wait wait. Doesn’t this sound awfully familiar? This exchange ought to be ringing all of your BMW/GMW parallel alarms.

Farkle: You know what I was afraid of?
Lucas: What?
Farkle: You.
Lucas: How come?
Farkle: I know we’re good friends and all, but I’ve always considered you a bit of a threat. Just like I know you’ve always considered me a bit of a threat.
Lucas: Yeah, you keep me up at night.
Farkle: But now I realize you’re actually the solution to my Riley-Maya dilemma.
Lucas: How do you figure, Farkle?
Farkle: I just never asked one out because I knew it would break the heart of the other.
Lucas: What if I ask one of ‘em out?
Farkle: Bye-bye I get the other one.
Lucas: What if I ask the other one out?
Farkle: Hello, I get the first one. How long do you wanna keep doing this?
Lucas: Well, there’s only two of them.
Farkle: So, you’re going to ask one of them out?
Lucas: Maybe I will someday.

Are these parallels EXACT? Well, no. But if you think it’s an accident that the “other one” idea repeats here…then I really don’t know what to tell you anymore other than “There is no such thing as coincidence.” We’re going to come back to Farkle and whether or not he’s actually a threat in a later installment. For now, what happens immediately after these “other one” conversations? Let’s see:

External image
External image

External image
External image

External image
External image

External image
External image

(gifs courtesy of @kacie-ville)

The blondes (Linda & Maya) come up to Shawn & Lucas first. According to Shawn, this means Linda likes him better than Stacy (the brunette). Draw your own conclusions for what that means about Maya. And full disclosure, YES I cut off the last two lines of Farkle & Lucas’s conversation to save space. Let’s pause for a second to discuss GIF #7, the last one from 'First Date.’ We’ve got both Riley and Farkle in costumes that echo each other color palette-wise (and even style-wise a bit with his open shirt and her jacket), and then we’ve got Maya and Lucas in yellow and turquoise respectively. Centered between Maya and Lucas in the background we see a boy and a girl ALSO in turquoise and yellow. This visual is NO accident. The composition of this shot was storyboarded in advance, I promise you.

So, what ends up happening is that Shawn chokes when Linda approaches and tells him to call her.

(immediately after the “babysit the other one” conversation, Linda, the blonde, walks up)
Linda: Hi, Shawn.
Shawn: Linda.
Cory: Linda, congratulations!
Linda: For what?
Shawn: For looking very Lindacious today. Isn’t that enough?
Linda: Not for me. Call me.
(she walks away)
Cory: What was that all about? I thought she was the one.
Shawn: I don’t know. I panicked. I can’t decide.
Cory: Fine. You know what? You take Stacy, I’ll take Linda.
Shawn: No. I want Linda.
Cory: Fine. Then I’ll take Stacy.
Shawn: No.
Cory: Shawn, you’re being greedy.
Shawn: No, I’m not.
Cory: Fine. I’ll go out with Debbie.
Shawn: I want Debbie!
Cory: There is no Debbie!
Shawn: Somewhere there’s a Debbie.

On GMW, Lucas absolutely FREEZES when Maya asks him out. For ten full seconds he just gapes at Maya and doesn’t move until he blinks himself out of it. Ten seconds is an ETERNITY on a 22-minute sitcom, so this is no small thing. Lucas is totally panicking here. We didn’t really know why, at first. Most of us originally assumed it was because he’s not into Maya and she’s not into him and he can’t figure out why she’s asking him out, but now…well, we know they liked each other at the time. GMW’s made it more than clear that Maya’s liked Lucas for a long, long time, and they officially revealed it in GM Texas. We pretty much know that Lucas also liked Maya back then (S1 is the era when he was calling Zay and referring to Maya as “blonde beauty” and I will eat my hat if we don’t find out for 100% certain that Lucas has also liked Maya all along in Legacy or in the first seven or so episodes of S3—which is not to say that he didn’t also have feelings for Riley at the time, because he absolutely did).

But of course, neither Maya NOR Lucas knows that their feelings are reciprocated at this point. Maya looks over at Riley, and either that glance is how Lucas picked up what Maya was pushing him into, or there was a private conversation between them that we didn’t see. I’m inclined to say it’s the former, personally. Lucas was considering asking one of the girls out “someday,” he’s got feelings for them both, and Riley’s the one he KNOWS likes him back. So when Maya asked him out, it probably wasn’t too difficult for Lucas to figure out what she was doing because (a) Maya’s been pushing him towards Riley all season, and (b) the idea of Maya actually liking him is NOWHERE on Lucas’s radar, so it probably wasn’t a stretch for him to conclude that Maya was pushing him to ask Riley out. Which he proceeds to do because he DOES like Riley (even though he also likes Maya).

But here’s some dialogue from 'The Beard’ that should give you a little insight into why both Shawn and Lucas panicked when the blondes approached them:

Cory: Well, it’s kind of hard to talk to girls you like.

We’re gonna loop back around to that idea a little later. But for now…

Next up: a brief interlude to discuss theme versus the plot and what that means for GMW as relates to BMW 'The Beard.’ Part Three.

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The temptation was too much.

Sure, she’d called eight times in the past month already but, really, it wasn’t like it was her fault.

If only her phone wasn’t so insistent on not malfunctioning. Was it really that much to ask for? One broken line, or faulty call center? Something? Anything?

She was the victim, if anyone.

Her fingers brushed the familiar numbers on her home phone, she had the number memorized. Just another day, just another call, just another excuse.

She lifted the phone to the side of her face and ran over lines in her head. Start with a joke, always start with a joke. He had a nice laugh. It reminded her of wind chimes in the springtime.

Then she’d follow up sadly with a reminder on what happened this time, she was going with the good ‘ol ‘my phone won’t call anyone’ that she always did.

Then, He’d blabber some technical nonsense and she’d pretend to be following along with an encouraging ‘ooohhh’ every once in a while.

It was the perfect plan.

And it worked every time.

“Hello, E.N.D. customer service, how may I help you?”

Oh, ick. That definitely wasn’t him.

“Uh, hi. I’m Lucy Heartfilia, could you direct me to Mr. Natsu Dragneel?” She asked politely, like she wasn’t totally bullshitting everything.

After a few moments of silence, the voice reappeared after some crackling keyboard typing.

“Ah…Mr. Gnat-soo Drugneel, I’ll direct you right away.”

Lucy sighed. She knew very well that ‘right away’ meant a forty minute flute solo.

Sure enough, the little flute song started playing and Lucy dimly hummed the theme, ashamed to say she knew every note by heart.

She drummed her fingers on her kitchen table, making mental bets with herself on how long it would take this time.

Hmm… 20 skittles say I’ll be here for fifteen minutes…

But, to her surprise, the song was cut off sharply by the sound of his voice.

Hello, E.N.D. customer service, how may I help you?”

He had a really smooth voice. If only guys in real life had voices like that, hot damn.

“Hi Natsu, it’s Lucy…again.” She said, suddenly embarrassed. What if he was sick of her? What if he hated her guts, and every time she called, he’d make a finger gun with his hands and pretend to shoot himself???

“Ah, my favorite customer. How have we screwed you over today?” He asked jokingly.

She let out a small laugh, his sense of humor brightening her horizons.

“Well, it’s not letting me call anyone, it says there’s an error whenever I try? I’m calling from the landline, in case you were wondering.” She added quickly before facepalming.

Of course I’m calling from the landline, stupid, stupid…

Again? Man Lucy, you should just dump us and go for Verizon.” He joked again. She sighed in relief and laughed along with him.

“I can’t afford Verizon, only you. So what should I do?” She asked, glancing at her cell phone sideways.

Well…sounds to me like there’s a problem with your rotary speaker.

Huh. Lucy’d never heard of that before.


It’s ok that you don’t know what it is. So what you need to do is turn on your phone.” He began.

“Uh-huh.” Lucy mumbled, drowning in her thoughts. What in the world did Natsu look like? With a voice like that, she was sure he looked like a supermodel, but then again, with a job like the one he had.

Got it? Ok, then go to settings…”

-she was far too afraid to google him, what if she didn’t like what she saw? What if he was a felon, who targeted gullible women who just liked voices?

“Then click services…”

Oooh, boy. But what if he was attractive? How embarrassing would that be? The weird girl who calls him twice a week would have no chance behind the staggering pile of women he was swimming in! With a voice like that, he probably had to beat girls off with a stick!

Lucy? You still there?”

She snapped out of her daze. “Y-yes! Sorry there.”

“Alright then, now, you click special services…”

Lucy melted. She wished she had a recording of his voice, then she’d say bye-bye to insomnia. If his voice was a thing, it’d be chocolate. Or a really warm blanket by the fire.

“Yes,” she piped up, signaling for him to go on.

Now that you’re in special services, click phone support and scroll down to the very bottom.”

She was blushing. Why was she blushing? He’d hardly said anything that would make anyone besides a database blush, but her cheeks were on fire. She slapped her hand over one of them to make sure she wasn’t hallucinating, and sure enough, it was warm and heated.

“Ok, I’m there.” She whispered softly.

Great. Now what happened was, you probably accidentally switched distance manager on, so go ahead and switch that off.

Was it hot in here? It was definitely hot in here…

“O-ok.” She stammered.

“Got it? Alright! It should work now.” He cheered.

“Really? Thank you so much!” She praised, lifting her head up and glancing around her kitchen.

Just remember to call whenever you need help, right Luce? You’re the only nice customer I get, let me tell you…”

Her heart jumped at the compliment. Her fingers twisted in her necklace excitedly and she covered her mouth to keep from screaming.

“I will! I’ll…” she trailed off, completely forgetting what she was going to say.

Lucy? You ok?” Natsu inquired after a moment of silence. Lucy panicked for a split second before deciding to completely wing it.

“Yes! Just…forgot to turn off my oven! Silly…” She covered lamely.

Lucky. I’ll be here for another two hours.”

Conversation! At last, an actual topic that had nothing to do with her fake problems!

“Oh, well I’m very sorry. Remember, you’re an important asset to the company!” She teased lightly. He laughed, and she wished she was sitting right next to him.

“Yeah? Well, I’ll remember that when I’m getting screamed at for spilling water on the floor.”

Lucy inwardly cringed. “Well…thank you…again…” she thanked quietly.

You’re welcome. I’ll talk to you later, ok?”

Lucy sat up quickly. He wanted to talk to her later? What did that mean? Did he want to see her outside of their little arrangement? What if he liked her as much as she liked him?

No. It was just a simple, polite farewell. She was getting in over her head.

“I…I mean, yes. Goodbye.” She waved off, slowly hitting the end call button and grimacing.

She was so done for.


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Ps: every bit of information natsu told her is complete bullshit.

Double Ps: was it not ok for me to call it E.N.D. ?

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Scandal 413: No More Blood

Hi, guys. It’s me, KP.I’ve had a lot of feelings over this episode. You know I’m a firm believer in #TeamRewatch, and #TeamDistance. Both those things have helped me put some things into perspective. After 10 days of not talking or thinking about the themes in the episode, I finally re-watched it yesterday. I’ve mellowed in some ways, but the hypocrisy still stings in other ways. This is very informal, and there are very few gifs. I don’t have time.  I’ve got big things and I got little things, so let’s get carried way. Come right now, you know where I stay…  The little stuff first:

#SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen Feminism

Mellie’s “show some solidarity, sister” quid pro quo to Lizzie?  Ugh. This is exactly the type of feminism I cannot fucking stand because it’s selfish and disingenuous. It reminded me of this scene from 409, when Lizzie goes to see Olivia at OPA after finding out who really bugged her phone:

Liz:  “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women”
Olivia: “There’s a special place in hell for women who spout that tired quote to justify their bad behavior .”

Olivia is exactly right. I’m no fan of Lizzie’s either, and you two really are a pair. I haven’t forgotten that you two respected other’s political duplicity against thine own husband (406), Mellie. That is until you found out your sidepiece had a sidepiece. How exactly is Lizzie responsible for Andrew threatening to be a douche bag to you, Mellie? She didn’t plan this kidnapping. Your boyfriend did. You really want to pretend that you slept with Andrew primarily on behalf of Lizzie’s cheese-grated back? You were unwilling to assist with Olivia’s rescue after Fitz told you what happened. You saw no use in reasoning with your boyfriend. But, oh, suddenly when Liz tells you that Andrew’s gunning to control Fitz for the next three years, the Bright Bright Political Future™ mayday signal went off, springing you into action.

We get it, you want to be President, and it’s your turn (317). You need Fitz to have a good presidency so that you look good as the one the people think helped him run the country. And we all know how your sense of self is so connected to Olivia’s existence, so you couldn’t have her gone for three years. I just hate that someone else ALWAYS has to do the work to cover up Mellie’s  mistakes. Fitz agreed to let Andrew walk to protect Mellie’s political future. When that proved not to be enough, now it’s Liz’s responsibility to find a solution? Mellie, I hope you know that the only reason you got what you wanted is, once again, because of Olivia.

Abby for the muthaf*&%in’ win!!!

Onto a better example of women supporting women. I sent in an email to someone a few weeks ago that I had a strong hunch a woman would play a key role in facilitating Olivia’s return, besides Olivia of course.  Speaking of which, let’s get one thing straight: hi, hello, how are you, Stephen. Cute beard. Thanks for being there, dude. Ok, bye. I’m not here for people heaping all this credit on Stephen. I’m so happy that he has Russian mob connections. Yay, mob connections! But…let’s not forget that Abby is the one to have even thought of him. My girl Abigail Whelan wholeheartedly believed that the life of her one friend was the most important thing, and stopped at nothing to help her. And let’s not forget that none of that would have happened were it not for Olivia’s plan to save herself.

In other Abby news, how cute is it that Abby’s turning into an Olitzer? Kinda. When David was on about burning the leash around the President’s neck:

Abby: “The President would never allow that!”

Even though their relationship is kind of awkward, I think Abby likes and respects Fitz. She knows how Olivia feels about him, and she knows Fitz would do anything for Olivia. Abby’s  been a useful bridge so far between Olivia and Fitz. I’m hoping she proves useful before the end of the season in that regard.

Cyrus, you hypocritical bastard

Cyrus, you hypocritical bastard. First, I can’t believe you told the CIA about Olitz! Neutralizing the asset is the smart play, huh? It didn’t turn out to be the smart play in 213 when James was about to tell all your treasonous business to a Grand Jury. You called Liv and told her it was over, that James was gonna sing like a canary and you couldn’t stop it. Actually, you could have but you wouldn’t. Why? Because love. In that instance, your love and your kid were more important than exposing  the Easter Bunny/Santa Claus election system to be fraudulent.  And oh, you went directly to Jake to monologue him into saving James instead of killing him for the sake of the Republic (313). Why? Because love. Because guilt. Then when he was shot anyway (for shit that you INSTIGATED IN THE FIRST PLACE!), you got mad at Fitz about it, reasoning that James died to protect him (315). Once again, you hypocritical bastard.

 I’m not done with you. When you were fucking Michael from here to creation and got exposed for it, you were all set to run like a little bitch baby. Who wiped your tears, implored Fitz (who already didn’t want to accept your resignation) to fight this exploitation, and then spun a gay Pretty Woman fairytale out of it? That’s right, Olivia. You wanna know the reason why you, Mellie, and Hollis didn’t end up in Super Max? Olivia fucking Pope and Fitzgerald muthafuckin’ Grant. And their Love™. Bitch. If Olivia hadn’t been involved in that cabal, Fitz would have let every one of you go to jail and let himself be impeached as President. That way, he would have gotten what he wanted. A man who isn’t President can live the live he’s always wanted to lead with the woman he loves.  Just like Mellie, your life and who you love is more important, huh?

Pope vs. The Republic

The episode set up what I consider to be a false and entirely subjectively defended notion: the fate of the Republic is more important than the life of one person. That was the justification the CIA tried to make. But…Andrew tried to use the (fake) attempt on his one life as justification why the Republic should go to war—as a show of strength. In fact, the official line to the country is that we are sending in thousands of lives to protect the honor of one: Andrew.  If Mellie, or even, Karen, had been taken, do you think anyone would have batted a lash over Fitz going to war?  Fighting for that kind of love is OK. I know, I know, Mellie and Karen don’t hold state secrets. But the CIA had no way of knowing if Olivia had already talked, or given away classified information. They had no way of ensuring that. So neutralizing the asset could still have left the Republic exposed. Andrew didn’t think through all the potentialities, did he?

Let’s be clear here.  Fitz is being exploited for being a RESPONSIBLE PRESIDENT. Let me say that again, Fitz is being exploited for being a RESPONSIBLE PRESIDENT. Don’t forget the context of this war. Fitz was doing good things for the country, and the Republican party base didn’t like all that do-goodering one bit. Targeting Olivia to force Fitz to act right  was the back-up plan. I’m annoyed with everyone out there that thinks it is Fitz and Olivia’s fault for loving each other, instead of the bastards who seek to exploit the strength of their bond for personal and political gain. Shameful.

30% chance = There’s Hope

I was so annoyed with the whole #FuckYeahFateOfTheRepublic thing. I didn’t think Fitz was a moron for taking the 30% chance. Here’s the trouble with this thinking: Olivia Pope isn’t a person to the CIA. She’s an asset to be neutralized (a dehumanizing term to make killing easier). She knows too much, she’s the President’s beating heart. Cut her loose. What’s the problem? She’s a dangerous weapon. A) Olivia has always been a person to Fitz, and vice versa (more on this in the last part). He can’t think of her in cold, un-human terms like that. He’s not that guy, and Cyrus knows it (106).  B) When Fitz hears 30% chance, that translates to ‘hope’ in his mind. And he’s a man who thrives on hope, according to his own wife (208). C) Fitz wasn’t speaking as a moon-eyed lover; he was speaking from Presidential experience. Y’all know how much Fitz loves his Seal teams. He’s used them to good effect at least twice (211, 215), even when members of his Cabinet didn’t believe in his decisions (211).  So can we give this man a little credit? He’s President for a living, and I feel like his team—including Olivia—don’t always have the appreciation for the difficult position he’s in. Something is ALWAYS his fault, even when it isn’t. Yes, I know that’s the job, but it would be good if people remembered that sometimes.

The Scene

This scene hurt like a band-aid being pulled off the gaping wound on the hairy part of your forearm. But that’s also the brilliance it: so many of us felt shocked and flummoxed at what transpired. Just like Fitzgerald. I’m not going to lie, the very first  time I watched this, I was not a happy bunny. But having revisited it several times, I’m not too worried. I take umbrage with some of the things that were said because they run counter to what we have been shown, and what Olivia herself has said. I’ve literally spent hours talking about little details in this scene and it’s impossible for me to regurgitate that here. There are a few specific things I want to focus on in the scene (if you have a specific question I don’t cover, ask me).

I’m Fine

Olivia is not fine. The fear and panic as she heard footsteps approaching her apartment. The signs of PTSD in the CIA debrief.  The anger she displayed in kicking the shit out of Gus, after she shot him in the leg. She may have killed him if she wasn’t pulled off of him. She’d be well within her rights, but the point is, that’s not an Olivia that we know. Like Quinn in her foray into the darkside, she’s violent now. She’s killed a man while fighting for her life.  Many of you were confused about why Olivia smiled to hear Fitz’s voice at the end of 411, and here she is now reaming him for going to war and being a ‘bad’ President?  We need to remember that we, as the audience, are omnipotent. We can appreciate how hard this situation was for Olivia, as well as Fitz and various others who made decisions to affect her outcome. Fitz has no idea what Olivia has been through, or where her head is. She’s been through horrible shit, the severity of which doesn’t always hit you right away. Olivia also has no idea that Fitz’s was being held captive in his own way, his every move  watched and even undermined by his team.

 Who are you right now?!

Secondly, Olivia’s anger is  appropriate, even as I think some of its content is bullshit. She should be angry. She’s taking it out on the one person with whom she knows she can safely do that.  Fitz has had no problem strolling into her apartment in the past (220, 406). But he stays posted up by the frame finally getting his breath back upon seeing that she’s actually there. Home. Safe. Olivia told Jake to go away because she was tired and wanted to sleep. Yet, she lets Fitz inside to engage him. I don’t even think Fitz expected to be let in.   She let him in and then she let have. Is it unfair? Yes. But some of us do that with people we love the most. We take follow an emotional thread and let rip our frustrations. In that moment the problem seems entirely one-sided and so simple. That’s how this felt. Who else can she yell at but Fitz?  It’s not his fault that she was taken, but who else does she have to blame? She needed to release that anger. As for the ring that she threw at Fitz, because these people know each other very well, they know the most precise ways to inflict wounds. Remember after Closetgate, Fitz delivered a nasty and awful blow to Olivia, insinuating she was a whore:

Fitz: “I may not be able to control my erections around you, but that does not mean I want you.”

Being a mistress is Olivia’s sore spot, and Fitz deliberately used it against her (also in 213) to hurt her because he had been hurt and killed a woman because of Olivia. Throwing that ring at Fitz was a final blow she could deliver to him to get the message across. What was that message? Neutralize the asset. Perhaps she wants to be dead to him and that was her way of making that clear.

The height of vulgarity

There are two things Olivia said that let me know she’s not thinking clearly; that she’s flattening the last five years of her life through a singular lens.

Olivia: “Let go of me…I have been riding and dying for you. I fixed an election for you. Sacrificed everything to keep you in office. We all did: Cyrus, James, Jerry, Harrison, Mellie. Every one of us. I was your mistress because you needed me.”

Some of you have heard me say that I thought this part, the last line in particular, is vulgar. It’s patently untrue, revisionist history. She can’t possibly think this. Before I get to the mistress part, let me address the names she brought up. Now here’s where I curse her out in her fragile state. What the fuck does Harrison and Jerry have to do with this? Jerry was an innocent who was killed by your father so that you could be the best. So that you could make history, and have what you wanted (318, 405), which was for Fitz to be President. He is a bastard for going about it that way, but how is that Fitz’s fault, or yours? Harrison went to snatch your dad’s wig over  Adnan’s death and connected all his dirty dealings in the process. Harrison died because of your father, not because of you, or Fitz.

I’m not going to go through why bringing up Mellie, Cyrus and James as people who have sacrificed for Fitz is complete bullshit. I’m going to say this instead. If y’all didn’t have Fitz as some symbol, some guy you could get behind/beside, through whom you could fulfill your own hopes and dreams, where the fuck would any of you be? Not in the positions you’re in today. Mellie hitched her ride to Fitz as a means of succeeding in politics, even though she is brilliant. Cyrus, this is the closest he will ever get to being the President because he’s not pretty, tall enough, or has enough hair. Olivia, I love you to death, but don’t pretend your reputation and OPA don’t benefit from the fact that you made a President, that you were WH Communications Director. You are incredibly smart and would have been successful anyway, but that campaign and rigging your way to an election led to OPA. It led to you being Olivia Pope™.

I almost blew a gasket at the mistress line. In fact, I wanted to vomit. That’s not Olivia talking. I could detail every single instance in which what she said is so untrue, but it’s unnecessary. I recall two people who weren’t the candidate or the fixer standing in a hallway, giving each other nearly a full minute of uninterrupted eye contact. That woman, of her own volition, with her back turned to a certain man, stood outside her hotel room door and decided she didn’t want to go in. That woman, wordlessly, turned and walked toward a certain man’s hotel room instead. And when he opened the door, she went in first. So, miss me with the bullshit. 

Olivia: “…If you gave up the Presidency, what did I do all this for? Everything we did—I did—If you gave up the Presidency, it would be a waste. Everything I’ve sacrificed to get you here, to keep you here, so you could be the best. So you could make history. So you could be the President you were meant to be. And you were. You were the President you were meant to be. Then, when the true test came along, when I was taken because of you, you go to war?! You sent thousands of innocent soldiers into harm’s way—some of them to their deaths—for one person”

There are many things wrong with this paragraph, chief among them is the fact that it’s entirely aimed at the Office of the Presidency, not Fitz. He’s not a person. Also, during the CIA debrief, the specific words running  through her head were these:

“If I’m missing, the President of the United States is looking for me. He’s looking for me everywhere, and he will not stop until he finds me.”

Part of Olivia’s anger is really the guilt that she takes on. You know why she wished Fitz had let her die instead? When you’re dead, you don’t have to be guilty for anything. She clearly knew how much she meant to Fitz. Again, they were not even together. She bragged about it before finding out that Bradley was really Ian, her kidnapper. She didn’t want innocent people being hurt because of her, though. That’s what she can’t take. Fitz’s actions to her translate as more guilt that she has to take on. Jake was able to re-enter her life after season 2 because of guilt. She left for that island because she blamed herself for Jerry’s death and the pain that caused Fitz. And so much more. Why does being loved and loving this man mean that people die? No more blood. But is that her fault? Fitz’s fault for loving her? Or is that the fault of the assholes who exploit them for gain? You’re not ever going to convince me that these two people are the problem. 

The disappointment of predictability

Rowan: “People are predictable. Unchanging. Monotonous. They use the same language. They offer the same excuses. They make the same mistakes. People are endlessly disappointing because you hope they won’t be…”

He goes on to say that he’s out in the wilderness alone, fishing because in that solitude—being on his own—anything is possible. There’s no one there to disappoint him. He can be hopeful even in failure because at least that failure is his own.  Fitz has been very predictable. He’s always been the guy that has been guided by his sense of integrity and his emotional compass. These lot know that’s who he is, who he’s always been. Why else do you think Andrew was so confident about Fitz going to war if he had Olivia kidnapped?  Some of Olivia’s language was predictable and familiar: be the President we all need you to be. Olivia is disappointed by Fitz’s predictability—that his main impetus will always be her.  

But now that the worst of what could happen has happened, I think they should just be done for the rest of his Presidency. It’s not ever worked, has it? I said way back in my S4 poster analysis, that I don’t see them being together in any traditional sense this season. Nothing’s changed. There’s always a threat. But no one’s going to try to repeat this crazy scheme again, so what’s the solution? I love them so much and I won’t stop believing in their love. In the meantime, I don’t want Fitz to call her directly, or ask her to work on a case. I want Olivia to go about her business. Be angry. Try to turn away from the best and strongest part of yourself: love, emotion. Go hide in the shadow thinking it will protect you, then you’ll see that you need light. 

Bobby's girl (season 6 point of view b4 the house burns down)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 2,212

Theme song: Firestone Kygo ft. Conrad

Warning: little bit of smutty smut,fluff and swearing

Request by:

Anon: Can you do one where the reader is bobby’s daughter and dating Dean? 

Anon2: Hey wass up? Can you do the dean x bobby’s daughter (reader) but turns out the reason they don’t meet her was because of something they did the time they did meet her? 

WMASX:Thanks for request. Sorry it took so long. There will be a part two. Sorry if it isn’t good :? please give me some feed back! I love you guys <3


You were waiting at the bar, reading a some dull book, you didn’t like it but no one would try and flirt with you. You were supposed to be on a date. With your boyfriend, James. He was late yet again, you thought. You called him three times he didn’t answer. You had decide you were going to break up with him instead of trying to talk to him tonight but he didn’t show. You had unfortunately for him, found out that he had been cheating on you for a month. You put the book in your bag, ordered a last drink and you were just about to leave when some gorgeous guy comes over to you. He had the most amazing green eyes and by god his body was amazing too. “What’s a little lady like you waiting so long for?” he asked. “A jerk who probably decided he much rather fuck some dirty whore” you were furious but still tried to keep your cool. The man didn’t seem bothered and  was just about to say something when your phone rang “Sorry I got to take this” you apologised, he didn’t seem to mind. It was your dad you answer “Dad what’s wrong?……What did you do to James?…… You’ll get arrested….Of course I used my real name why wouldn’t I?….. He’s my boyfriend…… I know…… ok … I’ll come as soon as possible….. Bye dad love you.”  you hung up. “What’s wrong with your father?” the strange man asked. “Oh he just beat the living shit out of my jerk now official ex-boyfriend” you casually answered. The man laughed “My name is Dean by the way”. You had seen his face before and recognised the name but you couldn’t quite put your finger on who he was. “y/n”. you both ordered another drink. “I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me sometime next week?since your single” dean asked “See my brother over there. The tall freak with girly hair. Kinda hard to miss.” he pointed to as he had said a tall man with long hair “He bet that I couldn’t go on a date and that I would never be able to wait the appropriate amount of time to have sex. He says that I am only capable of one night stands. I want to prove him wrong, soif you would do me the honour. I was outside when I saw you. I waited an hour to approach you since you were reading. Anyway will you go out with me y/n?” he was rambling. “Sure. How much did you bet?” you were curious “30 bucks” he said. “You’re stupid” you laughed. “Why?” he was offended “You have to wait till the third date to get laid and those three dates are probably going to cost you more than thirty bucks” you explained “Not if I cook for you” he said and you hadn’t thought of that “Well here is my number. I look forward to our date dean.” you were walking out of the bar. You knew he was staring at your ass as all men did, so you pretended to drop something and bend down just so you could tease him

Once you left: 

Dean walked back towards Sam. “Guess who got a date” dean was cocky and confident “Pay up Sammy boy” . “Dean you haven’t won the bet yet. First you have to go on the dates then I’ll pay up” sam gave an evil smile. Sam’s phone rang. It was Bobby “Hey bobby……Yeah we are in town……we will be over in an hour” he hung up. “What did bobby want?” dean asked “He has a case he wants us to check out in town.” sam said. They both walked out and drove to bobby’s. 

Back to you

You were driving to your dads. You were thinking about Dean when you started feeling bad. You just gotten out of a relationship with James was it ok to get into another one. Even though you knew that you and this Dean guy weren’t going to last long, after all you were only in town for a couple of weeks to visit your father. You were in mid thought when you got a call from your ex-boyfriend “What James?……How was is it my fault?…….Tell that to the slut you’ve been fucking…….No I’won’t take you back…..Bye James and go fuck yourself.” you hung up in rage. You drove quickly not paying attention to anything. You were going really fast when something collided with your car. You got knocked out. You woke up seconds later and even then your vision was blurred. But you could barely make out that you were in an ambulance.

At Bobby’s:

Dean and Sam just got to bobby’s they walked in on a stressed bobby. “What’s wrong bobby?” sam asked “Nothing” he answered calming himself down. “So what’s this case you want to talk about?” Dean asked. “People are going missing in the middle of town. Just like that. Twenty in the last two weeks.” Bobby had received a text, and a look of terror took over his face. “Bobby?” sam asked at least four times. “A close friend just got rushed to hospital I’ve got to go. You boys stay here.” He headed for the door “And dean don’t drink all my beers” he left. Dean looked at Sam “Don’t we know all of Bobby’s ‘close’ friends?” he asked “I’m guessing that it’s a lady friend” sam was serious. “What makes you say that?” dean laughed. “The lip stick over on the counter and the empty purse beside it” sam said. “Maybe Bobby likes to play dress up” dean joked. The boys then went back to their research.

At the hospital:  

Bobby had just arrived, he went to the desk “I’m looking for y/n Singer” he was worried sick. “Right this way sir” a nurse said “Don’t worry she’ll be just fine. She just bashed her head a little. She should be out by tomorrow.” they had arrived in the room you were in. “Dad” you smiled. “y/n are you alright?” he asked “Yeah I’m fine. I’ll be out by tomorrow and I will be able to help you with that case” you were pleased. “Don’t worry about the case you just get some rest” bobby said. You feel asleep. In the morning you woke and he was still there. Bobby exited the room to take a call so you wouldn’t hear. “What?… Don’t worry about me…… Just find somewhere else to stay…. Yes it is a lady friend but not in the way your thinking Dean…. I just don’t want you meeting her”. You eventually texted Dean asking him if he was still on for that date. He said tonight at 8pm. You were happy that you would see him and he would probably make you feel better.    

 You got dressed, you look in the mirror when you saw stitches on your forehead. You were leaving the hospital when you told your dad you were going out with a friend at 8. He wasn’t happy but he was ok with it, after all you were an adult.

It was 8 pm you were waiting at the bar you met Dean. He eventually came in an impala. “Nice car” you got in “Where are we going?” you asked “You’ll see” he sounded like a creepy murderer in those seconds. You finally arrived at a hill where there was a class hut open to the public but barely anyone knew about it. Dean had made an effort, he set up a table, there was some amazing food, you were impressed.It was very romantic with candles and rose petals “Wow dean” the stars were so beautiful “How did you find this place?” you asked. “My uncle who isn’t really my uncle just more of a father figure, showed it to me when I was younger” he replied. “That’s funny my dad showed me this place” you kinda laughed. The date went great until he asked you about your job, you couldn’t tell him your real job, you said part of the truth “I’m a hunter. Me and father hunt dangerous animals, ones that are a threat to this town and others”.  Also when he noticed the stitches “What happened to your head?” he was concerned, he held your hands and it was sweet “I was in a car accident recently” you had to be honest. You didn’t really like talking about accidents because you didn’t like it when people felt sorry for you. You left him that night with a huge smile on your face. He was cheeky and you liked it “What I don’t even get a goodbye kiss?” he asked as you got out of the car. “You’ll have to wait for date number two” you teased. You blew him a kiss. 

The second date was at the local cinema a few days after the first. You liked the cinema because they had couples seats. You didn’t really watch the movie, you didn’t even know the title. You were to busy making out with Dean. His lips fit perfectly into yours.

The third date was at a restaurant. “I thought you weren’t going to spend any money on these dates” you asked while waiting for your food. “I decided it didn’t matter if I spent money or not after all you’re worth it” he smiled. “You’ll have to work on that if you want to have sex with me” you joked,  he gave you a half smile. It was wonderful, he was wonderful. He was funny, you laughed at all his jokes even the stupid ones. “So do you wanna go to your place?” he asked “We can’t I’m staying with my dad and personally I don’t want him hearing us” you felt awkward. “As long as your ok with doing it in a hotel?” dean was staying at a motel but he wasn’t going to take you back to that mess. You got to a fancy hotel, Dean had the honey moon suite. “So what’s the excuse for not going back to yours?” you asked. “Oh me and my brother are staying in a motel and you don’t wanna go there. Believe me”. You ended going slow and enjoying every single moment,  you had goosebumps whenever dean touched you. You took your time. Until Dean decided to speed things up, You moaned and screamed his name. 

Meanwhile Sam had been looking for Dean because he found some stuff on the case. He was just outside the hotel room door when he heard you moan “Faster dean” He ran out straight away.       

At bobby’s

 It was a week after you and Dean had done the dirty. You saw him when you could. You were up in your room, you were texting Dean. You walked down to the kitchen to get a snack when you saw Dean and his brother talking with your dad. “Hey what’s going on here?” you asked. Dean and his brother were obviously stunned. “Balls” your father mumbled. “y/n this is Dean and Sam Winchester they are the hunters who helped me with the case. Dean Sam this is my daughter y/n” dean chocked on his beer and sam burst out laughing. “What’s so funny Sam?” he wasn’t impressed. “I think Dean needs to tell you something” he was still laughing. Dean gave his brother a bitch stare. You stood there frozen. “Shut up Sam” Dean was pissed “Bobby believe if I knew she was your daughter I-” he was cut off by “IDJIT” bobby yelled. He then looked at you “That’s low. I didn’t think you were that stupid to fall for his act” bobby continued. You saw dean’s slightly offended face. “Since when do you have a daughter? and how come we’ve never met her before?” sam asked changing the subject slightly. “Since 1994 when her mother died and you have met her before, in 1995 when she was 8 years old, sam you were 12 and dean you were 16. You met right here. I remember it all well and it’s the reason you haven’t seen her since. On top of that I didn’t want dean getting to her because we all know what he is like around women. Unfortunately I couldn’t avoid him fucking my daughter” He was yelling. Dean was obviously terrified scared that bobby would kill him. “Calm down Bobby If it makes any better he did wait three dates to actually” sam looked at you not making it any better. You walked towards your dad “I think you need some fresh air dad” you said leading him outside. “I’m going to a bar y/n. you talk to the boys” he got in his car an drove away. 

You walked back in the room “What happened in 1995?” you asked eager to know. “You don’t remember?” sam asked.  “we nearly got you killed” dean said. 

WMASX: Hey guys I’m thinking of doing a part two where the reader turns out to be pregnant and dean and the reader have to explain it to bobby.   


Klamille in “Tangled Up In Blue” (The Originals 1x03)

“…it’s the first time he’s seeing her as a person, outside of his human spy.” - geektastic08 (who made me do this meta 😊)

*Inspired by my love for this episode, the Klaus & Camille interactions and development in this episode, and a reblogged gif set from it that spiraled into a full-blown Klamille conversation, mainly about this episode*

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