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The pornstache

(A/N): I’m so sorry you guys but I’m having really bad writer’s block right now and I couldn’t even write my own requests but I was sorta feeling this one so that’s why I’m writing it right now…sorry again


Warnings: hints of smut

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   (I actually thoroughly enjoy the pornstache)

  You sigh softly as you listen to the roar of the crowd, just outside the blue curtains. This wasn’t the first time you’d ever been on a talkshow but no matter how many times you were on TV you’d never get used to it. You were much more comfortable behind some glass walls, singing your little heart out, not out in the open for everyone to judge you. 

   “And please welcome our special guest (Y/N) (Y/L/N)!” The curtains open and you plaster on a smile as you walk out, hoping no one could tell just how scared you were. 

   Jimmy Fallon, the host of the show you were on tonight greeted you with a wide smile and open arms. You gladly meandered into his arms, hugging him lightly as he beamed from ear to ear. 

   “It’s so glad to finally have you back on the show! It’s been what- 2, 3 years?” 

   “I think it’s been three,” You chuckle lightly, grimacing just a bit at your voice. “I’m so lazy, like it takes so much effort to put out music. You have to get out of bed, go to the studios at ungodly hours of the morning, sing for hours on end, and then repeat the whole process again,” You sigh softly, smiling just a bit. “But luckily I can look like shit and no one’s gonna notice right?” Everyone laughs at this, only partly boosting your confidence. 

   “Oh come on,” Jimmy gently smacks your shoulder. “I bet you look great,” 

   “Oh no,” You chuckle. “I look so bad in the mornings, like I’m surprised I don’t scare the shit out of my-” You pause, smiling as you think of your man back home; Sebastian. God, you loved that man more than anything. 

   “Out of your fiancee?” You nod and smile, unable to stop a blush from spreading over your cheeks. 

   “Yeah, I’m surprised he doesn’t leave me or something,” 

   “Um uh-” Jimmy chuckles, unable to even get through his sentence without giggling. “Speaking of your fiancee, aka Sebastian Stan.” At this everyone cheers, hollering and screaming at the mention of the love of your life. What made it even worse was that you knew he was watching from home, no doubt smiling as he recognized that tell tale blush of yours. “Can we just talk about his new facial hair?” At this Jimmy pulls out a picture of Seb with the mustache he’d recently been growing, a god awful pedostache. You laugh hysterically, snorting a bit as you look at the photo. 

   “Oh my god,” You laugh as you reach out and take the photo, looking at it more closely. “He looks like a poor kicked puppy,” You laugh some more, tears nearly falling from your eyes as you look at the picture. 

   “Do you kiss him with that thing?” You nod your head, still cackling at the photo. 

   “Oh it’s so great,” You giggle lightly as you pass the photo back to Jimmy. “But yes- yes I do kiss him with that thing,” 

   “Oh (Y/N),” Jimmy cringes, laughing just a bit. “It’s so bad though-” 

   “I think it’s adorable! Just look at this face!” You gesture to Seb’s face in the photo, still smiling widely. 

   “Everyone thinks it’s so awful though,” 

   “Well I think it’s absolutely adorable,” 

  “You really do?”

  “I really do,” You smile and nod affirmatively, looking at the photo again. 

  “So enough about Seb’s god awful facial hair-” Jimmy directs your attention away from the photograph and instead to an album, more specifically your album. 

   “So this is your fourth or fifth album?” Jimmy asks, giving you a slight smile. And with that conversation you delve into your interview about your most recent album. 

    You try to close your apartment door behind you quietly, hoping that you wouldn’t make enough noise to wake up Seb. It was 3 in the morning after all and after the show Jimmy had wanted you to stay and talk with him, the roots, and all the other guest stars on the show tonight. But as you open the door gently you began to realize that perhaps you may not need to be quiet after all because sitting right there on your couch is Seb, the remote to the TV clutched in his hand. 

   “Seb, What are you doing up?” You ask as you slide your shoes off, reveling in finally being free from the objective material. 

   “I was watching your show,” He mumbles sleepily as he rubs at his eyes in the cutest fashion. “I wanted to stay up and wait for you,” You smile softly as you make your way to the couch, taking a seat beside the exhausted looking Seb. 

   “You should’ve been in bed hours ago,” 

   “ ‘M fine,” Seb mumbles as he nuzzles into your neck, his mustache tickling your skin just lightly enough to border on tickling and pleasure. 

   “You’ve been up filming for hours straight, you should be resting,” 

   “I’m really fine (Y/N),” Seb smiles against your neck, his lips curling upwards wonderfully. “I don’t think I could’ve gone to sleep anyways,” 

   “How come?” You ask as you reach up to run your fingers through Seb’s wonderful hair. 

   “Well I’ve been meaning to ask you something since your show,” 


   “You really like the mustache?” Seb’s tone held just a bit of insecurity, one that you had to put a stop to immediately. 

   “Yes.” You reply quickly, almost too quickly. “I really like it, you can really rock the look,” 

   “I think you’re the only one who thinks that-” 

   “But that’s all that matters right? Who cares what your fans think, or some stupid magazine? So long as your soon to be spouse enjoys it then that’s all that matters,” Seb smiles gently as he kisses your neck softly, allowing his skin to brush against yours deliciously. 

   “That’s all that matters to me,” You sigh as his lips brush against your sweet spot with every word, each little brush of his lips sending fire to your core. 

   “You know what?” You smirk as you continue to run your fingers through Seb’s messy hair. “I think I’d like that mustache even more if you put it to good use,” Seb pulls away just a bit, looking at you with a curious look. “I bet your lips would feel incredible between my legs right now,” Is all you provide as you spread your legs apart, enticing your fiancee just a bit. 

   “Oh doll,” Seb sighs a bit as he leans down, his lips brushing by the waist band of your dress pants. “I’m gonna make you feel real good,” 

really really bad highly cursed au where every epsilon ai calls epsilon dad:

  • delta does it probably mockingly? but it’s hard to tell with that deadpan
  • theta does it fully unironically and epsilon cries
  • gamma would just “Father” “do nOT”
  • eta and iota do it like ‘ugh sure whatever, dad”
  • omega either flat out would not, or he would but in the ‘this isn’t a phase dad this is who i really am’ ‘never call me that again’ way
  • sigma did it once to fuck with him and epsilon had a heart attack. sigma isnt allowed to talk anymore.


Once you wake - it’s difficult to remember what you dream about

marik, requested by @the-blonde-goblin !!

a pouty boy, and angry boy

i’m kinda slow, but requests for yugioh characters are still open, i’m having fun

going through the kpop smut tag lately as been
- complaining about underage smut
- a meme
- a fluff with no smut
- someone else complaining about underage smut
- another meme
- fluffs, angsts, series
- no actual smuts
- a decent smut plot appears
- but it’s a bts smut
- of course

His Last Request Masterlist

*Images not mine*

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Main Warnings: Character Death, Grief, Depression, Anxiety

Summary: Before Sam takes the plunge into Lucifer’s cage, he gives Dean and the Reader his last request: to raise his daughter in the civilian life.

Part 1: I Promise

Part 2: As the Weeks Roll By

Part 3: The Breaking Point

Part 4: We’re a Team

Part 5: Step by Step

Part 6: Bye Bye Bah-Bee

Part 7: Due for a Breakdown

Part 8: An Exciting Breakfast

More Parts Coming Soon!

golly gosh, I am feeling warm all of a sudden, I think I’ll just take off my hoodie

hmm, hang on a second

wow, today is a good day! but wait…

is it possible?

my god, this is too much of a coincidence

could it be 

that I…

AM the disco?

Me when the author keeps >implying things and I have no idea what to make of this information and I just want sOME GOD DAMN ANSWERS RIGHT NOW WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?!? GIVE ME SOMETHING!!! ANYTHING!!!

this took 555 years a while

anyway i wanted to draw something like this for a long time. its how i imagine the suit. his helmet is actually a bubble thing and the webs/flippers are a kind of gel that disappear out of water
ALSO it looks way better full view

Yesterday I was on the bus reading gay smut when the bus hit a bump in the road, and the iPod flew out of my hand, into the seat across from me. It landed on a guy’s lap, so the guy picks it up, and he starts looking at the screen. At this point I’m having a panic attack, so I lunge over the gap between seats letting out some sort of cat growl, then I finally grab the iPod, and I return to reading my smut.

Rainy Day

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x reader (and the reader can be any gender, 99.99% positive i did that)

This is set when Lin was still in the show

Word count: 864

Warnings: none, i don’t think i swore

Requests: anon: You should write some Lin fluff to celebrate :) and anon: But for real, can you do a fluffy Lin x reader?

A/N: it was raining last night and that inspired me to write this. it’s my first x reader fic (that’s what an imagine is, right?) so please tell me if you’d like to read more of those in the future.

this is to celebrate getting 100 followers (what the actual heck)

and also, i live in the united states, and as you probably know, the inauguration was today. personally, i’m terrified as to what the next four years are gonna bring (i’m a part of the lgbtq+ community so who knows what kind of discriminatory legislation is gonna be passed against me [and against others who are far worse off than me for that matter]), and i don’t want this to become a political author’s note, but this is some pretty big stuff going down. just stand up for what you believe in unless it puts you in danger. then stay safe.

okay i didn’t mean to ramble this much. have some fluffy Lin x reader



“It is pouring out there,” Lin remarked, staring out the cafe window. Rain was streaming down the glass, and it was dark and gray outside. You shivered and sipped your coffee.

“I can’t believe I have to go back out in that,” you complained. “It was hard enough getting here, and my socks are soaked.”

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warner and juliette having an argument in their room and afterward juliette storms out to get space from him but half an hour later she comes back after cooling down and warner’s in the bathtub scowling at the wall

Word Count: 1459

Triggers: Abusive partner

Requested by Anonymous

You never actually thought he was abusive. He had a temper, sure, and every once in a while he got physical, but everyone gets mad sometimes. And you even thought you deserved it sometimes.

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For the lovely @stickytablet, who’s recovering from a horrible sickness. I wanted to lift her spirits a little and wrote this based on her request for more Boba Fett and reader. Hope it’s okay; it’s what came out of my fingertips!

“Alright, tall, dark and dangerous, what’s got you in a mood?” You spun absently in the captain’s chair as Boba Fett entered the cabin, immediately sensing the dark mood radiating off of the Mandalorian. You could see it in his body language and the tense way he held himself. You had gotten much better at reading Brooding Bounty Hunter in the time you had been stuck with him.

He didn’t immediately answer you, instead dropping into the other captain’s chair and punching controls furiously on the dashboard with enough force to nearly break them. The ship hummed to life beneath you, tearing away from the docking port on the planet. You waited, fiddling absently with a loose string on the clothes you had gotten from a shop some time ago.

“Someone’s looking for us.”

“Someone’s always looking for us. It’s the perks of the lifestyle you live.” You reminded him, but a growing sense of worry started to bloom in your gut. Boba’s life was always in danger of people who wanted to hunt him down, but he never worried about it. If he worried, then you definitely should be. “Why are you freaking out?”

“I am not freaking out.” There was an undertone of annoyance running through those words.

“You’re freaking out for you. C’mon, don’t make me play twenty questions.”

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Words: 1,439
Warnings: None
Author’s Note: Courtesy of traffic near London, this is out today! I actually have 2 requests relating to sammy and the impala and I was going to combine them BUT if I keep them separate we get double the fluff on different days! Good plan? I thought so too.

Request: Could you write a Sam x reader where the reader is on a stake-out with the brothers and she and Sam cuddle in the back seat of the impala while Dean hums along to the radio? And maybe the reader hums some too before falling asleep on Sam?


It had been a long day. When you actually worked it out, you’d been on your feet for nearly 9 hours solid and the more you thought about it, the more you wished you hadn’t worked it out in the first place. It was about 9:30pm by now and yet still your day wasn’t over.

The demons you were tracking hadn’t been in town for long, but they’d caused enough trouble to pop up on your radar straight away. The day had been spent gathering information around town but now came the fun part: waiting. Staring at the door of an empty suburban house was mind numbing at the best of times, but after a few sleepless nights, it was a struggle to keep both eyes open at once.

Your head ached, your calves were tight from wearing “sensible” FBI footwear and in general, your limbs felt like lead. But you had a job to do, and so it would be done.

Sam had been the saviour for this stake out, for starters, he banned Dean from chilli burritos - no one needed that in a confined space - but secondly, he had hacked the wifi of a nearby house. Stupid though it may sound, having Sam as your own personal Wifi hotspot hacker was a miracle in times like these. Obviously, you were all making sure to watch the front door, but it be able to do that whilst also doing more research for other things was multitasking at its finest.

For this reason, you had told Sam to sit in the back with you, maximum internet help… that’s what you convinced him anyway. Dean saw through it instantly and gave you a knowing eyebrow raise but you poked your tongue out and carried on. It was no secret you liked the youngest Winchester, not to the rest of the world anyway, it was just Sam who was seemingly oblivious.

“So they could be anything from 10 minutes to 10 hours,” Dean muttered, settling down in the front seat, “What music d'ya want?”

“What? We get a choice?” Sam scoffed.

“No, Y/N gets a choice,” Dean smirked as he watched his brother’s face change to annoyance in the mirror. “One time offer, sweetheart, going once… going twice-”

“Van Halen,” you said quickly, “not fussed which album, please and thanks.”

“A wise choice,” Dean smiled, reaching for the box of tapes, “see Sammy, this is why I let Y/N choose, she has good taste.”

Sam grumbled something about not turning it up too loudly and shuffled to get comfy in the seat beside you. The back seat wasn’t really designed for someone with legs of his length and he was struggling to fold them into the confined space. It was easy for you, it may as well have been a sofa, but the hulk of a man next to you was clearly flustered.

“Sam, quit fidgeting,” Dean snapped as he pressed play on the first track.

“I was just-” Sam started but stopped when you motioned for him to spread out. “You sure?” he said, eyeing the small space you’d left yourself with.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, just sit sideways, it’ll be fine,” you said with a shrug. “Get comfy, we could be here a while.”

Sam gave you a gracious smile and shuffled around until he was sat across the seats, his knees bent across the middle seat so that his boots weren’t in your space.

The three of you sat quietly for a little while and you began to flick through the Internet. You probably should have been doing research but you just couldn’t keep a thought straight in your head. After flicking backwards and forwards between the same few pages, rereading sections repeatedly and half dozing off into them, you decided to let yourself rest for a few minutes. Dean, who was still on first door watch, was just lightly tapping out the rythym guitar with his fingers on the wheel, he seemed utterly oblivious to anything other than the house and the music. It about figured, he was in his own little world at night when the music was on. You risked a look over at Sam who appeared to just be reading an ebook and decided that no one was really going to miss you dozing off for a quick few minutes.

Tucking your legs up, careful not to jog Sam, you nestled into the car door and closed your eyes. You took a deep breath and tried to make yourself drift off. The car door dug uncomfortably into your side but you were too tired to care.

“Y/N?” Sam said in a soft voice.

“Yeah?” You said, cautiously opening an eye.

“That seriously looks uncomfortable, do you want me to move?” He muttered, nodding to your tucked up legs.

“I’m alright,” you hummed, letting your eyes drift shut again.

He said nothing for a few seconds before you felt the seat shift at the side of you.

“Honestly, I’m fine Sam,” you mumbled, earning a small huff from him. Truthfully, your left foot had gone numb but the idea of moving just seemed like too big a problem to bother caring about for now.

“Look, you could, er, lean on me?” He said in a low voice, before quickly adding, “I mean, we could both lay our legs out a bit more then.”

You opened your eyes up and looked over at the look he was giving you. He almost looked sorry to be waking you, but there was also a pleading there, like he just wanted to help… Damn those big brown puppy eyes.

“Okay then,” you sighed, “how’s this going to work?”

You uncurled from how you had been and put your feet on the floor to stand up a little bit, as you did, Sam stretched his legs out over the seat under you and you looked up, confused.

“Alright, nice idea giant, now where do I sit?” You grumbled, trying not to bang your head on the exceedingly low roof.

Sam didn’t say anything, but just sort of shuffled to make a small bit of space, flopping one leg off the seat and one across the back.

“So where am I meant to sit?” You asked awkwardly.

“Oh, I, um-” Sam blushed and reached over for his coat still slung in the front seat. He folded it into a makeshift pillow and rested it on his front. You took a breath and clambered onto the seat, crashing down unceremoniously with your back against Sam’s chest. He coughed a little as you winded him, but he just chuckled and let out an, “oof-”

“Smoothly done,” Dean muttered from the front seat, not even bothering to turn around.

The pair of you shuffled around until your head was snuggly into his side and you laid down resting against his leg. If you weren’t so tired, you’d be having a mild heart attack at how close you’d entwined with him, but all you felt now was completely relaxed.

“You alright there?” Sam asked quietly.

You just hummed in response and nodded your head into his balled up jacket. He tentatively rested the arm not holding his phone against your waist, he hovered there for a moment but when you didn’t flinch away, he let it relax and you could feel him let out a small sigh. With a small smirk, you let your eyes drift closed and you slowly felt your breathing begin to deepen and match Sam’s.

The only sound you could really hear was the music quietly in the background, still on your choice, the chords of “can’t stop loving you” rang out softly over the impala’s speakers. You felt yourself starting to drift off as you heard Dean absentmindedly humming along, voice low and very slightly off-key. For all the mayhem of the hunting life, moments of complete peace like this were what made it worthwhile. As you felt the waves of sleepiness wash over you, you felt Sam’s fingers lightly tracing patterns on your hip in time to the music.

The last thing you heard before you completely dozed off, was a hushed conversation between Sam and Dean. You couldn’t pick up what was said you only vaguely noticed it at all because of the vibrating of Sam’s chest again your hand, now balled slightly in the fabric of his shirt. A soft chuckle in response to his brother and a light kiss pressed into your hair was all you needed to know that you were happy, but more importantly, you felt safe in Sam’s strong arms.

Inspired - Mark Jefferson x Reader

Originally posted by luxendarc

{Credit to gif creator}

Fandom- Life is Strange 

Character- Mark Jefferson (Includes other characters too)

Word Counter- 795 words 

Request-  Probably a weird request but it was in his tag so Mark x reader please? The reader isn’t doing well in his class so he holds them after school to confront them and ah, spark her passion again?

Warnings- Language. 

You looked up as your teacher slamming his hand on your desk. 

“Miss (Y/L/N), please do not sleep in my lessons,” Mr Jefferson, your favourite teacher said and you looked round to see Victoria Chase and Taylor Christensen laughing at you. 

You nod and open up your portfolio folder. Your photos lately hadn’t been the best. You’d been struggling to get angles correct and to get effective lighting.  

“Y/N, are you okay?” Asks Stella and you nod your head. 

You were tired and drowning in homework. 

You looked down at your work, wanting to avoid eye contact with the people in the room. 

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Panel Wars

A/N: It happened! It’s here! The first ever Misha request! I hope you like it. ;) I also hope Misha doesn’t find this. 

Panel Wars // Misha x Reader

Words: 2422

Warnings: Misha antics, definitely. 

Request: Gaaahhhhh! Your preference was amazing. Could I request a reader x Misha? Where they’re acting all day and then they go to panel and Misha does cute couple things with the reader and crashes her panel when shes on with Jensen and Jared? And all the fans adore them and it’s super cute and public relationship fluff? (Sorry if it doesn’t make sense, haha)

— — — — —

“That’s a wrap!”

The crew was instantly crowding the set as the shoot for the scene ended and you immediately got up from the floor, wiping some of the fake blood off of your cheek with your thumb and bounding over to an unsuspecting Misha, still clad in his signature trench coat and looking down at the script to get a head start on tomorrow’s lines.

“Hey,” you grinned as you stood in front of him, but before he could even so much as look up, your thumb smeared the fake blood onto his forehead, a snort making its way out of your throat as you looked at your handiwork.

“Why do I feel like Simba all of a sudden?” he asked immediately, unable to keep that bright smile from splitting his face as he set his script down on a table to give his full attention to you.

“Because I am Rafiki,” you giggled, mimicking his smile as you walked with him to the trailers outside, ready to wash up and get going to the panel you’d be doing today, later in the afternoon.

Early morning shoots were always incredibly exhausting but needed to be done, but panels were always energizing and you were eager to head out. It’d be all four of you today, splitting up for different panels as the afternoon wore on, but that was always a fun time.

“Okay, baboon. Are we riding together or not?” Misha asked, an arm draped over your shoulder as you walked to your trailers, conveniently located next to one another, and you tilted your head up to flash him a beaming grin.

“We’re ride or die, right?” you asked, stifling your laugh, and Misha snorted in response, pushing you gently towards your trailer as he made his way towards his.

“Do you even know if you’re using that term right?”

“Not at all. But yes, we’re going together. You can’t get rid of me that easily.”

— — — — —

The place was as packed as you’d expected, but it got your heart pumping when you saw the big turnout every time. It felt good to know that what you were doing was being enjoyed by who knows how many people and that they’d come to see you in person, goofing off with the other guys.

“Starting off with a funny story today, Y/N?” Jared grinned at you as you peeked out at the crowd, and you nudged him playfully after pulling away from the sight of it, hearing your name being called for some last minute hair and makeup retouching.

“Always,” you nodded, trying to keep a straight face for the makeup artist but ultimately failing. Your smile always came around whenever Misha popped in out of nowhere, and he was up in the conversation in an instant, phone in hand.

“Maybe instead of starting off with a funny story for the panel, you should start with a lame one. Like how you Simba’d me today,” Misha grinned, dodging the playful swat at his arm you threw at him.

“That was funny, you jerk! Admit it.”

“It was the least funny thing anyone has ever done to me, baboon,” Misha shot back, then stood next to you once your makeup had been touched up for panel. His phone was up in front of you, camera ready and showing your faces on the screen, and you instantly got closer to him and smiled for the picture. It was nearly second nature to you now, not that you minded; you’d been used to pictures with Misha for a long time now.

But, he didn’t take the picture, and through the screen, you saw him give you a faux dirty look.

“Now you’re making lame faces. Do a funny one with me, don’t be afraid to let loose every once in a while,” he teased you, face straight as can be, but you rolled your eyes with a smile before pulling the weirdest face you could, watching in horror as Misha leaned in and did the exact opposite as you, smiling casually as he snapped the picture. You couldn’t even swipe his phone from him, watching in horror as he pulled up his Twitter account, ready to post it up. “Now everyone’s going to see how weird you are, isn’t that amazing?”

“Panel’s up in five!” a crewmember yelled, and you turned to make your way to the stage and find your seat, ignoring a giggling Jared to walk with Jensen instead. You’d just have to get Misha back for his antics another time.

The music was still blaring while things got set up, but from backstage you saw the one of the hosts for the panel pop up to the stage as things quieted down, going to introduce all of you.

As she called your names out, you felt your phone buzz in your pocket, and you pulled it out quickly to see that it was alerting you of a tweet you were mentioned in, from Misha himself. You didn’t have to open it to know what it was all about.

“…and Y/N!”

You perked up and stuffed your phone back into your pocket, making your way to the stage with Jensen and Jared, a big smile on your face as you waved out to the crowd and took a seat by Jared in one of the suede chairs they’d set out for you for the panel.

“I saw you checking your phone before you came out,” Jensen said, microphone in hand, and you rolled your eyes dramatically at his accusation. “Why did you think that was more important than this?”

“I didn’t!” you defended yourself, then turned out to the crowd to give them a pout. “You guys are going to see a really awkward picture of me and Misha on Twitter. Just a safe warning.”

There was a ripple of laughter and then, after saying your initial greetings and how much you were happy to be there with them, things got rolling.

“I think we all know how these panels start,” Jared grinned, turning to you expectantly. “I’ve been waiting to hear another embarrassing story from you all day, don’t disappoint me.”

“Your life is literally just one big embarrassing story,” Jensen chimed in, and you gave them both a short laugh as you nodded along and gave the audience a bright smile.

“Shall we?” you asked, and you were encouraged by some cheers.

Like any other panel, you’d already mentally pre-selected the story you were going to tell; it was always one that would outshine any of Jared’s, an ongoing competition you two liked to have.

“Misha said I should tell you guys about what I did to him this morning. He thought it was really lame but I’ve been laughing about it all day,” you said, bringing the microphone closer to your face as you got started. “So, when I have to wake up really early, I’m a little delirious.”

That was as far as you got before the cheers started, and you saw everyone’s eyes divert from you to the place you’d walked onto the platform. It all clicked in your head before you turned to look, but you definitely weren’t surprised to see Misha there, smiling and waving as he walked across the stage to where you, Jared, and Jensen were seated.

You watched as he walked past you to Jared, where he took a seat on his lap and stole the microphone from him, laughing when he heard the cheers.

“Don’t tell them that story, Y/N. This is supposed to be fun for them, not lame,” he told you, making everyone laugh, and you just shook your head at him in disbelief.

“Go away,” you told him teasingly, shifting in your seat so you could kick his leg gently. “Nobody even wants to see you here. Wait until it’s your turn to come on here with Mark and Richard.”

“But I hate them,” Misha said immediately, earning some more laughter from the crowd. “I think they’re so stupid. I like you guys a lot more than I like them.”

You and Jensen shared a laugh when Jared pushed him off his lap and got his microphone back, but apparently, Misha was prepared. He pulled a spare one out of his jacket and you heard the fans explode with laughter his antics, and you had to admit, their good humor was contagious.

He turned it on, and after some feedback, lifted it up to talk again as he walked towards the other side of the stage and grabbed a small stool to set it down next to your chair.

“If the story’s going to be told, I’m going to be the one to tell it so it’s not lame,” he went on, taking a seat on the stool and flashing you a quick grin. “Y/N always acts like she’s high when she has to get up earlier than usual and we had to do that today for a specific scene we were shooting. And after we were done, I was just minding my own business and then I hear her saying ‘hey’ to me, because she stalks me. Y/N’s really gross, and she likes to remind people that she’s gross, and I just remember feeling her wiping something really wet and sticky onto my forehead. At first, I thought she wiped snot on me, but then I saw all the fake blood. I was so confused because I didn’t understand why she’d do something like that, but then I realized that she’d just done a really twisted version of the Simba thing to me. Because, again, she’s gross.”

It seemed that every person sitting there in front of you was in tears with laughter, including Jared and Jensen, who were both leaning forward as they bellowed out their laughter. You could only sit there and take it, laughing along with them, and you finally composed yourself after a minute to retaliate.

“Why do you always have to be this way?” you asked through your laughter, and Misha just shrugged.

“I only like Jared and Jensen sometimes, but I actually love you sometimes,” he answered, earning him a collective ‘aww’ from everyone else.

You were about to say something to him but a fan in the front row beat you to it, her voice loud so you’d be able to hear her.

“We love you and Misha!”

There were a few more cheers that suggested agreement and you thanked them shyly, turning to flash Misha that smile of yours that you liked to reserve for him.

“I can’t believe everyone is happy that I’m stuck with you,” he told you with that shit-eating smirk of his, and you just rolled your eyes for what seemed like the hundredth time that day.

He ran off a few minutes later as to not get in as much trouble, and you risked a kiss on the cheek and let the crowd go a little wild for that, grinning cheekily once Misha was safe and sound backstage.

“So, now that Misha’s out of the way, let’s get some questions rolling,” Jensen suggested, and you and Jared nodded, looking out to the crowd for some possible hands.

“I know Jared and Y/N like to prank each other a lot. Can we know what the latest big prank was?” a girl in the back asked, and her bright expression could be seen all the way from where you were sitting.

Jared and you exchanged sneaky smirks and he lifted the mic up to himself first, turning back to the audience to tell them all about it.

“I actually have to give Y/N some kudos for how well it played out. I didn’t know how much she hated my fedoras until this happened.”

— — — — — —

A yawn made its way out of you as you walked backstage with Jared and Jensen on your tail, all of you laughing at how well the panel had managed to go, but you were stopped short when you felt Misha’s arm wrap around your waist.

“I’m going on in a few minutes,” he reminded you, pulling you into his side as you waved to Jared and Jensen. “You should crash my panel so I don’t die of boredom.”

“Shut the hell up, Misha,” you heard Mark call from somewhere behind you, accent lilting his words, and you choked on a laugh when you turned to laugh with him.

“I think I’m just gonna head out to lunch with Jared and Gen before we head back here for photos,” you told him, giving him a quick peck on the cheek. “Don’t say anything too offensive, Simba.”

Misha couldn’t respond in time; the panel was starting already and a crewmember was waving him over before the host got a chance to call his name out. He settled for sharing a hurried kiss with you before stolling off to meet up with Mark and Richard, and you heard the screams and cheers as they all made their way to sit down.

It couldn’t have played out better. You waved to Jared to have him wait a minute, already pulling your phone out of your pocket as you made your way over to the entrance to the stage, peeking out at Misha as he playfully ragged on Mark and Richard.

You tiptoed out quickly and brought your finger to your lips to shush the audience, standing behind Misha and crouching down so you could be more level with him.

You were quicker than you’d imagined, which was a good thing, and the camera on your phone was able to capture Misha’s hilariously startled expression as you pressed your face next to his to snap a picture, a bright and triumphant smile on your face as you saved the picture to your camera roll.

“Oh, and by the way, Misha said he hates you guys,” you said into his mic as you looked to Mark and Richard, who were already cracking up. They booed your boyfriend jokingly and you squeezed Misha’s shoulder as a goodbye before waving to the crowd, the cheers and laughs making you grin as you headed out to have a quick lunch before the panel ended.

Jared didn’t need to be told about what you did to know, and you sent off your revenge tweet with that mischievous glint in your eye, another giggle leaving your lips when you looked over the photo you’d snapped again.

@Y/N: The most romantic photo @mishacollins and I have ever taken together. #RafikiStrikesAgain